Ellie V and the Valkyries 3 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


I'm, uh, I'm just gonna call this "Session 3," what with the change in program and the redux version and everything. I'm so darn impressed with ChatGPT 3.5 as a solo RPG omnitool that I can't see myself going anywhere else for an experience like this. I'm hooked. I can't wait to see where this crazy thing takes me next, and I hope y'all are as interested as I am. Honestly, I feel about like I did the first time I ever played an online multiplayer game, or the first time I played a game with a procedurally generated world. It's really, really exciting, but I also know that the excitement is mostly just because this is profound and new. The thrill will probably pass in time. For now, it's heady.

One thing that has struck me recently is how (potentially) infinitely variable all of this is. It's not just like "buy a setting book, play the game that goes with that setting." ChatGPT is every setting, and the more information that exists online for that setting, the more it can draw from. Cyberpunk is easy. There's a genre for it with multiple games and many, many books that have all been out there forever, and I've seen enough in this session (and the last one) to know that the ref is drawing from a few of them. Something niche like UVG would probably be really difficult to run properly without extensive prep work, but I think it's still possible. In the meantime, I have so many ideas. I could run a game as a bargain bin style Indiana Jones character. I could run a game as a Blakist mechwarrior trying to reconnect with the rest of her people. I could run a game where I play as a sister of the Adeptus Sororitas. I will probably run all of these at some point. How could I not? The sky is really the limit. For now, though, we'll see where fate takes Ellie V and her Valkyries.


Me: I do a quick sniff check. Do I stink? How long has it been since I showered?

You give yourself a quick sniff check, and the distinct scent of sweat and the city's grime lingers. It's been a day or two since your last shower. The grit of Night City has a way of clinging to everything.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: Do I have any relatives in Night City? Anyone I'm close to?

You don't have any immediate family in Night City. Your background is one of forging connections in the gritty world of the streets and the music scene. Your bandmates from The Valkyries, Axia, Luna, and Seraph, are your closest companions. Beyond that, you've cultivated relationships with fellow edgerunners, fixers, and those who appreciate your fiery performances.

As you navigate the treacherous paths of Night City, your bonds with your bandmates and allies are the anchors in the storm.

What's your plan, Ellie V?

Me: How long have I known each of my bandmates? How close am I with each of them?

Axia: You've known Axia the longest. She was with you from the early days of your music career. You share a deep bond, forged through the trials of the industry and the chaotic life in Night City. Axia is not just a bandmate; she's like a sister to you.

Luna: Luna joined The Valkyries a few years back. Her unique style and energy added a new dimension to the band. Over time, you've become close friends, sharing both the stage and personal moments. Luna is someone you can confide in and trust.

Seraph: The newest member of the band, Seraph, joined more recently. Despite the shorter time together, you've grown fond of her dedication and skill. The camaraderie is building, and Seraph brings a fresh perspective to The Valkyries.

Your bandmates are more than just colleagues; they're your chosen family in the chaotic world of Night City.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I'm going to call Axia and see if she picks up

You dial Axia's number, and after a few rings, she answers. "Hey, Ellie V. What's up?" Axia's voice comes through, a mix of warmth and familiarity.

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's current disposition: (Roll: 8)

Axia seems in good spirits. What do you say, Ellie V?

Me: "Hey sib, your place is closer than mine and I smell like the alley behind the Metalstrom bar. Can I pop over and use your shower?"

Axia chuckles on the other end. "The Metalstrom alley again, huh? Sure thing, sib. You know where the spare key is. Make yourself at home."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's mood: (Roll: 7)

Axia seems to find your request amusing. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "You home or out tonight?"

Axia replies, "I'm just chilling at home tonight. Swing by whenever you want. Luna's crashing here too. Seraph said she might drop by later. What's going on?"

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's curiosity: (Roll: 6)

Axia seems casually interested. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: "Sounds like a party, choom. I'll be there in fifteen. Need me to pick up anything?"

Axia responds, "Nah, we're good. Just get yourself here. See you in fifteen, sib."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's response: (Roll: 9)

Axia seems genuinely happy about your visit. What's your plan, Ellie V?

Me: I make my way to Axia's place.

You hop on your Yamaha Rapier and navigate the night-lit streets, the city's symphony accompanying your journey. In fifteen minutes, you reach Axia's place, a small but cozy apartment in a less tumultuous part of Night City.

As you enter, the familiar scent of Axia's place welcomes you. Axia, with her distinct cybernetic enhancements, greets you with a grin. "You really do smell like the Metalstrom alley, Ellie V. Shower's all yours."

What's your move, Ellie V?

Me: "Thanks, Choom. Take a deep breath, it's the smell of work. Heard of it?" I tease her.

Axia laughs, "Work or not, you're still gonna smell better after that shower. Luna's in the living room, by the way. She's been noodling on some new riffs."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's mood after your banter: (Roll: 7)

Axia seems in good spirits. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I'm going to pop into the living room to wave to Luna real quick.

You head to the living room where Luna is engrossed in her music. As you enter, she looks up, a bright smile spreading across her face. "Hey, Ellie V! What's shaking?"

Rolling a die to gauge Luna's current disposition: (Roll: 8)

Luna seems genuinely happy to see you. What do you say, Ellie V?

Me: "Hey Luna, nothing much. I hear you're working on a new tune." 

Luna nods enthusiastically, setting her guitar aside. "Yeah, trying to conjure something wild for the Rusty Nail gig. Got a few ideas brewing. You know how it is."

Rolling a die to gauge Luna's excitement about her new tune: (Roll: 9)

Luna seems pumped about her musical endeavors. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: What do Luna, Axia and my other bandmate look like?

Axia: Axia is a tall woman with a shaved head, adorned with intricate cybernetic implants running along her skull. Her eyes, enhanced with cyberware, gleam with a vibrant violet light. She has a lean but athletic build, and her overall appearance exudes a mix of toughness and grace.

Luna: Luna is a shorter, more wiry figure. She has a cascade of brightly colored, ever-changing hair, often matching her mood or the theme of The Valkyries' performances. Her eyes are expressive, framed by subtle cybernetic enhancements. Luna's style is eclectic, a mix of punk and futurism.

Seraph: Seraph, the newest member, is a woman of average height with a mysterious air about her. Her hair is a deep shade of black, and her eyes hold a piercing intensity. Seraph often wears a dark, sleek outfit, complementing her enigmatic presence.

Each of your bandmates brings a unique flair to The Valkyries, both in their appearance and musical style. What's your plan, Ellie V?

Me: I grin at Luna. "Yeah, been running through some chords in my head too. Hot licks, you know? Hopefully hot enough to get the next gig roaring even hotter than the last one. Hey, I gotta take a shower, but I want to hear what you're working on later, preem?"

Luna grins back, the spark of creativity in her eyes. "Absolutely, Ellie V. I'll be jamming here. Looking forward to your shower-fresh ears giving it a listen. Go get cleaned up, and we'll catch up later."

Rolling a die to gauge Luna's enthusiasm: (Roll: 8)

Luna seems genuinely excited about sharing her new ideas with you. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I go get cleaned up. Do I have any clothes stashed here? If not, does Axia have anything clean I can borrow?

You head to the bathroom for a refreshing shower, letting the warm water wash away the grime of the city. As for clothes, you do have a small stash of your essentials here. However, if you want something fresh, Axia is likely to have spare clothes you can borrow.

Rolling a die to determine the availability of fresh clothes: (Roll: 7)

You find a couple of clean and stylish outfits in your stash. No need to borrow from Axia this time. What's your choice, Ellie V?

Me: I get dressed, then head back into the living room. What's going on?

As you step back into the living room, Luna is still engrossed in her music, occasionally humming a riff to herself. Axia is flipping through a magazine, her enhanced eyes scanning the pages. The ambient sounds of Night City filter in through the window.

Axia glances up as you re-enter. "Feeling better, sib?"

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's mood: (Roll: 6)

Axia seems casual, checking in on your well-being. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: "Feeling nova," I nod. "Any word from Seraph or is it just the three of us tonight?"

Axia shakes her head. "Haven't heard from Seraph yet. She might drop by later. In the meantime, just the three of us. Luna's been cooking up some new riffs, and I've been browsing the net for any interesting gigs."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's tone: (Roll: 8)

Axia seems relaxed, enjoying the downtime. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I sit next to Axia, curious. I say "Interesting gigs? Anything cross those chrome eyes that's maybe caught your attention?"

Axia smirks, her violet cybernetic eyes gleaming. "Well, there's a few, but I was waiting for you to get here before diving into the details. One of them involves a high-profile heist, Arasaka's experimental tech. The fixer who tipped me off wants a distraction, a real show. Thought you might be interested."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's sincerity: (Roll: 7)

Axia seems genuinely interested in the gig and curious about your thoughts. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: "Maybe I've heard of it. The fixer who tipped you off, was it Coyote?"

Axia nods, impressed. "Sharp as ever, Ellie V. Yeah, it's Coyote. Says he needs someone to stir up chaos while they snag some Arasaka tech. You up for it?"

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's excitement: (Roll: 9)

Axia seems enthusiastic about the potential chaos. What's your decision, Ellie V?

Me: "Coyote and I already talked. I'm on board for it. Our gig at The Rusty Nail will be the distraction." I flick her the deets on the whole conversation that Coyote and I already had about this gig.
Axia reads through the details you share, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Rusty Nail, huh? Perfect. We'll turn the gig into a riotous symphony, and while the city's eyes are on you, Coyote's crew can grab the tech. Preem plan, sib."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's approval of the plan: (Roll: 8)

Axia seems fully on board with the scheme. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "In the meantime, we better have a set to impress. I want to play something new, something hotter than Electric Vixen. Got any ideas? Any new lyrics? Or maybe we should do a cover. What do you think, sib?"

Axia leans back, tapping her fingers on the armrest. "New stuff, huh? I'm game. Luna's got some fresh riffs she's been working on. Maybe we could build a new song around those. As for covers, what about 'City on Fire' by Johnny Silverhand? Could fit the mood."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's enthusiasm for the ideas: (Roll: 7)

Axia seems interested in both options. What's your preference, Ellie V?

Me: Do I know the lyrics for City on Fire by Johnny Silverhand?
Yes, you know the lyrics for "City on Fire" by Johnny Silverhand. It's a rebellious anthem that captures the spirit of a city in chaos, a theme that resonates with the energy of Night City. You could definitely perform it with The Valkyries.

What's your decision, Ellie V? Stick with the new original or go for the cover?

Me: I reflect on the lyrics. What are they?

The lyrics to "City on Fire" by Johnny Silverhand are a fiery proclamation against the oppressive forces of corporations and the societal decay. The chorus is particularly memorable:

"City on fire, can't you see the flames?
Corporate liars, playing wicked games.
Neon desire, rising from the streets.
We won't retire, until the system meets defeat."

The verses delve into the struggles of the people, the corruption of the powerful, and the call for rebellion. It's a powerful anthem with a rebellious edge, perfect for the chaotic energy you want to channel.

What's your decision, Ellie V? Stick with the original or go for the cover?

Me: I turn to Luna. "Let's hear what you've been working on."

Luna grins, picking up her guitar. She starts playing a series of electrifying riffs, the notes dancing through the air. The melody is energetic, with a raw, untamed quality that resonates with the rebellious spirit of Night City.

As Luna plays, you can feel the potential for a new, intense Valkyries anthem. The music sparks ideas for lyrics in your mind.

What's your response, Ellie V? Do you want to work on developing this new original song?

Me: I'm going to start throwing lyrics out there. Anything that fits with the music. Axia and Luna can totally join in.

As Luna continues to riff, you start throwing out lyrics, your voice blending with the electric energy of the music. Axia, catching the vibe, adds her vocals, and soon the three of you are immersed in the creation of a new Valkyries anthem. The lyrics speak of rebellion, of the neon-lit streets, and the fire burning within.

Rolling a die to gauge the success and creativity of your collaboration: (Roll: 8)

The synergy is fantastic, and a new Valkyries song is taking shape. The room vibrates with the energy of creation. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: What are the lyrics of our new song?

The lyrics of your new song, tentatively titled "Neon Uprising," are a testament to the chaotic and rebellious spirit of Night City. Here's a snippet:

"In the neon glow, where shadows dance,
A city on fire, in a wicked trance.
Streets alive, with the pulse of the street,
In the chaos, our rebellion we meet.

Cyber hearts beat in the night,
A Valkyrie's call, a rebel's delight.
Sparks of defiance, in every chord,
We'll rise from the ashes, in this neon war."

The song captures the essence of The Valkyries' energy and the rebellion you plan to incite at the Rusty Nail gig. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "Hell yeah!" I tell my bandmates. "Now all we need is a name for the song. Any suggestions?"
Axia looks thoughtful. "How about 'Neon Reckoning'? It captures the vibe we're going for."

Luna chimes in, "Or maybe 'Riot Anthem.' Straight to the point."

Rolling a die to gauge their suggestions: (Roll: 7)

Both suggestions seem to resonate with the rebellious theme of the song. What's your choice, Ellie V? "Neon Reckoning" or "Riot Anthem"?

Me: "I vote for Riot Anthem." I grin at Luna, then turn to Axia. "What do you think, sib? Preem?"

Axia nods, a smirk on her face. "Riot Anthem it is. A fitting name for the chaos we're about to unleash."

Rolling a die to gauge Axia's approval: (Roll: 8)

Axia seems satisfied with the choice. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: ChatGPT, I'd like to change one of the parameters of this game. I'd like to change the ten sided die you've been rolling for a 20 sided die.

Absolutely, we can switch to a 20-sided die for a broader range of possibilities. Let me know how you'd like to proceed in Night City with this change.

Me: Thank you. Ok, back to the game. I'm going to ask Axia if she's got anything to drink.

Axia grins, standing up. "Got a stash of some real smooth bourbon. Coming right up."

She heads to a concealed corner where she keeps her selection of drinks. Moments later, she returns with a couple of glasses and a bottle of high-quality bourbon. The rich aroma fills the room as she pours generous servings.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the quality of the bourbon: (Roll: 16)

Axia's got some top-shelf stuff. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "Where'd you get some nova-ass bourbon like this?" I ask her. I'm going to sip the bourbon slowly. Really going to savor it. I really appreciate the top-shelf stuff.

Axia chuckles, taking a sip of her own bourbon. "Got a tip from a reliable source. Sometimes the shadows offer more than just gigs, you know? Thought we could use a taste of the good stuff tonight."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the smoothness of the bourbon: (Roll: 18)

The bourbon is exceptionally smooth, and its rich flavor envelops your senses. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: "You celebrating anything in particular, sib? Or just being generous?"

Axia smirks, raising her glass. "Let's call it a pre-celebration. Tonight's planning is going smoothly, and I've got a good feeling about the Riot Anthem gig. Plus, it's always a good time to appreciate quality bourbon."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge Axia's mood: (Roll: 14)

Axia seems genuinely content and optimistic. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "Hell, choom, we get enough eyes on us, we could drink bourbon like this every night if we wanted to." I'm going to check on Luna. Does she want any bourbon?

Luna looks up from her guitar, a grin on her face. "Bourbon? Hell yeah, pass me a glass. I'm ready for a toast to the Riot Anthem."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge Luna's enthusiasm: (Roll: 12)

Luna seems eager to join in the celebration. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I gesture for Axia to hand me the bottle, then I pour a full glass for Luna and top off my own glass.

You pour a generous glass for Luna and top off your own. The rich aroma of the bourbon fills the air as you prepare to make a toast.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the smoothness of the pour: (Roll: 17)

The pour is expertly done, and the glasses are filled to perfection. What's your toast, Ellie V?

Me: I turn to Axia and say "can't let a good drink like this go without a toast. Got any suggestions?"

Axia smirks, raising her glass. "How about to the chaos we create, the riots we incite, and the music that fuels the rebellion? To the Riot Anthem!"

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the sentiment of the proposed toast: (Roll: 15)

The suggestion seems fitting for the occasion. What's your response, Ellie V?

Me: "Oh hell yeah, I'll drink to that."

The three of you raise your glasses, and in unison, you toast to the chaos, the riots, and the rebellious music that defines The Valkyries. The bourbon goes down smooth, and the room is filled with a sense of camaraderie and anticipation for the upcoming gig.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the overall atmosphere: (Roll: 16)

The atmosphere is lively, and everyone seems in high spirits. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: ChatGPT, please change the parameters so that the die is rolled less often.

Certainly! I'll adjust the frequency of the die rolls. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to modify or if you're ready to continue in Night City.

Me: Thank you. Ok, back to the game. What do I know about Axia and Luna's families? Do they have anyone they are close to in Night City?

Axia and Luna, like many in Night City, have complicated backgrounds. Here's what you know:

Axia's family is mostly out of the picture. She grew up in a tough district, and her early years were marked by survival on the streets. She rarely speaks about her family and seems to have distanced herself from them. In Night City, she considers The Valkyries and her close friends as her chosen family.

Luna's family has a more stable background. Her parents are still alive and living in a middle-class district. However, Luna chose the life of a rocker, and her rebellious spirit led her to the chaotic world of Night City. She maintains contact with her family, though they often worry about her chosen path.

Neither of them has particularly close ties with relatives in Night City. Their connections and loyalties lie more with the people they've chosen to call family in the chaotic cityscape.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: Are either of them romantically involved with anyone?

As of your last knowledge update, neither Axia nor Luna is in a committed romantic relationship. Both are fiercely independent and focused on their music and the chaos of Night City. However, relationships can be complex, and their romantic lives might evolve over time.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: Do I know Luna's parents names?

Yes, Luna's parents are named Karen and Robert Jenson. They live in a more stable, middle-class district of Night City. Luna keeps in touch with them, though their views on her rocker lifestyle are a source of occasional tension.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: Is Luna's name an alias or is it her given name?
Luna's name is a chosen alias, a stage name she adopted when she embraced the life of a rocker. Her given name is Laura Jenson.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: "I think I saw your parents at the last gig, Luna," I tease her. "Karen and Bob, right?"

Luna laughs, shaking her head. "You're joking, right? My parents wouldn't set foot in a place like that. They're more into classical concerts than the chaos we create. But hey, maybe someday they'll surprise me and show up."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge Luna's reaction to the tease: (Roll: 14)

Luna seems amused by the jest, taking it in good spirits. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: Where are my parents?

Your parents, Diane and Victor, live in a district that's a bit removed from the chaos of Night City's core. They have a more comfortable lifestyle compared to your early years, and they've always been supportive of your music career, even if they sometimes worry about the dangerous nature of the city.

What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I'm going to grin and kick up my heels. I'm going to let Axia and Luna lead the conversation and I'll listen to see where it goes.

Axia and Luna continue chatting, the conversation flowing from music to the upcoming gig and the potential chaos it might unleash. They share stories of past performances and discuss the evolving music scene in Night City. It's a relaxed atmosphere, and you find yourself enjoying the camaraderie.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the overall mood of the conversation: (Roll: 12)

The conversation is lively, and the mood is upbeat. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: What stories from past performances are they talking about? What stands out?

Axia recalls a particularly wild gig where, mid-performance, a group of boostergangers crashed the venue looking for trouble. Instead of panicking, The Valkyries turned it into an impromptu collaboration, merging their music with the boosters' chaotic beats. The unexpected fusion resulted in a memorable night that ended with the boosters cheering for more.

Luna reminisces about a gig in a district known for its rough crowd. The audience started off hostile, but Luna's electrifying guitar riffs managed to turn the mood. By the end of the night, the crowd was chanting for an encore, and the initial tension had transformed into a shared experience of rebellion.

The stories highlight the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of Night City's music scene, but also the power of music to bridge gaps and create unexpected connections.

What's your response, Ellie V? Any stories you want to share or aspects of the conversation you want to explore?

Me: I ask them if they remember the time, a handful of concerts back, when we brought an inflatable raft to the concert and I crowdsurfed with it while playing guitar and singing.

Axia bursts into laughter, slapping her knee. "How could I forget that? The looks on the crowd's faces when you started floating over them with that raft. Pure gold!"

Luna grins, shaking her head. "And then we had to fight to get the raft back from the security, claiming it was a safety hazard. Classic."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the overall nostalgia and humor in the conversation: (Roll: 15)

The memory adds a touch of nostalgia to the conversation, and everyone is in good spirits. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I'm going to keep drinking, laughing and listening to the stories Axia and Luna tell
The laughter and stories continue to flow, creating a warm and lively atmosphere. The room is filled with the shared history of The Valkyries and the unique experiences that have shaped your journey through Night City. The camaraderie grows stronger with each tale.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the overall mood of the evening: (Roll: 17)

The mood is jubilant, and the connection between you, Axia, and Luna deepens. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I'm going to keep swapping stories with Axia and Luna until I'm too tired or too drunk to continue. 

The night stretches on with stories, laughter, and shared memories. The bourbon flows, and the camaraderie between you, Axia, and Luna solidifies. As fatigue sets in and the drinks take their toll, the conversation mellows.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the overall conclusion of the night: (Roll: 14)

The night concludes on a high note, leaving everyone in good spirits. What's your plan for the rest of the evening, Ellie V?

Me: I ask Axia if I can crash here.

Axia nods, a grin on her face. "Sure thing, sib. There's a spare room in the back. Get some rest, and we'll tackle the chaos of tomorrow together."

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge Axia's hospitality: (Roll: 16)

Axia is genuinely welcoming, and you appreciate the offer of a place to crash. What's your next move, Ellie V?

Me: I go to sleep.

You make your way to the spare room in Axia's place, the events of the night echoing in your mind. As you settle into the bed, the chaos of Night City fades, replaced by the quiet of the room.

Rolling a 20-sided die to gauge the quality of your sleep: (Roll: 18)

Despite the turbulent nature of your lifestyle, the bed is surprisingly comfortable, and you drift into a deep and restful sleep.

What's your plan when you wake up, Ellie V?


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