Mass Effect: IC-342 (Ironsworn: Starforged) Session 10

    The instant we get between Neoma A and its moon, local control hails us, and the greeting is just about exactly what I’m expecting.

    “Cerberus vessel, transmit identity, flightplan and complete cargo manifest.”

    I know better than to argue or try to be evasive. Instead, I give them everything they ask for, transmit it in a single data packet, then tab the mic to add a personal touch.

    “We’re hurt bad, Neoma Control. We’re hoping to make a layover in Wayward Wellspring for a hot meal and ship repairs. I have Doctor Emery Fuchida aboard, here to see family and friends.

Move: Compel: Convince Neoma Control To Let Us Sojourn
Roll: 2 (heart) + 3 (roll) [5] vs. 1 & 10 Challenge Dice (Weak Hit.)
Demand / Complication.

    “Confirmed, Cerberus Vessel,” Tower radios back. “Don’t expect a warm welcome from anyone down here. You’ll be expected to pay for services just like anyone else. We don’t honor Cerberus requisition forms down here.”

    “Understood,” I keep my tone level, kind. “Thank you.”

    Instead of a response, I get a set of coordinates. A landing site, on the outskirts of Wayward Wellspring. 

    Move: Set A Course: (To The Landing Site)
    Roll: 5 (Supply) + 5 (10) vs. 10 & 10 Challenge Dice. (Miss & Match)
    Pay The Price: Waylaid by significant threat. Vehicle damage.

    Mark Progress on Expedition (2 boxes [now 8])

    Move: Withstand Damage: -1 to Ulysses Health (now 2)
    Roll to resist: Integrity (2) + 4 (6) vs 7 & 3 (Weak hit)
    -1 momentum (now 2) to cancel loss (Ulysses Health = 3 now)
    Complication: Key Location Unaccessible.

    And that’s when the surface-based rail cannons start to fire.

    Yanking back on the stick and firing thrusters to shove us back into the sky, I let out a blue streak of words harsh enough to curl the toes of a krogan. I hear one of the rail cannon rounds as it shears across the hull, and it’s all I can do to get us back into high orbit and out of reach of the cannons. Gritting my teeth, I push through holographic displays, engage the drive and put us on a hard burn back to Anchor Drop.

    “I don’t think your friends want to see us, Doc,” I shout over my shoulder, looking back only long enough to see Fuchida staring wide-eyed back at me. “Those are planetary defense turrets. They tried to lure us in, line up the shot. If we’d been in a bigger ship, something without the same stealth mods, we’d be running for the escape pods right now.”

    “Most unexpected,” Doctor Fuchida says, crossing to stand just behind me, his eyes crawling all over the displays, desperate for information. “Didn’t expect that giving up Cerberus allegiance meant giving up morals and principles.”

    Shaking my head, I try to hail Wayward Wellspring again, but all I get is the thunder and rattle of another shot. There’s nothing to do but limp our way back to Anchor Drop, hope that something doesn’t come up to keep me from getting the Ulysses patched up.

    Move: Endure Stress: Spirit (-1) (now 1).
    Roll to resist: 2 (Heart) + 1 (Roll) (3) vs 2 & 6 (Weak Hit)
    -1 momentum (now 1) to cancel loss (now 2)

    Move: Reach a Milestone - Vow (+2 boxes on track [8 of 10] )
    Mark Progress on Expedition (2 boxes [now 10])

    Move: Finish an expedition
    Compare 10 to 4 & 7 (Strong Hit)
    Mark discoveries legacy track (2 ticks - now 1 box)

    Move: Develop Relationship (with Doctor Emery Fuchida.)
    Mark two boxes on the progress track. (6 of 10)

    Move: Set A Course: (To Anchor Drop Station)
    Roll: 5 (Supply) + 5 (10) vs. 5 & 8 Challenge Dice. (Strong Hit)
    Arrive safely, favorable situation, +1 Momentum (now 2).


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