A Citroën For Moebius

Whenever I think of the art of Jean "Moebius" Giraud, I think of this car. A simple yet stylish silver 1938 Citroën Traction Avant.

Recently, as I was flipping through my thoroughly worn, 30 year old copy of "Upon A Star" I decided that if I am ever fortunate enough to be able to run or play in a game of "Ultraviolet Grasslands" I'd love to frame the game like the road trip scene with Stel and Atan that features this car. Imagine, if you will, two or three friends crash land in the UVG and the only vehicle they have to navigate the world is this old Citroën. Handwave the fuel costs with magic-level technology and you have the foundation for the ultimate weird and fun psychedelic fantasy road trip from the Violet City to the Black City, hitting every interesting point in between.

Well, I thought, at the very least, I can make the car, and so I did. 11 hours on my Ender 3, three hours of painting and a lifetime of sentimental memories and childhood nostalgia. Kudos to my wife, who freehanded the license plate. The file, for those who want to print their own, can be found on Thingiverse (Thing:4671671)


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