Trek Among The Derelicts (Session 2)

(OOC: Are there any bodies? Oracle: Yes, but)
(OOC: Is there power? Oracle: Critical Yes)
(OOC: Are there any hazards? Oracle: Critical Yes)

“Get back!”

I throw my hands up to shield my face the instant I stumble into the engineering section just outside of the cargo bay. A quick glance is all it takes– everything is on fire. Worse than on fire. It’s a plasma leak, and it’s burning the whole section down with it.

(from prompting ChatGPT)

“Crewman!” I shout, trying to see past the geyser of fire to get an idea of who’s gotten trapped in here with the leak. Ash piles and blood in the carpet tell me that, as desperate as this guy’s situation is, he’s probably the lucky one. Probably. “Can you reach the junction shut-off valve?”

(from prompting ChatGPT - Art from Bing)

“No!” he shouts back, and I realize after an instant that I’ve heard his voice before. Of course! The helmsman! But down here? Why isn’t he on the bridge? “I’m pinned down!”

We have to get the leak locked down fast, I realize. The way it’s burning, it’ll spread to the surrounding sections in no time if we don’t seal it off. Radiation levels are already climbing, and even if I get the thing sealed immediately, the helmsman will still probably have a hell of a sunburn. 

Not that I’ve ever sealed a plasma leak before. 

What the hell am I thinking!? I’m not even an engineer!

But I have to do something. I have to try. I have to get in there, I have to give it my all, and I have to do it quick.

Roll: 2 White Dice (Technical) + 2 Red Dice (Health): 6 (+1 for tools) 6 & 5 & 1
Seal Plasma Leak difficulty: 3 White Dice: 5 & 4 & 3

By some miracle, the toolkit I grabbed from the command station in the cargo bay has everything I need to seal the leak. I work at it carefully, closing the breach from the sides until I can snap it off and reinforce it so it won’t blow again anytime soon. When the work is finally done, I collapse down against the wall, wiping the sweat from my face and thanking all the stars I didn’t fall asleep in Admiral McKinnis’s emergency field repairs class.

“Wulfe?” Helmsman Reed is there in an instant, checking me for burns until I stop him. The worst I’m dealing with is soot and grime, but Reed has some nasty radiation burns that are going to take genuine medical attention to deal with. If only I had a medical kit, or an EMH.

Or anything.

The only thing I can seem to find that might be even remotely useful is this damn fusion capacitor unit. 

“What happened, Jon?” I ask him as I scoop up the fusion capacitor, turning it over in my hands.  He only shakes his head.

“I was off shift,” he says. “Hawkins was on duty for this run. All I heard was a crash. Whatever happened threw me out of bed. I couldn’t raise anybody on my combadge, so I got dressed and tried to find somebody. Didn’t get far before I ended up here.”

“Maybe there’s a dampening field,” I hit my combadge again to test it, to see if it connects to his.

(OOC: Does my combadge connect to Reed’s? Oracle: Yes)

“It works,” he grins despite the burns on the side of his face. “Good, we can stay in contact.”

“We’re not splitting up,” I tell him, knowing I outrank him. “A minute ago, I was on the other side of that door and couldn’t raise anyone. If there’s some kind of local dampening field and we split up, we won’t be able to help each other.”

“Good thinking,” he says, gesturing at the only door out of this scorched room. “After you, Lieutenant Commander.”

Our Officer:

Lt. Commander Elara Wulfe
Red (Health): 2
Blue (Bio-Science): 3
White (Technical): 2
Green (Agility): 2
Black (Shooting): 1

PADD with Starfleet Intelligence File on it.
PADD with First Contact Protocol on it.
Box of isolinear chips
Phaser (energy low).
A standard issue tool kit
Fusion capacitor


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