Planet Two (Alone Among The Stars)

I was looking around for other fun solo games that can be played with a minimum of materials, and this search led me to a game called Alone Among The Stars by Takuma Okada. The premise is simple, and in that simplicity, there is beauty. The basic mechanic is that you combine die rolling and card drawing to get prompts for the exploration of alien worlds. 

In setting up play, I decided to use my Alien Dice and a Star Trek Adventures figure I made in CAD along with my deck of cyberpunk cards (Bicycle - Synthesis.) In rolling for the number of points of interest on the first planet, I got two to prompt my exploration narrative.

Exploration Log for Planet 2

Day 1: 

A long hike, but the view is worth it. A lazy river glitters through the valley, and the rocks that rise over it remind me of the rocks of home, ancient and wind-sculpted. I rest as I take in the details, the lines that cut across these rocks that are as alien as they are familiar. My scanner lays out all the details of what is in them, makes ripples of data that play at the edge of my mind, but for the first time in a long time, I let myself enjoy the rocks without reviewing the chemical breakdown. It's calming, and needed. So needed.

Day 2:

I come upon the silver orb suddenly, rounding the curve of a canyon and finding myself face-to-face with it. It's huge, hangs suspended, just over the surface of the soil. At a distance, it might blend in with the sky, it's so eerily reflective, but up close, it starts to take on definition. It's damaged, or so utterly alien that it looks damaged, and the shattered fragments of the thing whisper and drift like half-ethereal streamers in the cool gusts of silent wind. I don't know how the orb came to be here, how long it has been here or if it arrived like this, but it proves that I'm not alone here. For me, it proves that I was never alone here, or anywhere, in this vast and starry wilderness.



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