"Thud" and CRUX


Alex, Star and I were excited to find these beauties in the mail today! I won a contest with Ill Gotten Games, and got some amazing gems as prizes! 
The miniature is a TitanCraft miniature I put together, which DutchMogul painted and based before sending it out to me. Also in the post, I got a physical copy of Mirror Walkers CRUX campaign, which I'm excited to dig into as well! 

Here's the bio for the miniature: 

Name: Ellora "Thud" Feliyania 
Role: Elf Barbarian 
Stats: BUL: 2, VIT: 4, PRE: 5, APT: 1, HP: 14, SPD: 6 
Abilities: Tough + Piecemeal armor + Beam Rifle 
Background: Born among her own kind, Ellora was always seen as different. Instead of mastering a bow like her kin, she mastered the sword, but it wasn't until she started traveling to other worlds that she pulled her first beam rifle off a fallen enemy and earned her thoroughly inelegant (and un-elven) nickname of "Thud."



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