Robotech Solo Campaign Roster (Weasel-Tech)

The year is 2009. The SDF-1 is preparing to make its maiden voyage and the Zentraedi have just arrived in lunar orbit. Veritech Fighters are fielded in combat for the first time since their creation. The invasion of Earth by alien forces is just beginning.

Skaði Squadron is one of the first squadrons of  VF-1's to come head-to-head with the Zentaedi invasion force. They're young and green, but show promise in mock combat. Can they survive the Zentraedi invasion and everything that comes after? 

Skaði Squadron roster:


Skaði 1 - Second Lieutenant Theo Ironheart

Experience Level: 3; EXP: 9

Skills: "Conserve Ammo (2)" and "Defensive Posture (1)"

Considered to be the most promising member of the group, Theo Ironheart is the closest thing Skaði Squadron has to a leader. She mentored Victoria at the academy, and some of the other pilots see her as a bit of a mother hen. She is friends with Alaska. She has an ongoing rivalry with Victoria.

Skaði 2 - Second Lieutenant Alaska Delacroix

Experience Level: 2; EXP: 6

Skills: "Emergency Repairs" and "Concentrated Fire"

Skaði Squadron's hot shot and speed freak, Alaska Delacroix drives a fast bike and flies her Veritech like she stole it. She has an ongoing rivalry with Kira and her CO, Henrietta. She is friends with Theo.

Skaði 3 - Second Lieutenant Myrrine Hayase

Experience Level: 1; EXP: 1

Skills: "Rugged Survivor"

Myrrine attended the same academy as Zara and Victoria. During her time there, she got into a relationship with Zara that didn't end well. They both swear it's all behind them, but the tension is still there. She's a bit of a hopeless romantic and perhaps too optimistic for the coming war.

Skaði 4 - Second Lieutenant Victoria Wilder

Experience Level: 2; EXP: 5

Victoria attended the same academy as Myrrine and learned to fly well in tandem with her. In combat, she is focused and precise, but outside of a veritech, she keeps to herself and comes off as more shy than expected. She has an ongoing rivalry with Theo. Friends with Inara.

Skaði 5 - Second Lieutenant Helena Pendergast

Experience Level: 1; EXP: 3

It's said that Helena is a talented singer, though she'll never admit it. In combat, she is a steady and dependable ally who doesn't back down from any threat, big or small. MILITARY COMMENDATIONS (1)

Skaði 6 - Second Lieutenant Zara Dyson

Experience Level: 1; EXP: 2

Zara is sweet to everyone except Myrrine, who she avoids as much as possible. Both women say the relationship they had is far behind them, but Zara seems to have had trouble moving on.

Command Staff:

Commanding Officer Henrietta Kobol

Experience Level: 0; EXP: 6

Henrietta Kobol distinguished herself with a storied career in World War III. Though she originally sought to be posted to the SDF-1, she ended up being assigned to coordinate operations for Skaði Squadron instead. Though it's a less prestigious posting, she has found herself grateful to not have the same burden of responsibility on her shoulders that Captain Gloval does. She has an ongoing rivalry with Alaska and Bella. Friends with Stella.

Communications Officer Kira Miller

Experience Level: 0; EXP: 4

Kira Miller was assigned to Skaði Squadron at the last minute, right at the start of the Zentraedi invasion. She has a nervous personality and is rarely seen when she is not on duty. She has an ongoing rivalry with Alaska.

Intel Officer Stella Athene

Experience Level: 1; EXP: 11

Stella Athene is quick-witted, kind and absolutely dedicated to her job. In the academy, she took top marks, though it wasn't enough to get her a posting to the SDF-1 with the more experienced officers of the RDF. She has an ongoing rivalry with Inara. Friends with Henrietta.

Chief Mechanic Cid Barrett

Experience Level: 0; EXP: 9

Cid Barret worked on the Veritech project while it was still in its infancy. As one of the original mechanics responsible for making the variable fighters airworthy, he leads the team that keeps Skaði Squadron's veritechs flying.

Medical Officer Bella Stackhouse

Experience Level: 0; EXP: 1

Bella Stackhouse was transferred to Skaði Squadron right at the start of the Zentraedi invasion. Her family was killed in the initial strike and, feeling utterly alone and isolated, she started the game despondent, but recovered. She has an ongoing rivalry with Henrietta.

Head Researcher Inara Kollier

Experience Level: 0; EXP: 8

Inara Kollier was one of the scientists involved in reverse-engineering the alien technology of the ship that crashed on Macross Island in 1999. While most people are terrified of the threat the Zentraedi invasion poses, Inara is excited to get her hands on more alien technology in the hopes of upgrading and improving the variable fighters used by Skaði Squadron. She has an ongoing rivalry with Stella. Friends with Victoria.


B-1 Cerulean with AC-3 MG, ECM Suite and Scanning Pod.

B-1 Carmine with AC-3 MG, ECM Suite and Scanning Pod.

B-1 Mandarin with AC-3 MG, ECM Suite and Scanning Pod.

B-1 Chartreuse with AC-3 MG, ECM Suite and Scanning Pod.

X-1 Saffron with PL-A Beam, RPG-5 Rocket and ECM Suite.

X-1 Amaranth with PL-A Beam, RPG-5 Rocket and ECM Suite.

2 X-1's


Tech Points: 1

Behind The Scenes (From before Sortie #1):

I'll be running this solo campaign using Nordic Weasel's new game system entitled Weasel-Tech. I'll be skinning it as a game set in the Robotech universe, specifically during the Macross Saga. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended-- I'm just posting the results of the game I'm playing on tabletop.

Character faces were made using RPG Maker MV.

Social Events rolled before the start of the campaign: 

  • Bella and Inara meet in a park. They recognize each other and share a few words. Bella is already depressed and upset, and the lack of connection with Inara depresses her even more until she is Despondent.
  • Inara and Stella meet at the Military Base. They get into a heated discussion about on-base procedure and become Rivals.
  • Kira and CO Henrietta meet in the park and really connect, becoming good friends. They spot Alaska Delacroix doing donuts in the park on her motorcycle and both immediately decide they do not like her. They yell at her, and instead of backing down, Alaska pulls a burnout and blasts both of them with acrid tire smoke. She now has a rivalry with Kira and her CO.

Currently, I'm assembling and painting the miniatures I'm going to use to play this game. Once I start playing, I will post condensed batt-reps and make edits to this roster as the game progresses.


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