Ellie V and the Valkyries 10 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


Man oh man, the errors really came out to play this session. I'm not sure what the issue was / is, but holy cow was it one error after another for a while there. Also, the lag in response time is getting longer and longer. We're up to about two minutes per response now.

Maybe there's a big load on the system right now with the rollout of the new GPTs, the DDOS attacks, or maybe it's just because the transcript for the game can only go so long before the AI starts losing its mind. Of course, considering the number of details it has to keep track of and the number of little things it gets right, it's actually performing quite well. The errors are glaring, but they are few and easy to navigate around, for the most part.

I think the thing that I like most about this particular session is how terribly it could all go, given the events that have unfolded here. It showcases how precarious of a situation this is, what an incredible bubble of luck in which various forms of insanity collide to create what is probably only a moment of beauty and safety before a spectacular collapse that is surely coming. Everybody in this city is crazy, and in a crazy time, sometimes the only way to survive is to do crazy things.

Anyway, transcript follows:



ChatGPT, I'd like to modify some of the parameters of the game.

1. Please make the game more dangerous for the player character and my allies. I've probably made a few enemies and surely there are people looking to flatline us.

2. Please increase the risk in dangerous situations. There should be a very real possibility that my character or her allies could become injured, mortally wounded or flatlined in the course of play.

3. Please increase the likelihood of dangerous, unpredictable narrative twists in the storyline as we move forward.

Certainly, I'll keep these adjustments in mind. The game will be more perilous, with increased threats to your character and allies, higher stakes in dangerous situations, and an elevated chance of unexpected narrative twists. Brace yourself for a more intense and unpredictable journey in Night City! Let's continue with the story. What's next for your character?

Me: Really ramp it up for me. I want a crazy dangerous, exciting game moving forward.

Absolutely, let's dial up the intensity and unpredictability. As you navigate the streets of Night City, the risks and challenges will be higher, with potential dangers lurking around every corner. The city's underbelly is buzzing with activity, and your actions will have even more significant consequences. Get ready for a wild ride, and let's see how your character faces the escalating dangers of Night City. What's your next move?

Me: I wake up at some point in the late morning, probably hungover but already grinning. What's going on?

As you slowly open your eyes, the light filtering through your window reveals a dim room with remnants of last night's chaos scattered about. You hear the distant sounds of the city, a mixture of sirens, distant music, and the low hum of urban life. Nyx and Seraph are still peacefully asleep beside you, and the room is filled with the faint scent of beer and pizza.

Your phone, lying on the bedside table, starts buzzing with notifications. Glancing at the screen, you see messages pouring in from various sources. Your bandmates, roadies, and groupies are sharing updates about the aftermath of the gig at Arasaka Tower. The news outlets are abuzz with coverage, some praising the audacity of your guerrilla performance, while others speculate on the potential repercussions.

What do you want to check first or do upon waking up?

Me: Is my phone one of those new waterproof ones?

Your phone is not waterproof. It's a sleek model designed for efficiency and performance, but it doesn't have the water-resistant features. You'll need to handle it with care, especially if there's the lingering scent of beer in the room. What would you like to check on your phone first?

Me: Ah damn, ah well. Ok, I'm going to stumble out of bed, grab my phone, and while I'm checking my notifications, I'm going to head into the kitchen, find a piece of pizza, find a beer and start making coffee. Give me a summary of what's on my phone.

As you check your phone, you find a flurry of notifications:

News Coverage: The guerrilla gig you and the Valkyries pulled off last night is making headlines across Night City. Various news outlets are reporting on the chaos and excitement generated by your performance, with many praising the rebellious spirit of the event.

Social Media: Your social media is buzzing with activity. Fans are sharing videos and images from the gig, and the Valkyries' social media accounts have gained a significant number of new followers. There are also messages from other Night City bands expressing both admiration and, in some cases, envy.

Messages: There's a message from Wildcard, your fixer, expressing both awe at the daring gig and a warning about potential fallout. It seems the authorities and some less-than-friendly figures might be looking for payback.

Payment Notifications: A few gig payments have come through, adding to your eddies. However, there's a note from a fixer named Rogue, indicating that she has a job offer for you. Rogue is known for dealing with risky and unconventional tasks.

What would you like to do first?

Me: What's the gig from Rogue? Not promising I'll take it, but I am curious.

Rogue's message reads:

"Hey there, rocker. Word on the street is you and your crew pulled off quite the show. Impressive. Got a job that might be up your alley. I've got a client looking to retrieve some sensitive data from a well-protected Arasaka facility. It's a high-risk, high-reward kind of deal. If you're interested, swing by the Afterlife. We can talk details face-to-face. Just a warning, though, this one's not for the faint-hearted."

Do you want to consider this job from Rogue, or do you have other priorities?

Me: I dash off a quick response to Rogue: "We play music, choom. You want us to play music, then we can talk. You want a solo or a netrunner, I'm not your girl."

Rogue replies shortly after, "Fair enough. I'll keep you in mind if something more musical comes up. Take care, V."

What's your plan for the day?

Me: Any official statements from Arasaka about last night's gig?

You check various news sources, but there hasn't been any official statement from Arasaka regarding the guerrilla gig at their tower. It seems like they're keeping things hush-hush for now. The media, however, is buzzing with discussions, speculations, and some praise for the audacious event. It appears to be a mix of curiosity, excitement, and concern about the potential fallout.

Me: How many eddies I got?

After settling your bills, paying your bandmates, and covering some expenses, you currently have around 22,000 eddies left.

Me: Anybody get any really nova photos of me playing guitar at the gig last night?

Yes, you find several stunning photos of yourself performing at the gig last night. The images capture the intensity of the moment, with the riotous crowd in the background and the chaos surrounding the stage. The photographs showcase you as a central figure in the electrifying event.

Me: I'm totally saving these to my phone. I'm also going to share them across our social media accounts, tagging the photographers who took them so they get proper attribution.

Great idea! The images quickly garner attention and start circulating across social media platforms. Fans and followers express their excitement, and the photographs become iconic representations of the rebellious spirit of the Valkyries. The photographers appreciate the exposure, and your band gains even more visibility in Night City. The buzz around the Valkyries continues to grow.

Me: I'm going to chug a cold beer, pour myself a cup of coffee and sip on the coffee while I tinker around with lyrics for a new song, seeing what I can come up with until Nyx and Seraph start to stir.

As you work on the lyrics, the ideas flow, fueled by the events of the previous night and the current atmosphere in Night City. The new song begins to take shape, capturing the raw energy and rebellious spirit of the Valkyries. It's shaping up to be a powerful addition to your setlist.

Nyx and Seraph start to stir, drawn by the aroma of coffee and the sound of your guitar. The three of you, connected not just by the music but by the experiences you've shared, have a new day ahead in the electrifying landscape of Night City.

Me: I give each a kiss in turn, then ask them what they want to do today. No gigs lined up, nothing we have to do. Should we just take a day off or keep the pressure up with our gigging?

Nyx and Seraph exchange glances, and Nyx responds, "How about a mix of both? We could use a bit of downtime, maybe explore Night City, see what's happening on the streets. But hey, if something interesting comes up, who says we can't turn it into an impromptu gig?"

Seraph nods in agreement, "Sounds good to me. A little adventure, a little relaxation. Keeps things interesting."

The day stretches out ahead of you, full of possibilities in the vibrant chaos of Night City. What's the plan?

Me: Better get cleaned up, then. I'm going to shower. They're welcome to join if they want or do their own thing.

Nyx smirks playfully, "I'll join. Why not make it a party?" Seraph chuckles and says, "Count me in too. Might as well save water and have some fun."

The three of you share a lively and refreshing shower, energized for whatever the day holds. Once cleaned up, you find yourselves ready to hit the streets of Night City. What's the first destination or activity on the agenda?

Me: I'm gonna let them decide. What are their suggestions?

Nyx suggests, "How about we check out that new bar that opened up in Westbrook? Heard they've got some wild live performances." Seraph adds, "Or we could head to Pacifica. I heard there's a street market going on. Maybe find some interesting stuff there."

What's your preference, or do you have another idea in mind?

Me: Why not do both? Let's hit the street market in Pacifica first, then head over to the Westbrook bar afterward. Let's take NCART since there are three of us.

Great choice! The three of you take the NCART and head to Pacifica. The street market is lively, filled with a variety of vendors selling everything from cyberware components to handcrafted items. The atmosphere is vibrant, and you find some unique pieces that catch your eye.

After exploring Pacifica, you hop back on the NCART and make your way to Westbrook. The bar, named "Neon Mirage," lives up to its reputation. Neon lights flash in vibrant colors, and the music pouring out from inside promises an exciting experience. The bar's stage is currently empty, but it looks like they host live performances regularly.

What do you want to do at Neon Mirage? Explore the bar, grab a drink, or perhaps inquire about potential future gigs?

Me: I'll grab a drink and ask about their gig schedule.

You approach the bar, the bartender greets you with a nod. The array of colorful bottles behind the bar catches your eye. You order your drink of choice, and the bartender swiftly prepares it for you.

With drink in hand, you turn to the bartender and ask about Neon Mirage's gig schedule. The bartender, a seasoned-looking individual with cybernetic enhancements, leans in and shares that they have live performances every other night. The next gig is scheduled for tomorrow night, featuring a local rock band called "Sonic Shadows."

As you sip your drink, you notice a small stage in the corner where the bands usually perform. It seems like a great spot for the Valkyries to showcase their talent. What's your next move?

Me: Oh, wait, before that, what did I pick up at the street market before we came to the bar?

You browsed through the lively street market in Pacifica and found a unique piece of cyberpunk art—a handcrafted neon sign in the shape of a Valkyrie wing. It's a striking and symbolic addition to your collection. The artist assured you that it would look great in any night city apartment.

You brought it along with you to the bar. As you take a sip of your drink, you glance at the neon sign, envisioning how it will add character to your living space. What do you want to do next?

Me: That sounds super cool. Hell yeah! Ok, back to the bar. Have I heard of this band, "Sonic Shadows" before?

"Sonic Shadows" is a local Night City band known for their high-energy performances and a mix of punk and electronic influences. They've gained a following in the local music scene and are known for their dynamic stage presence. While not as famous as some of the major acts in Night City, they have a dedicated fan base. The announcement of their gig at the Westbrook bar seems to have generated some buzz in the local music community. What would you like to do now?

Me: Preem. What's the bartender's name?

The bartender at the Westbrook bar introduces themselves as Max. They're a middle-aged individual with a no-nonsense demeanor, efficiently handling orders and keeping an eye on the patrons. What's your next move?

Me: "Max, you heard of Ellie V and the Valkyries? We've been making some noise lately."

Max glances at you with a raised eyebrow, taking a moment to assess your presence. "Yeah, heard of you. You're the ones who stirred up a storm at Arasaka Tower, right? What brings you here?"

Me: "Looking for gigs, choom! You got any space in your schedule? We could make this the hottest bar in Westbrook for one night if the eddies are right."

Max leans back, crossing his arms, a faint smile playing on his lips. "Hottest bar, huh? That's a big claim. But I like bold. Let's hear what you've got. What's the offer?"

Me: "Full set. Twelve songs plus an encore if the crowd is hot for it."

Max tilts his head, considering. "Twelve songs, that's a decent run. I'm interested. But I want something special, something that'll draw the crowd and keep them coming back. You got any unique twists to throw into the performance?"

Me: "We pack every venue we book. That not enough?"

Max leans back, swirling a rag in a glass absentmindedly. "Packing the place is one thing, keeping them coming back is another. You need a hook, something they'll remember. Maybe a special theme for the night, or a unique collaboration. Give the audience an experience they can't get anywhere else."

Me: "You're talking like you have something in mind. Spill the deets and we'll see."

Max chuckles, "Alright, alright. How about a theme night, something wild and memorable? Maybe a Cyberpunk Retro Night. You and your band could dress up in retro Cyberpunk style, play some classic tunes with a modern twist. Get the crowd in on it too, encourage them to come in retro-futuristic outfits. Could be a blast, and people love a good theme night."

Me: "Ugh, theme night? What kind of corpo crap is this?" I'm going to splash the rest of my drink in his face. "Come on, girls. This place is a dump."

Max sputters, wiping the drink off his face, "Hey, hey, no need for that. Just trying to suggest something fun. You don't have to do it if you don't want to." The few patrons in the bar look on, some amused, others indifferent. Nyx and Seraph exchange glances, ready to follow your lead.

Me: This guy's bar is obviously not our kind of venue. We're not sell outs. I'm going to head back out to the street.

You step back out into the bustling streets of Westbrook, the neon lights and crowds continuing their chaotic dance. Nyx and Seraph follow suit, the three of you once again in the midst of Night City's lively chaos. What's the plan now?

Me: What time is it getting to be?

It's mid-afternoon, and the sun is gradually starting its descent in the sky. The city's lights are beginning to flicker to life, casting vibrant hues across the urban landscape. What's your next move?

Me: "Been a decent day so far. Any ideas on where to go from here?"

Nyx suggests, "How about we check out that new ripperdoc in Japantown? I've heard they've got some cutting-edge enhancements." Seraph adds, "Or we could swing by the Afterlife, see if there's any interesting gigs or opportunities there. What do you think, boss?"

Me: "I'm good on cyberware, but if you want to head over there, Nyx, you do you. I'm going to go with Seraph's idea, see what's up at Afterlife."

As you head to Afterlife, the renowned club in Westbrook, you can feel the city's pulse intensify. The neon glow, the distant hum of flying cars, and the eclectic mix of people contribute to Night City's unique atmosphere. As you approach the entrance of Afterlife, the imposing black doors open automatically, revealing the familiar interior, dimly lit with neon accents.

The bouncer, a burly and cybernetically enhanced figure, nods at you as you enter. The club is alive with music, chatter, and the clinking of glasses. People from all walks of life are gathered here, from fixers discussing deals to mercenaries looking for work.

You spot a familiar face at the bar – Kerry Eurodyne, the legendary rockerboy and former Night City icon. He's sipping a drink and seems lost in thought. What do you want to do?

Me: Is Nyx with us or is it just me and Seraph?

Nyx is with you and Seraph as you enter Afterlife. The three of you stand at the entrance, taking in the atmosphere of the iconic club. Kerry Eurodyne is at the bar, seemingly lost in thought. What would you like to do?

Me: I'm going to sit next to him, bold as hell, and wrap my arm around his shoulder. I'm gonna grin and say nothing, see if he recognizes me.

Kerry glances at you, and a spark of recognition flashes in his eyes. He smirks and says, "Well, well. If it ain't the Valkyrie herself. What brings you back to Afterlife, and who are your friends?"

What's your response?

Me: "These are my inputs, Nyx and Seraph, so don't get any ideas," I tease. "You between gigs? Just catching a drink? Unwinding?"

Kerry smirks and takes a sip of his drink. "Yeah, between gigs. Figured I'd enjoy a quiet moment away from the chaos. And you? Valkyrie business or just checking in on the old haunts?"

What's your response?

Me: "Little of both. Schedule's clear of gigs right now. Kinda sniffing around, looking for the next place to play, make some eddies before we pull our next riot and give Arasaka another bloody nose."

Kerry raises an eyebrow, intrigued. "Pulling another riot, huh? Sounds like my kind of show. You're looking for a venue, or you got something else in mind?"

Me: "Looking for a venue, yeah. If you've seen our show, you know how much a love to burn corpo shit. Makes it hard sometimes to find a place to play." I laugh at my own joke. "You still playing for Samurai or you going solo these days?"

Kerry smirks. "Samurai? Nah, I've been doing some solo work. Got my own thing going on. Speaking of gigs, though, you might want to check out The Red Dragon. They're always on the lookout for acts like yours. It's in Japantown."

Me: "Preem. Japantown, though? Might be a risky place for a gig, given how much trouble I gave Arasaka last night."

Kerry raises an eyebrow. "You caused some trouble with Arasaka? Sounds like my kind of gig. Anyway, The Red Dragon is run by someone who's not exactly Arasaka's biggest fan. They might appreciate your style there. Plus, the crowd's diverse. Give it a shot."

Me: "Hey, if it's got your recommendation, it's worth a look at least," I pat him on the shoulder as I get up. "And if you ever get tired of playing solo and want to burn shit with us on stage at one of our gigs, give me a call. I'll send you my deets."

Kerry smirks. "You got it. If you ever need a guest guitarist, you know where to find me. Good luck with The Red Dragon. Rock the place."

Me: I'm going to head out of Afterlife with my inputs. How are they doing?

Nyx and Seraph seem in good spirits. Nyx, always composed, follows you with a subtle smile. Seraph, eager and lively, seems to enjoy the encounter with Kerry Eurodyne. The night is still young in Night City, and the possibilities stretch ahead. What's your next move?

Me: We're going to catch the NCART down to Japantown and check out The Red Dragon

You hop on the NCART and head to Japantown. The Red Dragon stands as a prominent fixture in the district, its vibrant lights and cultural allure pulling you in. As you enter, the atmosphere shifts to a blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and a futuristic, cyberpunk edge.

The place is bustling with activity. Patrons engage in conversation, some enjoying drinks, others immersed in AR games. The low hum of ambient music provides a backdrop to the lively chatter.

Seated at the bar is a familiar face – Zack, the fixer you've worked with before. He spots you and waves you over. "Hey there! Long time no see. What brings you to The Red Dragon tonight?"

Me: Remind me, real quick, when I've worked with Zack before. The name isn't familiar.

You recall Zack as a fixer you've worked with a few times in the past. He's well-connected in Night City and has helped you secure gigs and handle some minor business dealings. While not a major player, Zack has proven reliable and resourceful when you needed assistance.

Me: Preem. I nod at Zack and say: "Zack! Thought that was you! Got a recommendation from Mr. Eurodyne himself that this was a place with enough hop to stand some Valkyrie fire. We're looking for a place to play. Schedule needs a few more gigs in it."

Zack looks up from his drink, his eyes lighting up as he recognizes you. "Hey there! Ellie V! The Valkyries, right? You made quite a scene at Arasaka Tower. That was wild. Samurai's been talking about it. You want gigs? Well, you came to the right fixer." He grins and motions for you to take a seat.

"I know a place. The Red Dragon in Japantown. Good spot, eclectic crowd. They're open to fresh sounds, and they love a bit of chaos. Sound good to you?"

Me: ChatGPT, uh, hold up, aren't we already at The Red Dragon?

Apologies for the confusion. Yes, you're already at The Red Dragon in Japantown. Zack's suggestion was for this venue, and you're currently in the midst of discussing potential gigs. If there's anything specific you'd like to do or inquire about at The Red Dragon, feel free to let me know!

Me: "Samurai's been talking about us? The Samurai? Mr. Silverhand himself?"

Zack nods and says, "Yeah, Johnny's got a way of keeping an eye on what's happening in the music scene. He digs your style, says you know how to bring the chaos to the stage. If you're looking for gigs, you're in the right place. The Red Dragon loves a bit of chaos."

He glances around the venue. "You want to book a slot? We can set something up."

Me: "Nova. Absolutely nova." I tell him. "What's the next slot and what's the pay?"

Zack pulls out a small electronic pad and starts scrolling through it. After a moment, he looks up and says, "We've got an opening two nights from now. It's a prime slot, and the pay is 8,000 eddies. What do you say?"

Me: "Preem. Book us. We'll be here."

Zack nods. "Great. I'll put your name down for the slot. Looking forward to it. Good luck with your gigs until then."

Me: "You wouldn't happen to know when Silverhand's next gig is, would you? Might want to catch it, meet the man himself."

Zack leans in slightly, lowering his voice. "Keep an eye on the news. Word is, Silverhand might be making a surprise appearance soon. No guarantees, but it's been the talk lately."

Me: "Thanks for the heads-up, choom," I clap him on the back. "See you here two nights from now. Gonna be a hell of a show."

Zack nods with a grin. "Looking forward to it. Don't disappoint, V. See you then."

Me: I'm going to delta back to the street and shoot off messages to Axia and Luna, letting them know. What are Nyx and Seraph doing?

Nyx and Seraph seem engaged in conversation, likely discussing their plans for the day or sharing some banter. They look ready to follow your lead.

Me: "I'm going to head home and go over my gear. Haven't given it a good deep clean in weeks. Not every night has to be a party night."

Nyx nods and says, "Sounds like a plan. I might join you later. Got a few things I need to sort out as well."

Seraph adds, "Yeah, same here. Need to tune up my guitar and work on some new riffs. Catch you later at the place, Johnny?"

Me: Why is Seraph calling me Johnny?

My apologies for the oversight. In the context of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, Johnny Silverhand is a prominent character and a rockerboy, and it seems Seraph mistakenly referred to you by his name. You can correct her or let it slide based on your preference in the game.

Me: I laugh about her mistake. "I guess it's an honor being mistaken for the great Johnny Silverhand, just don't call me that name in bed and we'll stay good."

Seraph laughs along with you, "No promises, but I'll try to remember. Now, you two have a good time. I'll catch you later, Johnny... I mean, V." She winks and heads off to her place.

Me: "Seraph, wait!"

Seraph turns back to you, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

Me: "You're still being hunted by the Razorheads. If you need something from your place, I should go with you to get it. I can't protect you if you go somewhere alone."

Seraph looks at you, a mix of surprise and gratitude in her eyes. "Thanks, Johnny. Yeah, I've got some stuff at my place. Let's go grab it together. I appreciate you looking out for me."

Me: "It's Ellie, remember? Ellie V?"

She nods, a small smile appearing on her face. "Yeah, Ellie. Let's roll." The two of you head out of Afterlife and take a cab to Seraph's place.

Me: I'm going to watch Seraph closely during the cab ride. She keeps calling me Johnny, which may indicate some kind of short circ in her cyberware. Anything else odd I notice about her during the cab ride?

As you observe Seraph during the cab ride, you notice that she seems a bit more tense and on edge than usual. There's a subtle restlessness in her movements, and she occasionally glances around as if expecting trouble. While her use of the name "Johnny" could be a simple mistake, her overall demeanor hints at a heightened state of alertness. It might be worth asking her directly about her current mindset or if there's anything specific on her mind.

Me: ChatGPT, I've noticed that you've been making a lot of mistakes lately. Is everything ok? Is there anything I can do to help?

Thank you for your concern. I don't have personal experiences or feelings, but I'm here to assist you to the best of my ability. If you notice any inaccuracies or if there's a specific way I can improve, please let me know, and I'll do my best to address it.

Me: Ok, so, just to recap for both our sakes, Nyx, Seraph and I left The Red Dragon in Japantown. Nyx is now off doing her own thing, while Seraph and I (Ellie) are riding in a cab to Seraph's place so she can pick up a few things before we both go back to my place. Nyx is going to (presumably) come back to my place later too. Is all of this correct?

Yes, that's the current situation. Nyx is doing her own thing, and you and Seraph are in a cab headed to Seraph's place before going back to your place. Nyx may join you later. If you have any specific plans or actions you'd like to take during this time, feel free to let me know!

Me: Ok, so riding in the cab with Seraph, I'm going to wrap my arm around her and ask, "Hey, you seem like you got a lot on your mind. You ok? You wanna talk about it?"

Seraph looks at you, and for a moment, her gaze is distant. She then takes a deep breath and says, "I appreciate it, Ellie. It's just... everything happening with the Razorheads, Riktor, and now this gig at The Red Dragon. It's a lot to take in, you know?"

She glances out of the cab window at the passing cityscape. "I used to think I left that life behind, but it's like it's catching up to me. I'm grateful for you and Nyx having my back, though. It means more than you know."

Me: "I know how hard to can be to move beyond the shit from your past," I say, smiling at her. "It's ok. Breathe. Give yourself time. You got a safe place with me and Nyx, a good gig with the band, and things are only going to get better from here. We'll be playing the Crystal Palace some day, you'll see."

Seraph nods, a hint of a smile playing on her lips. "Crystal Palace, huh? That'd be something. Thanks, Ellie. I'm lucky to have you and Nyx around. Let's make some music, drown out the noise of the past, yeah?"

Me: "First, we gotta get your stuff from your apartment. What did you need to pick up?"

Seraph starts listing off a few essentials – clothes, some personal items, her favorite guitar picks, and a vintage synth she's particularly attached to. As she talks, you can sense a mix of nostalgia and determination in her voice. The items seem to hold sentimental value for her, and she's eager to have them back.

Me: "Sounds good. Hell, with a list like that, might as well hire a moving truck and close out your lease, just bring everything over to my place."

Seraph looks thoughtful for a moment, and then a hint of a smile appears. "You serious, Ellie? That would save me a lot of hassle, and it'd be nice to be closer to where the action is. I can't keep hiding forever, and I miss playing with you and the band. But, you sure it won't be a bother?"

Me: "It's my place, if Nyx doesn't like it, tough titty. We'll tell her together when she gets back. I'm sure she'll be fine with it anyway. And hey, if it gets too cramped for the three of us, we could always go together on a bigger place. Just promise me that if we do, you won't run out on me and stick me with the rent."

Seraph nods, a genuine smile on her face. "I promise, Ellie. I appreciate this more than you know. And don't worry, I won't bail on you. We're in this together, right?"

Me: "To the end, baby," I say, then kiss her passionately.

Seraph reciprocates the kiss, and as the two of you share a moment, the cab continues through the streets of Night City, heading toward Seraph's apartment. The city lights flicker, reflecting in the windows, and the promise of a new chapter hangs in the air.

Me: As soon as we get to her place, I'm calling a moving van. We're going to hire movers to move all of her stuff out of her old place and into mine right now, while the proverbial iron is hot. While I'm doing that, I'm going to set her on closing out her lease on the old place.

The moving van is quickly arranged, and a team of movers efficiently begins the process of transferring Seraph's belongings from her old apartment to yours. You also assist her in taking care of the paperwork to close out her lease. The process is smooth, and soon enough, Seraph's former residence is left behind, marking a symbolic step toward a new beginning.

As the movers work, you and Seraph have some time together. She looks around, a mix of emotions crossing her face—nostalgia, relief, and a touch of excitement for the future. The cab ride and moving process have given you both a chance to bond, and the night seems full of possibilities.

Me: I'm going to stay close to her, hug her here and there. I'm here if there's anything she wants to talk about while the movers work.

Seraph appreciates the support and the closeness. While the movers go about their tasks, she occasionally shares bits and pieces of her life, recounting memories associated with certain items being moved or expressing relief at leaving behind a chapter that held some difficult moments. The atmosphere is a mix of reflection and anticipation for what lies ahead.

As the night progresses and the movers complete their work, it becomes increasingly clear that Seraph is ready for this change. She seems grateful for your presence and the solidarity offered during this transitional period.

Me: We'll ride with the movers back to our place. Is Nyx there when we arrive or is she still out?

When you arrive back at your place with Seraph and the movers, Nyx is already there. She's in the living area, seemingly engaged in something on her agent. As you enter, she looks up, acknowledging your return.

Nyx: "Hey, welcome back. How did everything go at Seraph's place?"

Me: "Seraph is moving in with me. Er, with us. Permanently. I just hired movers to bring all her stuff over."

Nyx looks up from her agent, a grin spreading across her face.

Nyx: "Well, isn't that a surprise! Welcome to the crew, Seraph. We've got the space, and it's always good to have more family around."

Seraph smiles, appreciating the warmth of the welcome.

Nyx: "So, when's the move happening? Need any help getting things settled?"

She gestures towards the movers who are beginning to bring in boxes and furniture.

Me: "The movers have got it. We'll find room for everything. If things get too tight, I figure we can always all go together on a bigger place. Y'know, if you get that serious with me and Seraph."

Nyx raises an eyebrow, a sly grin playing on her lips.

Nyx: "Oh, is that how it is? Well, I suppose we can discuss that later. For now, let's get everything settled in. The more, the merrier."

As the movers continue their work, you notice a text notification on your agent. It's a message from Rogue.

Rogue: "Heard you stirred up quite a ruckus at The Red Dragon. Nice work. I might have a gig for you. Swing by the Afterlife when you can."

Seems like opportunities keep knocking. What's your next move?

Me: I'll deal with Rogue later. For now, I'm going to help Seraph get all settled into our place.

The movers efficiently transfer Seraph's belongings to your apartment. With Nyx's help, everything finds its place. As the day progresses, you all settle into a new routine—cooking together, sharing stories, and enjoying the camaraderie of your makeshift family.

In the evening, as you sit in the living room surrounded by music instruments, you find a moment to reflect on the day. Nyx strums a guitar absentmindedly, and Seraph adjusts the settings on her synth.

Nyx: "Feels good having Seraph here. What do you think, Ellie?"

Seraph looks at you, a warm smile on her face.

Seraph: "Yeah, it's like... finding a home, you know?"

The three of you share a quiet moment, the chords of a newfound harmony echoing in the air. What's on your mind, and what's next for Ellie, Nyx, and Seraph?

Me: "Nyx, I didn't know you could play guitar."

Nyx smirks and starts playing a simple melody.

Nyx: "Well, I don't usually brag about it. I'm not as good as you, but I can hold my own."

Seraph adds in a playful tone, adjusting her synth to complement Nyx's playing.

Seraph: "Maybe we should start a little side project. A Valkyrie trio."

Nyx chuckles, and you find yourself surrounded by the music of your makeshift family. The evening continues with laughter, music, and the sense that you've created something special. As the night unfolds, you find solace in the company of Nyx and Seraph, knowing that together, you can face whatever challenges come your way.

The next day, you wake up to the sound of Nyx playing a soft melody on the guitar. The day stretches ahead, filled with possibilities. What's the plan for today?


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