Onyx And The Xenomorphs (Soloing ChatGPT 3.5)

This was a fun experiment. I'm working toward honing the perfect formula to set up a good solo RPG run using ChatGPT as the referee. This time, I figured I'd try something scary. Aliens.

All in all, ChatGPT did a decent job keeping the pressure up during the station escape while providing challenges it knew I could work around with my character's skillset. Running from the hunting xenomorphs felt more like something I'd read in a comic book based on the second Alien movie rather than the absolutely terrifying experience of playing Alien: Isolation. I enjoyed it, even if I was hoping for more horror. Bless the AI's little electronic heart, it did a great job given its limitations. If I had been refereeing the game, I'd have thrown a chestburster (or two) in near the end, but ChatGPT is just too nice to mess with me like that. Also, once we're off the infested station, it seems that the AI has taken a turn out of the Alien franchise and into a more generic sci-fi kind of setting, which could still be fun to explore.

Anyway, transcript follows:


Me: I'd like you to be the referee for a game set in the universe of the Alien RPG where my character is Lieutenant Tereza Wulfe. Lieutenant Tereza Wulfe is a starship pilot stranded on a derelict space station overrun by xenomorphs. The xenomorphs are hunting her. Tereza Wulfe's pilot callsign is Onyx. She has some basic electronic tools, but she is alone and the other survivors on the station are few and also being hunted by the xenomorphs. Please make the game extremely challenging, suspenseful, violent, terrifying and gritty. Please introduce unexpected and scary twists to the plot often. Please be concise in your responses as we play.

The dim, flickering lights of the derelict space station cast eerie shadows as Lieutenant Tereza Wulfe, known as Onyx, cautiously navigates through the narrow corridors. The air is thick with tension, and the distant sounds of the xenomorphs' hisses echo through the metallic walls.

As Onyx explores, she stumbles upon a control room with a malfunctioning terminal. The screen flickers to life, revealing a distress call from another survivor named Dr. Kellen. He's trapped in the medical bay and pleads for assistance. Onyx can choose to head towards the medical bay or continue her search for an escape route.

What will Onyx do?

Me: What else can I see in the control room? Anything heavy I can use as a weapon?

In the control room, Onyx spots a maintenance toolbox tucked away in a corner. It contains a heavy wrench and a makeshift electrified prod, salvaged from the station's damaged equipment. These items could serve as improvised weapons against the xenomorph threat.

As Onyx prepares to grab the tools, the station's flickering lights suddenly go out, plunging her into darkness. The emergency backup lights activate, casting an eerie red glow throughout the room. A distant, guttural growl echoes from the shadows.

What does Onyx choose to do in this sudden darkness?

Me: I'm going to grab the prod and turn toward the source of the growl. Do I see anything?

As Onyx clutches the electrified prod and turns toward the growl, her senses heightened in the dim red light. The shadows seem to dance menacingly, but she catches a glimpse of a xenomorph tail disappearing around a corner. It's clear that the creature is stalking her.

The control room's emergency lights reveal multiple pathways – one leading to the medical bay where Dr. Kellen awaits and another towards the station's hangar. Onyx can choose to confront the xenomorph or proceed cautiously towards one of these destinations.

What will Onyx decide?

Me: I'm going to head in the direction of the medical bay, creeping along, trying to be as silent as I can.

Onyx moves stealthily through the station's corridors, every creak and distant shuffle echoing in the silence. The faint glow of the medical bay's emergency lights guides her path. As she approaches the bay, she notices a series of blood smears on the walls, leading inside.

Upon entering the medical bay, Onyx finds Dr. Kellen barricaded in a corner. He's wounded and frantic, describing a horrifying encounter with the xenomorphs. He insists they must find a way off the station together.

Suddenly, the station's emergency alarm blares, signaling a breach in the hangar. The sounds of xenomorphs grow louder.

What will Onyx do in response to the urgency of the situation?

Me: "Dr. Kellen," I put my hands on him, try to calm him down. "What the hell is going on? What are these things? How did they get on the station?"

Dr. Kellen looks at Onyx with fear in his eyes, stammering as he tries to compose himself. "They're xenomorphs, vicious creatures born from the worst nightmares. I don't know how they got on the station. It all happened so fast. We need to find a way out, Lieutenant, before they find us."

As he speaks, the distant sounds of the xenomorphs become more frenzied, indicating they're closing in. Onyx can hear scratching at the door leading to the medical bay.

What will Onyx do to secure their escape from the impending threat?

Me: Is there a vent out of the medical bay?

Searching frantically, Onyx spots a ventilation grate in the corner of the medical bay. It appears large enough for her to crawl through. As the scratching at the door intensifies, it becomes clear that the xenomorphs are about to breach the room.

Onyx has a choice: she can either barricade the door and try to find an alternative escape route within the medical bay or attempt to crawl through the ventilation system.

What will Onyx decide to do?

Me: I'm going to shove Dr. Kellen into the ventilation system and hurry him along as we attempt to escape the medical bay.

Onyx quickly ushers Dr. Kellen towards the ventilation grate, urging him to crawl through. As he disappears into the darkness of the vents, Onyx barricades the medical bay door with nearby furniture, creating a temporary barrier.

The scratching at the door intensifies, and a low growl echoes through the room. The xenomorphs are getting closer.

Onyx now faces a choice: follow Dr. Kellen through the ventilation system or attempt to hold off the xenomorphs and find another escape route within the medical bay.

What will Onyx decide to do?

Me: I'm headed into the vents after the doctor.

Onyx wastes no time and crawls into the ventilation system, her heart pounding as she navigates the cramped and dark passages. The metallic echoes of the pursuing xenomorphs resonate through the vents, creating an atmosphere of dread.

As she follows the twists and turns, Onyx catches up with Dr. Kellen, who is panting and clearly distressed. The vents seem to lead toward the station's engineering section.

Suddenly, a distant explosion rumbles through the station, causing it to shudder. Alarms blare, and emergency lights flicker erratically.

What will Onyx do in response to the explosion, and how will she proceed through the ventilation system?

Me: "Hurry up doctor! We're not going to die in these vents!" I shout.

Onyx's urgent command echoes through the metallic passages, spurring Dr. Kellen to quicken his pace. The vents lead them to a grating overlooking the station's engineering section. Below, they witness chaos – damaged machinery, flickering lights, and the ominous presence of xenomorphs prowling the area.

Onyx can either attempt to descend into the engineering section, risking a confrontation with the xenomorphs, or look for an alternative route within the ventilation system.

What will Onyx choose to do in this critical moment?

Me: We're going to keep pushing our way through the vents, looking for a safer place to get out.

Onyx and Dr. Kellen press on through the ventilation system, bypassing the perilous engineering section. The echoing sounds of the xenomorphs gradually fade, and they find themselves in a quieter part of the station.

As they crawl, they come across a maintenance junction with access to various sections of the station, including the control room, living quarters, and a storage area. Each option presents its own set of risks and potential rewards.

What will Onyx decide: control room, living quarters, or storage area?

Me: I'm going to wait a moment and listen. Can I hear any sounds of life in any of the rooms?

Onyx and Dr. Kellen huddle in the junction, straining their ears to discern any sounds beyond the cold hum of the ventilation system. After a tense moment, they detect a faint shuffling noise coming from the living quarters. It's accompanied by intermittent whispers.

It seems there might be survivors in the living quarters, but their status is unknown. The control room and storage area remain ominously silent.

What will Onyx decide to do based on this information?

Me: "Kellen, Doc, hey," I shake him, get him to focus on me. "What should we do? There might be people alive down there."

Dr. Kellen, visibly shaken but regaining composure, considers the options. "Survivors could mean safety in numbers, Lieutenant. We should head to the living quarters. But be cautious; we don't know who or what we'll find."

With a nod, Onyx and Dr. Kellen make their way through the ventilation system towards the living quarters. As they approach, the whispers become clearer, and they catch snippets of panicked conversation.

What will Onyx do upon reaching the entrance to the living quarters?

Me: I'm going to slow down and listen again. What can I hear of the conversation?

Onyx slows her pace and strains to listen. The voices from the living quarters reveal a mix of fear and desperation. Phrases like "They're coming," "We need to hide," and "Make a stand" are discernible. It's clear that the survivors are aware of the xenomorph threat and are strategizing on how to evade or confront it.

As Onyx and Dr. Kellen inch closer, the urgency in the survivors' voices becomes more palpable.

What will Onyx do next as she approaches the entrance to the living quarters?

Me: I'm going to very carefully exit the vent into the living quarters, hands up so the survivors don't see me as a threat.

Onyx executes her exit strategy with caution, emerging from the vent into the living quarters with her hands raised in a non-threatening gesture. The survivors, startled, turn their attention towards her. Among them are two engineers and a security officer, armed with improvised weapons.

One of the engineers, a woman named Harper, speaks up, "Who the hell are you? Are you alone?"

Dr. Kellen steps forward, "We're survivors, just like you. We need to stick together if we're going to make it out of here."

The survivors eye Onyx and Dr. Kellen warily. The xenomorph threat looms, and the station is in disarray.

What will Onyx do or say to reassure the survivors and strategize their next move?

Me: "I'm a pilot," I tell them, gesturing at myself. "You'll need a pilot in order to get off this station. No ship is going to fly itself."

Harper squints at Onyx, considering her words. The security officer, named Ramirez, interjects, "We can't stay here. Those things are getting closer. If you're a pilot, you better damn well know how to get us out of here."

Dr. Kellen nods in agreement, "She's our best shot at getting off this station in one piece."

The survivors, albeit still uneasy, seem to reluctantly accept Onyx's presence. The urgent reality of the xenomorph threat prompts a swift decision: they must formulate an escape plan.

What will Onyx propose to the survivors as their next course of action?

Me: "Ramirez, you know this station? You know where the closest docking bay is?"

Ramirez nods, his expression serious. "Yeah, there's a docking bay not far from here. We need to move fast, but it's our best chance. Follow me."

The survivors, now led by Onyx and guided by Ramirez, navigate through the living quarters with a sense of urgency. The distant sounds of xenomorphs echo through the station, a constant reminder of the imminent danger.

As they approach the docking bay, a sudden power surge causes the lights to flicker, plunging the corridor into darkness for a moment. When the emergency lights activate, the survivors notice a sealed doorway leading to a storage room nearby.

What will Onyx do in response to the sealed storage room door?

Me: I turn to Ramirez and ask him about the storage room. "Anything in there worth stopping for? Guns? Fuel? Liquid Oxy? Food?"

Ramirez rubs his chin, considering the question. "Storage rooms usually have supplies. Could be anything from emergency rations to spare equipment. Might be worth a quick check. But we can't linger for too long. Those things won't give us much time."

The survivors face a decision: proceed directly to the docking bay or take a brief detour to investigate the sealed storage room.

What will Onyx decide to do?

Me: Pop the door to the storage room and look inside.

Onyx nods at Ramirez's suggestion and approaches the sealed storage room door. With a deft use of her electronic tools, she manages to override the lock, and the door hisses open. The room is dimly lit, revealing shelves filled with supplies – emergency rations, medical kits, and even a couple of spare flamethrowers.

As the survivors quickly assess the contents, a distant but distinct xenomorph growl echoes through the corridor, emphasizing the urgency of their situation.

What will Onyx do now, considering the potential supplies in the storage room and the looming threat of the xenomorphs?

Me: I'm going to start shoving supplies at people to carry. How many flamethrowers are here?

Onyx swiftly organizes the survivors, handing out emergency rations and medical kits for quick distribution. Among the supplies, they find two functional flamethrowers.

"We're going to need these," Ramirez says, hefting one of the flamethrowers. "Xenomorphs hate fire. It's our best chance."

As the survivors gear up, the distant growls of the xenomorphs draw closer.

What will Onyx instruct the survivors to do next in preparation for their dash to the docking bay?

Me: I'll take the other flamethrower.

Onyx grabs the remaining flamethrower, feeling its weight in her hands. The survivors, armed and equipped, form a tight group ready for the dash to the docking bay.

Ramirez takes the lead, flamethrower at the ready, and the group moves quickly through the station corridors. The xenomorph growls intensify, indicating the creatures are closing in.

As they approach the docking bay, a massive explosion rocks the station, causing debris to fall from the ceiling. The emergency lights flicker, and a distant voice over the intercom announces critical damage to the station's structural integrity.

The docking bay is in sight, but the path is obstructed by a collapsed section of the corridor.

What will Onyx do to navigate this obstacle and reach the docking bay?

Me: Give me more detail on how the corridor is obstructed.

The corridor leading to the docking bay is obstructed by a collapsed section of the ceiling and walls. Debris from the explosion and structural damage litters the area. Piping and cables dangle precariously from the ceiling, creating a hazardous obstacle course.

The survivors assess the situation, realizing that attempting to traverse the wreckage without caution could lead to injury or worse. Time is of the essence, and the xenomorphs are closing in.

What will Onyx suggest or do to navigate the collapsed section of the corridor and reach the docking bay safely?

Me: I turn to Ramirez. "There's got to be another way around. Any ideas?"

Ramirez scans the debris-laden corridor, furrowing his brow. "There might be maintenance tunnels running parallel to this corridor. We can use those to bypass the wreckage. It's tight, but it beats trying to climb through this mess."

The survivors follow Ramirez as he leads them back a short distance, uncovering a maintenance access panel on the wall. He quickly opens it, revealing a cramped but navigable maintenance tunnel.

As the group prepares to enter the tunnel, the xenomorph growls grow louder, signaling their proximity.

What will Onyx do as the survivors prepare to enter the maintenance tunnel?

Me: "Ramirez, you take point. Lead everyone into the tunnel. I'll take up the rear and keep those things off our backs with my flamethrower if they close in on us."

Ramirez nods in agreement, taking point and entering the maintenance tunnel. Onyx follows closely behind, her flamethrower at the ready, while the other survivors move through the tight space.

The confined tunnel provides a brief respite from the immediate threat of the xenomorphs, but the echoes of their growls persist.

As the group moves through the maintenance tunnel, a sudden realization dawns on Onyx – they're headed towards the heart of the station, closer to where the structural damage occurred.

What will Onyx do or say as they navigate the maintenance tunnel in the direction of potential danger?

Me: Ramirez knows the station better than I do. I'm going to trust him and follow his lead.

Onyx places her trust in Ramirez's knowledge of the station, maintaining her position at the rear as the group navigates the maintenance tunnel. The cramped space feels oppressive, and the distant sounds of the xenomorphs create an unsettling backdrop.

As they progress, Ramirez stops abruptly, raising a hand to signal for silence. Faint vibrations and distant thuds suggest movement on the other side of the tunnel wall.

Ramirez whispers, "Hold up. I think we're near the damaged section. We need to be careful."

What will Onyx do in response to Ramirez's caution, and how will she proceed through the maintenance tunnel?

Me: I'm going to keep trusting Ramirez on this one. I'm watching for any threats that might come up on our group from behind.

Onyx maintains her vigil at the rear, eyes and flamethrower trained on the tunnel behind them. Ramirez proceeds cautiously, leading the group through the maintenance tunnel with deliberate steps.

The distant thuds grow louder, and the vibrations intensify. The survivors can sense the impending danger.

Suddenly, a section of the tunnel ceiling crumbles, revealing a small breach. Through the opening, xenomorphs begin to crawl, drawn by the survivors' presence.

What will Onyx do to defend the group from the emerging xenomorph threat in the maintenance tunnel?

Me: Where is the breach? Ahead of us, behind us or in the midst of us? My response will depend on where it is.

The breach is behind the group, where they've come from in the maintenance tunnel. The xenomorphs are emerging from the opening, approaching from the rear.

What will Onyx do to defend the group from the xenomorphs now threatening them from behind?

Me: "Get some!" I shout as I spray the aliens with my flamethrower.

Onyx reacts swiftly, unleashing a torrent of flames from her flamethrower towards the emerging xenomorphs. The creatures screech and writhe in agony as the fire engulfs them. The survivors press forward, urged by the urgency of the situation.

Ramirez, at the front of the group, continues to lead them through the maintenance tunnel, away from the breached section. The distant growls of more xenomorphs echo, indicating that the threat is far from over.

As they move forward, the survivors approach a junction in the maintenance tunnel, offering two paths—one leading towards the docking bay and the other towards an unknown section of the station.

What will Onyx suggest or decide as they reach this junction in the maintenance tunnel?

Me: "Ramirez! Which way?"

Ramirez quickly assesses the options at the junction, glancing between the two paths. "The docking bay is this way," he points to the left. "It's a straight shot from here. Let's move!"

The survivors follow Ramirez's lead, veering left at the junction. The sounds of xenomorphs persist, but the group presses on toward the docking bay, driven by the hope of escape.

As they approach the docking bay, the emergency lights flicker, casting an ominous glow on the corridor. The survivors can see the docking bay entrance ahead, but it appears partially sealed, possibly damaged.

What will Onyx do as they approach the partially sealed entrance to the docking bay?

Me: I'm going to inspect the damage. I've got a little skill with heavy machinery and electronics, so I might be able to fix it. Tell me about the damage.

Onyx takes a moment to inspect the damage at the docking bay entrance. The seal appears to be partially dislodged, likely a result of the station's structural damage. Wires dangle precariously, and some control panels show signs of malfunction.

With her skills in heavy machinery and electronics, Onyx realizes that she can attempt to rewire and recalibrate the control panels to override the damaged seal.

However, time is of the essence, and the sounds of approaching xenomorphs grow louder.

What will Onyx do to quickly address the damage and ensure a possible escape through the docking bay?

Me: Who else is with me again?

With you are Dr. Kellen, Harper (an engineer), and Ramirez (a security officer). Each survivor is armed and equipped with supplies gathered along the way.

As you inspect the damage at the docking bay entrance, the others anxiously keep watch for any approaching xenomorphs.

What action will Onyx take to quickly address the damage and ensure a possible escape through the docking bay?

Me: I shove the flamethrower into Dr. Kellen's hands and tell him and Ramirez to keep the aliens off us as Harper and I work together to override the damaged seal.

Onyx swiftly hands the flamethrower to Dr. Kellen and instructs him and Ramirez to stand guard against the approaching xenomorphs. With Harper by her side, Onyx focuses on the damaged control panels, using her skills in heavy machinery and electronics to recalibrate and rewire the system.

As Onyx and Harper work under the pressure of time and imminent danger, the distant growls of xenomorphs draw closer.

What challenges or unexpected events might occur during the process of repairing the damaged seal, and how will Onyx and Harper respond?

Me: Let's play it out and see.

As Onyx and Harper work feverishly to repair the damaged seal, the xenomorph growls intensify, echoing through the corridor. The emergency lights flicker ominously, casting erratic shadows on their task.

Suddenly, a xenomorph bursts into view, its sleek and deadly form emerging from the darkness. Dr. Kellen and Ramirez react swiftly, using the flamethrowers to fend off the creature and protect Onyx and Harper.

Despite the chaos, Onyx and Harper manage to complete the rewiring just in time. The damaged seal slowly grinds into place, securing the entrance to the docking bay.

With the immediate threat neutralized, the survivors gather their supplies, ready to make their escape.

What will Onyx instruct the group to do as they prepare to enter the now-sealed docking bay?

Me: I'm with Ramirez and we're taking point, Harper is behind us and Dr. Kellen is at the rear.

Onyx positions herself with Ramirez at the front, Harper behind them, and Dr. Kellen at the rear. The group cautiously enters the now-sealed docking bay, the emergency lights revealing a scene of both relief and uncertainty.

The docking bay contains a variety of starships, some showing signs of damage. Onyx quickly scans the available vessels, searching for one that appears functional and suitable for their escape.

As they move deeper into the docking bay, a sudden metallic clang echoes through the chamber, followed by an unsettling silence.

What will Onyx do in response to the unexpected sound, and how will she proceed in selecting a starship for their escape?

Me: I'm looking for something reliable, something big enough that we can all fit inside it, and preferably something with enough hypersleep pods for all of us if we have to float for a long time. Anything like that here?

Onyx scans the docking bay, her eyes narrowing on a larger starship towards the back. The vessel appears to be a transport ship with enough space for the entire group, and it seems equipped with hypersleep pods.

As the group cautiously approaches the transport ship, they notice a flickering light near the ship's entrance. It seems like the ship's internal systems are still active.

However, a low growl echoes through the docking bay, and the source of the sound becomes apparent – a xenomorph, lurking in the shadows near the transport ship.

What will Onyx do to handle the xenomorph threat and ensure a safe boarding of the transport ship?

Me: "Ramirez! See that?" I point toward the xenomorph in the shadows. "Ideas?"

Ramirez locks eyes with the lurking xenomorph, and his expression tightens. "We can't let it get near the ship. Onyx, Harper, get on the ship and prep it for takeoff. Dr. Kellen, cover our backs. I'll distract the damn thing."

Ramirez advances towards the xenomorph, flamethrower at the ready, drawing its attention away from the boarding process.

Onyx, Harper, and Dr. Kellen move quickly towards the transport ship, entering the vessel to initiate the pre-flight procedures.

As the ship's systems hum to life, the xenomorph advances on Ramirez, his flamethrower spewing fire in an attempt to keep the creature at bay.

What will Onyx do to assist Ramirez and ensure a successful takeoff while under the threat of the xenomorph?

Me: I tell Dr. Kellen to keep the alien out of the ship, no matter the cost. I'm focusing on preflight and making sure all systems on the ship are ready to go.

Onyx directs Dr. Kellen to guard the entrance, emphasizing the importance of keeping the xenomorph out of the ship. Meanwhile, she focuses on the preflight procedures, ensuring all systems are ready for takeoff.

As Onyx works through the checklist, the sounds of the flamethrower and the xenomorph's enraged screeches echo through the docking bay. The ship's engines hum to life, and the vessel is ready for departure.

Onyx glances toward the entrance, seeing Dr. Kellen fiercely holding his ground against the xenomorph.

What will Onyx do as the ship is ready for takeoff, and Ramirez and Dr. Kellen confront the xenomorph outside?

Me: I shout at them from the cockpit. "Kellen! Ramirez! WE ARE LEAVING!" 

Onyx's urgent shout reverberates through the docking bay. Dr. Kellen and Ramirez disengage from the xenomorph, rushing towards the open hatch of the transport ship. The xenomorph, momentarily deterred, hisses in frustration.

As Dr. Kellen and Ramirez board the ship, Onyx closes the hatch behind them. The docking bay echoes with the distant growls of xenomorphs, but the transport ship is now sealed and ready for takeoff.

Onyx quickly maneuvers the ship's controls, lifting off from the station. The vessel exits the docking bay and enters the cold expanse of space.

As the survivors catch their breath, the damaged station shrinks in the rearview monitors, consumed by the emptiness of space.

What will Onyx and the survivors do as they leave the station behind and face the uncertainties of space?

Me: I'm focusing on flying the ship, and I'm looking for any problems that might present themselves with the ship's systems. I want Kellen and Ramirez to sweep through the ship to make sure we're alone here, no aliens, etc.

Onyx focuses on piloting the ship through the cold expanse of space, ensuring a smooth departure from the damaged station. She scans the ship's systems, monitoring for any potential issues or anomalies.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kellen and Ramirez sweep through the vessel, checking every compartment to ensure the absence of xenomorphs or other threats. The hum of the ship's engines provides a backdrop to their thorough inspection.

As the survivors regroup in the ship's control room, a sense of tense relief settles over the group. They've escaped the xenomorph-infested station, but the challenges of space, uncertainty about their destination, and the echoes of their harrowing encounter linger.

What will Onyx and the survivors discuss or decide as they navigate the vastness of space?

Me: "Alright, we're clear," I address Kellen and Ramirez. "What the hell were those things? Where did they come from?"

Kellen and Ramirez exchange a glance before Kellen speaks, "Xenomorphs. Biological weapons created by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. I don't know how they got on the station, but they're deadly, relentless predators. We were lucky to get out alive."

Ramirez adds, "We need to figure out our next move. Any idea where we're headed, Lieutenant?"

The ship's navigation systems indicate a few nearby systems, each with its own set of risks and potential rewards.

What will Onyx suggest or decide regarding their next destination and plan of action?

Me: "The company created them? Ah hell," I shake my head in frustration. "Wonderful. Just wonderful. Shiiiiiit. Ok, so why were they on the station? Was it an attack? Was there a bio-weapons lab on the station?"

Dr. Kellen nods grimly, "It's possible. Weyland-Yutani is always pushing the boundaries of bioengineering. The xenomorphs might have been part of some experiment gone wrong. As for the station, it could have been a research facility, and we ended up caught in the crossfire."

Ramirez interjects, "We should find a safe place to regroup and figure out our next move. We can't trust anyone connected to Weyland-Yutani, and we need to stay ahead of these damn creatures."

The ship's navigation systems display a few options for potential destinations.

What will Onyx decide regarding their next destination and plan of action?

Me: Tell me about the potential destinations.

The ship's navigation systems indicate three potential destinations:

Unnamed Mining Outpost: A small mining outpost on the fringes of explored space. It's known for its relative isolation, but it might lack the resources for a long-term stay.

Independent Space Station "Haven:" A neutral, independently operated space station known for being a hub for various traders and smugglers. It's a place where survivors could potentially find supplies and information.

Abandoned Research Facility: A derelict research facility with an unclear history. It's located in a remote part of space, and its abandoned status raises questions about what might be left behind.

Onyx must decide which destination offers the best chance of safety and resources for the survivors.

What will Onyx choose as their next destination?

Me: "Alright, let's take a vote on where we go next," I tell the others. "I vote we head for the Independent Space Station called "Haven." If it's neutral, The Company might not have a presence there. Maybe."

Dr. Kellen and Ramirez nod in agreement with Onyx's suggestion.

Kellen says, "Haven seems like our best bet for now. Neutral ground might give us a chance to regroup without the Company breathing down our necks."

Ramirez adds, "I'm with you, Lieutenant. Let's set a course for Haven."

The decision is made. Onyx programs the ship's course for the Independent Space Station "Haven." As the ship engages its warp drive, the damaged station they left behind becomes a distant speck in the vastness of space.

Little do they know, the challenges they faced on the xenomorph-infested station may only be the beginning of their struggle for survival in the cold and unforgiving void of space.

And so, the survivors set a course for Haven, hoping to find safety, resources, and answers in the uncertain expanse of the cosmos.

Me: How long is the journey to Haven?

The journey to Haven is estimated to take several days. The ship's warp drive allows for faster-than-light travel, but the exact duration depends on the specific conditions of the route, potential detours, and the overall efficiency of the ship's systems.

During the journey, the survivors spend their time on the ship, regrouping, and preparing for whatever challenges may await them at Haven.

Is there anything specific Onyx or the other survivors would like to do or discuss during the journey to Haven?

Me: I only half trust these guys. I'm going to watch them carefully during the next few days, see if anything suspicious happens.

Onyx maintains a vigilant watch over Dr. Kellen and Ramirez during the journey to Haven. She observes their interactions, paying attention to any signs of distrust or hidden motives. The confined space of the ship becomes a testing ground for their newfound alliance.

As the days pass, the survivors settle into a routine. The ship's systems hum steadily, and the distant starfield remains a constant backdrop through the viewports.

Onyx's scrutiny doesn't reveal any immediate cause for concern, but the uncertainty of Haven and the lingering presence of the xenomorph threat keep tensions high.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to do or discuss with the others during the journey, or any particular actions she plans to take?

Me: I want to talk to Harper about what happened on the station, see if I can gain any additional insight.

Onyx approaches Harper, finding her in one of the ship's common areas. The low hum of the ship's engines provides a backdrop as they sit down to talk.

Onyx begins, "Harper, we went through hell back there. Do you know anything more about what happened on the station? Any details that might help us understand why those xenomorphs were unleashed?"

Harper looks around cautiously before responding, "I'm an engineer, not a scientist, but something went terribly wrong. I overheard some chatter about experiments, secret labs. The Company was involved, that much is certain. They don't care who gets caught in the crossfire."

As the conversation unfolds, Harper reveals some additional details about the station's activities and the secrecy surrounding Weyland-Yutani's involvement.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to ask or discuss further with Harper regarding the events on the station?

Me: "It sounds like the only way anyone could expose what really happened on the station would be to go back there and look for information on it, and I sure as shit am not doing that." I sigh. "So The Company gets away with literal murder again."

Harper nods in agreement, a shadow of frustration crossing her face. "It's a grim reality, Lieutenant. The Company operates in the shadows, covering their tracks. Going back to that station would be suicide, and they know it. They have too much power, and we're just small fry caught in their game."

The survivors share a moment of shared frustration at the seemingly unstoppable influence of Weyland-Yutani.

As the ship continues its journey to Haven, the sense of vulnerability in the vastness of space becomes more palpable.

Is there anything else Onyx would like to discuss or address with Harper or any other member of the crew during the remainder of the journey?

Me: I'm going to ask Doctor Keller how everyone is doing health-wise.

Onyx seeks out Dr. Kellen in the ship's medical area. As she approaches, he looks up from his work, acknowledging her presence.

"Onyx, what can I do for you?" he asks.

"I was just wondering how everyone is holding up health-wise. The stress, the close calls with those creatures... I want to make sure we're all in decent shape," Onyx says.

Dr. Kellen takes a moment to assess the overall health of the survivors. "Physically, we're holding up. No major injuries from our escape. But mentally, it's a different story. The trauma of what we went through, the constant threat – it's taking a toll. We should all keep an eye on each other."

As the survivors navigate the challenges of space, the scars of their encounter with the xenomorphs continue to linger.

Is there anything else Onyx would like to address or discuss with Dr. Kellen or any other member of the crew?

Me: "Let me know if anything changes."

Dr. Kellen nods in acknowledgment. "Of course, Lieutenant. I'll keep a close eye on everyone. If anyone starts showing signs of stress or trauma, we'll address it."

The survivors continue their journey through space, each moment carrying the weight of the recent events on the xenomorph-infested station. The quiet hum of the ship's engines is a constant reminder of the vastness of space and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

As the ship approaches Haven, Onyx and the others prepare for whatever challenges may await them at the independent space station.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to do or discuss as they near their destination?

Me: I'm going to be in the pilot's seat when we arrive at Haven.

As the ship approaches Haven, Onyx takes her position in the pilot's seat, hands steady on the controls. The viewports display the sprawling structure of the independent space station ahead.

As they request docking clearance, the radio crackles to life, and a voice from the station's control tower responds, guiding them to an assigned docking bay.

The ship smoothly enters Haven's docking area, and as the engines power down, a sense of relative safety settles over the survivors.

What will Onyx and the crew do as they prepare to disembark on Haven, and what challenges or opportunities might await them in this neutral space station?

Me: What do I see when we exit the ship?

As Onyx and the crew exit the ship, they find themselves in a bustling and diverse environment. Haven, though not as polished as some corporate-owned stations, is a hub of activity with traders, merchants, and various travelers going about their business.

The docking bay is filled with a mix of ships – freighters, small transport vessels, and even a few sleek-looking starfighters. The air is filled with the hum of engines, and the distant chatter of different languages adds to the station's multicultural atmosphere.

In the distance, a central hub serves as a meeting point for those arriving and departing. Neon signs advertise various goods and services, and the scent of synthesized food wafts through the air.

The survivors, having successfully reached Haven, stand on the threshold of a new chapter in their journey. What will Onyx and the crew do as they step into the lively and unpredictable world of Haven?

Me: "Well, we're safe, for now." I say. "Where is everyone going from here?"

The crew looks around, taking in the sights and sounds of Haven. Dr. Kellen speaks up, "We should lay low for a while, gather information, and assess our options. Haven might have what we need to regroup and plan our next move."

Ramirez adds, "I agree. We need to find out more about what's going on out here, and maybe pick up some supplies."

Harper suggests, "There's probably someone here who knows more about what's happening in the galaxy. We could ask around, see if there are any leads on safe places or jobs."

The bustling atmosphere of Haven offers numerous possibilities, but the uncertainty of the future looms over the survivors.

What will Onyx and the crew decide to do as they step into the lively and unpredictable world of Haven?

Me: "Alright, follow up on your suggestions. Everybody meet back here at 1800 hours." After that, I'm going to wander around alone and take a look around the station, see what stands out.

The crew acknowledges Onyx's plan, each heading off to follow up on their respective tasks. As they disperse into the crowd of Haven's diverse inhabitants, Onyx takes a solitary stroll through the station.

Walking through the various sections, Onyx observes the eclectic mix of beings – traders haggling over goods, mercenaries eyeing potential contracts, and refugees seeking refuge. Neon signs flicker with advertisements for goods, services, and information brokers.

As Onyx explores, a mysterious figure catches her eye – a cloaked individual standing near the entrance of a dimly lit alley. The figure seems to be observing the crowd, and their presence raises a subtle sense of intrigue.

What will Onyx do regarding the cloaked figure, and is there anything else specific she would like to explore or investigate in Haven?

Me: I'm going to avoid the cloaked figure. How many dollars do I have?

Onyx checks her personal credits, and she currently has 500 galactic credits. The currency is widely accepted in Haven and can be used for various transactions, including purchasing supplies, hiring services, or acquiring information.

As Onyx navigates the lively atmosphere of Haven, she notices various shops, bars, and information kiosks that might cater to her needs.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to explore or do with her time on Haven, considering the available options and her personal credits?

Me: Bar sounds good. I'm going to stop in at one of the cleaner ones and see if they have tequila. I need a drink after all the shit that happened on the last station.

Onyx decides to unwind and heads to one of the cleaner bars in Haven. As she steps inside, the lively chatter and ambient music fill the air. The bartender, a humanoid with colorful scales, nods in greeting.

"What can I get you?" the bartender asks.

Onyx replies, "Tequila, please. Make it a double."

The bartender prepares the drink, sliding a glass of rich amber liquid across the counter. Onyx takes a moment to savor the aroma before taking a sip.

As she leans against the bar, Onyx notices a group of individuals at a nearby table engaged in a heated discussion. The topic seems to be about recent events in the galaxy, and snippets of phrases like "corporate cover-ups" and "dangerous experiments" reach her ears.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to do while enjoying her drink at the bar, or does she want to eavesdrop on the nearby conversation?

Me: I'll sip my tequila and silently eavesdrop on the conversation.

Onyx takes a discreet sip of her tequila, keeping an ear on the nearby conversation. The group at the table seems engrossed in discussing recent events, and Onyx catches fragments of their conversation.

"Did you hear about the mining colony on Sigma Prime?"

"Another Weyland-Yutani disaster, no doubt."

"I heard there's a bounty for information on their experimental projects."

"Someone's got to expose the truth."

The conversation hints at the broader unrest and dissatisfaction with corporate entities like Weyland-Yutani. It seems that whispers of corporate wrongdoing and experiments gone awry are circulating among the inhabitants of Haven.

As Onyx continues to eavesdrop, she might pick up more information or insights that could be relevant to her situation.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to focus on in the conversation, or any action she'd like to take at the bar?

Me: What was the name of the station we escaped from? The one that was infested?

The name of the station you escaped from was not explicitly mentioned during our interactions. If you'd like, we can name it now. Alternatively, if you have a specific name in mind, feel free to use it.

Me: Pick a good name for me.

Let's name the xenomorph-infested station "Epsilon-9." It adds a touch of mystery to the past events and gives the station a distinctive identity.

Me: Perfect. Okay, once I've got enough liquid courage in me to iron out the shakes, I'm going to go up and talk to the group that I've been eavesdropping on. As I approach, I'm going to say "Anyone hear about what happened on Epsilon-9? I just came from there and it was a complete shitshow."

With a sufficient amount of liquid courage in her system, Onyx approaches the group, catching their attention. As she joins their conversation, she opens with, "Anyone hear about what happened on Epsilon-9? I just came from there, and it was a complete shitshow."

The group turns towards Onyx, their expressions shifting to a mix of curiosity and concern. One of them, a weathered-looking individual with cybernetic enhancements, responds, "Epsilon-9, huh? We've heard whispers, but details are scarce. What happened?"

As the conversation unfolds, the group begins to share their own stories and information about recent events in the galaxy. It becomes evident that Haven is a place where individuals with various backgrounds converge, each carrying their own tales of survival and intrigue.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to ask or discuss with this group, or any information she's particularly interested in gathering?

Me: "I'm a freelance pilot. I was between jobs when it happened. Suddenly, these alien fuckers were everywhere. Black and glassy skin, sharp teeth, long, barbed tails. Barely got out alive. One of the survivors who came with me said that these things were a bio-weapon engineered by The Company, that they might have had a secret lab on the station making these things, only they got out." I pull up a chair, take a deep breath and shrug. "That's all I know."

As Onyx recounts her harrowing experience on Epsilon-9, the group at the table listens intently. The cybernetically enhanced individual leans in, a serious expression on their face.

"Bio-weapons engineered by Weyland-Yutani? That's not unheard of, but if they were experimenting on a station like Epsilon-9, it means they're playing with fire," the individual remarks.

The others at the table nod in agreement, sharing their own stories of corporate negligence and covert experiments. The conversation delves deeper into the distrust of megacorporations and the need for individuals to expose the truth.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to ask or discuss further with this group, or any particular information she's seeking from their conversation?

Me: "I'm at a loss for what to do," I admit. "Can't imagine taking on The Company directly. Can't imagine just walking away from it either, after everything that happened. I'm a pilot, not a media-jockey, but god damn would I like to see them pay for what happened at Epsilon-9."

The group at the table exchanges knowing glances, understanding the weight of Onyx's words. The cybernetically enhanced individual leans back, contemplating the gravity of the situation.

"Taking on Weyland-Yutani directly is a suicide mission, no doubt about that. But there are other ways to make them pay, ways that expose their dirty secrets without walking straight into the lion's den," they suggest.

Another member of the group adds, "You're not alone in this, Onyx. Many of us here have our own reasons to bring down corporations like Weyland-Yutani. We share information, expose their wrongdoings, and sometimes, we hit them where it hurts – their wallets."

The conversation evolves into a discussion of potential allies, covert operations, and ways to resist the corporate juggernaut without risking immediate annihilation.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to ask or discuss further with the group, or any particular direction she'd like to take in the conversation?

Me: "Look, this is all high-minded talk, but I'm not a revolutionary. I barely make enough as a freelance pilot to stay above my debt. If you've got any real suggestions, I'm all ears."

The cybernetically enhanced individual leans forward, their expression sympathetic. "We get it, Onyx. Not everyone can afford to be a revolutionary. But there are ways to hit Weyland-Yutani without risking everything. Information is power, and sometimes exposing their secrets is more damaging than a direct confrontation."

Another member of the group chimes in, "We've got contacts, information brokers, and even some sympathizers within the megacorps. We can help you gather evidence, expose their experiments, and bring public attention to their atrocities."

They share details about previous successful operations against corporations, emphasizing the role of information warfare and strategic strikes on the corporate image.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to discuss or inquire about in the context of their suggestions, or any particular direction she'd like to take in the conversation?

Me: I'm going to thank them and leave. I'm not a revolutionary. I can't lead something like this. I'll leave the fight to them.

Onyx expresses her gratitude to the group for their insights and suggestions, acknowledging the complexity of the situation. With a nod, she stands from the table and makes her way through the lively atmosphere of the bar.

As she steps back into the bustling world of Haven, Onyx contemplates the choices ahead. The survivors' path is uncertain, but the seeds of resistance have been planted among those who choose to challenge the powerful forces at play in the galaxy.

Is there anything specific Onyx would like to do or explore in Haven, or any particular direction she'd like to take after leaving the bar?

Me: I'm going to check the job boards for freelance piloting jobs that will get me off Haven. I'm figuring it's maybe best if I run as far away from Epsilon-9 and Haven as I can, abandoning the other survivors and let them figure their shit out. I'm sure they'll be fine and I don't want to get caught up in any kind of revolution against The Company.

Onyx heads towards the job boards, her thoughts focused on finding a freelance piloting job that will take her away from the complexities of Epsilon-9, Haven, and the brewing resistance against Weyland-Yutani.

As she peruses the listings, various opportunities catch her eye – cargo transport, passenger shuttles, and even a few exploration missions. Each posting offers a chance to leave the troubles of the recent past behind and carve out a new path among the stars.

Is there a particular job that Onyx is drawn to, or any specific criteria she's looking for in her next freelance piloting venture?

Me: What's the best paying piloting gig on the board?

Onyx notices a high-paying job listed as a discreet cargo transport to a distant system. The details are minimal, but the pay is substantial, and the client emphasizes the need for a skilled and discreet pilot. The destination is a relatively unexplored region, far from the core systems.

It seems like a potentially lucrative opportunity, and the vague details may indicate the client's desire for confidentiality.

Is this the job Onyx is interested in, or is there another listing she'd like to consider?

Me: What's the next best paying job on the board?

The next best-paying job on the board is a passenger shuttle service to a luxury resort on a distant planet. The pay is not as high as the discreet cargo transport, but it offers a comfortable amount for a relatively straightforward task. The client is looking for a reliable pilot to transport affluent guests to and from the resort.

This job provides a mix of a decent payment and a less clandestine nature compared to the discreet cargo transport.

Is this the job Onyx is interested in, or does she have another listing in mind?

Me: I'll transmit my details for the job transporting affluent guests to and from the resort. Sounds safe enough. I'll take it, if they'll have me.

Onyx transmits her details for the passenger shuttle service to the luxury resort. Shortly after, she receives a confirmation message, indicating that the client has accepted her for the job. The message includes the coordinates for the rendezvous point where she will meet the passengers.

As she prepares for this new venture, Onyx can't help but feel a sense of relief at the prospect of a straightforward job, away from the complications of Epsilon-9 and Haven.

What will Onyx do next as she gears up for this passenger shuttle service?

Me: I'm going to head there as soon as I can. I don't want the other survivors from Epsilon-9 to realize what's going on until well after I've left.

Onyx wastes no time, making her way to the coordinates provided for the rendezvous point. She navigates through the bustling corridors of Haven, ensuring a swift departure before the other survivors have a chance to realize her departure.

The luxury resort awaits in a distant system, offering a welcome change from the recent challenges. Onyx boards her ship, setting a course for the rendezvous point and leaving the complexities of Haven and the brewing resistance behind.

As the ship engages its warp drive, the cold expanse of space once again becomes Onyx's domain, and the uncertainties of the future stretch out before her.

What will Onyx do as she heads towards the luxury resort for her next piloting job?


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