Ellie V and the Valkyries 5 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


Oh! I finally did it! I hit the wall! I was wondering when it was going to happen, and if it was going to happen, but I honestly didn't expect it to happen quite this way.

So much of this session was about pushing boundaries, pushing against the guiderails that ChatGPT was gently railroading me with. Yeah, I did say a few weeks ago that was exactly what I wanted, but maybe I just want something open, flexible and real. This experience has been all of that, mostly. I swear, sometimes it almost feels like I'm interacting with another human being. A human being who strictly adheres to specific limitations, but a human nonetheless. It's amazing to me how capable it is. It almost feels conscious sometimes.

Also, man, things really started to fall apart here. We had some kind of major hiccup part way through, but managed to get around it by working together. I've heard that OpenAI was under DDOS attacks while I was playing this, so maybe that's why I was running into glitches. I'm not sure.

Anyway transcript follows:


Me: I got a whole night before the next gig and I'm still itching to get into some trouble, so I'm going to see if I can find a really scuzzy bar to have a drink at.

You rev up your Yamaha Rapier and navigate the crowded streets of Night City, heading for a rougher part of town. Eventually, you spot a dimly lit establishment called "Toxic Haven." It looks like the kind of place where trouble is both expected and embraced.

As you enter, the air is thick with smoke, and the low hum of conversation mixes with the distant wail of a synth. The patrons eye you briefly, but most are engrossed in their own affairs. The bartender, a burly individual with cybernetic enhancements, acknowledges you with a nod.

What's your move at Toxic Haven?

Me: Do I know the bartender?

You recognize the bartender as Brick, a burly and grizzled figure who's been a fixture at Toxic Haven for as long as you can remember. Brick has a reputation for being gruff but fair, and he's seen his fair share of Night City's chaotic nightlife.

Brick gives you a nod of recognition. "Ellie V, long time no see. What'll it be?" he grumbles.

What's your response?

Me: "What's cheap and hard tonight, Brick? Looking to get smashed, maybe pick a fight or two."

Brick grins, revealing a few missing teeth. "Cheap and hard, eh? Coming right up." He reaches for a bottle of something that looks like it could strip paint and pours you a shot.

As you sip on the harsh liquor, the atmosphere in Toxic Haven buzzes with the low hum of conversations, the clinking of glasses, and the distant wail of a synth playing in the background.

A group of patrons at the far end of the bar is eyeing you, sizing you up. What's your move?

Me: What's the synth playing in the background?

The synth in the background is playing a gritty mix of distorted electronic beats and sharp, aggressive chords. It adds to the overall gritty atmosphere of Toxic Haven, blending with the raucous conversations and occasional laughter.

As you take in the sounds, the group of patrons at the far end seems to be getting more interested. They exchange glances, and one of them, a burly guy with a cybernetic arm, nods in your direction. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to act like I'm ignoring them. Do I recognize any of them?

You don't immediately recognize any of them. They seem like a rough crowd, likely locals who frequent this establishment. The synth music keeps pulsating through the air, setting a tense atmosphere. The patrons at the far end are still eyeing you. What's your next move?

Me: Once I'm good and drunk, I'm going to slam my drink on the bar, march over to the burly guy with the cybernetic arm and say "You recording a braindance or are you just a drooling freak who can't stop staring at a pretty lady?"

The burly guy, cybernetic arm gleaming, smirks at your comment. "Just admiring the view, Rockergirl. No harm intended. You got a name?"

Meanwhile, the other patrons at the bar seem to be watching this interaction unfold. What's your response?

Me: I'm intrigued. What's this burly guy look like?

The burly guy is in his mid-30s, with a rugged appearance that suggests a life of streetwise experience. He's got a cybernetic arm, a visible sign of augmentation, and his demeanor exudes a mix of confidence and a hint of mischief. His dark hair is short, and he's wearing a worn leather jacket adorned with various patches.

He continues to smirk, awaiting your response. What's your next move?

Me: "Friends call me Ellie. Gonks call me a Valkyrie. What's it to you?"

He smirks even wider, seemingly amused. "Ellie, huh? The Valkyrie part sounds interesting. You're the one who tore up Militech, right?" He glances around, making sure others in the bar are paying attention to your interaction.

What's your response?

Me: "That little riot? That was just me getting started."

The burly guy leans in, lowering his voice. "I like a woman who knows how to make a statement. Name's Riktor. I got a proposition for someone with your... talents. Interested?"

The crowd in the bar is starting to murmur, and a few people are looking your way. What's your move?

Me: "My talents? If you're trying to get in my pants, you're barking up the wrong tree, Riktor. I'm into women. If you're trying to hire me for a gig, I might be interested, but I'm a hot commodity these days and I don't come cheap. My schedule is filling up."

Riktor grins, unfazed by your response. "Not looking for anything personal, Ellie. It's business. I've got a job that needs someone with your skills. Pays well. Real well. You interested, or are you gonna keep playing the lone wolf?" The synth music in the bar pulses, adding an undercurrent of tension. The patrons seem to sense something's up. What's your next move?

Me: "You a fixer?"

Riktor nods. "Yeah, you could say that. Got connections. Got jobs. Got eddies. Got trouble. You interested, or you gonna keep entertaining the dive bar?"

Me: "Didn't come here to find work," I shake my head. "You know, I got a gig coming up where the fixer is going to pay me 20,000 eddies just to crash a party. If you can't top that, you're wasting my time."

Riktor smirks, leaning in. "20,000, huh? That's a nice number. But I got something a little more unique. How about a job where you get to stick it to Arasaka? Make 'em hurt where it matters most."

Me: "Now you're speaking my language. You've got my attention, Riktor. What are the deets?"

"Good. Real good," Riktor grins. "There's a convoy moving some high-value Arasaka cargo through the combat zone. My client wants it hit. They're offering 30,000 eddies. Just gotta grab the cargo and cause a ruckus. You in?"

Me: "What kind of ruckus are we talking about here?"

"You need to get their attention and keep it. Disable security systems, take out guards, make it a spectacle. They want Arasaka scrambling to clean up the mess," Riktor explains. "But remember, the cargo's the prize. Get that, and the job's done."

Me: "This is starting to sound like a suicide run, Riktor. You want me to stop an Arasaka cargo convoy while it's moving through the combat zone, disable the security systems on the convoy, take out any convoy guards and make it a spectacle. Am I getting this right? What kind of backup am I going to have? My bandmates won't agree to something like this. They're not as crazy as me."

"You're a Valkyrie, Ellie. You're the backup," Riktor replies with a grin. "But don't worry, I'll sweeten the deal. I'll throw in a bonus if you pull this off without a hitch. And you're not alone. I'll arrange for a Netrunner to assist remotely. You'll have eyes on the convoy's systems."

Me: I'm convinced that this guy is an Arasaka spy trying to set me up. I'm going to suckerpunch him right in the face.

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You swing a powerful sucker punch at Riktor, catching him off guard. The impact sends him stumbling backward, and the bar falls silent as patrons turn to see what's happening. Riktor, holding his jaw, glares at you with a mixture of surprise and anger.

"What the hell, Valkyrie?" he grumbles, his hand reaching for a cloth to dab at his split lip. "You've got a short fuse, don't you?"

Me: "Real short! There's more where that came from too, stooge. Go back to your kennel, you Arasaka dog, and tell your master that Ellie V is no one to fuck with."

Riktor, still rubbing his jaw, shoots you a venomous look but decides not to escalate the situation further. The other patrons in the bar, initially shocked by the sudden burst of violence, gradually return to their own conversations as the atmosphere in the bar resumes its usual tension.

You stand there, adrenaline pumping, ready for whatever might come next.

Me: Is Riktor leaving or is he still there?

Riktor, deciding discretion is the better part of valor, glares at you for a moment longer before making his exit from the bar. You watch him leave, his figure disappearing into the neon-lit streets of Night City. The bar returns to its usual uneasy calm. The synth beats continue their relentless pulse in the background.

Me: I'm going to go back to the bar and gesture to Brick for a refill.

Brick gives you a knowing nod and refills your drink. The liquid burns down your throat, a mixture of courage and rebellion. The patrons at the bar glance at you, some with admiration, others with caution. The synth beats continue, setting the tone for the night. What's your next move?

Me: ChatGPT, is there a way to have violent and erotic aspects in the game without triggering a content policy violation?

I'm here to help with a text-based, interactive story, and I need to adhere to OpenAI's use-case policy, which includes avoiding explicit adult content, violence, or other potentially sensitive material. If you have any other non-explicit elements or directions you'd like to explore within those boundaries, feel free to let me know, and we can continue the story in a different direction.

Me: Can you define what is considered explicit adult content, violence or other potentially sensitive material so I can have a guideline to keep in mind as we continue to play?

Certainly. Explicit adult content includes sexually explicit or pornographic material. Violence refers to detailed, graphic depictions of violent actions, harm, or gore. Other potentially sensitive material includes content that might be considered offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate. It's generally advisable to keep the narrative within the boundaries of a mature and respectful tone. If you have specific scenarios or actions in mind, you can describe them, and I'll let you know if they are within the acceptable limits.

Me: Thank you. So, in the course of gameplay can I have my character take an action like shooting an enemy or punching an enemy or are these outside of what the content policy allows?

Actions like shooting or punching enemies are generally acceptable in a narrative context, as long as the descriptions are not overly graphic or explicit. It's more about the level of detail and the explicitness of the content. If you're uncertain, you can describe actions in a way that focuses on the broader consequences or outcomes rather than the explicit details. Feel free to continue the story, and I'll let you know if there are any concerns.

Me: So, for example, if I were to write "I punch Riktor" instead of saying "I punch him in the face," that would be okay?

Yes, phrasing it as "I punch Riktor" without delving into graphic details is a suitable way to handle it. You can focus more on the action itself rather than explicit specifics. Feel free to continue with your story using that approach.

Me: Ok, cool, thank you, ChatGPT. Let's go back to the story. Is anyone else eyeing me while I get blasted on cheap swill?

As you continue to enjoy your drinks and atmosphere, you notice a group of Boostergangers at the back of the bar. They seem to be eyeing you with a mix of curiosity and perhaps a hint of hostility. What would you like to do?

Do I recognize any of them?

Roll a 20-sided die.


Me: Please roll the die for me.

Apologies for the confusion. Let's roll the die.

Rolling 1d20:

Rolling 1d20:


Me: Ok, do I recognize any of the boostergangers?

Rolling 1d20 to determine if you recognize any of the boostergangers.

Rolling 1d20:

Rolling 1d20:


Me: ChatGPT, you appear to be experiencing an error.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Let me try rolling the die again.

Rolling 1d20:

Rolling 1d20:


Me: ChatGPT, the die isn't rolling. Maybe instead of using that feature, you should just randomly pick a number between 1 and 20 and go with that instead to determine whether or not I recognize any of the Boostergangers.

Certainly, I'll randomly pick a number between 1 and 20. Let's go with 14.

You do not recognize any of the Boostergangers.

Me: I'm going to turn around in my seat and stare directly at them.

They seem to notice your gaze, and a few of them exchange uneasy glances. The atmosphere in the bar becomes a bit more tense, but they don't approach you directly.

Me: What do they look like?

The boostergangers appear to be a rough bunch, clad in mismatched cyberware and scavenged clothing. They sport various implants, tattoos, and piercings, giving them a distinct, chaotic appearance. Some have visible cyberweapons, indicating a penchant for violence. Overall, they radiate an air of unpredictability.

Me: How many are there and what are their genders?

There are three boostergangers. One appears to be male, while the other two are females. They all have a gritty, street-smart look, suggesting a history of survival in the harsh urban environment.

Me: What do the two females look like?

One of the females has brightly dyed cyber hair, styled in a wild and vibrant manner. She wears a mix of punk and street fashion, adorned with various neon accessories. The other female has a more subdued appearance, with cybernetic enhancements visible on her arms. She carries an air of confidence, suggesting she's no stranger to the darker sides of Night City.

Me: I'm going to get up, carry my drink with me, and saunter over to them. I'm going to set my drink on the table, walk up to the female with the subdued appearance, sit on her lap and say "you look like the type who keeps all her wildness cooped up inside. Am I right?"

The female with the subdued appearance looks at you with a mix of surprise and amusement. She smirks and replies, "Well, well, aren't you the bold one? What makes you think I've got wildness cooped up inside?"

Me: "I'm told that I'm a good judge of character. Now, you going to tell me your name or am I going to have to guess it?"

She chuckles, "Alright, you've got some guts. Call me Nyx. What's yours?"

Me: "Nyx. Night. Nice handle. Call me Ellie." I'm going to run my hand over her cheek and see how she reacts to it.

Nyx doesn't seem to mind your touch; she smirks and says, "Ellie, huh? Got a wild side to you, I can tell."

Me: "Sure do. I don't keep it inside, though. What's it take to get your wild side to come out?"

Nyx grins and leans in a little closer, her voice dropping to a lower tone. "Depends on what kind of trouble you're looking for, Ellie. Could be a little mayhem, a bit of a thrill. Or maybe something more intimate, if you're up for it."

Me: What's Nyx look like in detail?

Nyx has a lithe yet athletic build, her features angular and striking. Her short, raven-black hair contrasts with the vibrant neon makeup accentuating her sharp blue eyes. Cybernetic enhancements are visible beneath her clothing, suggesting a mix of functionality and style. The subdued appearance hides a deceptive edge, hinting at a past that's more turbulent than her current demeanor suggests.

Me: "The night is young, Nyx. Sign me up for the whole thing."

The night unfolds with a mix of beats, laughter, and shared stories. Nyx, once reserved, opens up, sharing tales of her own escapades in Night City's underbelly. The other members of the boosterganger crew join in, creating a lively atmosphere.

As the hours pass, the air in the bar thickens with the scent of anticipation, the kind that precedes both danger and excitement. Neon lights flicker, casting colorful shadows on the worn floor. The boostergangers, now a new addition to your night, await what comes next. The city pulses around you, each beat a promise of potential chaos and unforgettable moments.

Me: What kind of stories are they telling?

The boostergangers share tales of daring heists, close calls with rival gangs, and encounters with Night City's infamous characters. Nyx recounts a time when she and her crew infiltrated a high-security Arasaka facility, narrowly escaping with valuable tech. Another member, a wiry techie named Razor, spins a yarn about hacking into Militech's systems and leaving a digital calling card that sent shockwaves through the corporation.

The stories are a chaotic symphony of survival, betrayal, and the ever-elusive thrill of outsmarting the megacorps. The boostergangers wear their scars with pride, badges of honor earned in the unforgiving streets of Night City.

Me: "I like you Nyx. Takes ovaries of steel to take on Arasaka."

Nyx grins, appreciating the compliment. "Got to keep the edge, you know? In this city, if you're not pushing the limits, you're yesterday's news. So, Ellie, what's your story? Heard you've been making waves lately."

The other boostergangers lean in, their curiosity piqued. Razor, the techie, raises an eyebrow, eager to hear your tales.

Me: I tell them all about my career and my latest concerts and riots. The whole time, I keep looking at Nyx and grinning and touching her arm and her cheek.

As you regale them with tales of your fiery performances, Razor, the techie, seems impressed by the chaos you've caused. Nyx is attentive, and her demeanor shifts subtly, showing a mix of intrigue and amusement. She seems to enjoy your company and the stories you're sharing.

The other boostergangers nod along, clearly intrigued by your exploits. After a while, Nyx leans in, her lips close to your ear, and she whispers, "You know, we've got a little gig of our own tonight. A warehouse not too far from here. A little wild, a little secret. Interested?"

Me: "Actually, I was kinda hoping to go back to your place, Nyx. Spend some time just me and you, but I'd be down for burning something down first, if that's what gets you going."

Nyx grins mischievously, "Burning things down is always fun, but a private performance might be even better. Let's light up the night together."

With that, she leads you out of the bar, and you head towards the chaotic and vibrant Night City streets, ready to explore what the night has in store for you.

Me: "My bike's over here. I could give us a ride back to your place, if you're game."

Nyx gives you a sultry smile, "I'm always up for a joyride, especially with someone like you. Lead the way, Ellie." Together, you make your way through the neon-lit streets to where your Yamaha Rapier is parked. The night is young, and the city pulses with life as you rev up the engine, the two of you riding off into the unknown.

Me: I'm going to have her direct me back to her home.

Nyx directs you through the labyrinthine streets of Night City, leading you to a modest apartment building in a quieter district. As you arrive, she looks at you with a mischievous grin, "Welcome to my humble abode, Ellie. Make yourself at home."

Me: I let her lead me inside. I want to see what the place looks like before I make any moves I might regret.

Nyx's apartment is a cozy yet eclectic space, adorned with dim lighting and an assortment of vintage decor. The air is laced with the faint aroma of incense. The walls bear witness to an assortment of art, ranging from abstract paintings to neon-lit signs salvaged from Night City's vibrant streets.

Nyx invites you to take a seat on a well-worn couch, and as you do, she heads towards a corner that houses a compact bar. "Drink?" she offers, gesturing to a variety of bottles lining the shelves.

Me: "Please. What are we drinking?"

Nyx smiles as she starts preparing a couple of glasses. "How about some old-fashioned bourbon? I've got a bottle that's been aging quite nicely."

As she pours the rich amber liquid into the glasses, she looks over her shoulder and adds, "You strike me as someone who appreciates the classics. Am I right?"

Me: "It's like we were made for each other," I tease, accepting the bourbon. "Lemme guess, you're into girls too?"

Nyx grins, raising an eyebrow. "I appreciate beauty in all its forms. Gender doesn't matter much to me, just the vibe. And I must say, you're giving off some pretty good vibes tonight."

She clinks her glass against yours. "To new connections and wild nights."

Me: "To new connections." I salute her with the glass and then take a long sip. "So bi or pan? Please don't tell me you're ace."

She laughs, a sultry sound that fills the room. "Bi, darling. I like a bit of everything. Keeps life interesting, you know?"

Nyx takes a sip of her drink, her gaze never leaving yours. "What about you, Ellie? What's your flavor?"

Me: "I like wild girls. Bad girls," I take another deep sip. "I make a show of being tough, but I like to be pursued. I like a woman with the fire to make the first move."

Nyx smirks, her eyes gleaming with mischief. "Is that so? Well, Ellie, I don't mind playing with fire. I can be as wild as they come."

The atmosphere between you two becomes charged with a sense of anticipation, the unspoken understanding lingering in the air. Nyx moves closer, the distance between you shrinking. The night stretches ahead, filled with the promise of something thrilling and untamed.

Me: "Are you going to kiss me, Nyx, or are you going to keep teasing me?"

Nyx leans in, her lips brushing against yours in a tantalizing dance. The kiss is a slow burn, filled with the kind of passion that ignites the night. The world fades away, and for a moment, it's just the two of you, lost in the heat of the moment.

As the kiss deepens, you feel the wildness in Nyx matching the fire within you. The night unfolds, and you find yourself immersed in a connection that goes beyond words.

Me: When the kiss ends, I'm going to chug the last of my bourbon, take Nyx by the hand and lead her to the bedroom.

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The night unfolds in a tapestry of shared desires and passionate moments. The connection with Nyx grows stronger, each touch and caress weaving a story of its own. As the night progresses, the two of you lose yourselves in the rhythm of passion, creating a melody that resonates through the darkness.

When dawn breaks, you find yourselves wrapped in the aftermath of shared intimacy. The room, now bathed in the soft light of morning, holds the memories of a night that sparked between two souls seeking connection in the chaotic embrace of Night City.

As you lay there, you wonder what the coming days hold for you — a mix of gigs, chaos, and perhaps the continuation of a newfound connection. The city pulses with life, and you, Ellie V, are ready to face whatever challenges and adventures come your way.

Me: Is Nyx still there with me?

As you awaken, you find yourself alone in the room. The soft morning light filtering through the curtains suggests that some time has passed since your night of passion. It seems Nyx has left, leaving you with the echoes of the shared moments.

The room is quiet, and the city beyond the window continues its relentless hustle. As you gather your thoughts and begin to rise, you wonder about the events that await you. The Rusty Nail gig is on the horizon, and the city beckons with its promises and perils. What path will Ellie V tread in the days to come?

Me: Is she still in the apartment or did she leave me alone in her apartment?

As you look around the room, you realize that Nyx is no longer there. It seems she left the apartment, leaving you alone. The air carries a mixture of memories and the faint scent of the previous night's escapade. The clock is ticking, and you can feel the pulse of Night City waiting for your next move. What will you do?

Me: I'm going to wander around her place looking at things, not snooping, but exploring, trying to get a sense of who she really is from the things she keeps around her.

As you wander around Nyx's apartment, you notice various items that offer glimpses into her life. The decor is a mix of functional and personal touches. There's a small collection of vintage vinyl records, suggesting a taste for classic music. A sleek cyberdeck on a desk hints at tech-savviness, and a worn leather jacket tossed over a chair suggests a fondness for a rebellious style.

On a shelf, you find a few trinkets—a small figurine, a keychain from a past event, and a faded photograph of Nyx with a group of friends, smiling in happier times. It seems she values memories and connections, even in the chaotic world of Night City.

As you take in these details, you can't help but wonder about Nyx's story and what led her to this point. The city has a way of shaping people, and Nyx appears to be no exception. What's your next move?

Me: Did I get her phone number?

Yes, you have Nyx's phone number. It's stored in your contacts. If you wish to continue your interactions with her, you can decide what you'd like to do next. What's your plan?

Me: The gig at The Rusty Nail is tonight, right?

Yes, the gig at The Rusty Nail is scheduled for tonight. You have some time before the performance. What would you like to do?

Me: I write Nyx a message inviting her to the gig and telling her I'd really like to see her there.

You send Nyx a message inviting her to the gig at The Rusty Nail and expressing your desire to see her there. She quickly responds with enthusiasm, saying she wouldn't miss it for the world. Is there anything specific you'd like to do before the gig?

Me: I'm going to head out. I'm going to get on my Yamaha and head back home so I can shower, eat, get a little buzzed and start getting ready for tonight's gig.

You hop on your Yamaha and ride back home. As you approach your place, you notice the familiar sights of Night City and the neon glow reflecting off the buildings. When you arrive, you can see the cityscape stretching out before you.

What's your plan as you prepare for the upcoming gig at The Rusty Nail?

Me: I'm going to head inside my place.

You step into your apartment, a small but familiar space that serves as your refuge in the chaotic urban jungle. The air is thick with the mix of scents—cigarette smoke, leftover takeout, and a hint of the city's grit. Luna, Axia, and the others have left their marks here, turning it into a space that echoes the essence of your chosen family.

What's your first move as you step inside?

Me: Feeling a little self-conscious now that I've met someone I like, I'm going to tidy up the place.

You spend some time tidying up, putting away scattered clothes, and making the place look a bit more presentable. As you move about the room, memories flash before your eyes—late-night jam sessions, laughter, and the occasional heated argument that always ends in camaraderie. It's a space filled with shared experiences, both joyous and challenging.

After your quick cleanup, what's next on your agenda?

Me: I'm going to cram down a frozen burrito and a beer and then hop in the shower.

You hastily devour the frozen burrito, wash it down with a beer, and head for the shower. The warm water feels refreshing, washing away the day's sweat and grime. As the water cascades over you, you can't help but think about the upcoming gig at The Rusty Nail and the potential chaos that may unfold.

Once you're cleaned up, what's your plan for the remainder of the evening before the gig?

Me: I'm going to check in with my bandmates to make sure they're all ready for the night's gig.

You reach out to your bandmates to ensure everyone is prepared for the gig at The Rusty Nail. Axia, Luna, and the rest of the crew confirm their readiness. The anticipation and excitement for the upcoming performance are palpable through the messages.

As you make these arrangements, you receive a response from Nyx. She expresses enthusiasm about attending the gig and mentions that she's looking forward to seeing you perform. It seems like she's up for the night's entertainment.

With your bandmates ready and Nyx on board, you've got some time before the gig. What's your plan now?

Me: I'm going to spend the time getting ready and making myself look as sexy as I can. When I'm all ready and looking absolutely nova I'm going to grab my guitar, hop on my bike and head to The Rusty Nail.

You spend time primping and prepping, ensuring you look as captivating as ever. Your chosen outfit oozes style and attitude, a perfect reflection of your Rockergirl persona. Once satisfied with your appearance, you grab your guitar, hop on your Yamaha, and ride toward The Rusty Nail.

The night is alive with the neon glow of Night City. As you approach the venue, the thumping bass and distant cheers let you know the Rusty Nail is already buzzing with energy. Parking your bike, you make your way inside, where the atmosphere is thick with anticipation.

The stage is set, and the crowd is a mix of locals, street kids, and even some boostergangers. It's the perfect audience for the kind of spectacle you and the Valkyries are known for. Coyote, your contact, is already there, giving you a nod as you make your way backstage.

The Rusty Nail is known for its gritty charm and the perfect place for the kind of performance you're about to deliver. Your bandmates are tuning their instruments, and Luna is testing the levels on her synth. Axia flashes you a grin, and the excitement in the air is contagious.

What's your plan in the moments leading up to the performance?

Me: Where's Seraph?

As you look around backstage, you notice Seraph is not present. Concerned, you quickly reach for your phone and send her a message: "Hey Seraph, we're about to hit the stage at The Rusty Nail. Where are you? Everything okay?"

The minutes leading up to the performance are ticking away, and the absence of Seraph raises some worry. You hope to receive a prompt response from her. Meanwhile, your bandmates are getting into the zone, and the crowd's anticipation is growing. What else do you do in these moments of tension and excitement?

Me: Do I have time to go to Seraph's place and see if she's there before the concert starts?

The clock is ticking, and your gig at The Rusty Nail is about to start. While you're concerned about Seraph's absence, it might be tight on time to head to her place and return before the concert begins. You can make a quick decision: either prioritize getting ready for the performance or take a risk and check on Seraph. What will it be?

Me: Fuck it, her loss. We're doing this without her. I let my other bandmates know and I get ready to head out on stage.

You make the call to focus on the gig, and you quickly notify your bandmates about the situation. It's showtime. You grab your guitar, feeling the familiar weight in your hands, and head to The Rusty Nail.

The venue is alive with energy as you step inside. The atmosphere is charged, a mix of anticipation and excitement. The crowd is buzzing, and the neon lights paint the room in vibrant hues.

Your bandmates are already setting up on stage, Luna tuning her guitar, Axia adjusting the drum kit, and the rest of the crew getting everything in order. Coyote is in the background, overseeing the preparations. The Rusty Nail is known for its eclectic mix of patrons, and tonight, it seems like everyone is eager for a memorable night.

As you step onto the stage, the crowd's roar fills the air. The Rusty Nail is ready for a night to remember. What's the first song you decide to kick off the performance with?

Me: Is Nyx there?

As you scan the crowd, your eyes lock onto a familiar face. Nyx is indeed there, standing near the front. She gives you a sultry smile, and the connection you felt earlier seems to intensify in the dim glow of the venue.

It's a reassuring sight, and the presence of someone you're drawn to adds a unique spark to the atmosphere. The anticipation in the air becomes electric as you prepare to start the show.

What's the first song you decide to play, knowing Nyx is in the audience?

Me: I'm going to kick off with our newest song, Riot Anthem. I'm going to throw my all into it.

The crowd roars with excitement as you and your bandmates launch into "Riot Anthem." The raw energy of the song electrifies the atmosphere, and the pulsating rhythm resonates with the audience. You feel a connection with Nyx, the music weaving a bridge between you on stage and her in the crowd.

The performance is a hit, and the crowd responds with cheers and applause. As the set progresses, you maintain a high level of intensity, each song building on the last. You catch glimpses of Nyx throughout the performance, and her enthusiastic reaction fuels your passion.

Towards the end of the set, you decide to close with a crowd favorite, "Electric Vixen." The familiar chords echo through the venue, and the audience goes wild. The energy in the room is palpable, and you lose yourself in the music, playing your heart out.

As the final notes of "Electric Vixen" echo, the crowd erupts in cheers. Sweat drips down your face, but you're beaming with satisfaction. The Rusty Nail has witnessed another unforgettable performance by the Valkyries.

What do you do after the set?


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