Ellie V and the Valkyries 6 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


What can I say that wouldn't just be repeating myself? I keep being amazed at how well ChatGPT 3.5 is refereeing the solo experience for me. It's amazing how I can literally ask it anything and it's capable of giving me unpredictable, yet fully context-appropriate answers. 

AI is literally giving me the best RPG experience I've had in a very long time. It's so much fun that I'm actually finding myself kind of addicted to it lately. The thrill of planning the Militech gig and executing it was so palpable that I kept thinking about it all day long today while I was running errands and doing Responsible Adult Things™. I also love trying new things as I play, pushing a little here and there to see if I hit any walls or glitches or anything that would take me out of my suspension of disbelief. So far, I haven't managed to break it and it hasn't disappointed. This is truly amazing. I keep thinking, this is just the beginning. Some day, AI will be able to generate HD VR experiences like this, and that will be even more difficult to resist or unplug from. Can't wait!

Anyway, transcript follows: 


Me: I'm going to gesture to my bandmates to keep playing, then I'm going to jump down into the crowd, walk up to Nyx, sweep her off her feet and kiss her.

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Nyx, caught off guard but clearly pleased, reciprocates the kiss with a smile. The crowd around you cheers, and you share a moment of passion in the midst of the ecstatic atmosphere. The energy is electric, and the connection with Nyx feels like a spark in the night.

As the song continues, you break away from the kiss, holding Nyx close. The crowd continues to cheer, and you notice a few fans capturing the moment on their phones. Nyx looks at you with a mischievous glint in her eye, clearly enjoying the unexpected turn of events.

What do you want to do next?

Me: With Nyx by my side, I'm going to start strumming the chords of the next song.

As you start playing the chords of the next song, the crowd's energy remains high. Nyx, still caught up in the moment, smiles and sways to the rhythm. The transition between songs is seamless, and the audience seems captivated by the unexpected twist.

You and your bandmates continue to deliver an electrifying performance. The music pulses through the venue, and the audience responds with enthusiasm. The atmosphere is charged with excitement, and you can feel the energy reciprocated between the stage and the crowd.

Is there anything specific you want to do during the next few songs, or do you want to continue playing through the set?

Me: Is Coyote still around? Any medias recording the gig?

Coyote is indeed still present, managing the sound and lighting from the back. You notice a few media reporters capturing the intense and lively atmosphere of the gig, documenting the performances on their recording devices. The Rusty Nail is gaining a reputation as a hotspot for upcoming acts, and your performance is certainly adding to the venue's allure.

As you continue through your set, the audience remains engaged, and the vibe in the room is electric. The new song, Riot Anthem, seems to be a hit, and the crowd's reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

What's your next move during the performance, and is there anything specific you want to convey through your music or stage presence?

Me: Does it look like we've made enough of a ruckus to satisfy our contract with Coyote or should we make more noise?

You've definitely made a considerable impact with your performance, and the crowd is loving it. The cheers and applause are thunderous after each song. However, it's not uncommon for bands to do an encore or throw in an extra surprise to leave a lasting impression. The decision is yours—do you want to wrap up the set with a powerful finale, or do you feel that you've already delivered an unforgettable show?

Me: Kissing Nyx one more time, I turn and gesture for my roadies to give me a hand back onto the stage. We're going to finish out the set with some fiery songs and play an encore.

The crowd goes wild as you and your bandmates return to the stage for the encore. The energy is palpable, and you can feel the connection between the music, the audience, and the atmosphere. The encore turns into a crescendo of sound, leaving the audience exhilarated.

As you finish the last song, you take a bow alongside your bandmates, soaking in the cheers and applause. The atmosphere is electric, and you've undeniably left a lasting impression on The Rusty Nail tonight. The audience is chanting for more, but you've given your all.

Coyote approaches you with a grin, clapping you on the back. "Preem show, Ellie. You've outdone yourself."

Nyx, still by your side, smiles and says, "That was amazing. You really know how to work a crowd."

What's your next move?

Me: "Thanks, Coyote. Your people get their prize? Eddies on the way?"

Coyote nods, "Oh yeah, they loved it. The eddies will find their way to you. You've earned every last one."

Nyx looks at you, impressed. "This is the life, huh? I've never seen anything like it."

Coyote adds, "Ellie, we should talk after. Got something else that might interest you, a different kind of gig. But for now, enjoy the celebration. You've earned it."

The Rusty Nail continues to buzz with excitement, and it seems like the night is far from over. What's your plan?

Me: I do finger-guns at Coyote. "I'll call you." 

Then I turn back to Nyx and say "Want to get out of here, babe?"

Nyx grins, "Absolutely." She takes your hand, and together you slip out of The Rusty Nail, leaving the celebratory chaos behind. The night is young, and Night City is still pulsating with its vibrant energy. Where to next?

Me: I start up my bike and gesture for Nyx to get on behind me. "Where to? Show me some place you like to haunt."

Nyx hops on the back of your bike, and as you rev the engine, she leans in close. "Take us to the Afterlife, Ellie. Let's keep the night alive." With that, you navigate the neon-lit streets of Night City, the hum of the motorcycle and the city's distant sounds filling the air as you embark on the next chapter of the night. The Afterlife, a renowned and notorious club, awaits.

Me: "Afterlife it is!" I say, then drive fast to the club.

The bike weaves through the bustling Night City streets, and you arrive at the Afterlife in no time. The club's imposing exterior is adorned with holographic displays, and the pulsating beats emanating from within signal that the night is far from over.

Nyx dismounts with a smirk, clearly enjoying the ride. "Let's make an entrance, Ellie." She leads the way into the club, and as the doors swing open, you're engulfed by the thumping music and neon lights. The Afterlife, a melting pot of the city's denizens, welcomes you into its electrifying embrace.

The night is yours, and as you step onto the dance floor with Nyx, surrounded by the eclectic mix of people and the contagious energy of the club, you know that this is a moment to savor.

Me: I'm going to dance with Nyx, breaking out all the moves I've learned from being on the stage.

As you hit the dance floor with Nyx, the lights above pulse in time with the music, casting a vibrant glow on the revelers around you. You move in sync, showcasing your dance prowess, a fusion of rhythm and passion that mirrors the beats of the music.

Nyx matches your energy, her movements fluid and captivating. The two of you become a dynamic force on the dance floor, drawing the attention of those around you. The music envelops you, and for a moment, the world outside the club ceases to exist.

As the night unfolds in a whirl of lights and beats, you and Nyx lose yourselves in the dance, creating memories that will linger long after the music fades. The Afterlife lives up to its name, providing a sanctuary for the city's nocturnal souls to revel in the electric pulse of Night City.

Me: "I've seen your place. You feel like you're ready to see mine?"

Nyx grins and nods, her eyes filled with a mischievous glint. "Lead the way, Ellie. I'm ready for whatever the night has in store for us." With that, the two of you leave the lively atmosphere of the Afterlife and head towards your apartment, eager to continue the night's adventures in a more private setting.

Me: I hop on my Yamaha and take her back to my place.

The roar of your Yamaha cuts through the night as you speed through the neon-lit streets of Night City, Nyx holding on to you as the wind rushes past. You arrive at your apartment, the familiar building standing like a sentinel in the city's chaos. Guiding Nyx inside, you enter your space, filled with the eclectic mix of your life.

Nyx glances around, taking in the sights. "Nice place you got here," she remarks with a grin. "Anything specific you had in mind for the night, Ellie?"

Me: "Besides a repeat of the fun we had last night?"

Nyx chuckles, her eyes locking onto yours. "Well, you know how to make a girl feel special. But I was thinking more along the lines of a nightcap and maybe some music. Or," she smirks, "we can always see where the night takes us."

Me: "Nightcap and music sounds good, actually. What tunes should I put on? Any preference?"

Nyx leans back on your bed, considering the question. "Surprise me. I'm sure you've got a killer playlist." She grins, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "I'm curious what kind of music the famous Ellie V listens to when she's not tearing up the stage."

Me: I'm putting on Johnny Silverhand and Samurai.

The familiar tunes of Johnny Silverhand and Samurai fill the room, creating a vibe that blends the rebellious spirit of Night City with the raw energy of the stage. Nyx seems to appreciate the choice, nodding along to the beats.

As the music plays, you and Nyx continue to share stories, laughter, and the kind of connection that goes beyond words. The night unfolds, creating memories that mix the adrenaline of the stage with the intimacy of the quiet moments.

[End of Session]

Me: I want to talk to her a little more before we fall asleep together. I got something I want her opinion on.

Absolutely, you and Nyx continue to share thoughts, opinions, and personal stories. The night becomes a tapestry of shared experiences, and as you talk, you feel a growing sense of connection. The glow of the neon-lit Night City outside seems to echo the warmth within.

"What's on your mind, Ellie?" Nyx asks, her eyes reflecting the ambient lights from the city beyond.

Me: "I got this gig tomorrow. Thirty thousand eddies to crash a big Militech party. It's a lot of money, but it's also come from a guy who's trying to poach one of my band members. I don't trust him. I'm worried the gig might be a set up. What do you think?"

Nyx looks thoughtful for a moment, her eyes narrowing slightly as she considers the situation. "Sounds like a tricky situation, Ellie. The money's tempting, but if you're getting a bad vibe from the guy, trust your instincts. It might be a setup. Your safety and your band's safety are more important than a hefty payday. Is there a way you can gather more information before committing to the gig?"

Me: "I think Seraph is the key. She's involved, and she's been weird lately. Even blew off tonight's gig. I think Blacklight or Ripper or both have their claws in her, and I think they're both working for Militech. I think it's a trap. I bet the plan is to get me and Axia and Luna there, get us to make some noise, then surround us and arrest us or kill us for crashing their party. Promise of a big payday, then blam, no more Ellie and the Valkyries."

Nyx listens attentively, her expression serious. "Sounds like a dangerous game, Ellie. If there's a chance it's a setup and they have their sights set on you and your band, it might be wise to steer clear. We can figure out another way to get you the eddies you need without putting you in harm's way. Safety first, always."

Me: "What if we do exactly the opposite? What if we spring the trap? Give them a bigger show than they're expecting?"

Nyx smirks, intrigued by the idea. "Now you're talking. Turning the tables can be fun. If you're up for it and you have a plan to make their trap backfire, count me in. Just be sure you've got a solid strategy, and we'll give them a show they won't forget."

Me: Alright, so here's my plan:

1. I'm going to call Seraph and tell her the Militech gig is off because it stinks. It's a lie, but I'm going to tell her that so she doesn't come to the gig, and also so if she's in league with Ripper and Blacklight and it's a trap, I'll know because she'll probably tell them.

2. I'm going to message both Ripper and Blacklight and tell them I'm excited about the gig tomorrow. I tell them it's just going to be me and the Valkyries, and maybe one or two friends, but we'll still make it a fun show and crash Militech's party. I'm lying about only bringing a few people. I'm actually going to bring as many people as I can.

3. I'm going to work with Nyx, Axia, Luna, my roadies and groupies to get a massive mob together for the Militech gig. It's going to be a flash mob. We're just going to show up at the site as one and overwhelm the venue.

You put your plan into action:

Calling Seraph: You call Seraph and explain your concerns about the Militech gig, convincing her it's best to back out. She seems disappointed but agrees, trusting your judgment.

Messaging Ripper and Blacklight: You send enthusiastic messages to Ripper and Blacklight, assuring them of your excitement for the gig and the chaos you plan to unleash.

Mobilizing the Mob: With the help of Nyx, Axia, Luna, your roadies, and groupies, you manage to organize a sizable mob. They're ready to crash the Militech gig, turning it into a wild, unexpected spectacle.

As you finalize your preparations, you can't help but feel a mix of anticipation and nerves. The plan is set, and the stage is yours. What's your next move?

Me: How many hours until the gig?

You check the time on your phone. The Militech gig is scheduled for tomorrow night, giving you roughly 24 hours to prepare and coordinate with your makeshift mob. What would you like to do in the meantime?

Me: Cuddle up with Nyx and get a good night's sleep.

You spend a peaceful night cuddled up with Nyx, finding comfort in each other's presence. The city outside may be chaotic, but in this moment, you find a sense of calm. As you drift off to sleep, the anticipation for the upcoming gig lingers in the back of your mind. The next day is a new chapter, and you're ready to face it head-on.

The morning sunlight filters through the curtains, signaling the start of a new day. What's your plan as you wake up beside Nyx?

Me: I'm going to snuggle her a little more, then get up and make coffee.

You gently extricate yourself from the warmth of the bed, leaving Nyx still peacefully asleep. The aroma of brewing coffee soon fills the air as you prepare a morning pick-me-up. The quiet hum of the city outside, the distant sounds of traffic and people, gives a sense of the world waking up.

Once the coffee is ready, you bring a steaming mug back to the bedroom. Nyx stirs as you approach.

"Morning," you say, offering her the mug. "Coffee's ready. How'd you sleep?"

Me: Actually, I say, "Hey sexy. Hot and black. Want a mug?"

Nyx stretches, a grin playing on her lips. "Hey yourself. Hot and black sounds perfect. Thanks, babe," she replies, accepting the mug and taking a sip.

As you both enjoy your morning coffee, you chat about the upcoming day and share a few laughs. The sun is beginning to illuminate the city outside, casting a warm glow into the room.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" Nyx asks, curiosity in her eyes.

Me: "I want to get at least five thousand people on board with the Militech gig tonight. What do you think? Ambitious or rookie numbers?"

Nyx raises an eyebrow, impressed. "Ambitious, for sure. But I like it. How do you plan to gather such a crowd on such short notice?"

As you discuss the details of your plan with Nyx, she seems intrigued and supportive. After finishing your coffee, the two of you get ready for the day. The air is filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as you prepare for the unconventional gig ahead.

Me: Does she have any ideas about how to get five thousand or more people on board for the gig tonight?

Nyx suggests leveraging social media and local online communities. She proposes creating an event page, spreading the word on various platforms, and reaching out to influencers or key figures who might be interested in participating. Additionally, she recommends using hashtags to generate buzz and encourage people to share the event. The goal is to make it go viral and attract a diverse crowd to the unconventional gig.

Me: Is she willing to handle all that for me? I want a big, rowdy crowd

Nyx enthusiastically agrees to take charge of the online promotion and social media strategy. She assures you that she'll make it an event that people won't want to miss.

Me: What are the deets on the gig? What's the security presence going to look like? Any ways in that won't be heavily guarded?

Nyx shares her research on the venue and points out a few potential entry points that might not be heavily guarded. She also suggests some strategies to divert security attention and create distractions during the event.

Me: Will the local airspace be clear for the event?

Nyx confirms that the local airspace should be relatively clear during the event, making it easier to execute any aerial elements of the plan.

Me: Do I know anyone who has an AV I could borrow?

You don't have direct connections to anyone with an AV, but Nyx suggests reaching out to a local Fixer she knows who might be able to arrange a rental or borrow. She shares the contact information for Fixer named Wildcard.

Me: Perfect. I contact Wildcard. I need to borrow that AV for tonight. The plan is to base jump me, Nyx and the band into the middle of the venue while the rioters, roadies and groupies storm the gates. That'll be the price of admission. Anyone who can get past Miltech's event security gets a free concert.

Wildcard responds promptly, expressing interest in the audacious plan. They agree to provide an AV for the event and ask for the specifics of where and when you need it. They also inquire about payment arrangements.

Me: I give Wildcard all the deets. I can pay them after the gig. How many eddies?

Wildcard is reasonable and agrees to a fee of 10,000 eddies for providing the AV and support for the gig. They confirm the arrangement and assure you that everything will be ready as planned.

Me: What's the price point on a good used AV?

A good used AV can range widely in price depending on the model, condition, and additional features. Generally, you might find options anywhere from 100,000 eddies to a few million eddies, or even more for top-tier models. It's a significant investment, but the versatility and capabilities of an AV can be well worth it.

Me: Ok, who's flying us into the gig with Wildcard's AV?

Wildcard themselves will be flying you into the gig with their AV. They're skilled and experienced with these types of operations.

Me: Sounds preem. When the time comes, I want Wildcard to drop us right on the main stage for the Militech event. I ask Nyx if she wants to be by my side on stage or if she wants to coordinate things from the riot side.

Nyx tells you that she wants to be right by your side on stage. She's eager to make a statement and be part of the spectacle.

Me: "Careful, you keep being so nova, I might catch feelings."

She grins at your remark. "Wouldn't that be something? Now, let's make tonight unforgettable, Ellie."

Me: "I'm definitely catching feelings," I say, then grin and kiss her.

She reciprocates the kiss with a smile. "Bring the house down, Ellie V. I'll be there, watching every move."

Me: I'm going to contact Axia and Luna and make sure they're on the same page with the gig. I need everybody working to drive people to tonight's gig.

Axia and Luna confirm that they're on board and ready to help drive people to the gig. They're excited about the unconventional approach and are ready to make it a memorable event.

Me: Any word at all from Seraph?

You haven't received any messages or updates from Seraph. She seems to be maintaining her silence for now.

Me: Fair enough. I'm going to ask Nyx if she wants a microwaved burrito.

Nyx laughs, "Sure, why not? I'm not one to turn down a late-night snack."

Me: Wait, what time is it?

You check the time on your phone, and it's already late afternoon. The day has passed quickly with all the planning and excitement. The gig is approaching, and you can feel the anticipation building.

Me: Ok, so I better get those burritos microwaved.

You head to the kitchen, grab a couple of frozen burritos from the freezer, and pop them into the microwave. While they're cooking, you glance over at Nyx, who seems to be in a relaxed mood, enjoying the moment. The aroma of the burritos fills the air as they heat up, and you start to feel a mix of nervousness and excitement for the upcoming gig.

Me: I'm going to share a quick meal of burritos and beer with Nyx, then warm up the shower.

You and Nyx enjoy a quick meal of burritos and beer, chatting and laughing as you share the moment. The atmosphere is easygoing and comfortable. After finishing your meal, you head to the bathroom to warm up the shower. The sound of running water fills the space as you prepare for a refreshing shower. Nyx follows your lead, and soon both of you are ready for the next part of the evening.

Me: So we shower together?

Absolutely, if that's what you'd like. The warm water cascades over both of you, creating a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The steam swirls around, creating a sense of comfort and connection. The shower becomes a space for both cleansing and enjoying each other's company.

Me: Sounds fitting. Afterward, I start getting ready for the gig. What clean outfits do I have ready to go?

You have a couple of outfit options ready for the gig:

Rebel Chic: A sleek black leather jacket with metal studs, paired with form-fitting black jeans and knee-high combat boots. This outfit screams rebellion and complements your rocker image.

Neon Valkyrie: A luminous ensemble featuring a futuristic, neon-lit bodysuit with intricate patterns. This outfit is designed to glow under stage lights, adding a cyberpunk flair to your performance.

Which one do you choose, or do you have something else in mind?

Me: I'm going with Rebel Chic.

Excellent choice. The Rebel Chic outfit enhances your rebellious rocker persona. As you slip into the black leather jacket, fastening its metal studs, and don the form-fitting black jeans, you feel the familiar surge of confidence that comes with your stage attire.

Nyx looks at you appreciatively. "Looking like trouble, Ellie. I like it."

With your outfits sorted, you and Nyx finish getting ready for the gig. The buzz of excitement builds as you prepare for the night's performance. What's your next move?

Me: Time to head out. Where are we meeting Wildcard?

You check your phone and see a message from Wildcard. They've sent the coordinates for the rendezvous point, a secluded spot not far from where you are. You grab your guitar, give Nyx a wink, and head to your Yamaha parked outside.

As you approach the location, you spot Wildcard's AV waiting, its sleek design blending with the night sky. The AV's engines hum softly as you and Nyx approach. The pilot's side door opens, and Wildcard, clad in their signature mask and jacket, greets you.

"Ellie V, the rebel queen herself. Ready for a wild ride?"

You nod, a grin spreading across your face. "Always, Wildcard. Let's make some noise."

With that, you, Nyx, and Wildcard prepare to take to the skies, setting the stage for the electrifying chaos that awaits at the Militech gig. What's going through your mind as you board the AV, ready to crash the biggest party in town?

Me: Are Axia and Luna here with us too or do we still gotta wait for them to show up?

Axia and Luna arrive shortly after you board the AV. They greet you with nods and smiles, ready for the unconventional entrance you've planned for tonight's gig.

Wildcard adjusts the controls as the AV begins its ascent, heading toward the bright lights of the city. The cool wind rushes through the open door, and the distant thump of music grows louder as you approach the Militech event.

As the skyline unfolds below, Wildcard turns to you. "Ready to drop in and shake things up, Ellie?"

You glance at your bandmates, then at Nyx. "Hell yeah. Let's give Militech a show they won't forget."

The AV gains altitude, and the sprawling cityscape awaits your arrival. The night is alive with anticipation, and you can feel the energy building. What's your mindset as you prepare to make your grand entrance at the Militech gig?

Me: I'm setting aside all of my doubts and fears. I'm projecting confidence. I'm grinning and laughing and cracking jokes. I'm ready to crash this party!

As the AV approaches the venue, the thumping bass and flashing lights become an immersive spectacle. The cheers of the crowd grow louder, and you catch glimpses of rioters storming the gates below. Wildcard positions the AV above the main stage, and you feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

"Ellie, ready for a wild ride?" Nyx asks, a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

You lock eyes with her, the excitement mirrored in both your expressions. "Always."

With a nod to Wildcard, the AV door opens, and the chaotic sounds of the concert flood in. You grab your guitar, feeling its familiar weight, and lead your bandmates toward the edge.

"Valkyries, let's give them a show they'll remember!" you shout, and one by one, you leap from the AV, descending through the neon-lit night.

The crowd erupts as you touch down on the stage, and your guitar wails to life. The energy of the night, the roar of the crowd, and the freedom of the moment fuel your performance. The Valkyries, joined by the rioters and your dedicated fans, create a symphony of chaos and rebellion.

As the music blares and the lights flash, you catch Nyx's eye. She grins, caught up in the spectacle, and you know this night will be etched in both your memories. The Militech gig has turned into a rebellion, a celebration, and a riot all rolled into one.

In this moment, under the neon glow and surrounded by the chaos you've orchestrated, you feel alive, free, and unapologetically yourself.

The night unfolds into a crescendo of music, mayhem, and liberation. What's the lasting impression you want to leave on this night of rebellion?

Me: I am going to whip it up and make it as crazy as I can. I'm going to play incendiary songs and yell things like "Burn it all down! I want to see fire!"

Your incendiary performance, coupled with your rebellious words, ignites a fervor among the crowd. The rioters and fans alike respond with cheers and shouts, embracing the chaos you've unleashed. As you shred on your guitar, flames burst from pyrotechnics strategically placed on the stage, adding a literal spark to your call for fire.

The venue transforms into a spectacle of rebellion, and the Militech event becomes a chaotic carnival of sound and flame. The rioters below breach the gates, flooding into the venue, amplifying the sense of rebellion. The atmosphere is charged with energy, defiance, and a collective desire to challenge the status quo.

Nyx, by your side, revels in the pandemonium, her eyes reflecting the wild spirit of the night. As you bring your set to a close, the cheers of the crowd echo in your ears. You've turned a corporate-sponsored event into a rebellion, leaving an indelible mark on the night and etching your name into the memories of those who witnessed it.

As you stand on the stage, surrounded by the chaos you've orchestrated, you can't help but feel a sense of triumph. The Valkyries, the rioters, and the fans have become a united force, bound by the shared experience of defiance and liberation.

The night is yours, and the city below pulses with the rhythm of rebellion. What's your next move in the aftermath of this unforgettable performance?

Me: What is Militech doing this whole time?

Militech, caught off guard by the unexpected turn of events, scrambles to regain control. Security forces mobilize within the venue, attempting to contain the rioters and restore order. The corporate response is swift, but the sheer scale of the rebellion and the chaos unleashed make it a challenging task.

As Militech forces converge on the rioters, clashes erupt throughout the venue. The rioters, fueled by the energy of the rebellion, put up fierce resistance. The once carefully orchestrated event has descended into a battleground between the corporate machine and those who dare to challenge it.

In the midst of the chaos, your message of defiance reverberates, reaching not only those present but potentially capturing the attention of the wider city. Militech will undoubtedly analyze the situation and assess the fallout, but for now, the focus is on regaining control and protecting their interests.

The success of your impromptu rebellion depends on how effectively you can navigate the aftermath. What's your plan now?

Me: How's the crowd's energy right now? Are they still going strong or are they starting to fade out?

The crowd's energy remains high, fueled by the rebellious spirit that you've ignited. The chaotic atmosphere and clashes with Militech forces only seem to intensify their fervor. The rioters are still going strong, and your message of defiance resonates with them. The rebellious energy you've harnessed has created a memorable and impactful moment, making the event a symbol of resistance against corporate oppression.

However, as time passes, sustaining this level of intensity may become a challenge. The situation is dynamic, and various factors could influence the crowd's behavior. How do you plan to manage the ongoing rebellion and ensure its continued impact?

Me: Are there any important Militech people near me or have they all been evacuated?

Most of the high-ranking Militech personnel have likely been evacuated or are maintaining a safe distance from the chaos. However, as the situation unfolds, there might still be some lingering Militech figures within the vicinity, coordinating responses or observing the events from a distance.

Do you have a specific objective or target in mind among the Militech personnel?

Me: I want to see if I can spot someone important enough to Militech that, if I were to grab that person and drag them up on stage, the whole company will get nervous.

Roll a 1d20 to determine if you spot a significant Militech figure in the vicinity.

Me: Please roll the die for me.

Rolling a 1d20 for you...

The roll is 15. You spot a figure in a high-ranking Militech uniform, looking important. They seem to be coordinating efforts to control the situation.

Me: What does the high ranking figure look like? Please describe them in detail.

The high-ranking figure in the Militech uniform is a stern-looking man in his late 40s. He has a shaved head, a square jaw, and a deep scar running across his left cheek. His piercing blue eyes convey authority and a no-nonsense demeanor. His uniform is adorned with various medals and badges, indicating years of service and accomplishments within the military organization. He carries himself with a rigid posture, exuding an aura of discipline and control.

Me: I'm going to point at him and yell for my fans to bring him to me and shove him up onto the stage.

As you point at the high-ranking Militech figure and call for your fans to bring him to the stage, the crowd, fueled by the chaos and excitement, starts to converge on him. A few of your more enthusiastic fans grab him by the arms and shoulders, escorting him toward the stage despite his protests and attempts to resist.

The crowd manages to push him onto the stage, and now he's standing awkwardly in front of you, clearly uncomfortable and out of his element. The audience roars with a mix of excitement and uncertainty, not knowing exactly what's happening but reveling in the unexpected turn of events. The Militech figure glares at you, clearly displeased with the situation.

What do you want to do with him on stage?

Me: I'm going to shout to my fans, "You see this gonk? You see this fascist? What should we do with him, huh!?"

The crowd erupts with a mix of cheers, jeers, and various suggestions. Some shout for you to humiliate him, while others suggest more extreme actions. The energy in the venue is electric, and it seems like your fans are eager for a spectacle.

The Militech figure, realizing the precarious situation he's in, tries to speak into the microphone, "This is outrageous! You can't do this!"

What's your next move?

Me: What are some of the suggestions I hear from the crowd?

The suggestions from the crowd vary, reflecting the diverse and chaotic nature of the audience. Some of the shouts include:

"Make him sing a Valkyrie song!"

"Strip him naked and send him out in the crowd!"

"Toss him off the stage!"

"Give him a mohawk and tattoo 'Valkyrie' on his forehead!"

"Make him dance like a puppet!"

The crowd is animated and eager to see how you'll respond. What do you want to do?

Me: I laugh. I like these suggestions. I gesture at the Militech guy. "You heard them, gonk. Start stripping."

The Militech executive, looking bewildered and slightly panicked, starts to fumble with his suit jacket, unbuttoning it nervously. The crowd cheers, some people laughing, and others eagerly anticipating the unexpected turn of events.

As he removes his jacket, the crowd gets even more boisterous, shouting more suggestions. The atmosphere is a mix of excitement, rebellion, and chaos. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to gesture to the Militech guy. "Keep going. Get down to your skivvies. No one wants to see more than that."

The Militech executive, now down to his underwear, looks incredibly embarrassed as he follows your orders. The crowd erupts into laughter and cheers, reveling in the unexpected spectacle. The energy in the air is charged with rebellion and defiance.

As the Militech executive stands awkwardly on stage in his underwear, you have the attention of the entire venue. What do you want to do next?

Me: "What's your name, old man?"

The Militech executive, looking uncomfortable and humiliated, stammers out, "It's... It's Richard. Richard Avery."

The crowd responds with a mix of laughter and jeers. What's your next move?

Me: "Richard, eh? How about I call you Dick, then. It fits you. So, Dick, know any Valkyrie songs?"

Dick Avery, looking thoroughly embarrassed, mutters, "No, I don't."

I look to the crowd and shout, "Looks like we got ourselves a Valkyrie initiation, folks! Dick here is going to sing us a song! What do you say, Dick? Feeling up for it?"

The crowd cheers in agreement. What's your plan with Dick Avery now?

Me: We'll start with an easy song. What's our easiest, catchiest song that the crowd will recognize and what are the lyrics?

The Valkyries' easiest and catchiest song is "Rebel Anthem." The lyrics go something like:

We're the rebels, we're the fighters,
In the neon city lights.
Hear the thunder, see the fire,
Valkyries soaring high.

In the streets where shadows linger,
We emerge, our voices rise.
Rising up, our hearts get bigger,
Underneath the darkened skies.

We're the rebels, we're the fighters,
In the neon city lights.
Hear the thunder, see the fire,
Valkyries soaring high.

You prompt Dick Avery to sing the chorus of "Rebel Anthem." How does he do?

Me: I'm going to lead him through the lyrics and encourage the crowd to sing with him. How does it go?

Dick Avery, looking a bit flustered and out of place, starts singing the chorus of "Rebel Anthem." The crowd catches on, and soon, they join in enthusiastically, creating a massive sing-along. The energy in the crowd is electric as they belt out the rebellious anthem together. It turns into an unexpected moment of unity between the crowd and the man from Militech.

How do you want to proceed with this unexpected turn of events?

Me: I think I've humiliated him enough. I'm going to push him off the stage into the crowd and let them do whatever they're going to do with him now.

Dick Avery stumbles off the stage and into the crowd. The audience, caught up in the energy of the moment, either helps him along or begins to disperse, losing interest in the Militech representative. The chaos and rebellion in the air are palpable.

What's next on the agenda for the gig?

Me: I'm going to pick up Dick's uniform top off the stage and tie it around my waist. It's a souvenir now.

With Dick Avery's uniform top now part of your rebellious ensemble, you feel the crowd's energy surging. What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to gauge the crowd's energy by shouting "You want more?" 

The crowd erupts with cheers and shouts, hungry for more. They want the riot to continue. What's your plan to keep the energy up?

Me: I'm going to quietly ask Nyx, Axia and Luna if they have any ideas.

Nyx suggests doing a mashup of your most iconic songs with some unexpected twists to keep the crowd engaged. Axia proposes getting the crowd involved in a massive mosh pit, creating controlled chaos. Luna suggests a pyrotechnic display to add some visual excitement to the performance. What's your move?

Me: "Oh hell yeah! Mosh pit with pyrotechnics! Let's do it!"

The crowd erupts with excitement as your band starts a high-energy mashup. The controlled chaos of the mosh pit adds to the intense atmosphere. Pyrotechnics shoot into the night sky, creating dazzling explosions of color. The combination of music, moshing, and pyrotechnics creates an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

As the gig continues, the energy of the crowd remains at its peak. The Militech event security seems overwhelmed, and the atmosphere is more reminiscent of a rebellious celebration than a corporate-sponsored concert. The crowd is fully engaged, and your band's performance becomes legendary in Night City.

After a spectacular encore, you and your bandmates take a bow, soaking in the cheers and applause. The Militech-sponsored event has been thoroughly hijacked, turning it into an anarchic celebration of rebellion and music. As you leave the stage, Nyx, Axia, and Luna join you, sharing triumphant grins. What's your next move?

Me: Is Wildcard going to pick us up with the AV?

As you step off the stage, you see the familiar silhouette of Wildcard's AV descending from the night sky. The crowd, still buzzing with energy, watches in awe as the AV hovers, ready to pick you up. Nyx, Axia, and Luna, equally exhilarated, join you as the AV's cargo door opens. The cheers from the crowd intensify as they witness the unexpected departure.

With adrenaline still coursing through your veins, you and your bandmates board the AV, leaving behind the chaos you've orchestrated. The AV lifts off, taking you away from the scene of the electrifying performance. Inside, you find a moment to catch your breath. Nyx gives you a playful nudge, a gleam in her eyes. The night is far from over. What's the plan now?

Me: I'm going to start kissing Nyx right there to celebrate. It's a good way to announce to the other Valkyries that Nyx and I are totally an item now.

The sound of cheers and music still echoing in the distance, you share a passionate kiss with Nyx aboard the AV. The other Valkyries exchange knowing glances, acknowledging the new connection between you and Nyx. As the AV speeds through the night sky, you revel in the sense of victory and the thrill of the daring performance.

Nyx smiles at you, her eyes reflecting the excitement of the night. "Where to next, Ellie?" she asks, her tone filled with anticipation. The city sprawls below, a canvas of neon lights and distant skyscrapers. The night is yours, and the possibilities seem endless. What do you have in mind?

Me: How late is it?

The night has progressed, and it's well into the early hours of the morning. The city below is a vibrant tapestry of lights, and the streets are relatively quiet. The energy of the earlier chaos has settled, leaving a sense of calm in the air. The AV continues to soar through the night, and the cityscape stretches out before you. What would you like to do next?

Me: "Anybody want a drink?"


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