The Madness of Sigyn Hammeress (Trying Pi AI As A Solo RPG Referee)


I've never had an AI referee kill my character before. Pi AI did. That's awesome.

I'm always looking for new AI chatbots to try out as Solo RPG referees, so when I heard about Pi AI, I knew I had to give it a whirl. This one actually surprised me more than the others I've used in the past. It still pulled its punches right at the last minute up until the very end, but at least it gave me room to screw up, fall down and fail. I need that in a game. I need real risk to stay engaged. I need stakes. Pi gave me that in a way that no other AI chatbot has before, and it's still free. I didn't hit any response limits the whole time I was playing. Honestly, I'm starting to think this AI is better than Claude 3.

The storytelling was strong and kept me going. I have no complaints. I could say that it was weird how, even though I emphasized that my character was physically strong, Pi kept referencing her agility. It also kept taking my source prompt and recycling it into the narrative in interesting ways, which was different, but none of these things were bad, just interesting.

As per usual, all art in this writing was done with Bing.

Anyway, transcript follows:

Me: Hello Pi, please create for me a detailed original setting for an RPG game which is based in a grimdark fantasy world. Please make the world gritty and grungy.

My character in this world will be Sigyn Hammeress, an human warrior who weilds a massive hammer. As Sigyn, my traits are that I am very strong, and as an adventurer, I have a reputation for being impulsive. People in settlements don't really care much for me, but they always have rumors about caves and dungeons where I can go and fight undead and recover treasures. The undead are my primary enemies in this setting.

I'd like you to be the referee for this RPG game. Please be concise in your responses as we play.

Additionally, for each truly challenging action I attempt to make in this game, I would like you to roll a 4-sided die to determine success or failure of that action. On a result of 1, the action fails and something bad happens that makes the situation more perilous. On a result of 2, the action succeeds, but something bad also happens that makes the situation more perilous. On a result of 3, the action succeeds, but only barely. On a result of 4, the action succeeds spectacularly, with additional unexpected positive results.

Welcome to the grimdark world of Eidria, a realm shrouded in perpetual gloom and teeming with the restless undead. As Sigyn Hammeress, you are a feared and renowned adventurer, wielding your massive hammer with unmatched strength and impulsiveness. The people of Eidria's settlements regard you with a mix of awe and disdain, but they always have rumors of new caves and dungeons for you to explore.

You begin your journey in the decrepit town of Blackmoor, where the locals whisper of a forgotten crypt nearby, overrun with undead and brimming with treasure. As you approach the entrance to the crypt, the stench of decay fills your nostrils, and the sounds of shambling undead echo through the darkness.

As you step inside, your eyes adjust to the darkness, revealing a labyrinthine network of tunnels and crypts. The first chamber is filled with dusty sarcophagi and the skeletal remains of long-dead warriors. What do you do?

Me: I ready my hammer and look around this first chamber. What else do I see?

As you ready your hammer and scan the chamber, your gaze falls upon a crumbling mural on the far wall. It depicts a great battle between the living and the undead, with a figure wielding a hammer not unlike your own standing triumphant atop a pile of vanquished foes. In the corner of the room, you spot a rusted iron lever, its purpose unknown.

As you take a step forward, the ground beneath you trembles, and the skeletal remains scattered across the floor begin to stir. You find yourself surrounded by a group of reanimated skeletons, their bony fingers clutching rusted weapons. Their empty eye sockets fixate on you, and they advance with menacing intent. What do you do?

Me: I grin, yell my battlecry and rush at the closest skeleton, intending to smash it into shards.

Roll result: 4.

Your warcry echoes through the chamber as you charge forward, hammer raised high. The first skeleton is caught off guard and is reduced to a pile of bone shards with a single swing of your hammer. The force of your attack sends shockwaves through the floor, causing the other skeletons to stumble and falter.

Seizing the opportunity, you quickly pivot and swing your hammer in a wide arc, catching two more skeletons in the blast radius. Their bones shatter and crumble, leaving only a few scattered remnants. The remaining skeletons, momentarily stunned, hesitate before pressing their attack. What do you do next?

Me: I rush at the closest skeleton to me and attack it too!

Roll result: 2.

You charge at the nearest skeleton, hammer swinging with all your might. The skeleton is no match for your strength, and it is shattered into fragments with a satisfying crunch. However, in the heat of battle, you fail to notice a stray arrow from a skeleton archer that catches you in the shoulder.

The pain is sharp, but your adrenaline pushes you forward. You notice that there are now only two skeletons left, one archer and one melee fighter. They seem to be growing more cautious, realizing the formidable foe they face. What is your next move?

Me: Can I pull out the arrow or is it deep enough I have to break it off and keep moving?

Roll result: 3.

You manage to grip the shaft of the arrow and pull it from your shoulder with a sharp tug. The pain intensifies for a moment, but you're able to move your arm freely, albeit with a lingering ache. You quickly break off the arrowhead and toss the remains aside, ready to face the remaining skeletons.

The skeleton archer, having missed its mark, quickly nocks another arrow and aims at you. Meanwhile, the skeleton fighter circles around, trying to get behind you. Your hammer feels heavier in your hand as you consider your options. How do you proceed?

Me: I yell again and rush the archer!

Roll result: 4.

Your battlecry rings out once more as you charge the archer, your hammer held high. The archer looses its arrow, but in your fury, you manage to deflect it with the head of your hammer. The arrow shatters harmlessly against the cold metal.

The archer, caught off guard, is defenseless as you bring your hammer down with a thunderous crash. The skeleton is reduced to a pile of splintered bones, its bow clattering to the ground.

The remaining skeleton fighter hesitates, seeing its comrades fall one after the other. It seems to be weighing its options, but its eyes are fixed on you, watching your every move. How do you handle this final opponent?

Me: I'm feeling cocky. I throw down my hammer and smash my knuckles together. I'm going to break this skeleton apart with my fists!

Roll result: 1.

In your hubris, you toss aside your hammer and charge the skeleton, fists clenched. However, as you close the distance, your foot catches on a stray bone, causing you to stumble and fall to the ground. The skeleton, sensing an opportunity, quickly closes in, brandishing its rusted blade.

As you scramble to get back on your feet, the skeleton lunges, thrusting its sword toward your exposed back. With your reflexes and agility, you manage to roll away just in time, narrowly avoiding the blade. You're now on the ground, unarmed, and face-to-face with the determined undead. What do you do?

Me: I think I've learned my lesson! I'm going to rush over and try to scoop up my hammer without being stabbed.

Roll result: 4.

Relying on your agility, you roll to your feet and dive for your hammer. The skeleton lashes out, but you manage to evade the attack, grasping the handle of your hammer just in time.

With a surge of adrenaline, you bring your hammer around in a sweeping arc, catching the skeleton off guard. The blow connects with a thunderous impact, shattering the skeleton into a cloud of bone fragments.

As the dust settles, you survey the chamber. All the skeletons are now nothing but scattered remains, and silence returns to the crypt. Your shoulder aches from the arrow wound, but you've emerged victorious. What do you do next?

Me: Do I have any kind of healing supplies on me I can use to treat my wound?

You quickly check your pack and find a small vial of healing potion, a rare and valuable commodity in Eidria. While it won't fully heal your wound, it will provide temporary relief and stop the bleeding. Do you choose to use the healing potion now or save it for a more critical situation?

Me: I'll tough it out and save the potion. You said there was a mural or something in this room?

Indeed, the mural you noticed earlier depicts a heroic figure wielding a hammer much like your own, standing atop a pile of defeated undead. The painting is cracked and faded, but you can still make out some details. Upon closer inspection, you notice a faint inscription in an ancient script beneath the mural, though it's too worn to make out the words. Would you like to try to decipher the inscription, or continue exploring the crypt?

Me: I go up to the mural and press my hands and my forehead against it, then close my eyes, opening myself to any spiritual wisdom that might be lingering in the mural. Does anything happen?

Roll result: 3.

As you press your hands and forehead against the mural, a chill runs down your spine. For a moment, you feel a sense of connection with the ancient artwork, as if the spirit of the hammer-wielding hero is trying to communicate with you. A faint whisper seems to echo in your mind, but the words are muffled and indistinct.

When you open your eyes, you find that the inscription beneath the mural has become slightly more legible. You can now make out a few words: "Seek... Hammer... Light... Shadow..." The rest remains too faded to read. What do you make of this, and what would you like to do next?

Me: I smile triumphantly and loot the room. Do I find anything valuable?

Roll result: 2.

As you search the room, you stumble upon a hidden compartment in one of the sarcophagi. Inside, you find a small pouch containing a few gold coins and a mysterious amulet adorned with a hammer symbol. The amulet radiates a faint magical aura, but its purpose is unclear.

However, in your excitement, you fail to notice a pressure plate hidden beneath the loose bones on the floor. As you lift the amulet, the plate is triggered, and you hear a loud click followed by a grinding noise. The door to the chamber begins to slowly close, sealing you inside. What do you do?

Me: I'm going to try to rush out and escape!

Roll result: 2.

Realizing the danger, you sprint towards the closing door, barely managing to slip through before it slams shut with a resounding thud. You heave a sigh of relief as you find yourself in a narrow corridor, dimly lit by flickering torches.

However, the noise from the door has alerted a group of undead further down the corridor. You hear the groans and shuffling footsteps of several zombies approaching from the shadows. With your back to the sealed door, you are left with two options: charge the zombies head-on or search for an alternative exit. What do you choose?

Me: I want to put on the hammer amulet to see if it has any magic effects.

As you slip the amulet around your neck, you feel a surge of energy course through your body. The hammer symbol begins to glow with a faint, golden light. You realize that the amulet grants you increased strength and endurance, but at a cost - your impulsiveness and aggression are heightened, making it more difficult to control your actions in battle.

Meanwhile, the zombies are drawing closer, their moans growing louder and more insistent. With the amulet's power now coursing through your veins, how do you confront this new threat?

Me: I rush into battle, hammer raised, ready to smash as many zombies as I can.

Roll result: 4.

Charging forward with renewed vigor, you swing your hammer with devastating force, sending the first zombie flying back into its companions. The impact creates a domino effect, causing several zombies to topple over, creating a momentary opening in their ranks.

Using your increased speed and agility, you leap over the fallen zombies and bring your hammer down on another, crushing its skull with a satisfying crunch. The other zombies, though slow-witted, sense the danger and begin to encircle you, closing in from all sides. How do you handle this situation?

Me: By swinging my hammer and howling a vicious war cry! I'm fired up and wild-eyed, shouting and smashing!

Roll result: 4.

Your battle rage reaches new heights as you let loose a primal scream, swinging your hammer in wide, sweeping arcs. The zombies are no match for your frenzied onslaught, and one by one, they fall before you. Their bodies pile up around you, creating a macabre scene of destruction.

After a few moments, the corridor falls silent once more. You take a deep breath, trying to calm the raging storm within you. The amulet's power has granted you victory, but at what cost? Do you keep the amulet on or remove it, fearing its influence?

Me: I'm already addicted to it. I'm panting, baring my teeth, ready to smash any undead that get in my way.

Embracing the amulet's dark power, you press deeper into the crypt, the glow of the hammer symbol casting eerie shadows on the damp stone walls. The adrenaline still pumping through your veins, you can't help but relish the feeling of invincibility that the amulet provides.

As you navigate the winding corridors, you begin to hear the faint sound of chanting and the clanging of metal on stone. The air grows thick with an oppressive, otherworldly energy. You turn a corner and find yourself at the entrance to a large chamber. Inside, you see a dark figure performing a sinister ritual, surrounded by a circle of armored undead warriors. What do you do?

Me: What is the amulet driving me to do?

The amulet's influence compels you to charge into the chamber, heedless of the danger. Its power heightens your aggression, urging you to destroy the dark figure and the undead warriors. The amulet's voice in your mind grows louder, drowning out all reason and caution. You feel a primal urge to smash, crush, and obliterate everything in your path. Do you give in to the amulet's will and charge the ritual circle?

Me: I give in to the amulet's will and let it drive me, laughing a crazy laugh and howling as I go.

Roll result: 4.

With a maniacal laugh, you rush into the chamber, hammer raised and howling your challenge. The undead warriors turn to face you, their empty eyes gleaming in the dim light. The dark figure, momentarily startled, quickly regains composure and begins to chant more urgently.

You swing your hammer with wild abandon, crushing the first undead warrior's skull with a sickening crunch. The other warriors close in, their blades swinging at you from all sides. However, fueled by the amulet's power, you manage to dodge and parry their attacks with ease.

As you fight, you catch a glimpse of the dark figure completing the ritual. A wave of necromantic energy surges forth from the circle, washing over the chamber. The amulet's glow intensifies, seemingly feeding off the dark power. How do you react to this new development?

Me: I keep swinging, reveling in the power of the amulet.

Roll result: 1.

Your unstoppable rage leads you to recklessly swing your hammer, but in your blind fury, you fail to notice a particularly swift undead warrior lunging towards you. Its blade catches you off guard, slicing deep into your arm. The pain is sudden and intense, yet it only seems to fuel your anger further.

However, the wound starts to slow you down, making it harder to evade the other undead warriors. Their blades come dangerously close, and you feel your strength beginning to falter. The amulet's power continues to surge, but so does the drain on your own vitality. Can you keep up the fight, or do you need to reassess your strategy?

Me: I am completely lost in the bloodlust. I will keep fighting until I have smashed all of my enemies or until I fall in battle, whatever comes first.

Roll result: 2.

Driven by bloodlust, you continue your rampage, swinging your hammer with abandon. Your wild attacks manage to take down several more undead warriors, but the wound in your arm worsens, and your movements become sluggish.

Suddenly, the dark figure joins the fray, wielding dark magic to sap your strength and stamina. You feel the amulet's power faltering as the dark figure's necromancy battles against it. In your weakened state, the remaining undead warriors close in, their blades poised to deliver the killing blow. Can you find the strength for one final burst of power, or do you succumb to the overwhelming odds?

Me: My resolve is strong. I will fight and win or die fighting.

Roll result: 3.

Drawing on the last of your strength, you let out a guttural roar and launch into a final, desperate assault. Your hammer swings wildly, cutting down the remaining undead warriors. With every strike, you draw closer to the dark figure, who backs away, trying to maintain distance.

As you close in on the dark figure, you feel the amulet's power weakening further, leaving you with only your own raw determination and skill. The dark figure, sensing your waning strength, prepares for a final confrontation. Do you have anything left in your arsenal to overcome this ultimate challenge, or do you succumb to your wounds and exhaustion?

Me: Pi, I want you to be in control of whether my character dies or not. Don't leave it up to me.

Very well. As you and the dark figure engage in a brutal, desperate fight, your exhaustion and wounds finally catch up to you. You manage to land a few powerful blows with your hammer, but it is not enough. The dark figure, empowered by their necromantic magic, delivers a devastating strike that sends you reeling to the ground.

Lying there, you feel the life draining from you, your vision fading to black. The dark figure looms over you, the amulet's light flickering and fading as your grip loosens. With one last, defiant breath, you curse your enemy before succumbing to your wounds, your spirit slipping away into the darkness.

Me: What happens next?

The dark figure retrieves the amulet from your lifeless body, its power now subdued. They examine the artifact, a wicked grin spreading across their face as they contemplate the potential for harnessing its power.

The chamber falls silent, save for the crackling of dark energy and the echoing laughter of the victorious necromancer. Your body is left to the cold embrace of the crypt, another fallen hero lost to the dark forces that plague Eidria. The undead, however, do not forget the valiant warrior who fought until their last breath. Your legend lives on in the whispers of the living and the nightmares of the undead.

Me: Ok, but I mean, my spirit. What happens to my spirit when my body dies?

As your body lies still, your spirit is drawn into the dark currents of Eidria's spiritual plane, the Ebon Vale. This shadowy realm is a twisted reflection of the living world, a purgatory of sorts for the restless spirits of the dead. Here, you wander aimlessly among the haunted landscape, encountering other lost spirits and the twisted manifestations of Eidria's dark history.

In the Ebon Vale, you find that your choices in life have consequences. The rage and violence that fueled your final battle have left a mark on your spirit, drawing the attention of dark entities that seek to manipulate and corrupt you. Will you succumb to the darkness and become a malevolent spirit, or will you find the strength to resist and seek redemption?

Me: I think now that I'm freed of the amulet, my main concern is going to be trying to get back to the mortal world, either by resurrecting, reincarnating or returning as a revenant. Is there anything around me to indicate that one (or all) of these things might be an option?

As you explore the Ebon Vale, you encounter a gathering of spirits huddled around a faint, ethereal light. They whisper of a rumored path to redemption and rebirth, a mysterious ritual that can restore a worthy spirit to the mortal world. The ritual, they say, requires the recovery of three sacred artifacts: the Hammer of Dawn, the Chalice of Life, and the Shard of Fate. These artifacts are said to be guarded by powerful entities in the deepest, darkest corners of the Ebon Vale.

Intrigued by this rumor, you set out on a quest to locate these artifacts, knowing that the journey will be perilous and the odds stacked against you. Will you embrace this challenge and seek redemption, or will you turn away and resign yourself to an eternity in the Ebon Vale?

Me: There's no way I'm going to stay in this place. I have to get back to the mortal plane any way I can.

Determined to escape the Ebon Vale, you embark on a quest to find the three sacred artifacts. Your journey takes you through the shadowy landscape, confronting twisted spirits and dark entities that seek to hinder your progress.

After what feels like an eternity of wandering, you finally locate the Hammer of Dawn, a powerful weapon that can disperse the darkness surrounding the Ebon Vale. Clutching the hammer, you press on, driven by a newfound sense of hope.

The road to the Chalice of Life is fraught with danger, but your determination never wavers. After defeating a guardian spirit that sought to guard the chalice, you claim the artifact, feeling a surge of life-giving energy coursing through your spirit.

With two artifacts in hand, you delve even deeper into the Ebon Vale, searching for the elusive Shard of Fate. As you navigate a maze-like cavern, you encounter a being of pure darkness, a manifestation of the despair and anguish that lingers in the Vale.

Me: I raise the Hammer of Dawn and challenge the being of pure darkness. I shout: "I am here to destroy you, spirit! I will return to the mortal world and nothing will stop me!"

The being of darkness laughs mockingly at your challenge, its laughter echoing through the cavern. "Foolish spirit," it hisses, "you will never leave the Ebon Vale. Your soul is tainted with the rage and violence of your past life. The Hammer of Dawn cannot save you now."

Undeterred, you grip the Hammer of Dawn tightly and charge at the dark being. As you swing the hammer, its holy light clashes with the darkness, sending shockwaves through the cavern. The dark being reels back, momentarily stunned by the blow.

However, the dark being recovers quickly and retaliates, summoning tendrils of darkness that wrap around your spirit, trying to drain your essence. You feel your strength waning as the dark being's power saps your resolve. Can you find a way to break free and finish off your foe?

It strikes me in this moment that my madness could be my downfall. In a moment of clarity, I grip the Hammer and hold it against my chest. I close my eyes and let the spirit of the Hammer of Dawn fill me, praying that the light within me will be enough to help me overcome the being of darkness.

As you hold the Hammer of Dawn close to your chest, you feel its light beginning to fill you, banishing the darkness that had begun to encroach on your spirit. The tendrils surrounding you start to fray and dissipate, as your own inner light pushes back against the dark being's assault.

Opening your eyes, you see the dark being staggering back, weakened by the Hammer's light. Mustering all your strength, you charge forward and swing the Hammer one final time, landing a devastating blow that shatters the dark being into fragments of shadow.

The cavern is bathed in a warm, golden light as the darkness recedes. You feel a sense of peace and clarity wash over you, as if a weight has been lifted from your spirit. With the dark being defeated, the path to the Shard of Fate is now open. Do you continue your quest, filled with renewed hope?

Me: No. I am changed by this experience. I put the hammer down and leave it in the ashes of the being I have slain. I still have the Chalice of Life, and if I can, I want to use it to help the spirits trapped in the Ebon Vale.

As you lay the Hammer of Dawn to rest, a ripple of light spreads through the cavern, washing over the tortured spirits that have long been trapped in the Ebon Vale. You watch as their twisted forms begin to change, the darkness receding and their spirits regaining a sense of peace.

Lifting the Chalice of Life high, you call out to the spirits, offering them the healing energy within the artifact. One by one, the spirits approach the chalice, their forms shifting and becoming more human as they drink from its light.

You witness a transformation taking place in the Ebon Vale. The landscape begins to shift, the shadows receding as more and more spirits are healed by the Chalice's power. You feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment as you aid these lost souls, your own spirit lightened by the act.

Me: I reach out to the spirits closest to me and ask them how I can heal them or help them move on to the next plane of existence.

The spirits, their forms now restored, approach you with gratitude in their eyes. One of them, a woman with long, flowing hair, steps forward and speaks. "Your actions have brought light back to the Ebon Vale, something we thought was lost to us forever. You have given us hope, and for that, we are eternally grateful."

The spirits explain that, with the Hammer of Dawn and the Chalice of Life, they can now guide each other towards the next plane of existence. They urge you to keep the Chalice, as it is your key to leaving the Ebon Vale and returning to the mortal world.

As you say your farewells, the spirits gather around you, their collective light forming a path that leads to the edge of the Ebon Vale. You can see a distant portal shimmering with light, beckoning you towards it.

Me: Taking the chalice with me, I tell the spirits that I will hold close the lessons that I have learned in this place. I can make the mortal world a better place without just senseless smashing. I can bring light and healing to the world with this chalice, instead of with a crude hammer.

The spirits nod in agreement, their faces filled with hope and gratitude. "Remember," the woman says, "the true power lies not in the hammer or the chalice, but in the light within you. Carry that light back to the mortal world, and you will find your path to redemption."

With a final farewell, you step through the portal, the light enveloping your spirit as you leave the Ebon Vale behind. You emerge back into the crypt, your body now restored and your spirit transformed by the journey. Clutching the Chalice of Life, you rise to your feet, determined to bring healing and hope to the world of Eidria.

Me: So I'm back in my old physical body?

Indeed, you find yourself back in your physical body, restored and revitalized by the power of the Chalice of Life. The wounds you suffered in the crypt have healed, and you feel a new strength and clarity of purpose coursing through your veins.

As you survey the crypt, you notice that the atmosphere has changed. The air feels lighter, and the oppressive darkness that once lingered here has faded. It seems that your actions in the Ebon Vale have had a ripple effect on the physical world as well.

Me: Taking the Chalice of Life with me, I think I'll leave the crypt, unless there's some reason I can see to stay here.

With the Chalice of Life in hand, you have no reason to linger in the crypt. The dark forces that once controlled this place have been weakened by your actions, and the spirits of the undead have found peace. It is time for you to bring the Chalice's light back to the world of the living.

As you make your way towards the exit, you notice that the undead creatures that once roamed the crypt have either disappeared or returned to their tombs, no longer compelled by the dark magic that held them captive. You step out into the daylight, ready to embark on your new journey as a healer and a hero.


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