Security Report #3 (Five Klicks - Xeno-Mod)


    Operational Report, Weyland-Yutani Company Liaison overseeing situation at Tulloch Station. Item of note: Station Security Officer Ellen Schwarzschild.

    January 9th, 2182; 16:13 hours.

    I sent a team of PMCs to investigate the "security reports" written by Station Security Officer Ellen Schwarzschild which we have been jamming since she began transmitting them a few days ago. The situation is contained. Schwarzschild won't be a problem for us anymore.

    The team I sent to investigate found evidence that the android codenamed Angel led Father Constantine and Technician Abraham Fitzgerald into the hive in search of Ellen and the other members of her "squad." The rescue plan was detailed enough (and PDTs were still transmitting,) that we were able to track down and positively ID the corpses without any losses. We were also able to retrieve enough of the android's memory core to reconstruct what happened after it led the botched rescue attempt. A chronology of events is as follows:

It seems that Angel and her team were cautious approaching the hive, and were actually able to get quite close. Likely this is a tactic innate to the xenomorphs, akin to the actions of a carnivorous plant, a deadly welcoming that lures food in and traps it for digestion.

The cocooning resin is quite dense, and there is evidence that "the squad" struggled for a while before they were able to escape.

Honestly, I'm surprised that the xenomorph larvae (common parlance: "face-huggers") did not impregnate Ellen's "squad" before Angel could arrive.

Entering the hive must have been. . . fascinating.

There is evidence that both MacReady and Winters were able to extract themselves from the hive wall, but perhaps this defect is intentional. It stands to reason that the xenomorphs would want some of their infected hosts to escape after impregnation so as to encourage their spoor to spread far and wide.

It seems that the Father might have been the most eager of all. Who can blame him, given what happened to him and his flock before he arrived on Tulloch Station?

According to the records in the android's memory banks, Father Constantine was the first to reach the cocooned survivors.

I suspect that his presence might have been what awoke one of the larvae from its ovomorph.

Records from the android's cortex indicate that Technician MacReady was the first to fire, reflexively terminating the larva before it could attach itself to Station Security Officer Louise Weaver.

It is likely that the discharge of firearms and the release of several more of the Squad from their cocoons was what awoke the hive's aggressive response.

Cameras in hallways 17B and 17C identified eight adult drones and a single larva.

It seems that once Ellen's motion tracker picked up the movement of the advancing xenomorphs, the survivors gathered into a staggered line in the implantation room and prepared themselves for the fight.

The drones and larva were quickly upon the survivors.

Bullet holes in the hive walls of this section of the station indicate that though the survivors fired extensively, the attack was not effective.

Only a single drone succumbed to its injuries in the initial rush, which I find a impressive testament to this species potential as a bio-weapon.

Several more shots were fired, terminating one of the larvae.

Station Security Officer Weaver was the first to fall after initial contact with the xenomorphs.

More shots were fired, but to little effect. It seems that the survivors began retreating further into the hive in an attempt to keep a certain degree of safe distance between themselves and the drones.

Several drones sustained injuries in the following salvo, though none were killed.

Father Constantine and Security Officer Schwarzschild were the next to fall.

More shots were fired as the swarm descended onto Murphy (Bounty Hunter) but to little effect.

There seems to have been a brief tussle in which Mr. Murphy was overwhelmed and rendered incapacitated.

Unfortunately, one of our specimens was terminated by Technician MacReady shortly thereafter. I have lodged an official recommendation that his estate be billed for the specimens he is personally responsible for destroying, with entries being listed as generic criminal defacement of company property.

Technician Abraham Fitzgerald appears to have been the next to fall. This is also when data from the android's cortex becomes unreliable, as she sustained an injury to the facial sensory cluster.

I have to admit that Captain Winters was courageous in her last stand. Running past the drones, she quickly cleared her zip-handcannon.

And terminated the closest drone with extreme (billable?) prejudice.

Three of the drones fell upon her in response, while the rest focused on MacReady.

Buckshot lodged in the resin walls seems to indicate that MacReady made one last attempt to fight his way out of the hive, but fortunately, he did not terminate any more of our assets.

His shotgun was found nearby, half-loaded.

It seems that the drones moved in and gathered him up with their usual enviable efficiency.

It is admirable, perhaps, that he attempted to stand alone against five of our drones, but ultimately he was unable to stop the harvest of the entire "squad" of survivors that Station Security Officer Schwarzschild had gathered to stand against the hive.

Spectagraph Drones sent into the hive structure have identified PDTs for all of the survivors. Facial recognition software analysis of  host corpses has confirmed identities with a 98.7% accuracy. Officially, all ten individuals originally in contact with Station Security Officer Schwarzschild are listed as "missing" with the cause being attributed to exposure to rapid decompression and hard vacuum as part of a suicide pact. We're spinning the test on Tulloch Station as an outbreak of weaponized cholera simultaneous with the emergence of a self-sacrificing doomsday cult composed of an unknown number of station staff.

PMC operatives on the station are still seeking the Queen for capture and relocation. The drones somehow seem to know that we are looking for her, and it seems that they've gotten very good at moving her, hiding her and masking her vital signatures.

Further reports to follow as new information becomes available.



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