Dungeon Plumbers

Recently, I had the privilege of reading my way through a copy of Dungeon Plumbers from Ability Score Games. My first mistake was looking at the cover of this pretty little ‘zine and assuming that it was going to be just another OSR / rules light dungeon crawl system. My second mistake was reading through this late at night, figuring that it would be some light reading that would put me to sleep. 

Neither of these assumptions turned out to be true.

Dungeon Plumbers is a comprehensive and impressive, weird dieselpunk bolt-on setting for the Old-School Essentials system that mixes in elements of everything from Mad Max and Indiana Jones to Super Mario Brothers and the Torchlight series. It’s a weird setting where heroes like a sneaky sniper and a chef clad in armor made from pots and pans can team up with mushroom-eating spore-cloud magic casters against chainsaw-wielding sewer beavers and fire-belching kappas. 

I love weird settings and I love this. There is so much packed into this book. Not only does it have nine unique and fully-fleshed out character classes that actually look fun to play, but it also has a ton of new OSE-compatible gear, monsters and magic. It has two adventures with maps by the legendary Dyson Logos and there’s even a solo mode. I’m honestly impressed with everything Ability Score has managed to pack into this thing.

I got my copy as a gift after I helped Ability Score Games with their Battle Wizard Mana Game project, which was really cool of the folks over there to do. If this setting sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend picking it up direct from Ability Score Games here.



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