Weasel-Hamuary Challenge Skirmish #1 (40kBFTZ)

Cromwell the Inquisition Dreadnought towers over the Sisters of Battle he is sworn to protect.
2021 was a great year for me for creating miniatures in CAD and getting them painted. It was the year I started building (from scratch) the Sisters of Battle / Inquisition army that I've been wanting since I was twelve and it was the year that I finally got paint on all my Sedition Wars meat monsters. This battle is a culmination of something I've been wanting to run for a while mixed with the monthly challenge over on the Nordic Weasel Games discord. I bring you, my first battle for Weasel-Hamuary! An unholy hybrid called Forty-Thousand Bughunts From The Zone! Sisters of Battle versus the hordes of Chaos!

I'll be mashing together rules from two different books and using a copy of the hybrid rules I've created (which you can find at the bottom of this batt-rep.)

I even dug out some old friends just for this battle.

The forces in play are a tiny crusade of Battle Sisters accompanied by a dreadnought on one side. 

And a horde of 20 chaos zombies, 10 mutant cultists and a Great Unclean One on the other side. 

For practical purposes, I basically just made the Great Unclean One a dreadnought proxy, so both sides have a big fella to smash the enemy with.

So basically 20 melee units, 10 basic ranged units and a hero facing off against eight midrange badasses and their hero. The sisters are definitely outnumbered, but their area effect weapons (grenades and flamers) paired up with thier Miracle Dice (and the Veteran Sister Superior's Rod of Office) give them an edge.

The chaos horde strikes best at close range, while the sisters have to focus on not getting overwhelmed.

Cromwell and Sister Aurelia lay down volleys of heavy bolter fire, dropping four of the horde immediately.

Next, coordinated flamer strikes from Sister Bellona and Sister Melia torch a few more horrors.

That's when Chaos comes right up and knocks.

Cromwell was actually pretty chill about it. (He's seen worse.)

The melee-only horrors of the chaos horde struck quick and actually managed to kill Sister Melia.

Ranged chaos troops took up positions on rooftops and started taking potshots at Sister Aurelia and Sister Superbia

That initial slam between forces was pretty crazy.

Sister Lupa, Sister Vesuvia and Veteran Sister Superior Augusta Victus were quick to strike back, firing through the gap created by the death of one of their order.

I was trying to figure out how to best deploy Sister Silia without her being a liability. That plasma gun only has a 1 in 12 chance of blowing up, but that's still more than I want to deal with.

Lots of 1's for the initiative rolls, and I'm starting to accrue a decent pool of miracle dice. The Emperor Protects!

Just Sister Bellona doing what she does best. BURNINATION!

Two kills and one injury. Not bad. No morale checks with these guys because they're Psycho/Mindless.

And that's when Sister Vesuvia decides to pop the cork on a trusty old vortex grenade. Three baddies (and the corpse of Sister Melia) were sucked in. Look at that direction die! Could have been very bad for Sister Vesuvia if the number had been higher!

Also, that thing is uncomfortably close to Cromwell.

I was saving those miracle dice for a killshot on the Great Unclean One, but Cromwell is just such a badass that I didn't need to burn any. Clean shot on the Unclean One! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, Sister Aurelia lays down some suppressing fire until she runs out of lead to sling.

With a prayer to the God Emperor on her lips, Sister Superbia drops one of the ranged cultists.

And sends the other one packing.

Veteran Sister Superior Augusta Victus knocks a round through her bolt pistol and drops another horror.

But a nearby cultist whips around the corner and blows Sister Vesuvia away with a pistol!

Should have worn a helmet, Vesuvia!

Meanwhile, the rest of the zombie-like horrors start to pummel Cromwell because he's the closest and biggest threat on the battlefield, but he's just too strong for their weak little zombie hands, I guess.

This guy had a clean shot at Aurelia, but he just totally blew it.

Three more shots at Aurelia from the back-- three more misses!

And then the vortex spawned by the grenade just takes off halfway down the battlefield.

Those advertising boards sure are strong!

Look at all those ones! The Emperor Protects!

Cromwell is so done with being groped by everyone on the battlefield.

In fact, he's so done that he got an ammo fault. D'oh!

Blam! Another one bites the dust at the hands of the Veteran Sister Superior!

Sister Bellona decided that Cromwell needed a little help getting the zombies off.

Apparently that's just how you get burning zombies. Two of these guys soaked the hit with just injuries.

Sister Lupa sprints in, dead set on putting down that nest of wannabe snipers.

The horrors strike back!

Man, that one guy really should have spent more time on the range before they put a gun in his hands. He can't hit anything!

Don't run through open terrain! Someone will shoot your eye out!

Good thing Sister Lupa is wearing (apparently) bulletproof sunglasses. Minor injuries only-- this time!

I think these guys went to the same gunnery school as the guy with the pistol.

Time to bring the big guns to bear! Sister Silia leads the way with her Plasma Gun!

I mean, honestly, sisters, you can probably bug out now. There's only four cultists left. You killed like thirty dudes.

Exterminatus? Ok, if you say so. I guess exterminatus it is then.

*ominous vortex noises*

Here comes Sister Lupa! Bolter time!

Whoooooosh goes the flamer!

Two kills! Cromwell is no longer being pressed down by a wad of angry bodies.

Oh my god. Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

See, this is why proper Plasma Gun maintenance is REALLY important. The first shot, the very first shot with this thing, and Sister Silia is basically holding a bomb. BLAMMO!

Fortunately, it only wounded her and sister Bellona. Honestly, that's pretty cinematic, and it could have been WAY worse.

And then there's this guy, who thinks he can take on a dreadnought with nothing but a pistol-- begging the question, are two heads really better than one?

I mean, that's the best luck ever for Sister Lupa, right? Three hits, no damage. She's already bleeding. Can she make it up the stairs? Can she take down these cultists?

Wham, bam, thank you Veteran Sister Superior for your magic bolt pistol and unerring accuracy.

Six turns of pure CARNAGE!

The vortex-- IT HUNGERS!

Man, what are those advertising boards MADE OF? Can we make our power armor out of that stuff!?

A clean shot from Sister Lupa! One down, two to go!

The other sisters (everyone except Aurelia) move in just in case the cultists Lupa is facing learn how to shoot real quick.

Oh! Yep, there it is. One less sister in the convent.

I think Cromwell was feeling seriously frustrated by all the scatter terrain.

Fatigue sets in-- the ladies are slowing down.

What? WHAT!? You should have seen my face. There's always a chance you're going to get wiped out by your own vortex grenades, but still. STILL!

Well, there goes Sister Bellona. I hope your flamer serves you well against the demons of the warp.

Wait-- it ate THAT WHOLE BUILDING? Dude.

The other sisters don't wait to get eaten by the vortex. They rush in, Silia leading the way even though she doesn't have a gun anymore. Valiant!

Cromwell just looks like a sad puppy here who wants to play.

In truth, he's waiting. If the cultists kill everyone but him, he's going to carry the day.

There goes Sister Silia! Your sacrifice will almost negate your sin of poor plasma gun maintenance habits!

Yikes. Everyone is slow this turn.

And here comes the vortex!

This could have ended badly for the Veteran Sister Supeior, but she was literally spared by a miracle (dice roll).

Just to show you how close that vortex is getting.

Sister Superbia finally puts an end to the last of the cultists.

Now let's bug out before the vortex gets us!

Bye bye, hungry hole in reality! You're someone else's problem now!

The battle cost us dearly, but we pulled through. What a comedy of luck and errors. In retrospect, it seemed like a pretty even match, though if I was going to do it over, I'd probably have dropped in another few ranged cultists. Of course, then this shot would probably just have been Cromwell chilling there, all alone, surrounded by bodies.

Next, I'm thinking I might throw a tangle of Tyranids at my Sisters of Battle and see who comes out on top.

Rules in Play:


Veteran Sister Superior Augusta Victus: I3; SP5; CO+2; TO4; NE2; AR 3. LVL: 0, XP: 1, Grit: 1; Bolt Pistol, Rod of Office.

Sister Aurelia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Heavy Bolter.

Sister Superbia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Heavy Bolter.

Sister Silia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Plasma Gun.

Sister Lupa: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Pyrrhia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Meltagun.

Sister Vesuvia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Storm Bolter.

Sister Bellona: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Flamer.

Sister Melia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Flamer.

Cromwell (Dreadnought): I1; SP5; CO+1; TO6; NE6; AR3. Grit: 0; Heavy Bolter, Power Fist

Grenade Pool: Vortex Grenade (1) & Frag Grenade (5)


Chaos-Twisted Zombies (20): SP4; CO+0; TO3; AR0; Psycho/Mindless. Melee only.

Mutant Cultists (10): SP5; CO+0; TO4; NE2; AR0; Aggressive, Pistols or Scrap Rifles.

Great Unclean One: SP5; CO+1; TO6; NE6; AR3; Aggressive, Psychic Attacks count as Heavy Bolter and Power Fist.


Bolt Pistol (R12, S1, Pistol)

Boltgun (R24, S1, Rapid)

Storm Bolter (R24, S2, Assault)

Heavy Bolter (R36, S3, D1, P1, Heavy)

Flamer (Template, S1, Assault, Terror)

Heavy Flamer (Template, S1, D1, P1, Assault)

Meltagun (R12, S1, D3, P3, Assault)

Multi-Melta (R24, S2, D3, P3, Heavy)

Plasma Gun (R24, S1, D2, P2, Rapid Fire) - Explodes on ammo fault, hitting everyone (including firer) within 3" with a D2, P2 hit. Unusable for the rest of the battle.

Grav-Gun (R18, S1, D1, P2, Rapid Fire) - Targets of size 2+ suffer an additional hit.

Volkite Charger (R20, S2, Heavy) Every time a 6 is rolled for a hit, add a bonus hit (cumulative).

Chainsword (Melee)

Vortex Grenade (thrown) Anything covered by the template is automatically destroyed, and anything touched by it is destroyed unless it rolls 4+ on 1d6. This includes vehicles, terrain, etc. No armor save is possible at all. The vortex blocks sight and cannot be fired through. At the beginning of each turn, roll 1d6. 1-2: the vortex disappears, 3-4: the vortex remains in play, 5-6: the vortex moves d10 in a random direction determined by the point of the die.

Special Equipment:

Rod of Office: Re-Roll 1's on hit rolls within 9".

Special Rules:

Miracle Dice: At the beginning of each turn, roll a new miracle die and add it to your pile. Discard a die from the pile at any point to replace any other rolled 

Weapon Firing Modes: adapting the rules from 40k 3rd ed (my trusty Oldhammer 40k book), I am using the original templates, firing modes and shot numbers, then applying penetration and damage rules as needed to adapt to 5K.

Ammo Faults: if an ammo fault happens, it costs one non-combat action to clear it, which automatically succeeds. This counts as moving (for heavy weapons, etc.)


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