Setting Out For The Great Unknown

The world ended, and everyone seemed to have a different theory about what caused the fall of civilization as we knew it. Some have said it was war, that they saw the bombs drop and erase whole cities from the world. Some have said that the end came with famine, with resource shortages and hoarding. Others have claimed it was a great plague that took us down to the dust. Some have even blamed cosmic radiation, and there are stories about how the dead rose as one and devoured the living until only a few of the luckiest remained.

Born in Cinder Hill, a stable settlement that has persisted against all odds long after the fall of civilization, Maya Ceros has always wondered about what really happened, what kind of catastrophe could be so great that it would lay low the whole of humanity. What caused the once great nations of her world to crumble so suddenly and so completely? After years of testing herself as a bounty hunter and wanderer of the wastes, she has finally gathered enough parts, guns and gasoline to set off into the wilderness in search of answers, and perhaps more importantly, in search of a better place and a better life.

Seven others join Maya Ceros on her journey into the unknown. Long time friends Kate Phelps, Stockless Sally and Kara Ruggerell have their own reasons for journeying into the wastes, and each of them is leaving something behind in Cinder Hill, for better or worse. For the other four, all fresh faces with little experience in the wastes, the allure of adventure, opportunity and riches beyond imagining are the hooks that carry them along as members of their new home, Valkyrie Convoy.

I'll be making adjustments to this post and treating it as a living roster throughout gameplay.

The Squad:

Maya Ceros grew up in Cinder Hill to parents who built and maintained a farm near the center of the settlement. Since a young age, she worked the farm with her parents, and shared in their good fortune. When she learned how to read, she began to collect history books, learning more and more about the world as it was before. Still, the question of what happened, and how everything had ended, burned like a fierce ember in her soul.

When her eldest brother took over the farm after a spreading sickness took her parents, Maya turned to wandering, and to hunting. Some say that she turned feral after she lost her parents, but in truth, she was hunting for answers, for the secrets of what had caused the fall of humanity. In the end, she got good at hunting bounties, and when she cashed in the biggest mark of her career, the money she got from the job was enough for her to finally pursue her dream. Preparations took months, but everything came together easy enough. Even the crew crazy enough to follow her into the wastes was more than willing, and that seemed to make the whole thing seem a little like maybe it was all meant to be.

Statistics: Hunter (Survival +1), From A Stable Settlement (Ne + 1), Gainful Employment, Brought a Bounty, Wandered (Survival +1). Military Armor, Needle Rifle with underslung Grenade Launcher, SAW, Machine Pistol and Heavy Melee Weapon, Cloud Grenade, Shard Grenade, Frag Grenade (2), Multi-Tool; I: 2(4), Sp: 5(7), Co: 0(+2), To: 3(5), Ne: 2(3), LvL: 10, XP: 1; 3 Grit. Talents: Busy Beaver (+1 AP for Settlement Actions.), Nimble: (Terrain does not reduce move speed.)

Model: Kitbashed Mantic Dead Zone and Kings of War elements.

Kate Phelps grew up in a tiny community founded by displaced scientists after the fall of humanity. Several families grew together like tangled trees, teaching each other to keep the technology and knowledge of pre-fall humanity alive. Unable or unwilling to stay, though, she took her rifle and her gear and set off into the wilderness in search of secret, pre-fall knowledge. As fate would have it, she found Cinder Hill, became fast friends with Maya Ceros, and settled in to help her new friend prepare for their journey into the unknown.

Statistics: Explorer (Medical +1), From A Tiny Settlement (Survival +1), Lucky Find. Field Armor, Mark II Beam Rifle with Hot Pack, Evercell and Underbarrel Launcher, Heavy Machinegun with Bipod, Machine Pistol, Tech Blade, Frag Grenade (2), Scrap Grenade, Cloud Grenade. I: 2(4), Sp: 5(6), Co: 0 (+2), To: 3(5), Ne: 2, Grit: 1, LvL: 9, XP: 2; Talents: Courage Under Fire (Never Pinned.) Dirty Fighting (wins brawls on draws)

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Kassandra Grabthar, Daughter of The War Van grew up as part of a paramilitary caravan founded by remnants of marine and army infantry troops who survived whatever caused the fall of civilization. Obsessed with recreating elements of Spartan society, the people of the War Van were a highly hypermasculine group of warriors who trained and fought to bring justice to the wasteland. When an operation went south and several people died under Kassandra's command, she was cast out, staked in the sun near a crawler nest and left to die. After Valkyrie Convoy slaughtered the crawlers, they rescued Kassandra and made her one of their own.

Statistics: Militia (+1 Co) From a Pre-Collapse Military Base (+1 Co). Hafted Weapon, Needle Rifle with Underslung Grenade Launcher, Fine Quality Sharp Shooter, Security Chief's Pistol, Military Armor, Camo Cloak; Shard Grenade, Frag Grenade (2), Cling-Fire Grenade.  I: 2(4), Sp: 5(7), Co: 2(+1), To: 3(5), Ne: 2(3). Grit: 3, Lvl 10, XP: 2 Sharp-Shooter, Treasure Hunter (Extra Loot on extra roll of 4+)

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Nike Maldoran is a rookie with big dreams and big ambitions who joined Valkyrie Convoy after traveling with a trade caravan for a little while. She earned Maya's respect when she tried to offer aid in a time of trial, attempting to stabilize a couple of squadmembers who were in critical condition after a crawler attack. 

Statistics: Rookie, Shotgun, Fine Quality Hand Cannon, Hafted Weapon, Submachine Gun, Needle Rifle with Under-Barrel Launcher; Frag Grenade(2), Shard Grenade, Camo Cloak, Military Armor: I: 1(3), SP: 4(6), CO: 0 (+2), TO: 3(5), NE: 1(2). Grit: 2; Level: 10 XP: 2. Charismatic, First Aid. 

Model: Kitbashed Frostgrave Female Wizards and Bolt Action US Marines elements.

Stockless Sally got stuck in Cinder Hill after losing everything. Before Cinder Hill, she was a prosperous trader and shrewd dealer who knew the ash wastes better than most who have been crazy enough to walk them. When she arrived in Cinder Hill, she was almost immediately accosted by a drunk bandit who got the business end of her military rifle after he pulled a knife on her. Unfortunately for Sally, the bandit was the son of one of the town's wealthiest individuals, a guy named Old Man Matthews, and even her penchant for being such a smooth talker she could sell ice bricks to penguins was not enough to soothe his rage at his son's death. Instead of accepting that his son had been a piece of trash who earned the fifty cents of lead that put him down, Old Man Matthews did everything he could to harass and destroy Sally. Now, with only her scrap armor and her gun left, she is more than happy to join up with Valkyrie Convoy in search of opportunities as far from Cinder Hill as fate will allow.

Statistics: Ash Merchant (Speech +1), From A Trading Post (Speech +1), Accused (Sp +1). Enhanced Field Armor, Fine Quality Pistol, Prototype Needle Rifle with Under-Barrel Launcher, Heavy Machine Gun with Bipod, Heavy Melee Weapon, Frag Grenade (2); I: 2(4), Sp: 5(6+1), Co: 0(+2), To: 3(5), Ne: 1, Grit: 1, LvL: 9, XP: 4 Talents: Recruiting (Roll 2 dice on recruiting, pay 1 to take second recruit.) Fearsome (Extra morale check in certain brawling circumstances.)

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Merlin is probably as crazy as they come, but the robe and wizard hat gimmick has landed him as many jobs as a vigilante as his skill with a rifle has. Turns out he's an old friend of Polybius and Daedalus, and that makes him trustworthy-- maybe.

Statistics: Enforcer (Combat Skill +1), From A Pre-Collapse Military Base (Combat Skill +1), Upgraded Sharp-Shooter's Rifle with Under-Barrel Launcher, Heavy Machine Gun with Bipod, Laser-Sighted Hand Cannon, Powered Gauntlet, Scrap Grenade, Shard Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Battle Plate, I: 2(4 -1), Sp: 4(6), Co: 2(+2), To: 3(5), Ne: 3(4), Grit: 2; LvL: 12, XP:  2;  Infiltration: Free 10' move after set-up. Fortunate: Critical, rather than dead. Cannot Dash; Tough As Scrap: 4+ saving throw to avoid wounds.

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

Polybius is a mad science military experiment gone wrong. At some point before the collapse, a human mind was uploaded into a weaponized arcade machine that could be used for covert spy missions and for assaults behind enemy lines. Unfortunately for the military, everything fell apart before Polybius could be put into action and he was left abandoned, trapped in a military base until he was discovered by Daedalus and set free. Now he roams the wastes, trying to find himself and his purpose in the world.

Statistics: Enforcer (+1 Co), From a Pre-Collapse Military Base (+1 Co), Skill: Survival, Speech; Burner Ammo, Shard Grenade, Cloud Grenade, 3 Frag Grenades, 2x Machine PistolsHeavy Machinegun With Bipod, Sling, Powered Gauntlet, Camo Cloak, Multi-Tool, Battle Plate (5); I: 3(5 -1), SP: 4(6), CO: 2(+1), TO: 3(5), NE: 3(5). Grit: 1 Level: 13, XP: 1.; Careful Deployment (pick 1 Suspicious Event to remove); Gun-Slinging (2 Pistols); Tactical Sense (+1 Initiative Die); Cannot Dash.

Mental Implant: +1 Init; +Skill
Boost Implant: (Free Turn)
Filtration Implant: (Protected from Toxins)

Model: 3D Printed model from Ill Gotten Games.

Dora Gale has been a travelling mechanic for as long as she can remember. Even as a child, she used to hand her dad wrenches and quickly distinguished herself as a wiz at the simple jobs, like oil changes and fuel syphoning. As an adult, she bumps along in her "Ford Explora," travelling from settlement to settlement in search of work. Now, faced with the opportunity to journey into the unknown, she has agreed to travel with Valkyrie Convoy as their live-in mechanic and driver of on the convoy's vehicles.

Statistics: Explorer (Medical +1), From A Trading Post (Speech +1), , Fine Quality Hand Cannon, SAW, Auto-Fire Civilian Carbine, Light Melee Weapon, Cloud Grenade, Shard Grenade, Scrap Grenade, Frag Grenade, Military Armor; I: 2(4), Sp: 5(6), Co: 0(+2), To: 3(5), Ne: 2, Grit: 1, LvL: 9, XP: 1; Sense of Adventure (Reroll 1's & 2's once on Suspicious Circumstances within 10") Dodge: 5-6 dodges attacks.

Model: 3D Printed model from Ill Gotten Games.

The Settlement: 

Instead of sticking to the walls and fences of a proper settlement, the survivors of Valkyrie Convoy call their cars and trucks home. For them, home is where you make it, and to start, each of the convoy's Settlement Factors are embodied by a single vehicle (with other vehicles being added as the factors grow.) To start, Valkyrie Convoy was a 1/1/1 settlement. Currently, it is a 5/5/4 settlement.

Maxine may not be much to look at, but she's pulled the rest of the convoy out a tough spot more than once in the past. Equipped with a heavy-duty chain winch assembly and enough firepower to drive hordes of bandits back into the wastes, Maxine is the heart of Valkyrie Convoy's SECURITY. Without her, the convoy would be almost completely defenseless.

Hekate joined the Convoy after the death of Old Man Matthews on Day 4. Built for fast attack and intimidation, it serves to bolster the Convoy's SECURITY. The ram is mostly decorative, but it's kept anyone from playing chicken with this brutal-looking beast.

Car 41 is a police interceptor that joined the Convoy after Thallo Greene's hideout was liberated from a Nomad Warband on Day 7. With quick turning, armored doors, bulletproof glass and a heavy machinegun, on the passenger door, Car 41 is a strong asset to Valkyrie Convoy's SECURITY.

Double-Aught is an old police interceptor that came into Valkyrie Convoy with Larry Rollins on Day 10. At some point, it was refitted with a homebrewed flamethrower and an ominous-looking bumper ram. Unsurprisingly, it is part of the Convoy's SECURITY.

Medusa is a war rig built to terrorize the wastes. She is perhaps the most intimidating addition to the Convoy's SECURITY factor.
Mud Runner is the heart and soul of Valkyrie Convoy's creature comforts, providing much of the STABILITY enjoyed by the convoy's members. Originally a pick-up truck used on the farm by Maya Ceros's father, Mud Runner has been converted into a mobile kitchen and bunkhouse for the convoy.

Halcyon is the primary hauler for Valkyrie Convoy's fuel and foodstuffs, providing +1 point of STABILITY to the convoy. It was purchased on Day 3 from a trading caravan as part of deal where two Water Crystals were exchanged for vehicles and supplies.

Nagel Bagel is a rugged source of STABILITY for Valkyrie Convoy that adds +1 point in the factor. It was acquired on Day 3 from a trading caravan as part of a deal where two Water Crystals were exchanged for vehicles and supplies.

Croesus is a reconverted hearse that provides rotating bunks for Valkyrie Convoy, allowing as many as six to sleep inside at a given time. It adds +1 point of STABILITY to the convoy. It was purchased on Day 3 from a trading caravan as part of deal where two Water Crystals were exchanged for vehicles and supplies.

Liquid Jesus is a tanker that carries all the fuel the Convoy could ever need, freeing up valuable space in other vehicles. It adds the 5th point of STABILITY to the convoy. It was one of the rewards on Day 12's "King of the Landfill" event.

Dora's Ford Explora carries tools and technical supplies for the convoy. It provides many of the RESOURCES used by the convoy, and is also dubbed "The Party Wagon" by several of the members of Valkyrie Convoy.

Ol' Tweatus came with Peregrine at the end of Day 5. The truck came fully stocked with RESOURCES and continues to serve as a sort of depot-on-wheels for Valkyrie Convoy.

The Greene Machine is the sweet chariot of ash merchant Thallo Greene, who joined up with Valkyrie Convoy on Day 6. As a well-stocked and well-worn mobile shop of wonders, The Green Machine improves the overall access to RESOURCES for the convoy.

Liquid Courage is a wasteland fuel hauler that was recovered from a dead settlement on Day 8. With plenty of gasoline, oil and car parts stocked inside, it makes a formidable mobile outpost for trading goods.

Unused Inventory:

Defusing Tools (Good against mines)

Scanner x2 (Good for following tracks)

Wasteland Currency x2 (improves reactions with strangers)

Purifier (no penalty for Manpower Shortage)

Military Rations

Pre-War Maps

Hot Pack

Diagnoser x3

Water Crystal

Stim-Pack x3

Med-Kit x6

Scrap Rifle x10

Musket x6

Bow x2

Scrap x28

Civilian Carbine x7

Heavy Melee Weapon x2

Light Melee Weapon

Sturdy Binoculars x2

Military Rifle x2

Sharp-Shooter's Rifle, 

Scrap Cannon x2

Hunting Rifle

Nomad Armor

Scrap Armor x3


Laser Sight

Beam Rifle

Shotgun x2

Cyber Implant: Leg

Cyber Implant: Mental

Pre-Fall Repair Kit

Preserver Pack x2

Industrial Generator

Unused Roster:

Henrietta Goldsmith worked as a caravan guard who ran security for trade caravans coming and going from a trading post that was burned down by raiders. In the evacuation of the trading post, she fell in with Daedalus and Polybius, and journeyed with them until they joined up with Valkyrie Convoy.

Statistics: Caravan Guard from a Trading Post, Submachine Gun, Civilian Carbine, Pistol, Scrap Armor I: 2, SP: 5, CO: 0, TO: 3, NE: 2. Level: 0 XP: 3. Wrasslin': 0 

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Thallo Green is an accomplished merchant of the wastes who cultivates his cleanliness and knows how to drive a hard bargain. Originally, he is from something called a "safe city," something I've never seen or heard of before, though it sounds really intriguing. He joined up with Valkyrie Convoy on Day 6. 

Statistics: Ash Merchant (Speech +1), From A Safe City (Medical +1), Submachine Gun, Pistol, Nomad Armor, I: 2, Sp: 4, Co: 0, To: 3, Ne: 1, LvL: 0, XP: 0 

Model: Mr. Green from the Clue Boardgame.

Daedalus is an explorer who claims he cannot remember his real name or his past. For him, what he does remember seems to start when he discovered the military base where Polybius had been trapped, and so he has been following Polybius ever since, trying to find out something, if anything, about his past.

Statistics: Explorer (+1 Medical), From an Isolated Enclave (+1 Initiative), Pistol, Shotgun, Military Rifle, Military Armor; I: 3, SP: 5, CO: 0 (+1), TO: 3, NE: 2. Level: 1 XP: 0. FISHING: 3; Perfectly-Balanced Fishing Rod, Fishing Skill: Don't Let Him Go (Reroll ones when battling Fish) & Learn the Patterns (3+ to stay) AP 3

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Irina Molotov
is a rookie who joined Valkyrie Convoy on Day 3. I don't know much about her, but we'll see what she shows us in the coming days.

Statistics: Rookie, Bow, Pistol, Shotgun, Scout Armor, I: 1, SP: 4, CO: 0, TO: 3, NE: 1. Level: 0 XP: 0.

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Six-Toes was rescued by Valkyrie Convoy on Day 7 after he had been captured by a rival tribe of nomads. An outcast from his own tribe, he was more than happy to continue on with Valkyrie Convoy after his daring rescue from certain death.

Statistics: Enforcer (+1 Co), From a Nomad Camp (+1 Initiative), Hunting Rifle, Scrap Cannon, Field Armor. I: 2(3), Sp: 4, Co: 0(+1), To: 3, Ne: 3, LvL: 0, XP: 0

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Brite Minis

Big Jimmy is a mutant scarred by the wastes who tried to make himself useful as part of the stable settlement he grew up in. Unfortunately, his skill and tenacity weren't enough and eventually he was exiled from the settlement. Wandering the wastes, he came upon Valkyrie Convoy and was welcomed into our fold.

Statistics: Explorer (+1 Medical), From a Stable Settlement (+1 Nerve); Bow, Hand Cannon, Hunting Rifle, Industrial Protective Gear; I: 3, SP: 5, CO: 0, TO: 3, NE: 2(3). Level: 0 XP: 0. DOES NOT BREW; HERBALIST

Jimmy's Garden: Catnip, Albino Lavender, Sprawlwort, Gasoline CohoshClary Sage, Wasteland Henbane, Nuclear Chicory, Abbot's Thyme, Ditch Tobacco, Rust-Leaf Mint, Neon Tea Leaves, Asafetida, Blistering Nettle and Mottled Foxglove. Herb Garden Adds +1 Trade Point.

Model: 3D Printed model from Ill Gotten Games.

Larry Rollins is a rookie who joined Valkyrie Convoy on Day 10. I don't know much about him, but we'll see what he shows us in the coming days.

Statistics: Rookie, Field Armor, Hunting Rifle, Military Rifle, I: 1, SP: 4, CO: 0, TO: 3, NE: 1. Level: 0 XP: 0.

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Patches is a Waste Digger that Merlin found and tamed on Day 8. According to him, it purrs and is very warm and cuddly on the cold wasteland nights.

I: 3, Sp: 6, Co: 0, To: 3, Ne: 2, LvL: 0, XP: 0

Model: Centipede from Mice And Mystics.

Quinn: Joined on Day 8.
Statistics: Scavenger, From a Group of Roaming Survivors (+1 Toughness), I: 2, Sp: 4, Co: 0, To: 4(5), Ne: 2, LvL: 0, XP: 0

Rookies (8)

Caravan Guard From A Tiny Settlement who joined on Day 13.

An Explorer From A Pre-Collapse Military Base who joined on Day 15

Military Serviceman from a Stable Settlement who joined on Day 16

A Hardened Veteran Explorer From A Pre-Collapse Scientific Base with Zone Exposure who joined on Day 20.

An Ash Merchant from a pre-collapse military base (with Fishing skill +1) who joined on Day 21

A Reclaimer from a pack of Roaming Survivors and a Settler from an Isolated Enclave who both joined on Day 22.

Ash Merchant From a Pre-Collapse Military Base that joined on Day 28.

A Caravan Guard From A Pre-Collapse Military Base that joined on Day 30.

A Caravan Guard From an Isolated Enclave that joined on Day 33.

Reclaimer from a Pre-Collapse Scientific Base that joined on Day 34

Notable Personalities:

Old Man Matthews is a wealthy drunkard with too much money and too much power in the settlement of Cinder Hill. After Stockless Sally killed his son, he set a personal vendetta against Valkyrie Convoy and has sent hunters and petty thugs to hunt them down as they track across the wastes.


Model: From the New Angeles Board Game.

Those Who Have Been Lost:

Peregrine is a mysterious, combat-trained soldier who joined up with Valkyrie Convoy on Day 5. She doesn't talk much about her past, but it seems clear that she is running from something.

Statistics: Hardened Veteran: Military Service (Combat Skill +1), From A Pre-Collapse Military Base (Combat Skill +1), . I: 3, Sp: 4, Co: 0(+2), To: 3, Ne: 3, LvL: 0, XP: 1; 

Died on Day 7

Model: 40k Callidus Assassin with kitbash combi-weapon.

Kara Ruggarell is the daughter of a prepper who went slowly insane and shot himself when she was only nine years old. All alone in the family cabin, she taught herself how to read, how to shoot, and how to recognize when a can of beans was expired enough to make her sick. Eventually, however, the beans ran out and she had to leave the cabin to find something besides rodents to eat. Instead, she found a caravan, impressed the owner with her sharpshooting, and ended up as part of a band of freelance guards escorting merchants and their wares across the wastes. The last trader she worked with was Stockless Sally, and after seeing what happened to Sally in Cinder Hill, she was more than happy to come along as an escort for Valkyrie convoy.

Statistics: Militia, from A tiny settlement (Survival +1), Zone Exposure (+2 Init, +2 Spd, -1 Tough, -1 Nerve).  I: 2(4), Sp: 5(7), Co: 0, To: 3(2), Ne: 2(1), LvL: 0, XP: 2

Died on Day 3

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Cut-Down Caroline was born in Cinder Hill to parents of modest means and very quickly ran away from home. Her wanderlust is strong, and when she heard about Maya Ceros's plan to set off into the wastes, she was one of the first to volunteer to come along.

Statistics: Explorer (Medical +1), From A Stable Settlement (Ne +1),  I: 2, Sp: 5, Co: 0, To: 3, Ne: 2(3), LvL: 0, XP: 1

Died on Day 2

Model: 3D Printed Supportless model from Punkin' Figs.

Dave MacCready grew up in a tribe of horse-riding cowboy nomads in the vast open plains of the frontier. When his tribe was massacred by a horde of raiders, he drove his horse into a storm and rode it until it collapsed from the strain. Alone and lost in the wilderness, he wandered until he found Cinder Hill. Trying for years to fit in with the locals, he ultimately decided it was futile and set his mind on a way to get out of the settlement. Only when he heard about Maya Ceros's plan did he realize that Valkyrie Convoy was exactly the escape he was looking for.

Statistics: Settler (Repair +1), From A Frontier Settlement, Survived Bandit Raid (+1 Combat Skill)  I: 1, Sp: 4, Co: 0(1), To: 3, Ne: 1, LvL: 0, XP: 1

Model: Kitbashed Mantic and Bolt Action elements.

Died on Day 2

Sarah Aldrin grew up in a convoy that only split apart and meshed with the population of Cinder Hill when she was a teenager. Now, as an adult, the wanderlust and the nostalgia of caravan travel has set in again, leading her to volunteer to journey with Maya Ceros and the others into the ashen wastes in search of all the wonder that might lay beyond them.

Statistics: Explorer (Medical +1), From A Frontier Settlement, Travelled with Nomads (Speed +1)  I: 2, Sp: 5(6), Co: 0(+1), To: 3, Ne: 2, LvL: 1, XP: 0

Model: Kitbashed Mantic and Bolt Action elements.

Died on Day 2


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