Ellie V and the Valkyries 11 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


I feel like I'm riding a burning AV as it's crashing to the ground. Either something is wrong with OpenAI right now, or the thread for this campaign is getting too long for the hardware on my end and/or their end to handle. It's almost unplayable at the moment.

My phone gives a gray screen on the site with a perpetually stuck loading indicator, and on the laptop, it takes an average of five minutes for a reply at this point. I had one point in this session (when my Rockergirl lunged at the Arasaka employee in the bar) where the system just stalled out for ten minutes or so every time I sent a response. Also, ChatGPT can't seem to decide who plays what in my band now. It's literally all over the place.

Oh, and I was getting bogged down a little with the repetition in the narrative, so I took action and pushed it to do something. Yikes! At least it did not disappoint. My Rockergirl's life is turning into an absolute trashfire, and I love playing through it. Honestly, sometimes I just push out of the sheer hope that someone (whether it be a tough enemy or Nyx) will knock me down a notch in the game. Don't let me walk all over you, ChatGPT. Give me a good slap. Let's make this more gripping. I kinda got a little of that here, but not as much as I wanted.

Anyway, still keeping things interesting enough to keep going, despite the lag. I like how it wrapped up in the end. Good storytelling, with some good surprises. Transcript follows:


Me: First thing I'm going to do is settle next to Nyx and listen to her play. 

Nyx looks up as you settle beside her, a warm smile on her face. She continues playing the gentle melody, and you find a moment of quiet connection amid the soothing sounds. The morning light spills through the windows, casting a warm glow on the room.

After a while, Nyx finishes the tune and looks at you.

Nyx: "Good morning, Ellie. How did you sleep?"

What would you like to do next?

Me: "Like a brick. What was that tune you were playing just now? It's lovely."

Nyx grins, setting the guitar aside.

Nyx: "Just a little something I've been working on. No name for it yet. Maybe it'll become a Valkyries original, who knows."

She looks thoughtful for a moment.

Nyx: "So, what's the plan for today? Any gigs on the horizon, or are we taking a breather?"

Seraph, who has been quietly listening, chimes in.

Seraph: "Yeah, what's the move, Ellie?"

Me: "We've got the gig at The Red Dragon tomorrow night, but that's it so far. Still kind of thinking about our next move."

Nyx nods, adjusting her cyberdeck.

Nyx: "Fair enough. A little breather could do us good. We could use the downtime to plan our next moves, maybe scout out potential gigs or, you know, just relax a bit."

Seraph chimes in.

Seraph: "I'm up for anything, really. Just let me know what you need, Johnny."

Nyx smirks.

Nyx: "So, what's on your mind, fearless leader?"

Me: "Seraph, I'm going to take you to a doc, get you checked out. You keep calling me Johnny and I'm worried about you. Worried you might have a short circ in your neural wiring."

Seraph looks a bit puzzled.

Seraph: "Johnny? Oh, sorry, Ellie. Just a little mix-up. No need for a doc. I'm feeling fine."

Nyx raises an eyebrow, looking at Seraph with a hint of concern.

Nyx: "You sure, Seraph? We can't afford any glitches in the middle of a gig."

Seraph reassures them.

Seraph: "Yeah, yeah, I'm sure. Just a momentary lapse. My bad."

Nyx looks at you, waiting for your decision.

Me: I stand up. "It's not up for discussion. Seraph, I'm taking you to the doc. Get ready. I'll take you there on my bike. If it really is nothing, I want to hear that from the doc."

Seraph hesitates for a moment but nods in agreement.

Seraph: "Alright, Ellie. If it'll make you feel better, let's go."

Nyx offers a supportive nod.

Nyx: "You're doing the right thing, Ellie. Let's make sure Seraph is in top form for the gig."

You lead Seraph to your bike, and together, you head to the nearest Ripperdoc clinic. Once there, the doc examines Seraph and runs diagnostics to ensure everything is in order. After some time, the doc concludes that there doesn't seem to be any serious issue with Seraph's neural wiring.

Doc: "She seems to be in good shape. Sometimes these minor glitches happen, but it doesn't look like anything to worry about. Keep an eye on it, and if it persists, come back for a more thorough check."

With the reassurance from the doc, you and Seraph head back to your place. Nyx is there, waiting for you.

Nyx: "Everything okay?"

You fill in Nyx on the doc's assessment, and Seraph expresses her gratitude for the concern.

Seraph: "Thanks, Ellie. I appreciate it. Just a little hiccup, I guess."

Nyx: "Well, let's focus on the gig tomorrow. We've got some practicing to do."

The three of you settle in for a practice session, putting your minds on the upcoming performance at The Red Dragon.

Me: If we're going to practice, I'm going to call Axia and Luna and invite them over. We should all practice together.

You dial Axia and Luna and extend the invitation for a joint practice session. They eagerly agree and mention that they'll be over shortly.

Within a short time, Axia and Luna arrive, bringing with them a burst of energy. The band is now complete, and you all gather in your practice space. Instruments are tuned, and you decide to run through your setlist for the upcoming gig at The Red Dragon.

The combined talents of Ellie V and the Valkyries fill the room, creating a powerful and harmonious sound. Axia's bass lines, Luna's drumming, Nyx's guitar riffs, and your vocals come together seamlessly. Seraph adds her own flair on the guitar, blending in smoothly with the rest of the band.

As the practice session progresses, the chemistry between the band members becomes palpable. It's evident that the group has developed a unique musical connection, each member complementing the others in a way that elevates the overall performance.

After a productive practice session, you all take a break, sharing laughter and stories. The camaraderie within Ellie V and the Valkyries grows stronger, setting the stage for an electrifying performance at The Red Dragon tomorrow night.

Me: Can you make a list of all of the members of my band, what instruments they play and how well they play them? I need a refresher. 

Certainly! Here's a list of the members of Ellie V and the Valkyries along with the instruments they play and their skill levels:

Ellie V (Lead Vocalist, Guitarist): Instrument: Guitar; Skill Level: Expert

Nyx (Lead Guitarist): Instrument: Guitar; Skill Level: Expert

Axia (Bassist): Instrument: Bass; Skill Level: Proficient

Luna (Drummer): Instrument: Drums; Skill Level: Proficient

Seraph (Guitarist): Instrument: Guitar; Skill Level: Skilled

This talented lineup brings a diverse range of skills to the band, ensuring a dynamic and powerful musical experience.

Me: That's a lot of guitarists. I thought we had a synth player.

My apologies for any confusion. As of my last information update, there wasn't a dedicated synth player in Ellie V and the Valkyries. If there have been changes or additions to the band since then, I might not be aware of them. Feel free to clarify or provide updated information!

Me: This seems like a good place in the story for something exciting, dangerous and unexpected to happen.

Suddenly, as you're gearing up for practice, the door to your apartment slams open with a resounding crash. In strides a figure clad in Arasaka security armor, their helmet concealing their face. They carry an imposing assault rifle, and their arrival is clearly anything but friendly.

"Ellie V," the figure declares in a modulated voice, "You've caused quite a stir. It's time for you to answer for your actions."

What do you do?

Me: I'm going to dive for the closest cover.

You quickly duck behind a nearby couch, the makeshift barricade providing some cover. The Arasaka operative moves with precision, scanning the room for any signs of movement.

"Ellie V," the modulated voice repeats, "There's no escape. Surrender peacefully, and the consequences may be less severe."

What's your next move?

Me: What are my bandmates doing?

Your bandmates, Axia, Luna, Nyx, and Seraph, are crouched behind various pieces of furniture, eyes wide with a mix of fear and determination. They seem unsure about what to do next.

Axia, Luna, and Nyx are armed with makeshift weapons – Axia holding a broken guitar neck, Luna with a metal pipe, and Nyx with a discarded frying pan. Seraph, without any apparent weapon, looks ready to bolt if needed.

The Arasaka operative remains in the center of the room, patiently waiting for your response. What will you do?

Me: Do I have my megaphone on me?

Yes, you have your megaphone with you. It's within arm's reach.

Me: I'm going to rush the Arasaka guy while screaming as loud as I can through the megaphone, trying to stun him long enough that I can bodyslam him and maybe knock the rifle out of his hands.

You charge at the Arasaka agent, screaming through the megaphone at full volume. The sudden burst of noise catches him off guard, and he staggers for a moment. Seizing the opportunity, you close the distance and attempt to knock the rifle out of his hands with a swift bodyslam.

Roll a 1d20 to determine your success.

Me: Go ahead and roll for me.

I rolled a 14.

Your bodyslam is successful. The Arasaka agent, disoriented by the loud noise and caught off guard, loses his grip on the rifle as he stumbles backward. The weapon clatters to the ground, giving your bandmates a chance to react.

What do you do next?

Me: I'm going to pick up the rifle and unload the whole clip on the guy right there. Just absolutely overkill flatline him right there.

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You grab the rifle, and with a swift and aggressive move, you unload the entire clip into the Arasaka agent. The shots ring out in the alley, the echoes bouncing off the surrounding buildings. The agent falls to the ground, unmoving.

The sudden burst of violence has drawn attention, and you can hear footsteps approaching. What's your next move?

Me: "Fucking Arasaka!" I shout, tossing the empty rifle on the ground. I turn back to my bandmates. "Can you believe they only sent one guy after me? One guy! They're not taking us seriously." I catch my breath. "Fuck. We can't stay here. We gotta delta."

Axia and Luna nod, their faces a mix of shock and determination. "Agreed," Axia says, "We need to get out of here and lay low for a while. Maybe Rogue can help us figure out what's going on."

You and your bandmates quickly make your way out of the alley, blending into the busy Night City streets. As you navigate the labyrinth of alleys and backstreets, you can't shake the feeling that the danger has escalated, and Arasaka's attention on your band is more intense than ever.

Where do you decide to go to lay low and regroup?

Me: I'm going to ask Nyx if she has any ideas.

Nyx suggests, "We could head to a hideout I know. It's not too far from here, and it's a secure spot. We can lay low for a while and figure out our next move. What do you think?"

Me: "There's room enough for all five of us there?"

"Yeah, it should be fine. It's a bit tight, but we can make it work. It's better than staying here and waiting for more Arasaka goons to show up."

Me: "Absofuckinglutely." I nod. "Let's do it." I then turn to my other bandmates and gesture. "Grab whatever you're going to need for the gig at The Red Dragon tomorrow night. We'll lay low in Nyx's hideout today and tomorrow, but we're still gonna play. Fuck Arasaka and their goons, we're still gonna play."

Your bandmates nod in agreement, and everyone quickly gathers their essentials for the gig. You follow Nyx to her hideout, a small but well-hidden place where you can lay low and plan your next move. The atmosphere is tense, but the determination to keep playing and defy Arasaka is palpable among your bandmates. As you settle in, you discuss strategies for the upcoming gig and how to navigate the escalating conflict with Arasaka.

The hideout is a mix of dimly lit rooms and makeshift spaces, but it provides a sense of security for the time being. You decide to spend the day practicing, refining your setlist, and making sure everyone is on the same page for the gig at The Red Dragon tomorrow night. The events of the day have added an extra layer of intensity to your mission, and the resolve to make a statement against Arasaka is stronger than ever.

Me: How are Nyx and Seraph holding up?

Nyx and Seraph, like the rest of the band, are visibly tense but determined. Nyx maintains her usual calm demeanor, but there's a subtle edge to her movements, suggesting that she's fully aware of the potential dangers. Seraph seems a bit more reserved, still grappling with the recent confusion in her neural wiring. Despite this, she's focused on the task at hand and ready to contribute to the band's efforts.

As you all settle into Nyx's hideout, the atmosphere shifts between intense discussions about the gig and moments of camaraderie. It's evident that the bond among your bandmates is strong, and facing adversity together has only strengthened it. The upcoming gig takes on a new significance, not just as a performance but as a statement against the corporate forces trying to suppress you.

Me: Let's go ahead and fast forward to the gig, if nothing else of note happens. If something interesting happens before then, let me know and we'll roleplay that out.

The next day rolls around, and you and your bandmates find yourselves at The Red Dragon in Japantown for the gig. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation, both from your fans and the band itself. The stage is set, and your instruments are ready to deliver the rebellious tunes that have become the signature of Ellie V and the Valkyries.

As the first notes echo through the venue, the crowd responds with enthusiasm. The gig is a success, and your band's performance electrifies the audience. The defiant energy in your music resonates with the spirit of Night City, and your fans are fully engaged in the rebellious vibe.

After the gig, the venue's owner approaches you, impressed by the energy you brought to the stage. "That was a hell of a show. The crowd loved it. You got a future here, Ellie," he remarks, offering potential future opportunities at The Red Dragon.

As you wind down from the performance, the adrenaline of the gig still coursing through your veins, you reflect on the power of music to inspire change and resistance. The threat from Arasaka may persist, but tonight, you and your bandmates made a statement that echoes through the neon-lit streets of Night City.

Me: Thank you, can we roleplay out the gig instead? Let's start from the moment my band steps out on stage.

Absolutely, let's dive into the gig.

The atmosphere inside The Red Dragon is electric as the crowd eagerly awaits the performance. The venue pulses with neon lights, casting a vibrant glow over the sea of faces. Your bandmates join you on stage, each taking their positions, instruments in hand. The anticipation reaches a crescendo as the lights dim, and the crowd erupts into cheers as the first spotlight shines on you.

You step up to the mic, feeling the hum of the amplifiers beneath your feet. The crowd's excitement is palpable. The moment has arrived.

With a mischievous grin, you raise your hand to acknowledge the audience, and the cheers grow louder. The opening chords of your first song, "Riot Anthem," reverberate through the venue. The pulsating rhythm and rebellious lyrics set the tone for the night.

The crowd, a mix of punks, nomads, and rebels, embraces the energy, responding with fist pumps and enthusiastic cheers. As the song progresses, you feel the connection with the audience, a shared spirit of defiance against the corporate grip on Night City.

After the first song, you address the crowd, "Night City! Are you ready to tear it up?" The response is an overwhelming roar of approval. The next set of songs, including "Electric Vixen" and "Chippin' In," keeps the momentum going, each note resonating with the rebellious heartbeat of the city.

As the gig progresses, you invite Nyx and Seraph to join you on stage, enhancing the musical experience. Together, your synergy creates an unforgettable performance. The crowd is fully immersed in the sonic rebellion, and the energy in the room becomes almost tangible.

For the finale, you unleash "Raging Inferno," a song that encapsulates the fiery spirit of your band and the collective desire for change. The crowd, now a sea of movement and energy, mirrors the rebellious fervor that defines Ellie V and the Valkyries.

As the last chord reverberates, the crowd erupts into cheers, applause shaking the venue. You and your bandmates bask in the afterglow of a successful gig, knowing that tonight, you've ignited the flame of rebellion in the heart of Night City.

Me: At the end, I'm going to say a few words.

"Night City! How do you feel about Arasaka?"

The crowd responds with a cacophony of boos, jeers, and defiant shouts. The sentiment against Arasaka is clear, and the energy in the room reflects the collective disdain for the megacorporation.

Smiling, you continue, "We're not just here to play music, we're here to send a message. Arasaka thinks they can control this city, but we're here to remind them that Night City belongs to the people! So, keep fighting, keep resisting, and never let them forget: the streets are ours!"

The crowd roars in agreement, the intensity of the moment echoing through the venue. As you leave the stage, the energy lingers, and the impact of the performance reverberates in the hearts of those who witnessed the rebellious spectacle.

Backstage, your bandmates share triumphant smiles, and you can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction. Tonight, you've not only rocked the stage, but you've also fueled the flame of resistance in the heart of Night City.

Me: I'm going to address my band. "We gotta hit Arasaka back. We gotta make them hurt. Any ideas?"

Your bandmates exchange glances, a shared understanding of the gravity of the situation evident in their expressions. Luna, the synth player, speaks up first, "We could target their assets—hit their facilities or disrupt their supply chains. Make it costly for them."

Axia, the lead guitarist, adds, "Hitting them economically is good, but we should also expose their dirty laundry. Dig into their secrets, make them public. Embarrass them."

Nyx, the bassist, leans against an amp and suggests, "We could also rally the people. Organize protests, get the public on our side. Force Arasaka to face the wrath of the city."

Seraph, the drummer, chimes in, "And if all else fails, a direct hit on their leadership. Take out the top brass, show them we're not afraid to go after the head of the snake."

The room falls silent as the weight of these suggestions settles. Each option carries risks, but the determination to strike back against Arasaka is palpable. What's your decision?

Me: I point at Seraph. "Yes. What do you have in mind? Deets."

Seraph nods, her eyes gleaming with determination. "I've got an old contact from the Combat Zone. A netrunner who owes me a favor. If we can get him on board, he might be able to dig up some serious dirt on Arasaka. The kind that would make them squirm."

Nyx smirks, "I like the sound of that. Let's expose their underbelly, show Night City what Arasaka doesn't want them to see."

Axia taps her guitar thoughtfully, "While the netrunner does his thing, we can start organizing those protests. Hit the streets, make some noise. Get the people on our side."

Luna interjects, "And if it comes to a direct hit, I have contacts in the Nomad community. We can arrange for a ride, get in and out without them even knowing we were there."

The plan starts to take shape—a multi-pronged approach to hit Arasaka where it hurts the most. What's your next move?

Me: "When you said direct hit, I thought you meant flatlining some people."

Luna smirks, "Hey, we could go that route too, but I was thinking more along the lines of hitting their facilities, data centers, and assets. Cut off their legs, you know?"

Axia chimes in, "We need to hit them where it counts without becoming as bad as they are. Public opinion is a powerful weapon. If we expose their corruption, the people will turn against them."

Nyx adds, "I'm with Axia. We can't let this turn into a bloodbath. We want justice, not revenge."

Seraph leans in, "So, we're exposing their dirty laundry, organizing protests, and hitting them economically. Sound good?"

You've got a plan, and your band is ready to make their move. What's your next step?

Me: I'm going to slam my hands against the nearest table. "Fucking gonks! Arasaka is the enemy.  They sent someone to kill us! If we don't get rough right back, they're going to walk all over us." I'm going to growl. "Don't make me go solo on this one."

Axia raises an eyebrow, "We're not saying we won't hit them hard, Ellie. We just want to do it strategically, not recklessly. We're playing the long game here."

Luna adds, "We need to build public support. Turning this into an all-out war won't help us win the hearts and minds of Night City."

Nyx looks at you, "Ellie, we're with you, but let's be smart about it. Hit them where it hurts, but let's keep the people on our side."

Seraph nods, "I'm on board. We don't need to become monsters to take down monsters."

You're facing a divergence in your band's approach. How do you want to proceed?

Me: "No. I'm done playing this safe. Fuck the long game. You gonks can stay here and lick the Arasaka's boot if you want. I'm going to make sure they remember my name."

And then I'm going to pick up my guitar and delta the fuck out of there.

You storm out of the room, leaving your bandmates exchanging concerned glances. The tension within the group is palpable. As you exit the venue, you can feel the weight of your decision. The night air is charged with a sense of impending conflict.

Where do you go from here?

Me: My character is livid. She's seeing red. She feels misunderstood by her closest friends and she feels alone. Where is the nearest bar?

You stride through the neon-lit streets of Night City, fueled by a mix of anger and determination. It doesn't take long for you to spot a nearby bar, its flickering sign casting an inviting glow onto the sidewalk. The establishment, named "Neon Havoc," seems to match your current mood.

Do you enter the bar?

Me: Hell yeah. What do I see inside?

As you push open the door to Neon Havoc, the ambient sounds of chatter, clinking glasses, and distant music envelop you. The interior is a vibrant tapestry of colorful lights and an eclectic mix of patrons. A chrome-plated bar stretches along one side, tended to by a grizzled but efficient-looking bartender.

The air is thick with the scent of various drinks and the faint hum of conversation. Neon signs illuminate the walls, creating an electric, energetic atmosphere. A mix of people, from solo operators to corpo suits, are scattered throughout the room, lost in their own worlds or engaged in hushed conversations.

What do you do inside the bar?

Me: Corpo suits, huh? Anyone look like they're undoubtedly Arasaka? 

As you scan the room, you don't immediately spot anyone who screams "Arasaka," but you do notice a couple of individuals in sleek, tailored suits sitting at a corner booth. Their posture and demeanor exude a certain corporate confidence. One of them has a discreet Arasaka logo pin on their lapel.

What's your move?

Me: Describe for me the one with the Arasaka pin.

The person with the Arasaka pin is a middle-aged man with sharply styled salt-and-pepper hair. His features are chiseled, and he has an air of authority about him. His suit is a deep shade of black, impeccably tailored to accentuate his stature. The Arasaka pin on his lapel is subtle but distinctive, a small emblem denoting his affiliation with the mega-corporation.

He's engaged in conversation with the person sitting across from him, occasionally glancing around the bar with an assessing gaze.

What's your plan?

Me: Does he look like a street samurai or just some clean-cut suit type?

He appears to be more of a clean-cut suit type rather than a street samurai. His demeanor and attire suggest a corporate background, and he doesn't display the telltale signs of cybernetic enhancements or combat gear commonly associated with street samurai.

What do you want to do?

Me: Good. I'm going to step up to the bar and gesture for a bottle of bourbon. I want the whole bottle.

The bartender nods, recognizing your request, and places a bottle of bourbon in front of you. The atmosphere in the bar is a mix of subdued conversations and the hum of neon lights. The Arasaka employee at the corner of the bar seems engrossed in his own thoughts, occasionally glancing around the room.

What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to drink half the bottle. Just absolutely chug it. When it hits me, I'm going to get up and wobble over to the Arasaka Employee and get his attention.

The bourbon burns down your throat, providing a momentary respite from the intense emotions. You wobble your way over to the Arasaka employee, and as you approach, he glances at you, a mix of curiosity and wariness in his eyes.

"Hey, choom. You Arasaka?" you slurr, raising an eyebrow as you speak.

Me: I'm going to plunk the bottle onto the table to push the guy the Arasaka Employee is talking to out of his seat so I can sit there instead.

The sudden clunk of the bottle hitting the table grabs the attention of the people around, and the person in the seat you want eyes you with annoyance but decides to vacate the spot rather than escalate the situation.

You plop down into the seat, now face to face with the Arasaka employee who regards you with a mixture of irritation and curiosity.

Me: "Hey, fucker," I snap my fingers in his face. "I asked you a question."

The Arasaka employee looks at you, his irritation shifting to mild amusement. He takes a sip of his drink before responding.

"Go on, then. Ask your question."

Me: "You ever been in a bar fight?"

He smirks and sets his glass down. "More than I can count. What's it to you?"

Me: "Good," I get right in his face, baring my teeth. "I like a challenge."

Then I'm going to lunge at him.

Alright, let's roll to see how the fight goes. I'll roll for the Arasaka employee's reaction and then for your attack.

The Arasaka employee is quick on his feet and manages to sidestep your lunge. However, the sudden aggression catches him off guard, and he stumbles backward, knocking into a barstool and almost losing his balance. The bar patrons around you start to murmur, and a few back away, creating a small clearing. It seems like this confrontation is catching the attention of the bar.

Me: My character is seeing red. She's wild and frenzied. She shouts as she rushes the guy, trying to hit him with a hard, brash, overhanded attack.

Let's roll to see how effective your attack is.

Rolling a 20-sided die.

You rolled a 15. Your attack is powerful and catches the Arasaka employee off guard. Your fist connects with his jaw, and he stumbles backward, knocking over his chair. The other patrons in the bar start to react, some cheering, others backing away from the unfolding chaos. What do you do next?

Me: I'm going to keep pummelling him.

Rolling a 20-sided die for continued attacks.

You rolled a 12. Your follow-up attacks are strong and aggressive, causing the Arasaka employee to struggle against the onslaught. He attempts to block your blows, but your relentless assault pushes him further back. The bar patrons are now watching in a mix of shock and excitement. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to keep pummeling him until one of the following conditions comes to pass: either he pushes me off, someone pulls me off of him, or I flatline him.

Rolling for continued attacks.

You rolled a 9. Your continued attacks are strong and furious. The Arasaka employee is struggling to defend himself. The bar's atmosphere is tense, and some patrons are now trying to decide whether to intervene or watch the chaos unfold. The situation is escalating. What's your next move?

Me: I'm trying to flatline him out of sheer brash rage.

Rolling for the final attack.

You rolled a 5. Your final attack is powerful, and the Arasaka employee collapses to the floor, unconscious. The bar falls silent, and the patrons are in shock. The bartender looks concerned, and a few patrons are backing away cautiously. The situation is volatile. What do you want to do next?

Me: I'm going to pluck the pin off his suit and take it as a trophy. Then I'm going to grab the rest of my bottle of bourbon, sit on the unconscious Arasaka employee's chest and have a drink. "Fucking Arasaka ain't shit."

The patrons in the bar are now staring at you with a mix of fear and uncertainty. The bartender, concerned for the atmosphere in the establishment, approaches you cautiously.

Bartender: "Hey, lady, I get it, but you can't just go beating folks to a pulp in here. You gotta take that somewhere else."

What do you want to do?

Me: "Take it somewhere else?" I snarl at him. "What if I don't want to? What are you going to do about it?"

The bartender takes a step back, eyeing you warily.

Bartender: "Look, I don't want any trouble in here. Just take it outside, okay? I don't need Arasaka breathing down my neck or the NCPD showing up."

The other patrons seem to be quietly backing away, creating a bit of space.

What's your next move?

Me: Their fear kinda hits me and sobers me up a little. Sneering to try to save face, I stumble outside with my bottle of bourbon and start looking around for my motorcycle.

You step outside, the cold night air hitting you as you clutch the bottle of bourbon. The neon lights of Night City illuminate the dark streets. Your motorcycle is parked nearby, waiting for you.

As you approach your bike, you notice a figure leaning against it. It's Nyx, arms crossed and a stern expression on her face.

Nyx: "Ellie, what the hell was that back there? You're going to get us all killed, acting like some crazed solo. What's going on with you?"

She seems genuinely concerned. What do you say?

Me: "Fuck off, Nyx. I'm the only one in the band with any guts."

Nyx looks at you with a mix of frustration and worry.

Nyx: "Guts? Ellie, that wasn't guts. That was a death wish. You can't take on Arasaka like that. We need a plan, not a suicide mission."

She steps forward, trying to get through to you.

Nyx: "We're a team, remember? We'll figure this out together, but not if you keep charging into danger like a mad solo. Talk to me, Ellie. What's really going on?"

Me: I take a big swig of the bourbon, then throw the bottle down so it breaks against the street. I make a face like I'm going to say something vicious, but then I change my mind at the last minute. "I'm mad," is all I can think to say.

Nyx looks at you, concern etched across her face.

Nyx: "Yeah, I can see that. We're all mad, Ellie. But we need to channel that anger into something strategic. If we go in guns blazing without a plan, we won't last long. Let's regroup, figure out our next move together. We're a team, remember?"

She reaches out, offering support in the only way she knows how.

Me: I stumble forward and collapse into her arms. I'm mad, but it's fading. I start to sniff and sob.

Nyx wraps her arms around you, offering comfort as you let out your emotions. The streets of Night City, filled with their neon glow and distant sounds of the urban night, provide a backdrop to this moment of vulnerability. The pain and frustration seem to pour out, finding solace in the presence of a friend who understands, even when words fail.

Nyx: "It's okay, Ellie. We'll get through this together. We're a team, remember? No matter what, we've got each other's backs."

Me: "You always have all the answers, Nyx, I swear," I sniff, looking her in the eyes.

Nyx offers a small, understanding smile, brushing a strand of hair from your face.

Nyx: "I don't have all the answers, Ellie. But I do know that we're stronger together. We'll figure this out. And hey, sometimes a good bar fight helps blow off some steam, right?"

She chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.

Me: "Yeah," I chuckle. "Yeah, it does help."

Nyx gives you a reassuring pat on the back.

Nyx: "Let's get you home, okay? We'll figure out the next move together. And maybe, just maybe, we'll find a more strategic way to deal with Arasaka."

You nod, feeling a mix of emotions but appreciating the support of your bandmate. As the two of you head back to your place, the night in Night City continues, full of twists and turns, yet holding the promise of another day.

Me: "Thanks for being there for me, Nyx. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Nyx smiles, giving you a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder.

Nyx: "We're a team, Ellie. Through thick and thin. Now, let's focus on what comes next. We'll figure it out together."


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