Ellie V and the Valkyries 14 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)

Some great moments in this session. I love the interaction with Redeye, and how ChatGPT handled everything this time around. It really feels like everything is coming together in a way that will lead to something spectacular. Arasaka hit squads? We'll see. I can always hope!

Also, the lag definitely seems to be usage dependent. It seems like around the 12pm-2pm mark (PST) the system tanks and it's almost impossible to get any responses in less than five minutes. Not sure what's going on at that time every day, but oh well. I can work around it easily enough. In the evenings, it's really quite manageable.

Of course, literally after I wrote that sentence, it crashed completely and wouldn't even respond so, eh, technology. It's still developing. Errors are to be expected.

Transcript follows:


Me: Alright, what do I find when I wake up in the morning? What's going on?

You wake up to the familiar sights of your apartment. Nyx is up and about, checking her gear and reviewing some data on her computer. Seraph is in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. The aroma of food fills the air. As you stretch and start your day, you notice a message notification on your agent.

It's from an unknown contact, and the message reads:

"Got info you're looking for. Meet me at Jack's Joint in Heywood. Ask for Redeye. Come alone."

The timing is interesting, and you wonder if this could be the lead you've been waiting for regarding Isabel Chen or any other relevant information. What do you want to do?

Me: I'm going to spend some time with my inputs while eating breakfast. What are their plans for the day?

As you enjoy breakfast, you chat with Nyx and Seraph about their plans for the day.

Nyx mentions that she'll continue working on the security upgrades for your apartment. She has a few contacts in the netrunning community who can help with the job, ensuring that your systems are more resistant to unwanted intrusion. She also plans to look into any recent Arasaka activities in Night City's net.

Seraph, on the other hand, is focused on the exit plan for your gigs. She intends to scout potential escape routes from various venues, considering both planned and impromptu exits. The goal is to have a contingency in place in case things go south during a performance.

Both of them express their commitment to the band's cause and ensuring your safety in the face of potential threats. What would you like to do next?

Me: Sounds preem. I tell them about the message I got this morning, and that I plan to head out alone to go and meet this "Redeye" person at Jack's Joint in Heywood.

Nyx and Seraph listen attentively as you share the information about the message and your plan to meet Redeye at Jack's Joint in Heywood. Nyx raises an eyebrow, showing a hint of concern, but she nods.

Nyx: "Be careful, Ellie. We don't know who this Redeye is, and it could be a trap. Keep your guard up and stay in touch."

Seraph adds, "Yeah, we've got your back, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. Let us know if anything seems off."

With their words of caution in mind, you finish your breakfast and get ready to head out. The day is ahead of you, and Jack's Joint is waiting. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to thank them both, kiss them both and hop on my motorcycle to head over to Jack's Joint.

You thank Nyx and Seraph, giving them each a kiss before heading out. The familiar rumble of your motorcycle beneath you, you navigate through the streets of Night City, the neon lights and bustling crowds surrounding you. Jack's Joint in Heywood is your destination.

As you arrive, you see the familiar exterior of the bar. The atmosphere is a mix of gritty and lively, typical of many establishments in Night City. The door creaks as you enter, and the ambient sounds of conversations, music, and clinking glasses greet you.

Inside, you spot a figure in a corner booth, their back turned to you. They seem engrossed in something, perhaps a drink or a personal device. The lighting is dim, making it a bit challenging to discern details from a distance.

What would you like to do?

Me: Anybody else stand out, or only the figure whose back is turned to me?

Glancing around, you notice a few regular patrons nursing their drinks at the bar and a group of edgerunners huddled together at a table, engaged in hushed conversation. However, the figure in the corner booth remains the most intriguing, shrouded in a mysterious air.

What's your next move?

Me: I'll walk up to the figure and put my hand on their shoulder. Firm and silent. 

As your hand rests on the figure's shoulder, they startle slightly but then turn to face you. The dim light reveals a face marked by cyberware and the faint glow of cyberoptics. The person appears to be a netrunner, and their eyes meet yours with a mix of curiosity and caution.

"Can I help you?" they ask, their voice tinged with a digital edge.

Me: "Looking for Redeye," I say, slow and confident.

The netrunner regards you for a moment, assessing your demeanor. After a brief pause, they nod slightly.

"Redeye sent you, huh?" they say, a hint of skepticism in their voice. "Alright, follow me." The netrunner turns and starts walking deeper into the dimly lit interior of Jack's Joint.

As you follow, you notice the low hum of various electronic devices and the occasional flicker of neon lights. The atmosphere is a mix of grungy cyberpunk aesthetics and the subdued conversations of patrons.

After navigating through a maze of tables and booths, the netrunner stops at a secluded corner where a figure is seated. It's Redeye, a middle-aged woman with a cybernetic eye that glows faintly. She looks up as you approach, her expression unreadable.

"You Ellie?" she asks, already seemingly aware of the answer.

Me: "The rocker aiming to be the number one rocker on Arasaka's murder list? That's me."

Redeye smirks, acknowledging your straightforward response. "Alright, Ellie. I got some info you might be interested in. Arasaka's been keeping tabs on you, no surprise there. They're not happy about the little stunt you pulled at the Tower."

She leans back, taking a sip from a drink on the table. "But here's the kicker. They're not just after you. They're interested in your netrunner friend, Nyx. Seems like they want to shut down whatever she's planning."

Redeye leans in, her cybernetic eye glinting. "I can help you out, give you some leads. In return, I want a favor. A job, you might say. You interested?"

Me: "They're probably interested in my whole band, but yeah, sure, I'm interested. Hit me with the deets, Redeye."

Redeye smirks again, pleased with your straightforward attitude. "Alright, here's the deal. There's a local booster gang, the Iron Serpents, causing a bit of trouble in Heywood. Arasaka wants them gone, and they've got their eyes on Nyx to help with that."

She slides a data chip across the table. "On this chip, you'll find the location of the Iron Serpents' hideout. Take care of them, and you'll have Arasaka off your backs—at least for now. I'll be keeping an eye on things, so don't think about double-crossing me."

Redeye leans back, taking another sip. "Once the job's done, come back here. We can talk more about how I can help you and your band. Deal?"

Me: How many people are in the room with us right now?

The room appears to be relatively empty, with only a few scattered patrons at the other end of the bar. It seems quiet and not particularly crowded.

Me: I'm going to lean in to Redeye's face, look her right in the eyes and say: "Tell Saburo Arasaka he can shove this bullshit where the sun don't shine. I'm not working for him, and I'm sure as shit not working for any one of his stooges. Listen, and I say this with my whole fucking heart, on behalf of me, Nyx and the entire band, go fuck yourself, Redeye. I hope you choke on the corpo boot you're so keen to keep licking."

Redeye smirks in response, seemingly unfazed by your strong words. She leans back slightly, maintaining eye contact.

"Well, ain't you a firecracker. Your defiance is duly noted, Ellie V. Just remember, you might not want to play ball, but sometimes the game plays you whether you like it or not. Best of luck with your rebellion. We'll be watching."

With that, Redeye finishes her drink, places the empty glass on the bar, and saunters away, disappearing into the sparse crowd of the bar. The air in Jack's Joint returns to its previous calm, but a lingering tension remains.

Me: Did I get the chip with the location of the Iron Serpents' hideout on it?

You didn't explicitly mention taking the chip with the Iron Serpents' hideout location during the encounter with Redeye. If you'd like your character to have taken it, we can certainly include that detail in the narrative. Let me know your preference.

Me: Nah, makes more sense that I didn't take it. Ok, so I'm going to call Nyx and say: "Babe, Redeye turned out to be a fascist working with Arasaka, but I got a lead on some potential allies before she delta'd. Got any data on a booster gang in Heywood called the Iron Serpents? Arasaka's got their ass in a twist about this gang, so I figure, why not look 'em up?"

Nyx responds, "Hey, Ellie. Sorry to hear about Redeye. As for the Iron Serpents, I'll dig into my sources and see what I can find. I'll get back to you as soon as I have some info. Stay safe out there."

Me: I say, "Thanks babe, you too," then hang up. There a bartender in this dive?

Yeah, there's a grizzled-looking bartender behind the counter, wiping down a glass with a rag. The dimly lit bar is relatively quiet, with a few patrons nursing their drinks at various tables.

Me: I'll sit down at the bar in front of the bartender and give him a smile. "Got a taste for stout. Anything on the menu that fits?"

The bartender nods, setting down the glass he was cleaning. "Sure thing. We got a local favorite called Midnight Stout. Goes down smooth, packs a punch. Want one?"

Me: "Preem. Pour it."

The bartender pulls out a stout bottle, popping it open and pouring its contents into a glass. He slides the glass toward you, and you catch a whiff of rich, roasted malt as it settles in front of you. "Enjoy," he says.

As you take a sip, the bold flavor envelops your palate. The rich, chocolatey notes mingle with a hint of coffee bitterness, creating a satisfying combination. The bar's dim lighting and the muted sounds of conversations around you create a comfortable atmosphere. What's your next move?

Me: "Damn, that's a good beer," I say, then point at him. "Say, you ever hear of a techie named Isabel Chen?"

The bartender looks thoughtful for a moment, wiping down a glass with a rag. "Isabel Chen? Yeah, heard the name around here. She's got a bit of a reputation, you know? Keeps a low profile, but I think she's got her fingers in a lot of tech pies. What do you want with her?"

As you consider your response, the door to the bar swings open, and a group of patrons enters, creating a brief influx of noise and movement. What's your next move?

Me: Anything unusual about the newcomers?

The newcomers seem like regular patrons, chatting and laughing as they find a place to sit. They're a mix of locals and drifters, nothing particularly unusual stands out about them. The atmosphere in the bar remains casual and laid-back. What would you like to do next?

Me: I take another sip of my stout before I answer the bartender. "Looking for people who might have dirt on Arasaka. Heard her name on a few lips, thought she might have something I could use. Hard lady to meet, though."

The bartender nods, understanding your situation. "Isabel Chen, huh? Yeah, she keeps a low profile. But hey, people talk. If you're looking to connect with her, you might want to check out the backrooms here. Sometimes techies and fixers hang out there, sharing info and contacts. Just be discreet; not everyone appreciates nosy types."

What will you do next?

Me: "I'm more direct than discreet," I smirk. "Thanks for the tip, and the stout. I'll poke around the backrooms."

The bartender gives you a nod, and you head towards the backrooms of the dive bar, Stout in hand. As you make your way through the dimly lit corridors, you can hear the muffled sounds of conversation, laughter, and the occasional clinking of glasses. The atmosphere changes as you enter the backrooms, where the air is thicker with a mix of cigarette smoke and anticipation.

The room is filled with various characters—techies, fixers, and other denizens of Night City's underbelly. You scan the area for any sign of Isabel Chen or someone who might know how to contact her.

What's your approach in trying to find information about Isabel Chen in the backrooms of Jack's Joint?

Me: I'm going to just wander around and see if anything stands out. I think I'm looking for a female techie, probably Chinese, if the last name Chen isn't just an alias. She'll probably have something expensive on her, fine jewelry or a high end netrunning deck or expensive, top tier cyberware. It's a shot in the dark, but that's basically what I'm looking for. Do I spot anyone who fits the bill?
As you wander through the backrooms of Jack's Joint, your eyes keenly scan the crowd for any sign of a female techie matching the description you have in mind—potentially Chinese, with expensive accessories or top-tier cyberware. The low hum of conversation, the dim lighting, and the occasional flicker of neon signs create a somewhat chaotic ambiance.

After a few minutes, you notice a figure hunched over a portable workstation in a corner. She seems engrossed in her work, surrounded by a subtle air of technological proficiency. The fine details of her appearance aren't immediately clear from a distance, but the presence of various high-tech gadgets and the occasional glint of something shiny on her person catch your attention.

How would you like to approach this potential lead?

Me: I'm going to sit across from her and say "Nice fingerwork on the workstation there. You come here often?"

The woman looks up from her workstation, her eyes meeting yours with a mix of curiosity and caution. The glow of the nearby screens casts a faint light on her features, revealing a cyberpunk aesthetic that aligns with your expectations for a skilled techie.

"Depends on what 'often' means to you," she replies, offering a faint smile. "I like to keep tabs on the local tech scene. What brings you to my corner of the joint?"

You notice a sleek cyberdeck on the table, adorned with intricate designs and modifications that suggest a significant level of customization.

How would you like to proceed?

Me: "I saw your gear and figured you must be a real nova techie to have gear like that. Probably make a lot of eddies. You work through fixers or independent? I might be looking for an assist. Putting together a team, and I only like working with people who have a bone to pick with Arasaka."
She looks you up and down, assessing you before responding. "I'm more of an independent operator. Fixers can be useful, but I prefer direct connections. And Arasaka? Yeah, I've got my reasons to stick it to them. What's this team you're putting together, and how do I fit in?"

She seems cautiously interested. How would you like to proceed with the conversation?

Me: "Well, firstly, I'm looking for someone named Isabel Chen," I'm going to wink at her, because I think she's Isabel Chen. "Wouldn't be able to help me with that, would you?"

She smirks at your wink, confirming your suspicion. "Isabel Chen, you say? Interesting request. What's your business with her, and why should I help you find her?"

She seems curious but guarded. How would you like to respond?

Me: "I'm putting together a team of people who have dirt on Arasaka. Good dirt. Real dirty laundry that'll hurt the megacorp when it's aired. If you've got dirt like that, it'd be real preem to have you on the team."
Isabel Chen leans back, studying you for a moment. "Dirt on Arasaka, huh? That's a bold mission. Why would I want to get involved? What's in it for me?"

She seems skeptical but intrigued. How would you like to respond?

Me: "No one on the team is getting paid, if that's what you mean," I point at her. "I'll buy you a drink if you throw in with us, but other than that, you'd be working for the job satisfaction that comes with sticking it to Arasaka."
Isabel Chen smirks at your response. "A drink and the satisfaction of screwing with Arasaka? Well, that's a different kind of payment. I can appreciate the appeal of giving those corporate bastards a hard time. Sure, count me in. But don't think I'm doing it for free drinks alone. I want to see this Arasaka smear campaign work."

She extends her hand for a shake. You've gained a potential ally in Isabel Chen. What's your next move?

Me: I shake her hand, flick her my deets and Nyx's deets. Afterward, I head back to the bartender and flick him some eddies, tell him Chen's next three drinks are on me.

The bartender gives you a nod of acknowledgment as you flick him some eddies. Isabel Chen seems to appreciate the gesture, and she raises her glass in your direction as you leave.

With Isabel Chen on board, you now have another valuable ally in your mission against Arasaka. What's your plan now?

Me: How much time do I have left before the upcoming Red Dragon gig?

The Red Dragon gig is scheduled for the evening, so you have a good portion of the day left before the performance. What would you like to do with the remaining time?

Me: I'll head back to my place. There's time to get some practicing in before tonight's gig.
You make your way back to your apartment, ready to get some practice in before the Red Dragon gig. As you step inside, you see Nyx and Seraph going over some last-minute details. The atmosphere is a mix of excitement and anticipation.

Nyx looks up as you enter, "Hey, Ellie. How did things go at Jack's Joint? Find anything useful?"

You fill them in on the encounter with Redeye, the tip about the Iron Serpents, and your recruitment of Isabel Chen.

Nyx nods, "Sounds like progress. The Iron Serpents might be an interesting ally, and if Chen has the skills and the dirt, she could be a valuable addition. We'll need to coordinate the documentary plan with her once she's on board."

Seraph chimes in, "And the gig tonight? Anything special we need to know or prepare for?"

You can use the remaining time before the gig to discuss strategy, practice with the band, or attend to any personal matters. What would you like to focus on?

Me: "I think we're good to go for tonight. A little noodling, a few beers and some pizza is all the prep I need for the gig, I think."

Nyx smiles, "Sounds like a plan. We've got everything set up for the documentary plan, and the gig should give us a chance to connect with more potential allies. Let's make tonight count."

As the day progresses, you and the band spend some time practicing, enjoying a casual meal together, and getting ready for the Red Dragon gig. The atmosphere in your apartment is a mix of excitement and determination.

As the evening approaches, you all gear up and head to The Red Dragon. The venue is alive with energy, and the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. The stage is set, and you feel the familiar rush of adrenaline as you step into the spotlight.

The performance is electrifying, and the crowd responds with enthusiasm. The music pulses through the venue, and you can sense the connection with the audience. As the last notes of the encore ring out, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

After the gig, as you're mingling with fans and packing up your gear, a figure approaches you. It's a young woman with bright blue hair and a cybernetic arm. She looks at you with a mix of curiosity and determination.

"Ellie V, right? I heard you're putting together a crew to stick it to Arasaka. Count me in," she says, extending her cybernetic hand.

This unexpected encounter presents a new opportunity. What do you do?

Me: I shake her hand and grin. "Welcome to the team that's gonna make Arasaka weep, then. What's your name, kid?"

The young woman returns your grin, "Call me Nova. I've got skills in netrunning and a passion for tearing down those corpo bastards. I heard about your documentary plan, and I'm all in for exposing Arasaka's dirty secrets."

It seems like you've gained another valuable ally with expertise in netrunning. How do you plan to integrate Nova into the team, and what's your next move?

Me: I'm going to pass Nova's deets to Nyx. She's the one handling the team and the documentary. I'm just the face for the op.

You share Nova's contact information with Nyx, allowing her to coordinate and integrate Nova into the team. Nyx acknowledges the addition and expresses confidence in the growing roster of allies.

As the day progresses, you receive a message from Nyx, updating you on the progress of the security upgrades for your apartment and outlining the exit plan. She also mentions that Seraph has been in touch with the Red Dragon management to finalize details for tonight's gig.

With everything in motion, you have some time before the evening gig. Is there anything specific you'd like to do or discuss with Nyx and Seraph before the performance?

Me: I thought we just had the gig?

I apologize for any confusion. It seems there was a misunderstanding in my previous response. If the time has come for the gig at the Red Dragon, then you're likely heading to the venue to perform. Please proceed with the gig, and let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to focus on during or after the performance.

Me: No, I mean, you already summarized the gig. After the gig was complete, we were approached by Nova. The story as of now should be the night after the gig.
I appreciate the clarification. Let's continue from where we left off after the gig.

After the Red Dragon gig, you head back to your place with Nyx and Seraph. The adrenaline from the performance is still coursing through your veins, and you find yourselves in a mix of excitement and anticipation for the next steps in your plan against Arasaka. As you settle in, Nyx receives a message. It's from Nova, the netrunner you met earlier. She expresses interest in joining your cause and mentions having some valuable skills to contribute. Nyx shares this information with you and Seraph.

What would you like to do next?

Me: I'm going to get blitzed on bourbon and start slipping innuendos into the conversation, winking at Nyx and Seraph both.

As the night progresses, fueled by bourbon and the residual energy from the gig, you find yourself in a playful and flirtatious mood. Your banter and innuendos create a lighthearted atmosphere, and you share laughter with Nyx and Seraph. The tension from the recent events seems to dissipate, at least for the moment.

Nyx and Seraph join in on the playful exchange, enjoying the camaraderie. The connection between the three of you grows stronger, fostering a sense of unity in the face of the challenges ahead.

Is there anything specific you'd like to discuss or do during this laid-back and spirited evening?

Me: Nah, I think it's time to head to bed with my inputs and call it a day.

You retire to bed with Nyx and Seraph, the events of the day and the energy from the gig still lingering in the air. As you drift into sleep, the prospect of the upcoming plans to expose Arasaka and gather allies for your cause occupies your thoughts.

The next day awaits with new challenges and opportunities. When you wake up, you feel a renewed sense of purpose. What would you like to focus on as you start the new day?


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