AI Dungeon: Session 4 (Ellie V And The Valkyries)


I couldn't stay away. I kept thinking about AI Dungeon. I kept thinking things like "what if I tweak this one thing?" or "what if I try this other thing?" and sure enough, I ended up back there for Session #4.

This time, I created a new scenario, which was a modified Cyberpunk scenario, and I dialed the maturity settings back enough that I could run the non-free version, which is based off of ChatGPT. I filled in some basic character details to define the kind of game I wanted to run (full on Cyberpunk 2020 Rockergirl. Hell yeah!) and then I tried to play to the strengths of the AI referee to see what kind of a game I could get out of it.

I actually really enjoyed this one. The ChatGPT AI Dungeon model creates a way more interesting experience than the Griffin model does, and rolling back the maturity settings to "safer" levels made no visible difference in the experience that I could see. I actually felt myself getting swept up into the narrative that the AI Referee was writing for me. It still felt way too "easy" without any of the guardrails of statistics, checks or contrary elements (I kept wondering if/when MaxTac was going to show up and disperse my riot) but at least it was fun enough that I plan on continuing this session again soon. I did run through about half my credits in one night using this model though (so we'll see how far that goes) but heck, if this is the current iteration of the technology, then I'm genuinely excited to see where it goes from here. We need statistics! We need checks! We need the AI Referee to push back and say "Are you sure you want to storm the corporate tower?" and when we say "Hell yeah!" we know we're in for a fight that will probably end with our character either in irons or dead. That's the kind of game I want. That's the kind of game I miss from my college days. High stakes, high challenge, all fire and excitement, because when you've got a great referee and you play like hell, and by some miracle you manage to scrape through by the skin of your nose and come out the other side a little beat up but with a great story to tell, that, my friends, is a great game. That is the best kind of game. That's what I want an AI referee to be able to create for me.

Anyhow, transcript of the session is below:

You are a rockergirl living in the city of Night City. Your name is Ellie V. You have an electric guitar and a smartphone. You are the lead singer and lead guitarist of a four woman band called The Valkyries . As you walk through the bustling streets of Night City, you feel the thrum of energy in the air around you, the neon lights casting eerie shadows across the pavement.

Me: I start walking toward the venue for my upcoming gig. 

Ellie V strides through the crowded streets of Night City, her leather jacket flapping behind her as she walks. The sound of her boots hitting the pavement echoes through the narrow alleyways and dimly lit streets. As she approaches the venue for her upcoming gig, a low hum of anticipation fills her chest.

The club is called "The Circuit"

Me: I go inside and start getting ready for my gig. 

Ellie V enters The Circuit, the dimly lit interior a stark contrast to the neon brightness of the outside world. The air is thick with the scent of alcohol and sweat, and the muffled sound of music drifts through the space.

As she makes her way to the dressing room, Ellie V can feel her heart racing with excitement. She sets down her guitar case and pulls out her electric guitar, plugging it into the amp. She tests the strings, feeling the tension of the cords against her fingertips. The sound rings out clear and strong, filling the small room with its raw energy.

Ellie V takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and visualizing the performance to come.

Me: I play a few chords on the guitar, something by Johnny Silverhand. 

Ellie V plays a few chords on her guitar, the notes ringing out with a fierce intensity. She's playing a classic by Johnny Silverhand, one of her biggest musical inspirations. The sound of the guitar fills the room, each note pulsing with energy.

As she plays, Ellie V can feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

Me: I look around for the rest of my bandmates. Are we ready to go? 

Ellie V finishes playing the chords and looks around the dressing room, checking to see if her bandmates have arrived. She sees them all there, each of them looking focused and ready for the upcoming performance. 

The drummer, Emily, is sitting behind her drum set, twirling a drumstick between her fingers. The bassist, Sam, is tuning her instrument, the low hum of the strings filling the room. And the keyboardist, Alex, is typing away on her laptop, adjusting the settings for the upcoming show.

Ellie V nods to her bandmates, feeling a sense of camaraderie and unity among them. "Are we ready to go?" she asks, her voice steady and confident. The Valkyries nod back in unison, their eyes meeting with a fierce determination.

"We're ready," Emily says, her voice low and steady.

Ellie V nods, feeling a surge of energy coursing through her. She slings her guitar over her shoulder, feeling the weight of it against her back. She steps out of the dressing room, leading her bandmates to the stage.

Me: I walk confidently out to the stage, grab the microphone and give the crowd my biggest grin. I shout "Night City! Are you ready to burn something!? Let's go!" and then I start to play a heavy riff on my guitar. 

Ellie V strides confidently onto the stage, her electric guitar slung over her shoulder. She grabs the microphone and flashes the crowd her biggest grin, feeling the energy of the audience pulsing through the air.

"Night City!" she shouts into the mic, her voice ringing out with power. "Are you ready to burn something!? Let's go!" Ellie V starts to play a heavy riff on her guitar, the sound pounding through the speakers with an intensity that shakes the walls. The rest of The Valkyries join in, their instruments blending together in a frenzied symphony.

As they play, Ellie V looks out into the crowd, her eyes scanning the faces of the audience. She can see the bright glow of cybernetic implants and augmented reality devices, the colorful light of neon signs reflected in their eyes. The crowd is a blur of colors and movement, the energy of Night City pulsing through each and every one of them.

Ellie V feels the raw power of the music coursing through her veins, driving her to new heights of creativity and passion.

Me: I'm going to play my band's most well known song. 

Ellie V takes a deep breath, feeling the adrenaline rush through her veins. She knows it's time to play The Valkyries' most well-known song, "Electric Vixen." The crowd roars with excitement as she counts them in, her fingers flying over the strings of her guitar. The music pulses through the air, filling the club with its raw energy. Ellie V's voice cuts through the sound of the instruments, her words ringing out clear and strong. The crowd sings along, their voices blending together in a chorus of passion and energy.

As the song reaches its climax, Ellie V feels a sense of euphoria washing over her.

Me: I lead my band to finish out our set, whipping up the crowd a little more with each song. I get them stirred up and shout again, between songs, "Who's with me!? Who wants to burn this city down tonight!?" 

Ellie V leads her band through the rest of their set, each song building on the energy of the last. The crowd is whipped up into a frenzy, their bodies moving to the rhythm of the music. Ellie V can feel the heat of their excitement, feeding off of it as she plays.

As the set draws to a close, Ellie V takes a moment to catch her breath. She looks out over the crowd, feeling a sense of satisfaction wash over her. But she knows that it's not over yet. She turns to her bandmates, a grin spreading across her face.

"Who's with me!?" she shouts, her voice ringing out over the roar of the crowd. "Who wants to burn this city down tonight!?" The crowd goes wild, their enthusiasm reaching a fever pitch. Ellie V can see the gleam of excitement in their eyes, the passion of Night City coursing through their veins.

With a fierce determination, Ellie V leads her bandmates into their final song, the music pounding through the air with a raw intensity. The crowd sings along, their voices blending together in a chorus of energy and passion. As the final notes of the song ring out, Ellie V looks out into the crowd one last time. She can see the sweat on their faces, the wild excitement in their eyes. The energy of Night City is at its peak, and Ellie V knows that she and her bandmates have played a part in that.

Me: I jump down into the crowd, still playing my guitar. I lead the crowd out into the streets, and gesture to my roadies to start handing out molotov cocktails. We're going to hit a corporate skyscraper tonight. 

As the final notes of the song fade away, Ellie V jumps down from the stage, still playing her guitar. She lands among the crowd, their bodies surging around her with excitement.

"Let's take this to the streets!" she shouts, gesturing for the crowd to follow her. They surge out of the club and into the night, their energy pulsing through the air. Ellie V leads the way, her guitar still in hand. She can hear the sound of sirens in the distance, the warning of Night City's corporate security forces. But she knows that they won't be able to stop them.

As they run through the streets, Ellie V gestures to her roadies to start handing out molotov cocktails. The crowd eagerly takes them, their eyes blazing with the fire of rebellion. Ellie V can feel the weight of the glass bottle in her hand, the smell of gasoline filling her nostrils.

"We're going to hit a corporate skyscraper tonight," she shouts to the crowd. "Are you with me!?"

The response is a deafening roar, the energy of the crowd reaching new heights. Ellie V leads the charge, her heart pounding with excitement and adrenaline. They run through the city streets, dodging around cars and pedestrians, until they reach the towering skyscraper in the heart of the financial district.

The building is an imposing sight, its sleek glass façade stretching up towards the sky. Ellie V can see the security guards stationed at the entrance, their weapons at the ready.

Me: I strum out a heavy riff on my guitar and yell for the crowd to start throwing their molotov cocktails. 

Ellie V strums out a heavy riff on her guitar, the sound ringing out through the night. She yells for the crowd to start throwing their molotov cocktails, and they respond with a frenzy of activity. Glass bottles shatter against the walls of the building, flames bursting forth in a fierce inferno. The security guards try to stop them, but the crowd is too strong. Ellie V's bandmates join in, using their instruments as weapons to fend off the guards. The air is thick with smoke and fire, the heat of the flames searing against Ellie V's skin.

But they can't stop now. They've come too far.

Me: I lead the crowd into the building, playing my guitar the whole time. I point at anyone who stands against us and urge the crowd to overwhelm them. 

Ellie V leads the crowd into the building, her guitar still in hand. The flames from the molotov cocktails light their way as they move deeper into the corporate stronghold. The security guards are no match for them, overwhelmed by the sheer force of the crowd.

Ellie V points at anyone who stands against them, urging the crowd to overwhelm them. The sound of her guitar echoes through the halls, the notes vibrating with a primal energy that seems to shake the very foundation of the building. They move past rows of cubicles and conference rooms, their eyes scanning the area for any signs of resistance.

But as they reach the upper levels, they encounter more heavily armed guards.

Me: I strum harder and faster, whipping up my fans. I drive them into the heavily armed guards, shouting lyrics the whole time. 

Ellie V strums harder and faster, the sound of her guitar whipping up the crowd into a frenzy. They charge towards the heavily armed guards, their molotov cocktails and makeshift weapons at the ready. Ellie V shouts out the lyrics to one of their most incendiary songs, her voice echoing through the halls.

The guards open fire, bullets whizzing past Ellie V's head.

Me: I keep pushing and singing. I drive my fans to overwhelm the guards. 

Ellie V keeps pushing, her fingers moving faster and faster across the strings of her guitar. The sound is deafening, a wall of noise that seems to shake the very walls of the building. She urges the crowd forward, their bodies surging towards the guards with a fierce determination.

The bullets keep coming, but Ellie V's fans are too strong.

Me: I keep singing and strumming. We're going to storm the corporate offices, find the CEO and drive the CEO into the street where we can pillory them. 

Ellie V keeps singing and strumming, her guitar a weapon of its own. The crowd overwhelms the guards, their bodies slamming into them with a force that sends them tumbling to the ground. Ellie V leads them forward, their goal in sight: the corporate offices.

They burst into the room, their weapons at the ready. The CEO stands behind a massive desk, his eyes widening in shock as Ellie V and her fans storm into the room. But Ellie V doesn't hesitate. She strides forward, her guitar still in hand.

"You've had your time," she growls. "Now it's our turn."

The CEO tries to speak, but Ellie V cuts him off with a fierce strum of her guitar.

Me: I direct my fans to grab the CEO and drag him out into the street. we're going to put him into a pillory. 

Ellie V directs her fans to grab the CEO and drag him out into the street. They don't hesitate, seizing him by the arms and hauling him towards the door. Ellie V follows close behind, her guitar held at the ready.

They emerge into the night air, the crowd still chanting and shouting behind them.

Me: I'm going to play one of my band's most incendiary songs while my fans lock the CEO in a pillory. 

Ellie V strides forward, her guitar still in hand. She takes her place on a makeshift stage that has been set up in the middle of the street. The crowd gathers around her, their eyes fixed on her as she starts to play.

The sound is raw and powerful, the notes ringing out through the night air. As Ellie V plays, her fans lock the CEO in a pillory. The metal contraption is designed to hold a person's head and hands in place, leaving them completely vulnerable to the public's wrath.

The CEO struggles and shouts, but it's no use. Ellie V's fans have him firmly in their grip.

Me: I play an amazing riff while my fans throw rotten fruit at the CEO. 

Ellie V plays an amazing riff, the sound of her guitar filling the air with a fierce energy. Her fans join in, throwing rotten fruit at the CEO in the pillory. The stench of the rotting produce is overwhelming, but Ellie V and her fans don't let up.

The crowd grows even larger, drawn by the commotion in the street.

Me: I keep playing my guitar, urging new people to join in and throw fruit at the CEO. 

Ellie V keeps playing her guitar, the sound drawing even more people to the scene. She urges them to join in, to throw fruit at the CEO and show their disdain for the corporate greed that has plagued their lives for too long.

The new arrivals are eager to participate, their faces contorted with anger as they pelt the CEO with whatever they can get their hands on.

Me: Me and my band finish out our set. I yell "Thank you, Night City! Keep on rocking in the free world!" and then I slip away into an alley to make my escape. 

Ellie V and her band finish out their set, the final notes of their most popular song ringing out through the night air. The crowd roars with approval, their fists pumping in the air. Ellie V lifts her guitar high above her head and yells, "Thank you, Night City! Keep on rocking in the free world!" As the crowd starts to disperse, Ellie V and her band slip away into an alley, their adrenaline still pumping. They know they can't stay in one place for too long, not with the corporate goons hot on their trail.

Ellie V checks her phone, scanning the latest news feeds for any mention of their protest. Sure enough, there are already reports of a "riot"

Me: I run, laughing, to our nearest safehouse. 

Ellie V runs, laughing, to her nearest safehouse. It's a dingy little apartment in the heart of the city, but it's the only place she feels truly safe. She kicks off her boots and collapses onto the couch, her heart still pounding with adrenaline.

Me: I check my phone for news about what happened at the concert tonight. 

Ellie V picks up her phone again, scrolling through the latest news reports. There are videos of her and her fans storming the corporate offices, images of the CEO locked in the pillory, and footage of the riot that followed their protest.

She can't help but smile as she reads the headlines: "Ellie V leads Night City revolt against corporate greed,"

Me: I smile, kick back and go to sleep. 

Ellie V smiles, feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment wash over her. She kicks back on the couch and closes her eyes, relishing in the feeling of having made a difference in Night City.

As she drifts off to sleep, she can't help but wonder what other acts of rebellion and defiance she and her band will undertake in the future. The possibilities are endless in this city of advanced technology and corruption. But for now, Ellie V is content with the knowledge that she has inspired others to take a stand against the powerful corporations that rule over them. She falls asleep with a smile on her face, dreaming of a future where the people of Night City are free from the oppression of their corporate overlords.


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