Ellie V and the Valkyries 9 (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)


I think one of the biggest issues I'm starting to notice with using ChatGPT 3.5 as a solo RPG referee is its speed (it's been getting slower and slower the longer this particular session gets.) It's not a crawl by any means, and it hasn't rendered itself unplayable (yet) but it is noticeable.

There have been times where I have had to wait a good five minutes for my phone to load everything and catch up so that the AI can start generating a response, but these blips seem to be only when I'm checking back into play after I've closed the browser and driven around and picked up the phone again, ready to play at my new destination, so the issue there is probably on my end. 90% of the time, when I'm playing in-browser on my laptop, the response time is nearly instantaneous, so it isn't something I should complain about really, but there is a noticeable delay that keeps increasing in length the longer the session gets, so I'm going to keep my eye on it. I'm already starting to get a few of these:

I'm a cheapskate when it comes to games, so as far as I know, the paid version wouldn't lag at all, but I don't know. The features the paid version offers (like the built-in image generator) sure are tempting, though. I mean, sometimes Bing takes 30 minutes to generate a picture, and maybe that's frustrating to some, but to me? Yay! Free picture!

The other thing I've noticed are the occasional blips in the data that ChatGPT generates. Is it model collapse? Probably not. Is it an example of the kind of "AI can't do maths, hur hur" stuff I see around periodically, stemming from the fact that it works off predictive text and doesn't have a calculator built in? Probably. Either way, this isn't really an issue either. 

Also, the accidental polyamory bit at the end was odd, but I'm going to roll with it. Could lead to some interesting storyline drama down the way, or a powerful story with a moral to it about love crossing all barriers. Either way, rock on.

Anyway, this was a hell of a gig. Transcript follows:


Me: When I wake up, I'm going to start the day off right by making myself a breakfast of beer and leftover pizza. What are Nyx and Seraph doing?

As you enter the common area of your apartment, you find Nyx and Seraph already awake. Nyx is sitting at the table, scrolling through her phone, while Seraph is adjusting the straps on her guitar case.

Nyx looks up and greets you with a smile. "Morning, Ellie. Slept well?"

Seraph nods, not saying much. She seems a bit reserved, perhaps still adjusting to the recent changes in her life.

The aroma of last night's pizza fills the air. It seems like a suitable breakfast for a group of rockers gearing up for another day of chaos in Night City.

What's your plan for the day, and how do you intend to prepare for the gig at Arasaka Tower tomorrow night?

Me: "Good morning yourself, partner in crime," I tell Nyx, then look over and address Seraph: "Sib! You in the headspace to rock tonight or do you need a beer?"

Seraph looks up, and a faint smile plays on her lips. "A beer might help. Let's get the day rolling."

You grab a couple of beers from the fridge and hand one to Seraph, who cracks it open with a practiced ease. The three of you sit around the table, enjoying the unconventional breakfast.

Nyx looks between you and Seraph. "So, any plans for today? How are we ramping up for the gig tomorrow?"

You have a day ahead of you, and there's much to prepare for the upcoming gig. What's your strategy?

Me: I thought the gig was tonight. Am I mistaken?

Apologies for the confusion. You're correct; the gig is tonight. With the day stretching ahead of you, what are your plans for preparing for the upcoming concert?

Me: I was just going to kick back and noodle on the guitar, but if Nyx and Seraph have any suggestions for doing something different, I'm all ears, choomba.

Nyx suggests doing a quick run-through of some songs to get everyone in the groove and ensure a tight performance. Seraph agrees, mentioning that she'd like to focus on a few specific tunes where she feels she could use a bit more practice.

What do you think of their suggestions?

Me: "Preem. Let's do it, chooms!"

You, Nyx, and Seraph spend some time going through your setlist, refining certain sections and ensuring everyone is on the same page. The music fills your apartment, creating an impromptu rehearsal space. As you play, you can feel the energy building, and it becomes clear that tonight's gig is going to be something special.

After the practice session, you take a break. Nyx suggests grabbing some food before you head out later. Seraph agrees, mentioning that she's ready for a good meal. What's the plan for food?

Me: "Good idea on the food front, babe. I say we hit a ramen stand on our way to Arasaka Tower."

Nyx nods, "Ramen sounds perfect. Let's go for it."

You, Nyx, and Seraph make your way to a nearby ramen stand. The aroma of the broth and noodles fills the air as you approach. The stand is a popular spot, and you can see a mix of locals and night city dwellers enjoying their meals.

What kind of ramen do you order, and do you chat about anything specific while waiting for your food?

Me: Tonkotsu for me. I'm going to check my phone while I wait. Any indication of the size of the buzz around tonight's gig?

As you wait for your tonkotsu ramen, you check your phone for updates on the buzz around tonight's gig. The excitement seems to be growing, especially among the local communities and various online groups. People are sharing the news of the guerrilla-style concert at Arasaka Tower, and the prospect of a rebellious night against the megacorp is sparking interest.

You notice a surge in social media posts and discussions about the upcoming event. The homeless community seems particularly energized, spreading the word among themselves and expressing anticipation for a night that promises both entertainment and a chance to strike back at Arasaka.

Your bandmates, Axia and Luna, also share their excitement and confirm that they'll be ready for tonight's gig. The stage is set for a memorable night. The ramen stand's chef hands you a steaming bowl of tonkotsu ramen, and you take a moment to savor the aroma before diving into your meal.

Nyx and Seraph also receive their chosen ramen bowls – a miso ramen for Nyx and a shoyu ramen for Seraph. The three of you enjoy your pre-gig meal, discussing the upcoming performance and the potential impact it could have on Night City. What topics or plans do you bring up during your ramen meal?

Me: "If the buzz around the gig is as big as it's looking, it's a sure bet Arasaka knows what's going on too. Security in the area will probably be pretty beefy."

Nyx nods in agreement, slurping a mouthful of miso ramen before responding, "Yeah, with the kind of attention we're getting, Arasaka won't take it lightly. We need to be prepared for heavy security. Any idea how we're going to handle that?"

Seraph, engrossed in her shoyu ramen, looks up and adds, "We might need a distraction or some way to navigate through the security without drawing too much attention. Maybe some intel on the layout of Arasaka Tower could help."

As you contemplate the situation, you realize that a successful gig at Arasaka Tower will require careful planning and execution. The potential for chaos and mayhem is high, but navigating through it strategically could make the performance even more legendary. What steps do you think would be essential to handle the expected heavy security and make the gig a success?

Me: Is there a way to get a look through cameras in the Arasaka Tower area to remotely reconnoiter the area?

Thinking strategically, you consider the possibility of accessing the security cameras in the vicinity of Arasaka Tower. If you can hack into their system, you might get valuable intel on the security layout and personnel movements. You turn to Nyx, who has some experience in netrunning, and ask, "Think you can hack into the cameras around Arasaka Tower? We need some eyes on the place before we make our move."

Nyx wipes her mouth with a napkin and grins, "Piece of cake. Just need some time to set up and find a good entry point into their network. Once I'm in, we should be able to get a live feed of what's happening around the tower. Might even find some weak spots in their security."

Seraph, finishing her ramen, chimes in, "I can help keep watch on the local street-level activity. If there are any unexpected movements or disturbances, I'll signal you guys."

With the plan in motion, you finish your ramen and head towards Arasaka Tower, knowing that a successful netrun could provide you with crucial information to pull off the gig. How would you like to proceed once you're in the vicinity of the tower?

Me: I say to Nyx: "Preem. That'll all be you. Find us a way past security and the band will do the rest."

I say to Seraph: "I like the way you think, but we're going to put someone else on the street-level activity. You stick to me like glue always, remember?"

Nyx nods, a determined look in her eyes. "I'll get us the intel we need. Just be ready to rock when the time comes."

Seraph grins, "Got it, boss. I'll stick close and keep an eye out for any trouble. You can count on me."

As you approach Arasaka Tower, you can see the imposing structure dominating the skyline. Nyx begins setting up her gear to access the security cameras, and Seraph positions herself by your side. The anticipation for the upcoming gig, mixed with the uncertainty of the security situation, adds an electrifying tension to the air. What's your next move as Nyx starts her netrunning operation?

Me: Where are Axia and Luna?

Axia and Luna arrive at your location, looking ready for action. Axia, with her cybernetic enhancements, and Luna, with her acrobatic agility, bring a unique set of skills to the table.

Axia asks, "What's the plan, Ellie? We ready to raise hell?"

You update them on the situation, explaining the need for Nyx's netrunning skills to gather intel on Arasaka Tower's security. Axia nods, appreciating the strategy, while Luna grins, "Sounds like a blast. Let's give them a show they won't forget."

As Nyx works on infiltrating Arasaka's cameras, you and the band discuss the upcoming gig and the potential challenges. The energy is high, a mix of excitement and nerves as the moment draws closer. What specific tasks or plans do you assign to Axia and Luna in preparation for the gig?

Me: We're going to wait in the shadows until Nyx gives us the go ahead to get right out front of Arasaka Tower and start playing. 

Nyx successfully taps into the cameras around Arasaka Tower, providing you with a live feed of the surroundings. You see the bustling activity around the area, including a noticeable increase in Arasaka security personnel.

Axia and Luna are ready and waiting, their instruments in hand, eager to unleash chaos upon Arasaka. Nyx's voice echoes in your earpiece, "Alright, Ellie. Cameras are under control, and I've mapped out the security layout. You've got the green light. Make it legendary!"

It's time to take the stage. What's your move?

Me: I send a quick message to my roadie network and groupie network to start the riot.

Then I take the stage and strum one long, thundering note from my guitar to start the performance.

The moment you strike that thundering note, the energy in the air shifts. The roar of the crowd starts to drown out the surrounding city noise. Your roadies and groupies, well-versed in creating chaos, begin their work, inciting the gathered mob to action. The riot has officially begun.

The chaos spreads through the streets surrounding Arasaka Tower. Smoke rises, fires are lit, and the sound of breaking glass and distant sirens fill the air. The Arasaka security personnel are caught off guard as they try to contain the situation.

Your bandmates, Axia and Luna, join you on stage, their instruments adding to the cacophony. Nyx continues to guide you through the security cameras, ensuring you avoid the most heavily guarded areas.

As the Valkyries' music reverberates through the chaos, the crowd's frenzy intensifies. The riot is in full swing, and Arasaka Tower is at the center of the storm. What's your next move, Ellie?

Me: I'm going to open with Riot Anthem. How big is the crowd?

The crowd is massive, stretching as far as the eye can see. Thousands of people, a mix of rioters, onlookers, and those who've joined in from the streets, surround Arasaka Tower. The energy is electric, and the atmosphere is charged with rebellion.

As the Valkyries launch into "Riot Anthem," the crowd reacts with an explosive roar. The music becomes the anthem for the chaos unfolding around Arasaka Tower. Flames from makeshift Molotov cocktails light up the scene, and the rioters feed off the rebellious energy in the air.

Your bandmates, Axia and Luna, play with unmatched intensity, their music syncing perfectly with the frenzy on the streets. Nyx continues to guide you through the security cameras, helping you avoid any potential obstacles.

The chaos is in full swing, and the rioters look to you for direction. What's your plan for the next part of the performance?

Me: I'm going to call Nyx to come join us on stage. Is Seraph playing with us too?

Nyx swiftly joins you on stage, and with her added presence, the crowd erupts in cheers. The rioters are captivated by the sight of the Valkyries leading the charge against Arasaka Tower. Seraph, true to the plan, stays close to you, adding her skills to the mix.

As the band continues to play, the rioters get more frenzied. The chaos you've orchestrated is reaching its peak. What's the next move in this rebellious symphony?

Me: I'm going to keep playing some of our most incendiary songs, whipping up the crowd. How is Arasaka responding?

As the Valkyries play their incendiary tunes, the atmosphere outside Arasaka Tower becomes more charged. Security forces are scrambling to contain the riot, but the sheer number of rioters and the intensity of the crowd make it a challenging task. Arasaka Tower's external defenses are on high alert, but the chaos outside is starting to strain their control.

The rioters are reveling in the moment, responding to the Valkyries' music with heightened enthusiasm. The situation is escalating rapidly. What's the next move in your rebellious performance?

Me: Are there any Arasaka security officers in uniform nearby?

Yes, there are Arasaka security officers in uniform attempting to control the situation. They are coordinating with local law enforcement and deploying additional security personnel to contain the riot. The uniformed officers are armed, and some of them are equipped with non-lethal crowd control measures such as riot shields and gas grenades. The situation is tense, and the security officers are working to restore order outside Arasaka Tower.

Me: I'm going to point at the closest, highest ranking officer and shout to the crowd: "Bring that one to me!"

The crowd reacts with enthusiasm, and some individuals move toward the security officer you pointed out. The officer seems taken aback but maintains a defensive stance. The situation is becoming increasingly volatile.

Me: I'm going to keep whipping up the crowd. Are my fans bringing the officer to the stage?

The crowd, fueled by their excitement and your urging, manages to bring the security officer to the stage. The officer looks uneasy, surrounded by the energetic and passionate mob.

Me: What does the officer look like in detail?

The Arasaka security officer is a stout and muscular figure with a shaved head and a stern expression. His uniform is impeccably pressed, and he wears a pair of reflective sunglasses. His demeanor suggests a mix of authority and discomfort in the face of the raucous crowd.

Me: Does he have Arasaka patches on his uniform?

Yes, the Arasaka security officer's uniform is adorned with various Arasaka patches, indicating his affiliation with the corporation. The patches display the distinct logo of Arasaka, a prominent and powerful megacorporation in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Me: Is he armed or has the crowd disarmed him?

The Arasaka security officer is armed. The crowd hasn't disarmed him, and he still has his weapons on him.

Me: What weapons does he have on him?

The Arasaka security officer has a standard-issue Arasaka pistol holstered on his hip, along with a baton and a small combat knife strapped to his belt.

Me: I'm going to have my fans hold him while I disarm him. I'm then going to toss his weapons into the crowd so they can keep them. Next, I'm going to rip the Arasaka patches off his uniform and stuff them in my pocket. Lastly, and with a big grin, I'm going to take his sunglasses and put them on.

You successfully disarm the Arasaka security officer, toss the weapons into the crowd, rip off the Arasaka patches, and put on his sunglasses. The crowd goes wild, cheering at your bold move. The officer, now disarmed and without identification, looks bewildered and frustrated. The atmosphere is becoming more intense, and the energy in the crowd is reaching a fever pitch.

Me: "What's your name, stooge?"

The officer, looking somewhat defeated, responds, "I'm just doing my job. My name's Alexei."

Me: "You need a better job, Alexei." I laugh at him. "Know any Valkyries songs?"

Alexei looks somewhat resigned but nods. "Yeah, I've heard a few. Can't say I'm a fan, though."

Me: "I bet you just haven't heard the right ones yet," I tell him, then push him off the stage into the crowd, knowing they will catch him. Next, I'm going to hammer out the opening lines of Electric Vixen on my guitar, stirring up the crowd even more. How are they holding up against Arasaka security?

The crowd is proving to be a formidable force against Arasaka security. They've overwhelmed the security personnel on the ground, and it seems like the chaos is spreading. Your fans are spirited and defiant, holding their own against the corporate forces. The atmosphere is charged with rebellion, and it's evident that the night is far from over.

Me: How big is the crowd getting? How many people, as an estimate?

The crowd is growing rapidly, fueled by the excitement and the spreading word of the riot. It's difficult to give an exact number in the chaos, but it's safe to say that it's reaching a substantial size, possibly in the thousands. The news of the gig and the call for rebellion have resonated, drawing more people to the scene. The energy is electric, and the streets are alive with the fervor of rebellion.

Me: I'm going to crank up the noise and really push it. I'm going to play some of the hardest tunes I know.

As you unleash the intense tunes, the energy in the crowd reaches a fever pitch. The rebellious spirit of the gig is palpable, and the sheer volume of the music drowns out almost everything else. The crowd is fully engaged, shouting, dancing, and losing themselves in the chaos. Arasaka security is struggling to contain the situation, facing the overwhelming force of the assembled mob. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of defiance and exhilaration.

Me: When I finish those tunes, I'm going to shout to the crowd "Night City! Keep showing Arasaka what you think of them! Let's hear some song requests!"

The crowd responds with a roar, and various song titles are shouted from different directions. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as the crowd eagerly anticipates the next song. The requests range from Valkyries classics to more rebellious tunes that match the anarchic vibe of the moment. The sheer variety of requests reflects the diverse tastes of the Night City audience. What's your choice for the next song?

Me: Anybody requesting any Johnny Silverhand songs?

Several voices in the crowd shout out requests for Johnny Silverhand songs, recognizing the legendary rocker's influence on Night City's music scene. Suggestions include classics like "Chippin' In" and "Never Fade Away." The enthusiasm for these songs is palpable, and it seems like the crowd is eager to channel the rebellious spirit of Silverhand in this moment of defiance against Arasaka. What's your call for the next song?

Me: Do my bandmates know "Chippin' In?"

Yes, your bandmates know "Chippin' In." It's one of the iconic songs associated with Johnny Silverhand, and as a seasoned band, the Valkyries have covered several classics, including this one. You can definitely play "Chippin' In" for the crowd. How do you want to proceed?

Me: Nova. Let's do it. I want to stir up a mosh pit.

Absolutely, "Chippin' In" starts blasting from your guitar, and the crowd responds with enthusiasm. The energy intensifies, and a mosh pit forms in the heart of the audience. The atmosphere becomes charged with excitement as people passionately join in, expressing their defiance and frustration through the music.

As the song reaches its peak, you notice some Arasaka security personnel attempting to disperse the crowd. How do you want to handle this situation?

Me: Describe the situation to me in detail so I can better decide how to handle it.

The crowd, fueled by the rebellious energy of the music, has grown larger and more boisterous. The mosh pit is in full swing, and fans are shouting and chanting along with the music. In response to the growing chaos, Arasaka security has increased its presence around the perimeter of the crowd.

Arasaka security personnel, armed and in uniform, are attempting to push their way through the crowd to reach the stage. They are using a combination of physical force and riot control tactics, such as batons and tear gas, to disperse the protesters and gain control of the situation. Some fans are resisting, while others are being pushed back.

The confrontation between the crowd and Arasaka security is escalating, and there's a real potential for things to turn violent. How would you like to navigate this situation?

Me: I want things to get violent. What's the most incediary song we have in our setlist?

The most incendiary song in your setlist is a track called "Raging Inferno." It's a hard-hitting, aggressive anthem that's known for stirring up intense emotions and rebellious energy in the crowd. Playing this song has the potential to escalate the situation further and incite more chaos.

As you prepare to play "Raging Inferno," the fans in the mosh pit seem ready for a wild and explosive experience. Arasaka security, on the other hand, is bracing for impact, realizing that the situation is spiraling out of control.

How do you want to proceed?

Me: I'm going to shout: "Night City! It's time to stomp these fuckin' fascist gonks! Fight back! Take back your city!" 

And then I'm going to play "Raging Inferno" as hard as I can.

As you shout your rallying cry, the energy in the crowd surges to a new level. The fans in the mosh pit respond eagerly, joining the call for rebellion. The opening chords of "Raging Inferno" explode from your guitar, resonating with the anger and defiance of the crowd.

The mosh pit transforms into a chaotic scene of unrestrained rebellion. Fans clash with Arasaka security, and the tension reaches a breaking point. The atmosphere is charged with an electric mix of adrenaline and rebellion. The sheer intensity of the moment is palpable, and Night City becomes a battleground for a musical uprising.

How do you plan to navigate through this intense and volatile situation?

Me: How is the tear gas being deployed?

As the situation escalates, Arasaka security responds by deploying tear gas to disperse the crowd. Canisters hiss and release a cloud of irritants, creating a hazy, disorienting atmosphere. The acrid smell permeates the air, and visibility rapidly decreases.

The tear gas adds another layer of chaos to the scene. Fans in the mosh pit cough and cover their faces, attempting to find relief from the stinging gas. The riotous energy takes on a surreal quality as the crowd grapples with the effects of the tear gas.

How do you and your bandmates plan to navigate through the tear gas and continue the rebellion?


1. I'm going to gesture for my bandmates to keep playing.

2. I'm going to sling my guitar.

3. I'm going to take Dick Avery's suit top and wrap it around my face like a makeshift mask, using the sunglasses I took from Alexei as makeshift eye protection. 

4. I'm going to take my punk jacket and wrap it around my hand to protect my hand.

5. Lastly, and once I'm fully prepared, I'm going to rush into the crowd and start scooping up the tear gas canisters so I can throw them back at Arasaka security so they gas their own people instead of my fans.

Your bandmates pick up on your cues, maintaining the intensity of the performance despite the tear gas. You swiftly sling your guitar, transforming your attire into makeshift protective gear. Wrapping Dick Avery's suit top around your face and using the sunglasses as eye protection, you fashion a rudimentary gas mask. Your punk jacket becomes a hand shield.

Fully prepared, you charge into the crowd with determination. As tear gas canisters continue to discharge, you deftly scoop them up and hurl them back toward Arasaka security. The tactical move works, causing confusion among the security personnel and shifting the tide of the gas toward their own ranks.

The crowd reacts with a mix of cheers and roars, emboldened by your fearless defiance. How do you plan to maintain the momentum and capitalize on this chaotic moment?

Me: I'm seeing red. I'm going to lead a charge against Arasaka Security. I want to lead a tide of fans that will smash against Arasaka Security's riot shields, overwhelming them, disarming them and driving them away.

Your call to action electrifies the crowd, and a surge of adrenaline courses through the masses. Responding to your lead, they rally behind you, forming an impromptu wave of resistance. Fans armed with improvised weapons join your charge, crashing against Arasaka Security's riot shields.

The sheer force of the onslaught overwhelms the security personnel, scattering them in disarray. Your fans disarm them and drive them back, reclaiming a small victory in the ongoing skirmish. The chaotic scene unfolds like a battle between the oppressed and the oppressors, with the night city streets becoming the arena for a symbolic uprising.

As the immediate threat subsides, the crowd's energy remains high. What's your next move to maintain the momentum and make a lasting impact on this defiant night?

Me: Do I have a microphone on me?

Yes, you have a microphone on stage, and you can use it to address the crowd. The amplified sound of your voice will cut through the noise, allowing you to make an impactful statement or issue commands to the energized assembly. What would you like to say to the crowd through the microphone?

Me: Stage is too far away. Can I see anyone nearby who has a megaphone?

As you look around the chaotic scene, you spot a figure in the crowd holding a megaphone. It seems to be a fellow rebel in the audience who has brought a megaphone to amplify the message. They're waving it in the air, looking determined. You can make your way towards them and take control of the megaphone to address the crowd more directly. What do you want to say?

Me: I'm going to head over to the rebel and gesture to them that I want their megaphone.

The rebel, understanding the urgency and the shared cause, hands over the megaphone to you. The crowd noise is still intense, but with the megaphone, you can cut through the chaos.

"Night City! You are the heart and soul of this rebellion! Together, we stand against Arasaka's oppression! Keep fighting, keep resisting! Let's take back our city!"

Your words resonate through the megaphone, and the crowd responds with renewed energy. The tide of fans surges forward, overwhelming Arasaka security. Riot shields are pushed back, and the disarmed security personnel retreat. The momentum is on your side.

What's your next move in this riotous symphony of rebellion?

Me: What's a song from our band setlist that hits hard and that my band can play on stage while I sing through the megaphone in the middle of the riot?

"Revolt Anthem" is a powerful song from your band's setlist that perfectly fits the moment. It's a rebellious anthem that encourages resistance and defiance. The band begins to play the intense chords, and you sing through the megaphone, adding your voice to the rebellious cacophony.

The combination of live music, your amplified voice, and the roaring crowd creates an unforgettable moment. The riot continues to unfold around Arasaka Tower, and the energy of the rebellion is palpable. What's your plan as the chaos unfolds?

Me: I'm going to put away the sunglasses I'm wearing, tie the suit top back around my waist before I start singing so the crowd can hear me better. 

But I'm totally going to sing my heart out right there in the middle of the chaos.

What's happening around me?

The chaos is escalating around you. The mosh pit has turned into a full-blown riot, with your fans pushing against Arasaka security, disarming them, and overwhelming their positions. Tear gas clouds the air, but the defiant crowd, fueled by the rebellious energy of your performance, persists.

Fans are holding makeshift shields made from discarded riot gear, and some have even climbed onto the hood of an abandoned Militech AV nearby, waving makeshift flags. The atmosphere is electric, and your voice, amplified by the megaphone, cuts through the tumult.

Arasaka security is attempting to regroup, but they are met with fierce resistance from the crowd. The riot is spreading beyond the immediate vicinity of Arasaka Tower, with people from the surrounding area joining in the rebellion. It's a moment of anarchy and defiance, and you're at the heart of it. What's your next move?

Me: Between songs, I'm going to keep stirring them up. "Keep pushing, people! Take back your fucking city! This is your moment! Earn it!" 

Then I'm going to start singing Electric Vixen through the megaphone, knowing my bandmates will pick up on the song and play along at top volume.

Your powerful vocals resonate through the megaphone, cutting through the riotous sounds of the crowd and the clashes with Arasaka security. The opening chords of "Electric Vixen" begin to thunder from the stage, and your bandmates join in, adding to the rebellious symphony.

The fans respond with even more fervor, raising their voices and fists in solidarity. The riot takes on a new intensity, as people not only resist Arasaka security but also actively engage in acts of defiance, graffitiing Arasaka property, and dismantling surveillance cameras.

The chaos has spilled beyond Arasaka Tower, capturing the attention of the entire district. The streets are filled with the sound of rebellion, and Night City is experiencing a moment of unbridled defiance against the megacorporate authority.

As "Electric Vixen" reaches its crescendo, you feel the energy of the crowd pulsating around you. What's your plan for the next phase of the riotous performance?

Me: I'm going to keep pushing and keep singing. I'm going to lead this riot as it spills out into the streets.

The riot becomes a dynamic wave of rebellion, flowing through the streets of Night City. As you continue to lead the charge, your voice echoing through the megaphone, the crowd grows larger and more impassioned. The chaos intensifies, and the message of resistance spreads.

The streets are alive with the energy of the protest, with people from all walks of life joining in the demonstration against Arasaka. The once-controlled crowd has evolved into a passionate mass, moving through the city, leaving a trail of defiance in its wake.

Arasaka security is overwhelmed, struggling to contain the uprising. The sheer force of the rebellion is more than they anticipated, and the rioters show no signs of backing down. The symbolism of the moment is not lost on anyone—the people of Night City rising up against the oppressive corporate regime.

As you navigate through the crowd, you catch glimpses of the impact your music and leadership have had on the rebellion. The riot has become a symbol of resistance, a declaration that the people will no longer bow to corporate control. What's your next move as the riot gains momentum?

Me: It sounds like we've completely overwhelmed Arasaka Security and the city's law enforcement. Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct. The sheer size and intensity of the riot have overwhelmed Arasaka Security and the city's law enforcement. The streets are now under the control of the rebellious crowd, and the riot has become a powerful symbol of resistance against corporate oppression. The initial attempts to suppress the uprising have failed, leaving Night City in a state of chaos and defiance. What would you like to do next as the leader of this rebellion?

Me: I'm going to yell one last message through the megaphone to stir up the crowd, saying "Keep fighting, Night City! This is your city! This is your moment! Own it!" and then I'm going to make my way back to the stage and my bandmates. It's about time for us to duck out and let the riot run its course.

As you make your way back to the stage, the crowd continues to roar with energy and rebellion. Your bandmates are still playing, keeping the fervor alive. The chaotic scene unfolds around you, with protesters venting their frustration and anger against corporate oppression. As you reach the stage, your bandmates bring the music to a powerful climax, and together, you exit the stage, leaving the rioting crowd to continue their expression of defiance. Night City is ablaze with rebellion, and your role in this historic moment has left an indelible mark. What are your thoughts and plans as you leave the stage?

Me: What time is it?

The chaotic events and the exhilarating riot have consumed a significant amount of time. As you check your wrist-mounted display, you realize it's well into the night. The clock reads past midnight, and the city streets are still alive with the aftermath of the riot. What would you like to do next?

Me: I'm going to head back to my place with Nyx and Seraph. Axia and Luna are welcome to join us.

As you make your way through the chaotic, post-riot streets, you notice the adrenaline slowly subsiding, replaced by a sense of accomplishment. The chaos you've stirred has left a mark on Night City, and the echoes of the riot will likely reverberate for days to come.

Back at your place, with Nyx and Seraph by your side, you can sense a shared feeling of triumph. The Valkyries have once again made a bold statement, and the city is buzzing with the aftermath of your audacious performance.

What's your plan now that you're back at your place?

Me: Are Axia and Luna meeting us here or did they decide to head home?

Axia and Luna, having played their roles in the riot, decide to head home. They express their congratulations on the successful gig and the impactful riot, assuring you that they'll catch up with you later. As the chaos outside slowly subsides, it's just you, Nyx, and Seraph at your place.

What would you like to do now?

Me: I'm going to settle in with a beer and spend some time stitching the Arasaka patches I ripped off Alexei's uniform on to my gig outfit. They're trophies now, like the suit top I took from Dick Avery.

You spend some time meticulously stitching the Arasaka patches onto your gig outfit, turning them into trophies that symbolize the night's triumph. The patches and the suit top are now a part of your iconic stage attire, each piece carrying a story from the riotous gig at Arasaka Tower.

What's your next move?

Me: What are Nyx and Seraph doing as we wind down for the night?

Nyx is chatting with Axia and Luna, sharing stories and laughter, while Seraph seems to be lost in thought, occasionally strumming a few chords on her guitar. The atmosphere is a mix of exhaustion and triumph, the adrenaline from the riotous gig slowly fading away.

What would you like to do next?

Me: I'm going to find a way to attach the megaphone to my gig outfit so I can have it handy for future gigs.

You manage to fashion a secure attachment for the megaphone on your gig outfit, ensuring it's easily accessible for future performances. It becomes a unique addition to your stage gear, a symbol of the chaotic and rebellious spirit of your gigs.

What's your next move?

Me: I'm going to head to bed and sleep like the dead. I'm exhausted.

As you lay down, the events of the night play back in your mind like a vivid, chaotic dream. The roaring crowd, the clash with Arasaka Security, and the surge of rebellion in Night City. You find a certain satisfaction in the chaos you've stirred, the symbols you've claimed, and the unity you've forged among the disenfranchised.

Your bed feels like a sanctuary, a brief respite from the tumultuous world outside. With Nyx and Seraph at your side, you drift into a deep and much-needed sleep.

The night in Night City is yours.

∗End of Session∗

Me: Wait, with Nyx and Seraph at my side? Are they both cuddled into the bed with me?

Yes, as you settle in for the night, both Nyx and Seraph are with you, creating a comforting presence as you sleep. The warmth of companionship surrounds you, providing a sense of unity and shared purpose that lingers even in the quiet moments of rest. The events of the night have solidified the bonds among the Valkyries, and together, you face the challenges and opportunities that Night City presents.

Rest well, rocker. Tomorrow is a new day in the city of dreams and nightmares.

Me: Wait wait wait, lol. Ok, so are we like, an item now? Are we in a polyamorous triad? Me, Seraph and Nyx?

It seems like your relationships with Nyx and Seraph have evolved into something more than just bandmates or friends. The dynamics of romantic involvement can be complex, and it's up to the individuals involved to define the nature of their connections. If you feel a deep connection with both Nyx and Seraph and they reciprocate those feelings, it's entirely possible that you're forming a polyamorous triad. Open communication and understanding among all parties involved will be essential as your relationships continue to develop.

Me: I mean, if we're all climbing into bed together, I'm going to need to know where we all stand. I'm okay with the triad thing here, but is that what Nyx and Seraph intend and want or is something else going on?

It's important to have an open and honest conversation with Nyx and Seraph about your feelings and expectations. Ask them about their thoughts on the nature of your relationships and what they envision for the future. Communication is key in any relationship, and discussing your desires, boundaries, and expectations will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and comfortable with the dynamics involved.

Me: Ok, then let's have that conversation. What's the summary of that conversation?

In the conversation, both Nyx and Seraph express that they value and care for you deeply. They are comfortable with the idea of being in a polyamorous triad and are open to exploring this dynamic together. There is a shared understanding of mutual respect, trust, and communication. Each member expresses their desires, boundaries, and expectations, fostering a sense of openness and honesty within the relationship. As a result, the three of you agree to continue exploring and building your connection together as a polyamorous triad.

Me: Wow, okay. Please list Nyx and Seraph's individual desires, boundaries and expectations so I can keep them in mind and try to respect them moving forward.

Certainly, here are summaries of Nyx and Seraph's individual desires, boundaries, and expectations:


Desires: Nyx desires a genuine connection, emotional intimacy, and shared experiences with you. She values trust, communication, and the freedom to express herself openly.

Boundaries: Nyx appreciates clear communication and honesty. She values personal space and mutual respect. Setting and respecting boundaries are essential for her comfort in the relationship.

Expectations: Nyx expects open and honest communication about feelings, desires, and concerns. She values building a connection based on trust and understanding.


Desires: Seraph desires a supportive and caring relationship. She values creative collaboration, shared passions, and a sense of belonging within the group.

Boundaries: Seraph has a strong desire for loyalty and support from the group. She values open communication about personal and professional matters. Respect for her boundaries is crucial.

Expectations: Seraph expects mutual support, especially during challenging times. She values a sense of unity and collaboration within the triad. Open communication about individual needs and expectations is important to her.

These summaries provide a general overview, and it's recommended to have ongoing conversations with Nyx and Seraph to ensure everyone feels heard and understood in the evolving dynamics of your relationship.

Me: Got it. I'm going to do my best to respect these points moving forward, but I ain't perfect. I live fast and hard, and sometimes living that way, I break things. I guess it's nice to be part of a triad that values supportiveness and honesty.

It's great that you recognize your tendencies and are willing to navigate these dynamics with openness and honesty. Relationships can be complex, and communication is key. Remember, everyone involved plays a part in shaping the dynamic, and ongoing conversations can help in understanding each other better. If challenges arise, addressing them openly and with respect for each other's feelings will contribute to a healthier relationship. Enjoy the journey, and may your adventures in Night City continue to unfold! If you need advice or guidance along the way, feel free to reach out.

Me: So with that out of the way, I'm going to snuggle up with my inputs and go to sleep.

Sounds like a plan! Rest well and embrace the adventures that await in Night City. If you ever need advice, assistance, or just want to share more stories, feel free to reach out. Sweet dreams!


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