Alone Among The Derelicts (Day 2)

Just another day stripping the bones of derelict starships on the outskirts of the Lost Republic. Maybe this time, we can make some money.

    I got a chance to play a couple of rounds of B. Everett Dutton's hack of Alone Among The Stars this past week while I was on vacation. Record of play for Day 2 is below.

Ellen Schwarzschild, company log #388. Derelict: Terran Military Vessel Blavatsky. Two blips.

    This ship is pretty crunched up. It still has its only escape pod, but the thing's been stripped for parts. Escape pod bay is the main way in, totally vented to space. Nothing of value left here. Most of the ship is trashed beyond repair. Hoping I'll find something of value ahead, but there aren't many accessible places on this ship to search.

    Crossed the corridor to the Commons. Everything beyond the Commons is thrashed and inaccessible. Whatever happened here, it was bad, really bad. Nothing of value left here either, and not enough left of the ship to explore. 

This derelict was a bust. I'm calling it a day.

AutoNav gave me a prompt to think about: Do you think there's intelligent life out there?

Life? Sure, certainly, but the intelligent part? I can't really say. I've certainly seen life in these derelicts, life that wants to eat me, but out there, somewhere, in the nebulous depths of space? Maybe. I hope so. I hope there's good life, kind life, helpful life. I hope intelligent life like that finds us, finds me, lifts us up and makes things just a little easier all around.

Currently, I've got enough credits to live for another three days. Here's hoping that tomorrow tips the balance in my favor.

This is Ellen Schwarzchild, captain of the LaVerna Class Ol' Rusty, signing off.



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