I'm really proud of this one, really enjoyed playtesting it, and I'm glad to see that it's already so popular on Itch.io!

Gone-A-Viking is a solo, one-page, Norse-themed rogue-lite adventure where you lead a team of Vikings to explore strange new lands in search of glory and gold. You only have sixty days to make a name for yourself before the boat sets sail for home, so you better get to raiding!

Of course, since I've spent literally years of my life researching Old Norse culture and weaving the ancestral elements into my own life, I felt compelled to really build up the core game of Gone-A-Viking with some pretty cool elements. 

The Deluxe Edition of Gone-A-Viking comes with 13 pages of different play modes and optional mods (including a guide for how to play using runes!) that you can drop into your game for more fun and more replayability. It also contains standalone maps to augment the rest of the deluxe content. The solo version of the game is completely contained within one sheet of paper, requiring only dice and a pencil (or pen) to play, and I've made it "Pay-What-You-Want" on Itch.io, so you can try it for free yourself.

These pictures are all screenshots of some of my best and favorite of my own playthroughs of the game.

You can find the game on Itch.io, and if you play it, feel free to post your high score in the comments!


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