Spellslinger Apocalypse (Five Klicks - Fantasy)

A dark corruption is spreading across the land. Emboldened by dark powers, horrific beasts rise out of forgotten ruins and start to stalk the land again. The fate of the world looks grim, but such times are when heroes are born.

This is the story of a fellowship of eight wizards who will gather an army as they stand tall against the forces of darkness in a high-magic apocalypse that is basically just Five-Klicks re-skinned with fantasy names for modern and sci-fi elements. As I record my play-sessions, you'll see how this simple conversion can make for a whole new game experience. Also: why not just play Five Leagues? Because with a simple re-skinning of Five Klicks, I can run a high-magic fantasy experience with all the emphasis on the spells (aka guns) instead of on the melee elements. Five Leagues is great, I'm just more excited about wizards blasting skeletons apart in a dungeon than I am about measured melee combat. I'll be trying some new and wild things (miniatures-wise) with this one, so stick around for the ride!

The Fellowship:

1. Sigrún Þórsdóttir - Avenging Valkyrie

Banished to Midgard and made mortal for going against the will of Odin, Sigrún Þórsdóttir leads a diverse fellowship of magic users against the dark tides that threaten to overwhelm the world.

I 2, SP 5, CO 1, TO 3(4), NE 3; Medical +1; Lightning Bolt (Military Rifle), Chainmail (Field Armor), Magic Hammer (Heavy MeleeGrit: 2

XP: 2; LEVEL: 1

Enforcer, Safe City, travelled with nomads, attacked by monster, gainful employment.

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

2. Marzhin the Retired Court Wizard

Retired from the service of a king that time has long since forgotten, Marzhin has taken to a life of wandering and learning. Only recently has he come out of retirement to help fight the hordes that are descending upon the land.

I 1, SP 5, CO 0(+1), TO 3, NE 1; Repair +1; Magic Missile (Civilian Carbine), Trapmaker's Kit (Multi-Tool), Musket.

XP: 1; LEVEL: 1

Settler From A Nomad Camp 

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

3. Fallah Punkinspice the Autumn Sorceress

Some find her warm, others say she is frigid and getting colder. Most of her spells are nature-based, but all-in-all she is a well-rounded mage.

I 2, SP 5, CO 0(+1), TO 3, NE 2; Fire Bolt (Military Rifle), Thorn Bolt (Scrap Rifle), 

XP: 1; LEVEL: 1

Caravan Guard, Nomad Camp

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

4. Bella Infernus the Fire Witch

Sister of Fallah Punkinspice, Bella has a fiery temper and an even hotter arsenal of spells at her disposal. Her personal goal is to rid the world of undead, but honestly, any monster will do.

I 2, SP 4, CO 1, TO 3(4), NE 2; Demon Wand (Gauss Gun), Dagger (Light Melee), Chainmail (Field Armor)

XP: 1; LEVEL: 1

Caravan Guard from a Pre-Collapse Military Base

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

5. Barbulax Stonebeard the Dwarven Mage

Barbulax is a wise old Dwarf who has worked as a trader and a professor of wizardry in his long lifetime. He has found that fire spells have many useful applications in daily life, and he says he has many scars to prove it.

I 2, SP 4, CO 0 (1), TO 5(6), NE 1; Speech +1; Seeker Fireball, (Sub Machinegun with Laser Sight), Fire Bolt (Scrap Rifle), Chainmail (Field Armor)

XP: 0; LEVEL: 2

Ash Merchant, Frontier Settlement, Accident + Accident.

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

6. Styxlyhizz the Lizardman Sorcerer 

Styxlyhizz is a secretive but brilliant mage of the lizard clans. He specializes in poisons and venom magic.

I 2, SP 5, CO 0(+1), TO 4, NE 2; Survival +1; Venom Burst (Shotgun), 1 Caustic Cloud Potion (Scrap Grenade), Leather Armor (Scrap Armor)

XP: 1; LEVEL: 1

Hunter, Roaming Survivors

7. Fitztandalus the Druid

An elven wanderer who prefers the trees and the wilds to all the nonsense of man, Fitztandalus fell in with the Fellowship out of concern for his forests and the animals therein.

I 2, SP 5, CO 0(1), TO 4(6), NE 2; Survival +1; Magical Chainmail (Military Armor,) Summon Spectral Bears with Rune of Caster's Calm (Heavy Machinegun with Bipod), Dagger (Light Melee Weapon), Bow.

XP: 0; LEVEL: 3

Scavenger, Frontier. Wandered + Accused

Model: 3D Printed model from Ill Gotten Games.

8. 'Crates the Wandering Wizard

'Crates (Pronounced Crate-Eez) has been a bit of a mage-for-hire for the past decade. Before that, his most notable adventure was a low-level attempt to storm Castle Amber with Thor The Terrible, a childlike fighter interested only in stabbing everything in sight. Taking up heroism as a trade once again, he has joined the fellowship with the aim of saving the world alongside the others.

I 2, SP 5, CO 1, TO 3(4), NE 2; Repair +1; Lightning Bolt (Military Rifle), Short Sword (Light Melee Weapon), Leather Armor (Scrap Armor).

XP: 0; LEVEL: 1

Militia, Nomad. Discovery.

Model: 3D Printed model from Punkin' Figs.

Old Moak is a rookie with Hafted Weapon that joined after Skirmish 1.

Meltandis is a hardened veteran: (Militia Service, Isolated Enclave, Got Revenge) who joined after Skirmish 3.

Potential Heroes: 

Rookie (x1)

An Explorer From a Safe City


Military Rations

Healing Potion (Stim-Pack)

Healing Elixir (Med-Kit)

Settlement (Havensdale)

Security: 2

Stability: 2

Resources: 2


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