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The DC-1 DeSoto (Battletech)

  A primitive machine almost completely lost to time, the thirty ton DC-1 DeSoto was Tuolumite Industries’ first (and only known) foray into BattleMech design. Born of an age when the Mackie ruled the battlefield and the varied corporate interests of the Inner Sphere were racing to engineer their own competing designs, the DeSoto was never fielded in large numbers. It was only built from 2487 to 2501, when the one and only factory producing the design was attacked and subsequently erased from existence by a thermonuclear self-destruct system. The few DC-1s that remain in existence are now mostly in the hands of collectors, though there is some talk among investors on Solaris VII of financing a limited run of new DC-1 DeSotos as part of a “primitive mech show” where machines with classic, pristine paint jobs are shown off and occasionally pitted against each other in slugging matches the likes of which the Inner Sphere has not seen in six hundred years.  The concept behind the desig

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