Getting Back Into Battletech


So there you are, sitting back in your plastic lawn chair on some backwater periphery world, enjoying a beer, when these guys show up. They start talking about the HPG network, the communications relays that link the stars together, and they start going on about some guy named Jerome Blake. Then they get to the good part- Apparently, your phone bill is due, and these guys are here to collect. Don't worry, they say, they offer local plans (demolisher tanks) and long distance plans (artillery.) 
What's your next move?

This was my big project for this last week. I'm in the process of building a full Level III (Battalion) as an interchangeably ComStar / Word of Blake force. In total, It'll probably end up being more like a pair of Level IIIs, with everything I've got planned, but I don't think I have it in me to go for a full Level IV (Division.) Celestials, LAMs and a full Level II composed entirely of Toyamas are on the painting bench waiting to be activated in the name of The Master.

This Level III is led by Demi-Precentor Vala Vanagand, a shadowy figure cloaked in mystery, but most of the local operations for this unit are coordinated by Adept Julius Vespasian from the cockpit of his Black Knight in the Level II that is primarily built for brawling / assault roles. Both Vespasian and Vanagand are suspected of being members of the Word of Blake, but they won't be outed for it until the Jihad.

Supporting the Brawling Level II are a mixed arms scout / artillery Level II which mixes fast units with Arrow IV carrying mechs. Armor assets are grouped into two demi-company units, one being composed entirely of classic Demolisher Tanks while the other is composed entirely of Demolishers that have been upgraded with three turret-mounted, 30-point racks of Medium Range Missiles. The MRM variant is canon, but I couldn't find a model for it anywhere, so I actually created the missile turret in CAD just so I could have these guys in my Level III.

Anyway, so as you can probably tell, I've been getting back into Battletech pretty heavy again. As such, I'm getting things set up again and already breaking out the notes I had from my campaign in March of last year. As time permits, I'm excited to tell more of the unfolding story of The Ferox Rangers in the Jihad.


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