Aliens Vs. Stargate (Bug Hunt)


For giggles, I decided to try out the rules for Five Parsecs From Home: Bug Hunt. I've been itching to put my Stargate Jaffa on the table, as well as my Alien Xenomorphs, so this seemed like a great opportunity to use both while learning the rules of Bug Hunt. Ever wondered who would win between a system lord and a Hadley's Hope style nest of aliens? Wonder no more!

I assigned familiar names and appropriate die colors to group I'd rolled up the other day. Seems like a lot of people get "Big Bears" when they roll their group!

I rolled for objectives, placing them a little ways from the Stargate.

I rolled a priority 3 mission, and set the difficulty to the normal level (Mess Me Up). I figured Shatter-Forms made sense as the baddie type, as it reflects the aliens' acid blood.

With three points, I rolled for an additional fire team (didn't get it), a sharpshooter (got it) and grenades (got it.)

Jaffa, Kree! The system lord has arrived and the serpent guard stand ready.

Almost immediately, the xenomorphs start to pour out of the walls.

Turns out a ton of them were waiting just above the Stargate.*

It was utter chaos as Bra'Tac and his subordinates turned and fired on the Xenomorphs. Unforunately for them, the exploding aliens and acid spray killed both of Bra'Tac's subordinates instantly.

The acid spray kicked off a chain reaction, obliterating more of the xenomorphs behind the gate.

The chain reaction continued. . .

The last of the aliens was torn apart by the chain reaction, and one of the Jaffa was wounded.

The last exploding alien sprayed acid, dropping Teal'c and one of his subordinates instantly.

Instantly, the Jaffa were reduced to half their number. Apophis, his sharp-shooter, Bra'Tac and the young, wounded Jaffa stood alone at the gate.

Blessedly, no new contact markers were spawned.

Almost immediately, the Jaffa closed ranks to form a single squad.

The next wave of xenomorphs emerged from a side passage. The Sharpshooter fired a shot and splattered one immediately. Bra'Tac also fired, but his shot missed.

The other aliens emerged from the acid spray unharmed.

The rest of the swarm spread through the complex.

Another contact marker popped, revealing four more xenomorphs.

As luck would have it, no new markers spawned.

The Jaffa were slow to react, and the Aliens closed in.

The hive swarmed like angry hornets.

Bra'Tac and the Sharpshooter fired on the advancing aliens.

Acid spray from the exploding alien claimed the life of the Sharpshooter and one of the xenomorphs.

But the chain reaction stopped there.

No new contact markers spawned, thankfully.

The Jaffa were too slow and the last remaining alien from the second wave closed with Bra'Tac, dropping him instantly.

The rest of the hive starts to close in.

Apophis fires and misses. The young, wounded Jaffa takes his shot and also misses.

Our luck holds -- no new Contact Markers!

Apophis fires his staff-weapon and obliterates the last alien of the second wave.

Unfortunately for the System-Lord, the acid spray drops him, leaving only the young, wounded Jaffa to stand against the hive.

The swarm stirs, rushing ever-closer to the last remaining Jaffa as two more Contact Markers spawn.

The last remaining Jaffa is too slow, and the xenomorphs close the distance. Another turn, and they'll be on him.

Knowing he hasn't a prayer, the last Jaffa beats a hasty retreat back through the stargate to Chulak.

Apophis manages to pick himself up and crawl back through the gate with only minor injuries.

Teal'C also manages to escape with only minor injuries.

Bra'Tac was knocked out, but manages to wake and escape before the xenos can eat him.

In the end, I think it's safe to say that the operation was a dismal failure for the Jaffa. For what it's worth, neither Apophis, Teal'C nor Bra'Tac died, which is pretty lucky, but the whole rest of the squad got wiped out and none of the three objectives were completed. I guess, as powerful as those staff-weapons are, they're terrible when it comes to blasting acid-blood xenos close up. Definitely seems like an operation that Apophis would cover up and demand that no one speak of ever again. Does that make it canon?

* So, I'm not really clear on a bit of rule errata. It says that if a Contact Marker is placed within six inches of the player's table edge at start, it's obliterated by fire from the dropship. What I couldn't find is if this is an ongoing phenomena, or only a rule affecting starting Contact Marker placement. I opted to go with the latter, and it, of course, kicked my butt.


  1. Yeah it only burns up the contact marker on initial turn. And don't fight shatter forms in close lol.


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