AI Dungeon (Session 2)

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So, for my second dive into AI Dungeon, I decided to do what I usually do. I dove right into the deep end. I set up a custom scenario based off of my UVG "Redirections" campaign thing I've been doing on here. I gave the AI some basic information, set it to "mature" settings (takes all the safety limiters off) and jumped right in. Strangely enough, setting it to mature switched the engine to something called Griffin that is slower, simpler and doesn't seem to use any credits. It's totally free! Yay! 

After playing, it seems like the system was constantly trying to prompt me with potential adventure hooks without trying to railroad me. It does, however, indulge me with improbable results when I act like a jackass (or rather, in-character,) which is kind of hilarious. It's about like playing a drunken, procedurally-generated version of Zork. It's like those college games where you're playing one-on-one with a Referee or Dungeon Master and you're both blasted and exhausted and it's three in the morning and you're both laughing because you're rolling dice to see how far into a lake your character can backflip until she drowns. Sometimes the AI referee forgets where you are and what you're carrying and who has what identifying features, but it blunders along trying to give you a good time anyway.

While I can easily say that this AI isn't going to replace my soloing structure (powered by dice and tables) I can also say honestly that I had fun. It was a nice diversion, and since this is a breakout technology, this is as bad as it's going to get. I'm excited to see where the technology goes in the coming months and years. I'll definitely be posting about it here as I explore.

So anyway, here's a bit of my first adventure, wherein I play as Ilod Kvelak (pictured above) the redfolk leader of a caravan in the Ultraviolet Grasslands.


I am a caravan leader named Ilod Kvelak. I am traveling through the Ultraviolet Grasslands, a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape. I am leading my caravan toward our first town and I have many goods to trade.

The Ultraviolet Grasslands stretch endlessly before Ilod and his caravan, a strange and otherworldly landscape that defies all reason. The sky above is an eerie shade of purple, and the grass beneath their feet glows with a faint luminescence. In the distance, Ilod can see the outline of a town, the first stop on his journey.

Me: What is the name of the town?

The name of the town is Dustgate, a small settlement that is known for being a hub of trade in the Ultraviolet Grasslands. As Ilod and his caravan draw nearer, they can see the dusty walls that surround the town, and the gate that stands open, welcoming travelers and traders alike. The people of Dustgate are friendly enough, but they are always wary of newcomers.

Me: What goods do I have to trade in Dustgate? 

Ilod Kvelak has a diverse range of goods to trade with the people of Dustgate. He has exotic spices, precious gems, rare metals, and textiles from far-off lands. He also has weapons and armor made by master craftsmen, as well as books and manuscripts that contain ancient knowledge and secrets.

 As Ilod and his caravan enter Dustgate, they are greeted by the bustling activity of the town's market. The air is filled with the sounds of merchants haggling over prices and customers bartering for the best deals. Ilod sets up his trading post, and soon his goods attract the attention of many curious buyers.

One particular customer catches Ilod's eye.

Me: why does the customer catch my eye? 

The customer catches Ilod's eye because they are dressed in a long, flowing cloak that seems out of place in the arid landscape of the Ultraviolet Grasslands. The cloak is made of a shimmering material that seems to change color depending on the angle of the light, and it is adorned with intricate symbols that Ilod does not recognize.

Me: I say "Hello fair traveler! The weather today is as fine as the fabric of your cloak. Can I interest you in any of my fine selection of vampire wines? Perhaps you'd like a crystal disc full of the finest oldtech spells? My wares are reasonably priced, I can assure you of that!" 

The customer turns to Ilod with a slight smile on their face. "Your wares are indeed intriguing," they say in a smooth voice. "But I am not here to purchase. I am here to offer you a proposition." The customer gestures for Ilod to step closer, and speaks in a low voice so as not to be overheard.

Me: I  say "I've learned to be wary of anyone but redfolk, but I'll listen." 

The customer nods in understanding and continues speaking in a hushed tone. "I represent a group of individuals who are seeking a rare artifact that is said to be hidden somewhere in the Ultraviolet Grasslands. We believe that you may have knowledge of its whereabouts, and we are willing to offer you a substantial reward for your assistance in locating it."

Me: I say "Well now, a rare artifact in the UVG? Ha! Water is rare enough. Food too. What are you looking for and why in the name of the Bluelands would you believe that I'm your man to point you to it?" 

The customer leans in closer and speaks in an even lower voice.

Me: I say "Yes? Go on" 

"We seek a device that can harness the power of the sun," the customer says.

Me: I say "Like a lens? Or something more mystical?" 

The customer shakes their head. "No, not a lens or something like that. We require a device that can focus the power of the sun directly onto a target." Ilod furrows his brow in confusion.

Me: I say "To what end?" 

The customer leans even closer and whispers, "We require a device that can harness the power of the sun in order to activate a dormant weapon of mass destruction that was buried deep beneath the Ultraviolet Grasslands."

Me: I say "Well, in my experience, such things should be left buried and forgotten, friend. Why don't you take one of my vampire wines instead? This one's a fine vintage. Here, it's on the house." 

The customer shakes their head again. "I'm afraid we cannot afford to be distracted by such trifles," they say. "We must find this device before it falls into the wrong hands."

Me: I say "And what makes your hands the right hands?" 

The customer's eyes narrow in suspicion. "You may be new to the Ultraviolet Grasslands, but I assure you that there are many individuals who would seek to use this device for their own gain."

Me: I say "Kid, I've been running a caravan through the UVG and along the roads by the Circle Sea for nigh on ten years now. I've seen a lot of people who claimed that their hands were the right ones to wield weapons of mass destruction, and I've met a lot of people who were wrong about that. The Bluelanders had their lost god, but it didn't do anyone no good and now look at what has happened to their home. Poof! Gone! And the plague as well. Then there are the Redfolk and their idea of what is right, which is different from what the Vintner Lords think is right. What makes you think your cause is the right one? Why should I help you and not someone else? You can't tell me you have nothing to gain from possessing something like this weapon you crave." 

The customer's face darkens with anger at your words. "My cause is the right one because it is the cause of justice and freedom for all," they say firmly.

Me: I say "Justice for whom? Justice against what? Freedom for all? Ha! I've heard that one before. Who are you going to be excluding from your particular brand of freedom for all? Redlanders? Bluefolk? How about the people from the Emerald City or Safranj? I bet you've got no love for the Lime Nomads, do you?" 

The customer's face is now flushed with anger. "I do not exclude anyone from my cause of justice and freedom for all," they say through gritted teeth.

Me: I say "That's rich. You do not exclude anyone from justice? Get lost, before I call in the authorities, you madman" 

The customer stands up from their seat, their cloak billowing behind them as they do so. "I am not here to argue with you, traveler," they say in a low voice.

Me: I say "Good! I'm not here to argue either. Now buy something or leave." 

The customer eyes you for a moment before turning and walking away, their cloak trailing behind them as they go. Ilod watches them go, his eyes following the figure's movements.

Me: I go back to trying to sell my wares to people who are actually interested in buying them. 

As you continue to hawk your wares, you notice a group of travelers approaching you. They seem to be in a hurry and have a large backpack slung over their shoulder.

Me: You what do they look like? What land are they from? Are they redfolk, bluelanders, greenfolk, yellowfolk, lime nomads or something else? 

The travelers look like they are from the Emerald City, their clothes and attire indicating that they are probably from the wealthy class. They also carry a large backpack, which you can see is stuffed with supplies and gear.

Me: I say "Well met young Greenfolk! You look parched! The roads are dusty! Can I interest you in some vampire wines? Only five euros a bottle!" 

The travelers exchange a quick glance with one another before nodding in agreement. "Yes, we are on a mission to deliver supplies to a remote settlement in the Emerald City," one of them says.

Me: I say "Which is it, kid? A remote settlement or the Emerald City? The Emerald City is a metropolis." 

The travelers exchange a confused look before one of them speaks up. "We are actually heading to the Emerald City, but our mission is to deliver supplies to a settlement in the Ultraviolet Grasslands," they say.

Me: I say "Fair enough. So how many bottles of wine can I put you down for? A dozen? It's quite the journey." 

The travelers nod in agreement and hand over a small pouch of coins. "We'll take six bottles," one of them says. "And thank you for your hospitality, traveler."

Me: I sell them the six bottles of vampire wine and bid them well on their journey. 

As the travelers depart, you can hear their footsteps echoing off the walls of the nearby inn. The sound of your sales pitch is quickly replaced by the sound of clinking coins in your pocket.

Me: Are there any other customers I can sell my fine wares to? 

You scan the room, looking for any other potential customers. You notice a group of travelers huddled in a corner, deep in conversation. They seem to be discussing something important, their voices low and hushed.

Me: I'm going to be nosy and try to listen in on their conversation without being noticed by them. 

You approach the group of travelers, trying to listen in on their conversation without being noticed. As you get closer, you can make out a few words. "We need to be careful," one of them is saying.

"There are rumors of bandits on the road ahead."

You realize that this could be an opportunity to sell them some of your wares. "Well, I can tell you that I have some excellent vampire wines."

Me: I'm not going to try to sell them anything. I'm going to see if there's anyone else I might be able to sell to. 

You decide to try and see if there are any other customers you can sell your wares to. You begin to wander around the inn, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling crowd.

Me: Do I spot any rich looking marks I can sell my wines to at an inflated price? 

You scan the room, looking for any rich-looking marks you can sell your wines to at an inflated price. After a few moments of observation, you spot a group of wealthy travelers sitting at a table in the corner.

Me: I approach the wealthy travelers and make small talk, complimenting them on their clothes and buttering them up for the sale. 

You approach the wealthy travelers and make small talk, complimenting them on their clothes and buttering them up for the sale. They seem receptive to your sales pitch and offer you a higher price for your wines.

Me: I try to sell them my entire stock. Do they buy? 

You make a show of desperation, throwing in everything you have for the sale. The wealthy travelers seem impressed by your offering and agree to buy everything you have for a high price.

 As they pay you, you can feel the weight of the coins in your pocket and the satisfaction of a successful sale.

Me: I'm going to go find a good room, take a long perfumed bath and drink cheap wine until I pass out. 

You decide to head to a nearby tavern to drink cheap wine and drown your sorrows. The room is dimly lit and the patrons are boisterous, but you feel content and at ease.

As you pour yourself another glass, you notice a group of travelers enter the tavern. They seem to be in a hurry and are carrying a large backpack.

One of them approaches your table and asks if you have seen a man with a scar on his face.

Me: I say "I've seen many such men! What makes the one you're looking for so special?" 

The traveler with the scar on his face responds, "He is a notorious criminal who has been causing trouble in the Emerald City. We need to find him before he causes any more trouble."

Me: I say "Does he look like you? Because you have a scar on your face too. Maybe you're a notorious criminal. I'm an honest businessman. Maybe I shouldn't be seen talking to someone like you." 

The traveler with the scar on his face chuckles.

"I'm afraid you misunderstand me, sir. We are not looking for trouble. We are on a mission to apprehend this criminal and bring him to justice." He finishes his drink and stands up, ready to leave.

Me: I say "What has he done? What are the charges against him?" 

The traveler with the scar on his face hesitates for a moment before answering,

"He is a notorious thief who has stolen from many important figures in the Emerald City. The charges against him are multiple counts of theft and fraud."

Me: I say "Maybe I know some of the people your criminal has stolen from. If they're important figures in Emerald City, I'm sure they can afford to lost a few euros here and there." 

The traveler with the scar on his face looks at you skeptically. "Are you implying that we should help him steal from these people?" he asks.

Me: I say "Well, if the shoe fits, my friend, maybe you should lace it up and wear it." 

The traveler with the scar on his face narrows his eyes at your comment. "I'm afraid that is not a productive attitude, sir," he says firmly.

Me: I say "The coin in my pocket says otherwise. My attitude is always productive." 

The traveler with the scar on his face shakes his head. "I'm sorry, sir. We cannot help you find this criminal. We have other matters to attend to."

Me: I say "Go about it then. Enjoy your night. If I see your criminal, I'll let him know you're looking for him." 

The traveler with the scar on his face nods and leaves the tavern, leaving you to finish your drink and ponder your next move.

Me: I'm going to take several bottles of wine up to my room and drink in the bathtub until I pass out. 

You finish your drink and decide to take several bottles of wine up to your room. As you enter the dimly lit bathroom, you strip down to your underwear and slip into the tub. The warm water feels soothing against your skin as you take a swig of wine from each bottle. The room is now filled with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of the wine. You continue to drink until your head swims and your body aches with exhaustion. Finally, you pass out in the tub, your body weight causing the water to slosh and splash around you. When you wake up, you find yourself still in the tub, covered in a layer of sweat and smelling like wine. You climb out of the tub and dry yourself off, feeling refreshed and content.

Me: I'm going to go looking for some new cheap local goods I can buy and sell at the next town for an inflated price. 

After drying off, you gather your belongings and head out of the tavern. You walk through the crowded streets, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. You see vendors selling fresh produce, exotic spices, and trinkets from all over the world. You make your way to a nearby market and begin to haggle with the vendors. You offer them a higher price for their goods, knowing that you can sell them for a higher price in the Emerald City. After some negotiating, you strike a deal and begin to barter with the vendors. As you barter, you notice a group of soldiers patrolling the area. They seem to be on high alert and keep a close eye on the vendors.

Me: I'm going to hurry and finish my bartering, pack up my caravan and get out of town as quick as possible. 

You finish your bartering and quickly wrap up your business with the vendors. You gather your belongings and make your way out of town, hoping to catch a ride to the nearest town.

 As you walk through the streets, you notice a group of bandits lurking in the shadows. They seem to be eyeing you suspiciously. You quicken your pace, hoping to outrun them. As you run, you hear the sound of hooves behind you. You turn to see a group of bandits riding towards you on horseback. They shout at you to stop, but you ignore them and continue running.

Me: do I have anything I can throw at them? 

As you run, you quickly search your pockets and find a small stone you picked up on the way. You hold it tightly in your hand, ready to use it if necessary.

Me: I throw the stone at the lead bandit. 

You hurl the stone towards the bandit, hoping to slow them down. The stone hits their horse, causing it to stumble and throw its rider off balance.

Me: I keep running and get back to my caravan as quick as possible so I can leave the town. 

You continue to run, dodging the bandits as they chase after you. You finally reach your caravan and quickly pack up your belongings. You mount your horse and ride out of town, grateful for the escape.

Me: I make my way deeper into the Ultraviolet Grasslands. What is the next town on my journey? 

You ride your horse through the Ultraviolet Grasslands, the lush green grass beneath you and the sky above you a deep shade of blue. As you ride, you notice the sun beginning to set, casting a warm orange glow over the landscape. You continue on, the sound of your horse's hooves echoing through the grasslands.

Me: I find somewhere to camp. 

You finally spot a small clearing in the grasslands, surrounded by tall trees and a small stream running nearby. You dismount your horse and lead it towards the clearing, where you can make camp for the night. You find a nice spot to set up your tent and begin to prepare for the next day's journey. As you prepare your camp, you hear the sound of hooves approaching.

Me: I pull out some of my goods and prepare to enthusiastically greet anyone who might be coming. 

You quickly gather your goods and prepare to greet anyone who might be approaching. You step out of your tent and see a group of travelers approaching, led by a tall man with a scar across his cheek.

Me: is it the same guy with the scar on his cheek that I was talking to earlier? 

You quickly scan the group of travelers, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man with the scar on his cheek. You recognize him as the traveler you spoke with earlier in the tavern.

Me: I say "Well, twice in one day. What are the chances? I don't have anymore wine to sell, but maybe I can interest you in a doll? I have several, and they soak up tears very well." 

You approach the group of travelers, greeting them warmly. "Well, twice in one day. What are the chances?" you say with a smile. "I don't have anymore wine to sell, but maybe I can interest you in a doll? I have several, and they soak up tears very well."

You hold up a small doll, hoping to entice them to buy it.

The tall man with the scar on his cheek steps forward, eyeing the doll with interest. "What's the catch?" he asks.

Me: I say "The only catch is the price tag. I won't take less than 100 euros for it." 

"The only catch is the price tag. I won't take less than 100 euros for it," you reply, holding up the doll with a price tag of 100 euros. "It's a rare and beautiful doll, and I'm sure it will make a great addition to your collection."

The man nods thoughtfully, considering your offer. "I'll take it," he says finally.

Me: I make the trade and take the money. 

You quickly make the trade and take the money, handing over the doll and receiving the 100 euros in exchange.

You thank the man and bid him farewell, continuing on your journey through the Ultraviolet Grasslands. The sun sets behind you as you ride on, the sound of hooves echoing through the grasslands.

You feel satisfied with your bartering skills and the trade you made with the traveler.


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