“We don’t really believe that you are just an oracle,” Coda-2 said. She glanced back at her two male bodies as they clustered together conspiratorially. “We know that you are a blue god.”

The grin that spread across the Blue Oracle’s face was wide and sharp. “You believe I am a god? Truly?”

The polybody pilgrim nodded in unison. Charred-Hand and Past-Tense looked at each other, uncertain and wary. A spark formed in the Blue Oracle’s hand, and as she extended it, a golden scepter formed in her palm, its capstone flashing with brilliant light.

“Allow me to prove you wrong then, with magic,” she said. “Everyone appears as a god when they inhabit their own truest realm. Everyone becomes but a dream when they tread beyond that. My spells are all merely the dreams of mortals, but their use was entwined with the fall of the Azure Age. They are relics and they are answers, but they are also always only dreams.”


An Imposing Doppleganger For Even The Smallest Man
Power: 3 - Range: Touch - Target: Self - Duration: 1 Hour

Close your eyes, breathe the three word chant and go within. The spirit is the source of the projection. Raise it, inflate it with breath, then push it out beyond the skin. Which is the true you? The biggest or the smallest? Only you can say, at least until the spell ends. While it persists, the embiggened projection is twice your size. It is an echo of you, but can move bigger things and generally exert more force on the world. It can also take more damage and may be more imposing to those who have to face it (or cross it.)

Overcharged: Double the size, force application and imposing nature of the projection.

Overcharged Again: Double the above again. May be overcharged up to five times, with the doubling taking effect each time.


Drawing Out The Gods Within The Land
Power: 2 - Range: Touch - Target: The Land - Duration: 1 Hour

Shamans of the Colorwash know the true nature of gods and the land. Ask one, and they will tell you that every stone, every pond and every crumbling edifice has a little god that watches over it. Some of these land spirits are simple and quiet. Some are grumpy. Some are mischievous or deadly. The gods of places are the oldest, and with the right spell, one can draw them out of the land and speak with them to learn secrets that have been buried in the soil since the beginning of time. There is a saying: if these walls could talk, what stories they would tell. The truth is, they can talk, and they do have stories to tell. Some such gods might even join you or aid you later, if you can convince them that you’re worth it.


Restoring Facets To Resonant Forms
Power: 2 - Range: Touch - Target: Touched - Duration: Fifteen Minutes

Steel has a crystalline structure. All metal does. When they are marred by great heat or by various ancient-tech rays, they can become less resonant, and therefore less effective. Think of the hide of a golem, cut or peeled away by fire. Recrystallization returns resonance and strength to the form, effectively healing the golem. Works on all metals, metal structures, metal vehicles, etc., effectively “healing” them back to beautiful resonance. It can also be used to restore other crystalline forms, like damaged data crystals, lift crystals and crystalline discs from other, forgotten ages.

Just don’t use it on a living being. Flesh has a resonance all its own. All you will do with this spell is disrupt that resonance and institute a horrific new state of resonance in the unfortunate fleshy target. You really don’t want to see what this spell does to living tissue. No, seriously. Don’t do it.

Overcharged: You recrystallize an additional target for each level of Overcharge. It may be overcharged up to five times.


"Past-Tense", a golem from the Azure Age.

"Charred-Hand" a perfectly ordinary and unassuming wastelander

The Blue Oracle, Dreamer of Dreams

Coda-1, Coda-2 and Coda-3, a bluelander polybody pilgrim, allegedly.


My goal with REDIRECTIONS is to add my own contribution to the Psychedelic / Heavy Metal / Ligne Claire art RPG space.  Much in the way that people inspired by Tolkien’s style helped give birth to the modern genre of High Fantasy, the style of Jean “Moebius” Giraud (and others like him) seems to be spawning a sort of genre of its own right now, and I want to expose more people to the wonders of it. I want to share it. I want to be a part of it. Most of all, I want it to grow.

    REDIRECTIONS is a collection of wondrous places and resources presented in story format (as a game in play, specifically traversing the universe of UVG (Ultraviolet Grasslands) but it is also kept more general for your own RPG characters to visit and explore regardless of the system you use. Each place is unique and wholly original, with a bevy of interesting stories, plot hooks and characters to color your experience. If you like these posts and find them useful, let me know! All art is generated on Stable Diffusion or Wombo because I can’t draw anything better than stick figures, so consider them homages to the genre and pretty pictures, but nothing more. This is a series, and each entry is numbered. If you like things like this, please support the true artists whose works are part of the genre, such as the works of Moebius, Luka Rejec's Ultraviolet Grasslands, Luke Gearing's Acid Death Fantasy and Raw Fury's game SABLE.


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