Ellie V and the Valkyries 13 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)

Hunting down the last of the people on Nyx's list was actually kind of a fun change of pace from the gigging and ass kicking. It's been interesting giving the reins over to the AI and letting it do more of the directing. Sometimes it creates these bizarre, byzantine quest chains, but mostly it just kind of gently opens opportunities for me and lets me make of them what I will. 
Anyway, transcript follows:

Me: Alright, I'm going to get out of bed earlier than I'd like to. I'm going to grab a beer for breakfast and head out alone to see if I can track down the remaining people on my list. Any new deets on how to track down Marcus Hayes, Isabel Chen or Diego Ramirez?

As you wake up earlier than you'd prefer, you grab a beer for breakfast, steeling yourself for another day of tracking down potential allies. Nyx has done some additional research overnight and provides you with more information:

Marcus Hayes: Nyx managed to find a current address for Marcus Hayes. He resides in a small apartment in Northside, near the outskirts of the district. It seems like he keeps a relatively low profile.

Isabel Chen: Unfortunately, Isabel Chen's whereabouts remain elusive. Nyx couldn't find any recent information on her location. It seems she's managed to maintain a more discreet presence.

Diego Ramirez: Nyx discovered that Diego Ramirez frequents a bar called The Chromatic Haze in Heywood. It's a popular spot for locals, known for its eclectic crowd. The bartender there might have more information on Diego's usual schedule.

Armed with this information, you set out for your next round of meetings. Where would you like to go first? Northside for Marcus Hayes, The Chromatic Haze for Diego Ramirez, or somewhere else?

Me: Alright, I'm going to hop on my bike and head out to Marcus's apartment in Northside. Gonna pay him a visit in person, if he's home.

You rev up your bike and navigate the bustling streets of Night City, making your way towards Northside. The district's vibe is a bit different from the more chaotic areas you've recently been in. As you arrive at the address Nyx provided, you find yourself in front of a modest apartment building.

Marcus Hayes' apartment is on the fourth floor. The building itself looks like it's seen better days, but the location seems quiet enough. You head up the stairs and reach the designated floor. The door to Marcus' apartment is just ahead.

What would you like to do?

Me: I'm going to listen against the door to see if I hear anything before I do anything else.

You press your ear against the door, trying to catch any sounds from within. After a moment, you hear some muffled voices. It sounds like there might be a conversation going on inside. The voices are indistinct, but you can sense a low hum of discussion.

What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to knock loudly, see what happens.

You knock loudly on the door, creating a distinct sound that momentarily cuts through the voices within. The conversation inside pauses, and then you hear footsteps approaching. The door opens a crack, and a middle-aged man with disheveled hair and a wary expression peers out.

"Can I help you?" he asks, eyeing you cautiously.

Me: Is there a security chain on the door?

Yes, there's a security chain securing the door, preventing it from fully opening. The man is cautiously peering at you through the narrow gap allowed by the chain.

Me: "Looking for Marcus Hayes. That you, or are you just his output?"

The man eyes you suspiciously. "What's it to you? Who's asking?"

Me: "Someone who wants to fuck up a certain megacorp that I'm not going to name out here in the open. Let's just say it's a megacorp that both Marcus and I have been burned by."

The man eyes you for a moment, assessing your sincerity. He then reaches behind the door, unlocks the security chain, and opens it slightly wider. "Alright, come in. But make it quick."

He leads you into a small, dimly lit apartment. The place is cluttered with scattered tools, electronic components, and various gadgets. Marcus Hayes, a man in his late thirties with a scruffy beard and tired eyes, is hunched over a workbench. He glances up as you enter.

"What's this about a megacorp?" Marcus asks, his tone wary.

Me: "Arasaka," I drop the name like a bomb. "I'm putting together a team of people who've got dirty laundry on Arasaka. One of my inputs gave me a list and your name was on it. Came here hoping you might have a taste for revenge."

Marcus straightens up, his eyes narrowing. "Arasaka, huh? They screwed me over good a while back. Cost me my job, my apartment, everything. I've been laying low, trying not to attract any more attention. What's this team you're talking about?"

I'm sorry for the confusion. I noticed that there might be a discrepancy with the name in your recent messages. You mentioned "Marcus Hayes" in one message and then referred to him as "Marcus Hayes" in another. If you could clarify the name, I would appreciate it.

Me: If I'm reading this correctly, I'm at Marcus Hayes's apartment. Marcus Hayes is one of the names on the list I got from Nyx. There's two guys in this apartment, one who answered the door, whose name I don't know, and Marcus himself, who I'm talking to while he is hunched over a workbench. Is this a correct assessment of the situation?
Yes, your assessment is correct based on the information provided. You are at Marcus Hayes's apartment, and you're currently speaking with Marcus himself, who is hunched over a workbench.

Me: I say to Marcus, "My input, Nyx, has got this idea that we get people together willing to testify against Arasaka in a documentary or some shit. I dunno. I'm fuzzy on the deets, but we're looking to get a lot of people together, hash it all into a cohesive stream and blast it over the waves for every gonk in the world to see. We need people like you to make it work. Sound preem?"

Marcus looks up from his workbench, his eyes narrowing as he considers your proposition. After a moment, he straightens up and says, "Arasaka, huh? They owe me big time. I'm in."

It seems like Marcus is on board with your plan to gather people willing to testify against Arasaka for the documentary.

Me: "Nova. I'll flick you my input's deets so you two can figure out the techie and media stuff together."

Marcus nods, and you exchange contact information. It looks like you've gained another ally in your mission against Arasaka. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to delta, hop on my bike and head over to The Chromatic Haze in Heywood, see if the bartender there has any info on Diego Ramirez.

You rev up your bike and make your way to Heywood. The Chromatic Haze is bustling with activity as you enter. The familiar sights and sounds of the bar greet you as you approach the bartender. The bartender, a burly man with cybernetic enhancements, looks up as you approach.

"Hey there, what can I get you?" he asks.

"I'm looking for someone named Diego Ramirez. Know anything about him?" you inquire.

The bartender takes a moment to think before nodding. "Diego? Yeah, he's a regular here. What do you need with him?"

"Just need to have a chat. Any idea where I can find him?"

The bartender points to a corner booth where a man is sipping a drink. "He's usually over there. But be careful, he's a bit touchy."

"Thanks," you reply, making your way to the booth. Diego Ramirez glances up as you approach.

"Can I help you?" he asks, a guarded expression on his face.

"I'm Ellie V," you introduce yourself. "I heard you might be interested in giving Arasaka a taste of their own medicine. Mind if I join you?"

Me: What's he look like?

Diego Ramirez is a wiry man with a scruffy beard and a cybernetic eye. His weathered appearance suggests a life of streetwise experience, and the visible cyberware hints at a willingness to enhance himself with technology. He eyes you cautiously, and you get the sense that he's sizing you up.

"Ellie V, huh? What's your game?" he asks, taking a sip of his drink.

"I'm putting together a crew to hit Arasaka where it hurts. I heard you might have a bone to pick with them too. Interested?" you explain, trying to gauge his reaction.

Me: I'll take a seat and gesture for a beer, snapping my fingers at the bartender like I'm important, like I own the place.

The bartender nods and quickly fetches a beer for you. As you settle into your seat, Diego eyes you with a mixture of curiosity and caution.

"So, what's this crew you're putting together? And why do you think I'd want in?" Diego asks, taking another sip of his drink.

Me: I'm going to try to hide my surprise that snapping my fingers at the bartender actually worked. To Diego, I'm going to say, "You're with Trauma Team, right? You've seen a lot of bad shit. Probably seen a lot of bad shit come out of Arasaka, am I right?"

Diego raises an eyebrow, his expression unreadable for a moment. "Trauma Team? Yeah, I've worked for them. Seen my fair share of messed-up situations. Arasaka's often mixed up in some nasty business. What's your angle here, though? What are you planning?" he inquires, studying you carefully.

Me: I got this input, her name's Nyx. She's got this idea that we get people together willing to testify against Arasaka in a documentary or some shit. We're looking to get a lot of people together, hash it all into a cohesive stream and blast it over the waves for every gonk in the world to see. Goal is to really smear Arasaka, give them a shiner in the public eye. Sound like something you want to get in on?

Diego leans back, considering your proposition. After a moment, he nods. "Yeah, I've seen enough to know Arasaka's got a lot to answer for. Count me in. Flick me your contact details, and we'll figure out the details," he says, extending a hand for a handshake.

Me: "Preem," I say, then I flick him my deets and shake his hand. Before I leave, I turn back and ask him, "Hey, I got one more name on my list, but she's good at making herself invisible. You ever heard of a techie named Isabel Chen?"

Diego furrows his brow, thinking for a moment. "Isabel Chen? Yeah, I've heard the name, but she's elusive. A real ghost in the machine. If anyone can find her, it's probably the fixers in Heywood. Check out the local fixer dens. They might have some info on her."

Me: I give him a big grin. "That gives me a good place to start. Thanks, choom."

With a nod, Diego acknowledges your thanks. As you leave The Chromatic Haze, you feel a renewed sense of purpose, having recruited two potential allies in your quest against Arasaka. Now, with information about Isabel Chen potentially lurking in the fixer dens of Heywood, the hunt continues. Where to next?

Me: What time is it getting to be?

It's now early afternoon, and you have a bit more time before the day transitions into evening. The sun hangs low in the sky, casting long shadows across the bustling streets of Night City.

Me: What do I know about the fixer dens in Heywood?

Heywood, being a district with a mix of upscale neighborhoods and the more rugged combat zones, has a variety of fixer dens catering to different clienteles. Fixers often operate in discrete locations, providing a hub for information, contracts, and networking.

One fixer den that stands out is Silver Lining. It's known for being a neutral ground where fixers from different parts of Night City converge. The owner, Elena Vasquez, runs a tight ship, ensuring a degree of order in what can be a chaotic business.

In addition to Silver Lining, there are several smaller fixer dens scattered across Heywood. They cater to specific niches, whether it's dealing with high-profile clients in the wealthier areas or catering to the more street-savvy denizens of the combat zones. Each fixer den has its own atmosphere, clientele, and specialties.

If you're looking for specific information or contracts, your best bet would be to visit one of these dens and establish connections.

Me: Call Nyx.

You pull out your phone and dial Nyx's number. After a couple of rings, she answers.

"Hey, Ellie. What's up?"

Me: "Hey babe, got a line on Isabel Chen. Diego Ramirez says she's got connections to fixers in the fixer dens in Heywood. I'm seeing a few out there. Any recommendations on where to start poking around looking for her?"

Nyx replies, "Good work, Ellie. In Heywood, there are a couple of notable fixer dens. Try checking out 'The Aftermarket' and 'Neon Nexus.' Those are known hotspots. You might pick up some info on Isabel Chen there. Just be cautious, you know how it is."

She adds, "And, Ellie, if things get dicey, don't hesitate to call for backup or get out of there. We're in this together, alright?"

Me: "Thanks babe. I'll try to keep my fists to myself, but you know how it is. Sometimes I just see that Arasaka logo and I start seeing red."

"I get it, Ellie. Just stay safe, and let me know if you find anything. We'll figure this out together," Nyx reassures you.

Me: Alright, I'm going to head over to The Aftermarket in Heywood.

The Aftermarket is a bustling area in Heywood, known for its numerous fixer dens and underground connections. As you enter the district, the neon lights and vibrant signs of fixer establishments catch your eye. The air is filled with the hum of activity as people move in and out of the various shops and bars.

Is there anything specific you'd like to do or any particular fixer den you want to check out in The Aftermarket?

Me: I'll wander around a little. I know Chen is into legal and cutting edge tech. She's probably involved in developing the same kind of tech that she uses to keep herself hidden. Any fixer den I see that seems like it might have those elements to it?

As you stroll through The Aftermarket, you notice a fixer den called "Quantum Nexus." The neon sign above the entrance flickers with a holographic display of futuristic symbols, indicating a focus on cutting-edge tech. The den seems to attract a mix of tech enthusiasts, netrunners, and individuals interested in the latest advancements.

The entrance is guarded by a burly bouncer who eyes you as you approach. The atmosphere around Quantum Nexus suggests a place where information and tech deals are brokered.

Do you want to enter Quantum Nexus and inquire about Isabel Chen?

Me: I'll nod to the bouncer. "This a private den or can anybody come in and party?"

The bouncer looks you up and down before grunting, "Anyone can come in, but watch yourself. No trouble here."

With that, he steps aside, allowing you entry into Quantum Nexus. The den's interior is dimly lit with a mix of neon lights and holographic displays showcasing the latest tech gadgets. People are engaged in conversations, some huddled around AR displays, while others seem deeply engrossed in their own devices.

What would you like to do inside Quantum Nexus?

Me: I'm going to look around a little. Anything stand out?

As you scan the room, you notice a corner that seems to be attracting a bit more attention. There's a holographic display showcasing some cutting-edge cyberware and tech enhancements. People gather around, discussing the latest gear and modifications. You catch snippets of conversation about advanced neural interfaces, enhanced optics, and even experimental stealth tech.

It seems like this corner might be a good place to gather information on tech-savvy individuals, including someone like Isabel Chen. What would you like to do next?

Me: I'll head over there and pretend to be interested in the tech while I listen in on the conversations.

As you approach the holographic display, you find yourself immersed in a conversation about the latest in cyberware technology. The individuals around you are enthusiastically discussing neural interfaces, smart optics, and the potential for enhanced reflexes. You pick up on the names of several tech experts and fixers in Heywood who are known for their connections to cutting-edge enhancements.

While engrossed in the conversation, you subtly steer it towards the topic of individuals with a knack for staying off the grid or developing advanced stealth tech. Someone mentions a fixer named "Binary Edge," known for specializing in covert operations and securing hard-to-find tech.

This might be a lead worth pursuing, as Isabel Chen's proficiency in keeping a low profile aligns with the expertise of someone like Binary Edge. What would you like to do next?

Me: I'm gonna see if I can get the deets on how to find or contact Binary Edge.

You discreetly inquire about Binary Edge, and the conversation leads you to a contact in Heywood who might have more information. The name given is "Splicer," a tech-savvy individual known to have ties with fixers dealing in cutting-edge cyberware and covert technology.

You decide to reach out to Splicer and find out if they have any leads on Binary Edge. What would you like to do next?

Me: What deets do I have on Splicer?

You don't have detailed information on Splicer, but you know that they are a tech-savvy individual with connections to fixers in Heywood. Splicer is known for dealing in cutting-edge cyberware and covert technology. The best way to contact them would be to visit the fixer dens in Heywood and inquire about Splicer.

How would you like to proceed?

Me: I feel like this is getting recursive. So I have to wander around these fixer dens to find Splicer, who can point me toward Binary Edge, who can point me to Isabel Chen? Is that correct or am I missing something?

It seems like you've got the gist of it. To find Isabel Chen, you're currently following a trail that involves Splicer and Binary Edge. Exploring the fixer dens in Heywood should help you gather more information and potentially lead you to Splicer, who may have further details about Binary Edge and, ultimately, Isabel Chen.

Would you like to proceed with this plan, or is there another approach you'd like to consider?

Me: Alright, I'll wander around some more, see if I can see anything that might indicate where I'll find Splicer.

As you wander through the fixer dens in Heywood, you keep your eyes peeled for any signs or information that might lead you to Splicer. The atmosphere is a mix of neon lights, loud music, and conversations in various languages. After some time, you notice a graffiti tag that seems to match the symbol associated with Splicer. Following this sign, you find yourself in a more secluded and dimly lit area within the fixer den.

There, you spot a figure with cybernetic enhancements, sitting at a corner table and casually observing the crowd. This might be Splicer. What would you like to do next?

Me: Sit right down next to the figure, uncomfortably close and say "Hey, a choomba of mine said you could help me find Splicer."

The figure, sporting cybernetic enhancements and likely Splicer, looks at you with a raised eyebrow. The ambient noise in the fixer den muffles, and you feel the tension in the air.

Splicer leans back, eyeing you with a mix of curiosity and caution. "Yeah? Who's your choomba, and why's Splicer someone you're lookin' to find?"

How would you like to respond?

Me: I push right to the point. "I need to find Binary Edge. I got an itch that needs scratching, y'know?"

Splicer narrows his cybernetic eyes, gauging your sincerity. After a moment, he smirks. "Binary Edge, huh? That's a tricky one. What makes you think I can help you with that?"

How would you like to respond?

Me: This guy can see right through me, I can tell. I look away, sigh, compose myself, and stop trying to bullshit him. "Alright, look, I can see you're a smart kid and that I'm not going to be able to razzledazzle you with fake shit. Word on the street is that Splicer can point me to Binary Edge and Binary Edge can point me to a techie named Isabel Chen. That's the truth, and that's all I got, so you gonna help me or not, choom?"

Splicer leans back, studying you for a moment. He takes a drag from his cigarette, exhaling a plume of smoke. "Straight shooter, huh? I can appreciate that. Finding Binary Edge won't be a walk in the park. I've got a lead, but it's gonna cost you. Information ain't free, after all."

What's your response?

Me: "How many eddies we talking here?"

Splicer smirks, revealing a silver tooth. "Let's say, a cool 1,000 eddies. Payment upfront, and I'll give you the lead to find Binary Edge. What do you say?"

Me: "I'd pay 1,000 eddies for a phone call from Isabel Chen right now. Seems like a lot for nothing more than a maybe."

Splicer leans back, his grin widening. "Look, sweetheart, finding Binary Edge ain't a walk in the park. It's a service I provide, and quality costs. You want to find Isabel Chen or not?"

Me: "Fine," I flick him the eddies.

Splicer pockets the eddies and pulls out a small device. "Alright, sweetheart. I'll set the wheels in motion. Be patient. Binary Edge should reach out when he's ready." He hands you a small chip. "Here's your receipt. Keep it. It's got my contact. Don't bother me until Binary Edge contacts you. Clear?"

You take the chip and nod. "Clear."

With that, Splicer turns his attention to another customer, leaving you to contemplate the mysterious path ahead.

Me: I'll wander around the area a little more to see if I see anything interesting.

As you wander through the fixer den, you catch glimpses of various shady deals, tech transactions, and the hum of conversations discussing the city's underbelly. It's a mix of different factions, tech enthusiasts, and fixers conducting business. The atmosphere is thick with a blend of anticipation and tension.

While you don't spot anything immediately relevant to your current mission, the dynamic nature of the fixer den makes it clear that there's always more to uncover beneath the surface. If there's nothing else pressing, you might consider heading back to your apartment and waiting for Binary Edge's call. What's your next move?

Me: Good idea. I'll head back to my apartment and see what Nyx and Seraph have been up to.

As you ride back to your apartment, your mind buzzes with the events of the day. The hunt for potential allies against Arasaka has led you through the diverse and dangerous streets of Night City. The prospect of bringing together a team to expose Arasaka's secrets is both thrilling and perilous.

Upon arriving home, you find Nyx and Seraph engaged in a conversation. They glance up as you enter, acknowledging your return. Nyx, focused on her netrunning equipment, looks up from her terminal.

"Hey, Ellie. How did it go?" Nyx asks, her eyes curious.

"I made some progress. Found Marcus Hayes and Diego Ramirez. Got a lead on Isabel Chen, but I had to pay a pretty penny for it. We'll see if it pans out," you reply, your voice reflecting a mix of determination and weariness.

Seraph, who has been quietly listening, chimes in, "Sounds like you've been busy. Anything else on the horizon?"

"I'm expecting a call from a fixer named Binary Edge. Supposedly, they can help us find Isabel Chen. We'll see how it goes."

Nyx nods, absorbing the information. "Alright, keep me posted. We're all in this together, after all."

As the night progresses, you gather with Nyx and Seraph, contemplating the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead. The Red Dragon gig is looming, offering both a stage for your music and a potential platform for your message against Arasaka. The neon-lit city pulses outside your window, a constant reminder of the ever-present chaos and opportunity that is Night City. What do you do next?

Me: "Nyx, what's the next step? What should I be working on next now that we've got a few people willing to spill dirt on Arasaka?"

Nyx leans back in her chair, fingers tapping rhythmically on the surface of her terminal. She takes a moment to gather her thoughts before responding.

"I think our immediate focus should be on gathering and verifying the information these contacts have. Once we have a substantial amount of evidence, we can start building a narrative. A story that exposes Arasaka's dark side and broadcasts it to the world. It's not just about the facts; it's about shaping the narrative in a way that resonates with the public."

She looks at you and Seraph, a determined glint in her eyes. "Ellie, you've got a knack for connecting with people. Use that charisma to coax out the details, make them comfortable sharing their stories. Seraph, with your combat skills, you can ensure our safety and handle any unexpected situations. We need both the information and protection. It's a delicate dance, but it's the path we've chosen."

Nyx continues, "As for Binary Edge, be cautious. Fixers are not known for their loyalty, and they might have their own agenda. We'll play their game, but we won't let them take control. Keep me updated on your progress, and we'll adjust our strategy accordingly."

Seraph nods in agreement, "We're with you, Ellie. Whatever it takes to bring Arasaka down."

With the plan outlined, the three of you settle into the night, each contemplating the role you'll play in this intricate dance of shadows and secrets. What specific actions do you want to take next?

Me: "Got anyone else I can charm then? Far as I see it, I've given four of the five people your deets so you can get them to spill. I'm not seeing where I come into this plan right now, except just to wait and hope we hear from Binary Edge and get a line on Isabel Chen."

Nyx tilts her head, considering your question. "You're right, Ellie. Your strength lies in connections and influence. While I work on gathering information, you could try expanding our network. Visit clubs, bars, and places where influential figures hang out. Look for individuals with a grudge against Arasaka or who might have valuable insights. We need allies, not just informants."

She continues, "Remember, the key is to build trust. People won't open up if they don't trust you. Establish relationships, share a drink or two, and listen to their stories. Sometimes, the most unexpected sources can provide crucial information."

Seraph adds, "And don't forget, we've got a gig at The Red Dragon tomorrow night. It might be a good opportunity to connect with the crowd, spread the word, and maybe find someone sympathetic to our cause."

Nyx nods, "Exactly. So, while I focus on the contacts we have, you work on expanding our network. Every piece of information is a step closer to unraveling Arasaka's web."

What's your next move?

Me: I turn to Seraph. "Another gig at The Red Dragon? First I'm hearing of it. Did the band set it up while I was kicking that Arasaka stooge's ass after the last gig?"

Seraph smirks, "Nah, it was a quick arrangement. While you were dealing with that Arasaka mess, Nyx and I thought it'd be a good idea to keep the momentum going. We figured, why not bring the fight to Arasaka's doorstep in a different way, through our music?"

Nyx chimes in, "It's an opportunity to connect with the crowd, share our message, and possibly find more allies. The Red Dragon's a popular spot, and with the right audience, our music could resonate."

Seraph adds, "Plus, it gives us a chance to blow off some steam and keep our minds off the heavy stuff for a bit. What do you say, Ellie? Ready for another round on stage?"

What's your response?

Me: "I'm always up for a gig. Easy eddies at least. Feed me the deets."

Seraph nods, "That's the spirit. The gig's tomorrow night at The Red Dragon in Little China. The owner owes us a favor, so we got a prime slot. Show starts at 8 PM. We've got a decent setlist, and I've been working on a couple of new tunes to spice things up. It's not a massive venue, but it draws a good crowd. Should be a great night."

Nyx adds, "It's a chance to keep the momentum going and maybe recruit more allies. We'll be playing our hearts out, and who knows, we might catch the attention of someone who's willing to join the cause."

Seraph hands you a list of the songs they've prepared for the gig. You notice some familiar tunes, a couple of new ones, and some classic crowd-pleasers. The setlist includes a mix of punk, rock, and a touch of synthwave.

What do you do next?

Me: Show me the list in detail.

Here's the detailed setlist for the upcoming gig:

"Neon Rebellion"
"Blackened Sky"
"Razorwire Dreams"
"Ghost in the Machine"
"Chrome Hearts"
"Wasteland Anthem"
"Shadowrunner Blues"
"Electric Dreams"
"Valkyrie Rising"
"Red Dragon Rhapsody"
The band seems to have put together a diverse set that spans various genres within the punk and rock spectrum. Each song has its own energy and style, catering to different tastes among the audience.

What's your reaction to the setlist, and do you have any specific plans or preparations leading up to the gig?

Me: "Looks good. Should we do Riot Anthem for an encore?"

The idea of performing "Riot Anthem" for an encore seems like a solid choice. It's a high-energy and intense track that could leave a lasting impression on the audience. Encoring with a powerful and memorable song often leaves the crowd buzzing with excitement.

Do you want to finalize the setlist with "Riot Anthem" as the encore, or do you have any other adjustments in mind?

Me: No, I want to ask Nyx and Seraph what they think about adding Riot Anthem as the encore.

Absolutely, consulting with Nyx and Seraph about the setlist is a great idea. It's important to consider everyone's input to ensure a cohesive and enjoyable performance. What do you say to them?

Me: "Looks good. Should we do Riot Anthem for an encore?"

Nyx and Seraph nod in agreement. "Yeah, Riot Anthem would be a killer choice for an encore," Nyx says with a smile. "It's energetic and will leave the crowd wanting more."

Seraph chimes in, "I agree. It's one of our fan favorites, and ending the gig with Riot Anthem will definitely leave a lasting impression. Let's go with it."

Me: "Axia and Luna on board for the gig?"

Nyx nods, "Yep, they're both on board. I've already confirmed with them, and they're excited about the gig. The full band will be ready to rock at The Red Dragon."

Seraph adds, "It's going to be a great show. The crowd will love it."

Me: "Maybe at the end of the gig, I could do a shout-out to the crowd, tell them we're looking for dirt on Arasaka. We could invite them to come backstage after the show and spill the deets. Might be a good way to find more allies."

Nyx considers the idea, "That's a bold move, Ellie. It could work, but it also puts us in the spotlight. If Arasaka catches wind of it, they might not take it lightly."

Seraph adds, "It's a risky play, but if it pays off, we could get some valuable information. We just need to be cautious about how we approach it."

Me: "I'd be a gonk if I thought Arasaka didn't already have a spotlight on us. They know where we live. They sent a hitman after us. I wouldn't be surprised if they've even got some stooge reading our encrypted messages. Only way to fight back is to be crazy, get out there, let them know we don't care if they're watching us. We're gonna fuck 'em up anyway."

Seraph nods, "You've got a point, Ellie. Bold moves are what's going to make a difference. Let's go for it. Riot Anthem for the encore, and after the gig, you can make the announcement. We'll see who's willing to step up."

Nyx chimes in, "Just be prepared for potential consequences. We're poking the hornet's nest, and it might not take kindly to it."

Me: "I'm not afraid of Arasaka," I announce it as boldly as I can, even though part of me is really worried about what they might do to us. "I'm gonna kick that hornet's nest until every hornet in it is flatlined."

Seraph smiles, "That's the spirit, Ellie. We're with you all the way."

Nyx adds, "Just remember, we need to be strategic about this. Let's make sure we're ready for whatever comes our way."

Me: I turn to Nyx. "Got any suggestions on how we can be more ready for something like, I dunno, an Arasaka street samurai hitsquad?"

Nyx nods thoughtfully, "Firstly, we should invest in some better security for our place. I can look into getting some advanced counter-surveillance systems and fortify our defenses. Secondly, we need to keep a low profile when we're not on stage. Try not to draw unnecessary attention. Lastly, it might be a good idea to have a plan for a quick escape if things go south."

She looks at Seraph, "What do you think, love?"

Me: I nod. These are good ideas. What does Seraph think?

Seraph leans in, nodding in agreement. "Yeah, I'm on board with that. We've got to be smart about this. If we're going to take on Arasaka, we can't afford any slip-ups. Better security, keeping a low profile, and having an exit plan all sound like solid moves."

He turns to you, "But, Ellie, we also need to keep playing. Keep the music alive. That's our strength, and it's what brings people together. We can't let Arasaka or anyone else take that away from us."

Me: Please correct the narrative. Seraph is female.

My apologies for the error. Let me correct that:

Nyx leans in, nodding in agreement. "Yeah, I'm on board with that. We've got to be smart about this. If we're going to take on Arasaka, we can't afford any slip-ups. Better security, keeping a low profile, and having an exit plan all sound like solid moves."

She turns to you, "But, Ellie, we also need to keep playing. Keep the music alive. That's our strength, and it's what brings people together. We can't let Arasaka or anyone else take that away from us."

Me: "Alright, Nyx, can you handle the security upgrades? I can flick you some eddies if you need it." I turn to Seraph, "Babe, Seraph, can you figure out the exit plan thing?"

Nyx nods, "Absolutely, I'll get started on that right away. I'll make sure we're as secure as we can be."

Seraph looks determined, "I got this. I'll figure out the exit plan and make sure we've got options. No one's catching us off guard again."

With the division of tasks, the band starts preparing for the upcoming gig and strengthening their defenses against potential threats.

Me: I'll hang out and discuss things with them until bedtime, then go curl up to get a full night's sleep.

As the night progresses, you discuss plans, strategies, and details for the upcoming gig. The atmosphere in the apartment is a mix of determination and readiness. As bedtime approaches, you curl up, seeking a full night's sleep to ensure you're rested and prepared for the challenges ahead. The events of the next day, including the gig at The Red Dragon, are on the horizon.


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