First Look: Battle Wizard Mana Game

This last weekend, I got my first look at the Battle Wizard Mana Game from Ability Score Games. This is totally my kind of game, but I didn’t find it on my own. This one found me.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I love miniature agnostic games with fast and easy rules. I love indie games, and I love artistic games with that Mork Borg style punk flash to them. Battle Wizard Mana Game is all of this and more, and I was lucky enough to get an advance copy before the release of the full game. Better than that, I’ve actually had the opportunity to contribute to the game. My meeples, available on Punkin’ Figs, have officially been licensed to be released as part of the upcoming launch of the full version of Battle Wizard Mana Game. That’s a feather in my cap if anything is.

So how does it play? Fast and loose. Battle Wizard Mana Game uses the tools you have on hand to create a fierce and fiery duel between wizards, and it doesn’t matter what kind of wizards you use. The system supports everything from melee to magic to machine guns, so whatever miniatures you have, you can slap them on the table, stat them out and go to town. There’s enough modularity to support a sort of campaign mode, and I’m especially fond of the way cards (poker, MTG, official BWMG cards or anything else) are used for spells, AoE templates and also for measuring movement and range for ranged attacks. This is the kind of game you can pack in a lunch box, break out at a picnic table and have a blast with.

So that’s our first look! Pop on over to Ability Score Games for more information about Battle Wizard Mana Game, and if you’re looking for sweet, edgy wizard meeples for your BWMG game (or any game) check out Punkin’ Figs, where I’ve got over 700 different models I’ve created over the past four years.

EDIT: 3/20/24: It's now on IndieGogo! Check it out here!



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