AI Dungeon: Session 3 (Fiomar: Tereza)

 For my third session with AI Dungeon, I decided to try something new. I loaded up one of the "Timeless Classics" (Worlds?), made a character and proceeded to play. This time around, I decided to give it a real honest go, to play as much as I can to the AI referee's strengths. When people show up in the story that present the potential to set me on a quest, I'll be the helpful hero, offering to risk life and limb just for the sake of adventure. Lead me to excitement, oh mighty AI overlord!

Well, it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. The adventure hooks were pretty much just that, hooks, with nothing really much behind them. I feel like if I hadn't directed the AI elsewhere, it would have just kept me gathering allies until I had a nation of would-be heroes following me toward some unknowable goal. As an exercise in exploring one's own imagination with a permissive guide, the system as it stands is fine, but the lack of real, substantial guardrails (in the form of quantifiable statistics, check rolls or gentle railroading) creates an experience that is far too soft and easy for my tastes. I was genuinely shocked and excited when (see transcript below) the arrow I fired at one of the Winter Queen's Ice Giants actually bounced off and had no effect. Of course, this was completely negated when I later went full Rockerboy and stirred up the oppressed townsfolk to riot and pillory the Ice Queen. Fun and giggle-inducing, certainly, but not exciting. With the current iteration of AI dungeon, it doesn't feel like there's any real challenge, just interesting scenarios I can make a mess of. As I stated before, the potential is definitely there, and I'm excited to see where further development takes this system.

The in-built AI art feature was fun as well. This is what the AI generated as a visual of my character. What a cute kitty!

As a side note, when does something like this become a video game? I suppose as soon as the pen and paper are taken out of the equation, judging from Zork and other text-based games. Am I really a TTRPG player if I set aside the dice and the paper in favor of Perchance oracles, AI generated art and ChatGPT solo support, or is this just video games with extra steps? Maybe it's something new. I'm not sure, but I'll continue to explore whatever is out there simply out of a spirit of adventure.

Transcript of my third session is below:

Fiomar is an ancient world of myth and magic. The world has been locked in eternal winter since the arrival of the wicked fey called the Snow Queen and her army of Ice Giants. The few survivors hide in scattered villages, beset by the raiding parties of the Snow Queen's minions.

You are Tereza, a female Moon Elf in Fiomar. You have come to Fyria in search of allies to fight against the Snow Queen and her army of Ice Giants. As you approach the city, you can see the magnificent palace in the distance, with its towers and spires standing tall amid the lush tropical surroundings. You approach the palace and knock on the door, hoping that someone will hear your pleas for help. After a few moments, the door opens and a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair and a regal demeanor greets you. She introduces herself as the Summer Queen and offers to hear your request.

Me: I say, "How may I serve you, my queen?" 

The Summer Queen smiles warmly at you and says, "I have heard of your plight, Tereza. I will do what I can to help you fight against the forces of the Snow Queen." She then leads you to a small room where you can rest and recover before continuing your journey to find allies.

Me: I rest, then set out. 

You rest in the Summer Queen's small room, feeling grateful for her kindness. As you sit there, you reflect on your mission to find allies to fight against the Snow Queen and her army of Ice Giants.

Me: I'm ready to continue my journey. 

The Summer Queen nods and bids you farewell, wishing you luck on your journey. You leave the palace and set out into the lush forest surrounding it, your senses alert for any signs of danger. As you walk, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the gentle breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees. You can hear the chirping of birds and the distant sound of water flowing. The Summer Queen's words echo in your mind as you continue your journey: "I will do what I can to help you fight against the forces of the Snow Queen. But be warned, Tereza, the journey ahead will not be easy. The forces of Winter are not to be underestimated. May the gods be with you on your quest. May they guide you to victory.

Me: I continue on my quest. 

As you continue on your journey, you come across a group of travelers who are also on a quest to find allies against the Snow Queen. They welcome you warmly and offer you shelter for the night.

Me: I say "Hail travelers! Well met. Where are you bound?" 

The travelers introduce themselves as a group of knights from the Kingdom of Faerie. They explain that they are on a mission to find allies to fight against the forces of the Snow Queen and her minions.

Me: I say "We should work together. I will travel with you." 

The knights nod in agreement and welcome you to join their group. Together, you set out on your quest to find allies against the forces of the Snow Queen. As you travel, you can feel the weight of the quest on your shoulders, but also the camaraderie of the knights. They offer you words of encouragement and support as you face the challenges ahead. You can see the exhaustion in their eyes, but also the passion and dedication that fuels their quest. As you continue on your journey, you come across a group of rangers from the Kingdom of Faerie. They greet you warmly and offer to accompany you on your quest. They explain that they have been tracking a group of Ice Giants who have been terrorizing the nearby villages. They suggest that you and the knights join forces to eliminate the threat.

Me: I join forces with them to hunt down the Ice Giants. 

Together, you and the knights and rangers set out to track down the Ice Giants. You follow their trail through the frozen forest, using your knowledge of the flora and fauna to help you navigate. As you move closer to the source of the Ice Giants' presence, you can hear their booming laughter and the clanging of their weapons. Finally, you come across a cave hidden in the side of a mountain. Inside, you find the Ice Giants reveling in their victory over the unsuspecting villagers. They are heavily armed and armored, and you can see the fear in the eyes of the rangers as they fight for their lives.

Me: I attack the closest Ice Giant! 

With a battle cry, you charge towards the nearest Ice Giant, your bow at the ready. You fire an arrow at the creature, but it bounces off harmlessly.

Me: I look for a weak spot in the giant's armor. 

As you aim your arrow at the Ice Giant, you notice a small opening in its armor. You take advantage of the opportunity and fire another arrow, hitting the creature square in the chest.

The Ice Giant stumbles back, gasping for air, and you take the opportunity to strike again. This time, you aim for its head, and the arrow pierces through its thick skull, killing it instantly.

Me: Are there any ice giants left?

 As you look around the cave, you can see that the Ice Giants are now all dead, their bodies frozen solid.

Me: I search the bodies of the dead ice giants for anything useful. 

You search the bodies of the dead Ice Giants, searching for any useful items or information. You find a few pieces of Ice Giant armor, which you wear to protect yourself from the cold.

You also find a map of the area, which may help you navigate through the dangerous terrain ahead.

Me: I check on my allies and bind their wounds if any of them are injured. 

You check on your allies and find that they have suffered some injuries during the battle. You quickly tend to their wounds, binding them up with makeshift bandages and ensuring that they are comfortable.

Me: Is there a town nearby?

 As you look around the cave, you notice a faint glow in the distance. You can see that it's coming from a nearby town, which may offer some medical assistance for your allies.

Me: I help my injured allies to the nearby town. 

You lead the injured allies towards the town, making your way through the dangerous terrain with caution.

As you approach the town, you can see that it is heavily guarded by the Snow Queen's minions. You take cover behind a nearby rock and wait for a break in the guards' patrol.

Me: I scout around the edge of the town to gather as much information about the enemy as I can. 

You carefully move around the edge of the town, keeping a low profile and avoiding detection. You observe the guards and the defenses around the town, taking note of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

You can see that the town is heavily fortified, with walls and barricades surrounding it. You also notice that there are several Snow Queen's minions stationed at key points around the town, keeping a close eye on their enemy.

 As you continue to observe, you hear the sound of footsteps approaching. You quickly hide behind a nearby building and peek out to see a group of Snow Queen's minions entering the town.

Me: I disguise myself as one of the Snow Queen's minions and enter the town with the group that is currently entering. 

You quickly change your appearance and blend in with the group of Snow Queen's minions who are now entering the town.

You wear the same armor and wield the same weapons, making you a formidable foe. You follow the group inside the town, keeping your guard up and ready for any surprises.

As you enter the town, you can see that it is bustling with activity. People are going about their daily business, but you can sense that there is tension in the air.

Me: I study the people to see if there are any indications of their allegiance. Are they willing subjects of the Ice Queen or are they an occupied people? 

You observe the people as you make your way through the town. You notice that they all seem to be in a hurry, rushing to and fro with purpose.

You also notice that they all have a certain look about them, a look of fear and uncertainty. Some of them seem to be carrying weapons, but others do not.

You can sense that they are not willingly following the orders of the Ice Queen. As you continue to study the town, you hear the sound of footsteps approaching.

You quickly hide behind a nearby building and peek out to see a group of Snow Queen's minions approaching. They are dressed in the same armor as the others, but their faces are grim.

Me: I start a riot against the Ice Queen's minions, stirring up the townsfolk to revolt and overthrow their oppressors. 

You start a riot against the Snow Queen's minions, causing chaos and destruction in the town. The people are caught off guard and quickly realize that they are being oppressed by the Ice Queen.

They start to rise up against their oppressors, and you lead the charge in their midst. You shout slogans and wave signs, stirring up the people to revolt against the Ice Queen and her minions.

The people are caught up in the moment, and they start to throw rocks and debris at the Snow Queen's minions.

Me: I keep stirring up the villagers. I'm going to lead them to the Ice Queen's castle, where we will riot and burn her tower down. 

As you keep stirring up the villagers, they begin to follow your lead. They are led to the Ice Queen's castle, where they start to riot and burn down her tower.

The guards stationed at the castle are caught off guard and quickly lose control of the situation. The people are freed from their oppression, and they begin to take back their town from the Ice Queen.

Me: I keep the riot going and we lock the Ice Queen up in a pillory and throw rotten fruit at her. 

You continue to lead the charge against the Ice Queen and her minions, using your knowledge of the town to cause chaos and destruction. You lock the Ice Queen in a pillory and throw rotten fruit at her, humiliating her in front of her subjects. The people continue to rise up against her, and soon the entire town is in revolt. The Ice Queen's minions are no match for the people's newfound strength, and they eventually flee the town, leaving behind their weapons and armor.

Me: I guide my people, the entire town, to lock the Ice Queen in a dungeon. I help them build up the town and elect a new leader. They may vote for me to be their new leader if they wish. 

With the Ice Queen's minions defeated, you guide your people to lock her in a dungeon. They work tirelessly to rebuild the town, building homes and businesses and electing a new leader to guide them in their new freedom. You remain at the forefront of the movement, helping to lead and inspire them towards a brighter future. As the people continue to prosper under your guidance, they begin to consider you as a potential leader. You can see the glimmer of hope in their eyes as they look to you for guidance and protection.

Me: I accept their nomination and take on a leadership role. I continually encourage my people to be a strong, proud people who will never be conquered again. 

You accept the nomination from your people and begin to lead them in a new direction. You encourage them to be a strong, proud people who will never be conquered again. You work tirelessly to build a better future for them, using your knowledge and experience to help them navigate the challenges that come with living in Fiomar. You continue to lead your people, pushing them to be the best they can be, and you see them grow stronger and more united under your guidance.


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