Weasel-Hamuary Challenge Skirmish #2 (40kBFTZ)

Following hot on the footsteps of my original Weasel-Hamuary Skirmish, I decided to try running a massive battle where The Sisters of Battle face off against a horde of Tyranids.

There was a lot of carnage. I really stretched the system to its limits, I think, and my biggest takeaway at the end was. . . I need more Tyranids next time. Two hours total play time, and the Zoanthrope was the biggest threat on the table.

The opening salvo was FIRE! Two gouts of flame to purge the unclean!

Boltguns cut down a few more, and then the lictor got its revenge.

Genestealers everywhere!

I was actively playing both sides in this one, running it like a duel, so I divided up the Tyranids and laid seige to all of the fortified positions simultaneously.

That warp blast ability of the zoanthrope might be OP. It's good for clearing crowds, that's for sure.

Splat! Three kills for the zoanthrope! One injury also. The biggest hero, the Inquisitor, is down before she even got to fire a shot!

Splat! Splat! More dead hormagaunts! That's one heck of a defensive line to rush into.

Things are looking desperate here!

The Tyranids rush on the weakest position on the map.

The Sisters were all pretty quick on their feet.

FWOOOSH! Eat flamer!

Sister Melia tries to torch the zoanthrope.

But the zoanthrope totally ignores it. The hormagaunt that got caught in the middle was thoroughly barbequed, though.

Sister Vespasia blasts the lictor, but it doesn't stick.

Meanwhile, the zoanthrope, a ripper swarm and a genestealer are cut down by a hail of bolter fire.

Blat! Another termagaunt down!

MUNCH! The Tyranids close in, and the lictor stops for lunch.

Another pair of termagaunts meet their end at the firing line near Augusta Victus.

The sisters are a little slower this time, but their faith is growing.

Splat! Another kill for the wounded Sister Lupa!

Sister Selena splats a genestealer while Sister Vespasia wounds the lictor.

Blam! Sister Tiberia puts down a Genestealer.

Nothing cleanses like fire.

Failed morale checks move some of the Tyranids around, but shots of opportunity wound one or two of them.

The lictor moves in to munch Sister Vespasia, but her faith in the God Emperor protects her.

More Tyranids rush in, aiming to munch Lupa and Vesuvia.

Splat! Barbecued bug, courtesy of the God Emperor. The Emperor Protects!

The sisters are even slower this time.

Vesuvia takes down a genestealer.

Splat! One less infested Space Marine to deal with. Even the Emperor was like "ah hell no."

Vespasia finally gets munched.

Lupa takes a fleshborer round to the face.

Split-Splat, I was bolting some gaunts!

With almost all of the Tyranids put down, the biggest threat quickly became the lictor, who had singlehandedly munched three sisters. The remaining Sororitas closed up and got their sights on him.

Slow, slow, sisters.

Storm Bolter obliteration!

The remaining termaguant shot his fleshborer at Sister Vesuvia, but her armor held.

Sister Selena ran to join the defensive line, but the lictor chased her down and ate her.

FWOOSH goes the flamethrower-- no effect! 

The lictor runs for cover.

The sisters pursue, with Sister Pyrrhia and her melta-gun leading the way.

Backup mounts the stairs, going after the last termagaunt.

The remaining sisters are quick.

Wham! Nothing like a heat-ray gun to turn a lictor into lictor bisque.

And, thanks to the God Emperor, sister Vesuvia puts the last of the gaunts down.

With about a 60% survival rate, I'd say that I definitely needed more Tyranids. Next time!

Next, back to 6mm scale!

Rules in Play:


Veteran Sister Superior Augusta Victus: I3; SP5; CO+2; TO4; NE2; AR 3. LVL: 0, XP: 1, Grit: 1; Bolt Pistol, Rod of Office.

Sister Aurelia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Heavy Bolter.

Sister Superbia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Heavy Bolter.

Sister Vesuvia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Storm Bolter.

Sister Pyrrhia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Meltagun.

Sister Bellona: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Flamer.

Sister Melia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Flamer.

Sister Silia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun

Sister Lupa: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Carina: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Telsia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Minerva: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Enyo: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Maria: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Selena: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Vespasia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Sister Tiberia: I3; SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Boltgun.

Inquisitor Katharya: I3; SP5; CO+2; TO4; NE2; AR2. Grit: 0; Exitus Rifle, Light Melee Weapon, Flamer.

Grenade Pool: Vortex Grenade (1) & Frag Grenade (5)


Hormagaunts: SP8; CO+1; TO3; NE3; AR1; Psycho. Melee claws: Damage 0, Pen 0.

Termagaunts: SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE3; AR1; Psycho. Fleshborer Cannon (Treat as a R12, S1 Pistol)

Lictors: SP5; CO+2; TO 4; NE 5; AR 5; Aggressive, Melee Claws: Dmg 0, Pen 0. 

Genestealers: SP5; CO+1; TO4; NE5; AR2; Psycho. Melee Claws: Dmg 0, Pen 2

Ripper Swarms: SP5; CO+0; TO3; AR3; Psycho/Mindless. Melee only.

Zoanthropes: SP5; CO+1; TO4; NE5; AR 2. Melee Claws: Dmg 0, Pen 0. Warp Blast: Count as a grenade of 2" that does not scatter. R24, Dmg: 2, Pen: 2.

Infested Marine 1: SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2; Plasma Gun.

Infested Marine 2: SP5; CO+1; TO3; NE2; AR2; Fleshborer Cannon (Treat as a R12, S1 Pistol)


Bolt Pistol (R12, S1, Pistol)

Boltgun (R24, S1, Rapid)

Storm Bolter (R24, S2, Assault)

Heavy Bolter (R36, S3, D1, P1, Heavy)

Flamer (Template, S1, Assault, Terror)

Heavy Flamer (Template, S1, D1, P1, Assault)

Meltagun (R12, S1, D3, P3, Assault)

Multi-Melta (R24, S2, D3, P3, Heavy)

Plasma Gun (R24, S1, D2, P2, Rapid Fire) - Explodes on ammo fault, hitting everyone (including firer) within 3" with a D2, P2 hit. Unusable for the rest of the battle.

Grav-Gun (R18, S1, D1, P2, Rapid Fire) - Targets of size 2+ suffer an additional hit.

Volkite Charger (R20, S2, Heavy) Every time a 6 is rolled for a hit, add a bonus hit (cumulative).

Exitus Rifle (R18. SH 1 DMG 2 PEN 2, Heavy, Precise.)

Chainsword (Melee)

Vortex Grenade (thrown) Anything covered by the template is automatically destroyed, and anything touched by it is destroyed unless it rolls 4+ on 1d6. This includes vehicles, terrain, etc. No armor save is possible at all. The vortex blocks sight and cannot be fired through. At the beginning of each turn, roll 1d6. 1-2: the vortex disappears, 3-4: the vortex remains in play, 5-6: the vortex moves d10 in a random direction determined by the point of the die.

Special Equipment:

Rod of Office: Re-Roll 1's on hit rolls within 9".

Special Rules:

Miracle Dice: At the beginning of each turn, roll a new miracle die and add it to your pile. Discard a die from the pile at any point to replace any other rolled 

Weapon Firing Modes: adapting the rules from 40k 3rd ed (my trusty Oldhammer 40k book), I am using the original templates, firing modes and shot numbers, then applying penetration and damage rules as needed to adapt to 5K.

Ammo Faults: if an ammo fault happens, it costs one non-combat action to clear it, which automatically succeeds. This counts as moving (for heavy weapons, etc.)


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